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15th of Ashan 721

The shallow bay Egilrun is situated upon is used, these trials, for crafts and crafting. From boatmakers to weaponsmiths, glassblowers to metalworkers, the sound of hammers and saws can be heard almost every break of the trial, with crews working in shifts to produce the beautiful craftsmanship which they might, one trial, become famous for.

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[Bookbinding] Signatures can be sewn together and into bindings with thread and needle.
[Business Management or Research] Internal business records are normally kept confidential and secure.
[Etiquette] When imposing on somebody else’s time, be concise and get to the point.
[Intelligence] The ideal cover story is one that’s substantially true.
[Intelligence] Pressing a source for confidential information puts them in a compromising position.
[Printmaking] One can use carved woodblocks to print pages of text.
[Research] Primary sources aren’t written with later researchers’ convenience in mind.
[Research] Interviews with informants are a valid and useful tool for research.
[Research] Sources’ biases and agendas influence not just what they tell you, but also what they don’t tell you.
[Socialization] Offering to run an errand for someone can earn goodwill.

Skillplay: Appropriate to level

Loot: None.

Injuries/Overstepping: None

Renown: None. And under the circumstances, that’s a good thing.

Comments: I had fun writing this thread with little Miss Ima Spy! I hope I get to read more about her doing intelligence/research stuff.

Perdita’s approach is low-key but determined, which is a good combination for that sort of thing. She’s also patient with her sources; she didn’t get all frustrated when she realized the “records” she got were basically marketing fluff. And she knows when to push and when not to push if she wants to avoid provoking suspicion while still ferreting out the information that she wants.

It was amusing to read her entertaining herself with the espionage/intrigue fantasy while reminding herself to stay sober and properly nerdy in her research.

Enjoy your rewards!
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