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NPC - Maximilian Kale

Name: Maximilian Kale.
Created by: Darius Baer.
Race: Human
Birthday/Age: Arc 668, 3rd of Vhalar.
Title: Captain of Ufrek's Duty.
Skills: Navigation (Master), Seafaring (Master), Leadership (Expert), Negotiation (Competent)
Details: Maximilian Kale was no pirate, but he had already shared the seas with them for many arcs before their mysterious departure in 716.

With a reputation for being firm but fair, Kale has earned much respect from those who have served under him. He is known to be calm in a crisis, and capable of navigating the waters of the Hollow Sea with ease.

He has travelled further afield, most regularly to Viden, but his vessel, U'frek's Duty, calls the docks at Scalvoris Town its home port.
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Re: NPC - Maximilian Kale

 ! Message from: Pegasus
Approved! I'll move this NPC to the correct places - until then, I'll leave the post here as a "to do".
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