[Haven] Serenity & Serendipity

A small island with an active volcano, Faldrass is the home to Saoire's school and to the Faldrass Induk.

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Re: [Haven] Serenity & Serendipity


Meditation - Breathing exercises can enhance meditation techniques
Caregiving - Reassuring others of their abilities is sometimes necessary
Discipline - Resisting the urge to comfort another
Logistics - Replace trees that are cut down with baby trees
Logistics - Overhunting a bird population would be bad
Investigation - Using the tools you have available to answer a question
Psychology - Physical triggers can remind one of tramua
Research - Knowing what resources to use to find specific information
Gardening - Plants propgrate differently
Detection - Noting something moving between the trees

Loot: -
Lost: -
Wealth: -
Injuries: -
Renown: -
Magic XP: -
Skill Review: Appropriate to level.
Points: 15


Stealth - Sudden movements will startle animals
Etiquette - Keeping the right people informed
Logistics - Planning a logging operation

Loot: -
Lost: -
Wealth: -
Injuries: -
Renown: -
Magic XP: -
Skill Review: See below.
Points: 9

Consequence: Elisabeth used magic in a careless fashion, conjured a flame and tried to find out if the Phoenix Wood would burn. Please report that to Kura.
- - -
Comments: The Serenity Garden sounds like a wonderful place. You made it clear how much it means to both Elisabeth and Balthazar. I’m glad that they want to preserve it for future generations. It is obvious that Elisabeth and Balthazar care about each other a great deal. And no, I probably wouldn’t want to train either after training with the settlers every night. Balthazar’s wish to restrict training is totally understandable in my opinion!

I understand why Balthazar is protective of his relationship with Elisabeth, but at the same time, I have the impression that it’s occasionally difficult for Elisabeth. You conveyed that very well. And I thought that planting a tree for every tree that you cut down is a lovely idea. I think it’s wonderful that they are trying to be respectful to the land and want to protect it.

And colorful houses! That’s something that I’m really curious about. I love how many different ideas Balthazar and Elisa have for the settlement!


Unfortunately, there are several issues with this thread.

(Elisabeth, your posts were fine for the most part, so please don’t worry!):

Balthazar, you mentioned that your PC was helping the builders with the windmill. At Novice Construction and 0 Woodworking, he is not skilled enough to build a windmill, and neither are his settlers. The only Settlement NPCs that you have actually written up are not skilled in Construction and Woodworking at all, and the rest of the settlers are Flavor NPCs and subject to the usual skill limits. For that reason, It is also doubtful whether they are capable of constructing functional docks (which is something that you mentioned on the second page of the thread).

Furthermore, you mentioned that Balthazar’s people were “eager to provide him with any information he asked for.” Balthazar has spent less than a week in Haven at this point. It isn’t realistic that the settlers are so eager to share information with him, especially since Balthazar only has Competent Persuasion. You didn’t even mention why they are so willing to share information with him. You just mentioned that they did so.

You also mentioned that Balthazar made it a bit harder for Kura to replace him each trial and that he made his people a little more loyal to him than to the Council each trial. Again, Balthazar has Competent Persuasion and Competent Politics. His skills are not sufficient for that. And what more, it is unrealistic for the settlers to turn against the council in less than week, especially after the Elements helped out a lot during his absence.

The Serenity Garden is a public location. I’d check with a mod if you are allowed to grow your settlement around it – and build a fence around it. I’m not sure if you are allowed to just build a fence in a location that is not owned by your PC. I’m also curious about the forest at the edge of Serenity Garden. Is there a writeup somewhere? Do you mean the Ashwoods?

In his report to Kura, Balthazar mentioned suggesting a fence in order to keep the settlers from harvesting in Serenity Garden. Shouldn’t the settlers know better than to harvest in a garden?

When Elisabeth conjured the flame and tried to find out if it would do anything to the rainbow-hued wood, the Element Trean did not seem to react, at least not in a way that I would expect one of the Elements that are supposed to watch Balthazar and report to the Albarech to react:
He looked at Trean who was looking at him, probably trying to gauge a reaction to Elisabeth's carefree use of magic. Balthazar shook his head at Trean which seemed to confuse the trooper for a trill before Balthazar returned his attention to Elisabeth who still couldn't quite manage to burn the tree.
Why does Trean look at Balthazar when Elisabeth uses her magic in a carefree fashion? And why does he seem to be confused when he just watched Elisabeth try to burn a tree?

Finally, several of your knowledges were unjustified:

Woodworking - Phoenix Wood is colorful
Woodworking - Phoenix wood is resistant to fire

Noticing that Phoenix Wood is colorful and resistant to fire doesn’t have anything to do with Woodworking, especially since neither Elisabeth nor Balthazar actually worked with wood (or even learned something about woodworking).

Logistics - Planning to make a library

This knowledge would be fine if Balthazar were actually planning something in this thread. He just talked about how a library would help the settlement though. There was no planning involved. The other Logistics knowledge about the logging operation was fine in my opinion. Elisabeth and Balthazar actually discussed how they would go about it. That’s planning.


Elisabeth, one of your knowledges was unjustified in my opinion:

Leadership - Reassuring others of their abilities is sometimes necessary: Reassuring Balthazar is not Leadership. It would work well as a Caregiving knowledge in my opinion though which is why I decided to reassign it to the Caregiving skill.


Balthazar, as per this intervention, you will be awarded 2 XP and 1 Knowledge less per incident. As a consequence, I have decided to deduct a total of 6 XP (2 for overplaying your skills, 2 for overplaying your NPCs’ skills and 2 for NPC misrepresentation). Furthermore, you will not be awarded the following three knowledges:

Logistics - Planning to make a library
Woodworking - Phoenix Wood is colorful
Woodworking - Phoenix wood is resistant to fire

I decided not to award you the knowledges that were unjustified in my opinion, anyway.

Furthermore, the events in question are considered non-canon. If you want to appeal this decision, please send a PM to Lore Analysis Lead Squirrel.

Your review request.
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