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NPC: Gaul Jundland

Name: Gaul Jundland
Created by: Rakvald
Race: Human
Birthday/Age: Saun 25th 672
Title: 'Jungle Jim'

Hunting: Master
Fieldcraft: Master
Endurance: Expert
Blades: Expert
Trap-making: Expert
Storytelling: Expert
Swimming: Competent
Leadership: Competent
Climbing: Competent

Details: A fairly well known big-game hunter operating out of Havardr, Gaul makes regular excursions to the Scaltoth jungle, and other locales around the island. He charges a good fee to accompany anyone around specific locales. His prices are fairly high, as many prior clients claim his expertise as invaluable.

Little is known about his past, but tall tales have it he once wrestled a King Crocodile at the age of 13, overpowering it with nothing but the leathers he wore and a rusty spike. He's as much a proponent of spreading his fame and deeds as any, and many times when asked about having accomplished one deed or another, he rarely fails to spin it out of all proportion. The stories are rarely believable but always entertaining.

Depending on the danger of the expedition, Gaul or one of his apprentices will generally accompany a person for a set fee:

Mild Danger: 1 wp for 10 trials
Moderate Danger: 2 wp for 10 trials
Serious Danger: 4 wp for 10 trials
Certain Death: 10 wp for 10 trials.

word count: 216

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Re: NPC: Gaul Jundland

 ! Message from: Pegasus
"Certain Death" is 10WP???? WOW. :D :D Love it! Approved. Will be keeping him here till I get him uploaded to all the right places. Thanks. :)
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