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Food - Spine Fish

Spine Fish

Developed by Darius Baer.
Main Ingredient(s): Spine fish, any other ingredients the ship's cook can provide to mask the taste - usually a mixture of vegetables, herbs, and other freshly caught seafood.
Appearance: Spine Fish takes on many different appearances, depending on the skill of the chef and the other ingredients at his or her disposal. The cooking styles are equally varied - smoked, grilled, fried - but none are effective in making it taste desirable.
Taste: Spine Fish tastes bitter. Additionally, the bones that give the fish its name are sharp and can be choked on if they are not removed first. As such, Spine Fish is an unpopular meal, but due to the ease with which they are caught, and the belief that eating them can help to fend off diseases, they are frequently eaten by sailors - particularly those on long voyages. Unfortunately, the bitter taste is so strong that it usually makes any other foods it is served with to also taste bitter.
Price: Most people would pay to not eat Spine Fish.
Availability: Spine Fish is almost exclusively eaten at sea. On land, most people would prefer to eat something else, no matter what the other option might be.
Any other details: Some sailors claim that eating Spine Fish is a greater test than enduring the ritual of dunking.
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Re: Food - Spine Fish

 ! Message from: Pegasus
LOL!! Between this and boiled Stink Cabbages, it's a good job Scalv has some nice tasting stuff too!! Great write up - thanks! :D
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