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NPC - Demetria Safora - Acrobat

Name: Demetria Safora
Created by: Darius Baer.
Race: Half-human, half-biqaj.
Birthday/Age: Arc 683, 4th of Zi'da.
Title: Acrobat.
Skills: Acrobatics (Master), Athletics (Expert), Climbing (Expert), Endurance (Expert), Strength (Competent), Writing (Competent)
Details: Renowned throughout Scalvoris Island for her acrobatic prowess, Demetria has been amazing audiences wherever she goes for several arcs.

Standing at 5'4", she is often underestimated because of her size. She is deceptively strong, however, with a toned and lithe body that is capable of climbing, tumbling, flipping, and performing all manner of extraordinary acrobatic feats.

Demetria travels the island, going from town to town, earning her income with her performances. When spending time in Scalvoris Town, she can often be found training at The Proving Ground.

She is also eager to see others learn her vocation, and has written an instructional book titled The Art Of Acrobatics: From Balance Basics To Tumbling And Everything In Between.
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Re: NPC - Demetria Safora - Acrobat

 ! Message from: Pegasus
Nice! I'll get this NPC into all the necessary repositories and then move this thread, but it's approved!
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