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Azira Neis

Name: Azira Neis
Created by: Ari'sora
Race: 1/2 Sev'ryn, 1/2 Biqaj
Birthday/Age: 99th Ashan 685
Title: Craftswoman, merchant
Skills: Appraisal: 50, Basket Weaving: 35, Caregiving: 30, Gardening: 40, Jewelry Crafting: 50, Painting: 50 Teaching: 50, Woodworking: 90
Details: Azira is the only daughter of a well known wood carver. Now that he is getting on in arcs, she and her brother have inherited the shop that has been passed down in their family for generations. Azira follows in her father's footsteps in that she is far better at carving wood than in running a shop. So she focuses on what she does best for the most part. Her specialty is making wooden beads, and creating all sorts of things with them. She is also quite skilled in judging the quality both of various types of wood, and the finished products made out of them. When someone shows a genuine interest in her craft, she is happy to teach them everything she knows in the hopes that the skills she was taught will never die out. She will also hold woodworking classes when she has the time as an additional source of income for the shop.

When her mother, younger sister, and infant son died in a devastating house fire many arcs ago, she was devastated. Her depression left her unable to work the wood that she loved so much, and left her with little will to live. She spent much of her time wandering the Sweetwine Woods aimlessly hoping that some animal might find her a suitable meal and end her suffering. That changed one trial when she found a mysterious clearing where a strangely twisted tree stood. She continued to return to this clearing, finding a measure of peace there. In all the times she returned to that clearing, the tree never sprouted any leaves. Despite that, it was very much alive and healthy. There was a beauty in that stubborn old tree that defied explanation. After a while, Azira decided to create a memorial for her lost loved ones in that clearing. Over time, she cleared away debris and planted flowers, turning the clearing into a hauntingly beautiful garden. The process of creating the memorial eased her grief and she regained her ability to work with wood once more. When she was finished, she began hearing the voices of her lost loved ones echoed in the wind that always seemed to blow through the garden. She continues to maintain the garden to this trial, and can often be found there when she isn't busy at the shop.

Azira is a member of the Guild because she has inherited his beliefs as well as his skills when it comes to working with wood.

This NPC is free to use within the shop she works at, and the memorial she created.

Note to Pegasus: You asked me to leave you a note asking you to fix the NPC template with a [size =] [/size] instead of the
it has now since the result is all giant text.

word count: 513
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Re: Azira Neis

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