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The Proving Ground

The Proving Ground
Located on the western edge of Scalvoris Town, The Proving Ground is the city's premier fighter training facility for civilians.

The facility itself is rather simplistic in nature, consisting of large, open-air, fenced sandpits. A two-level building follows one length of the exercise area. The lower level of this structure houses changing rooms for males and females, and a central hall. The upper level serves as a covered stand where spectators and fellow fighters can watch the activities below. In wet weather, large awnings can be raised over portions of the arena to keep the sand dry.

The majority of exercise undertaken at The Proving Ground is sparring with wooden weapons and unarmed combat practice, but the space is also used for general exercise, such as acrobatics and strength training. Occasionally, the venue will host events with local fighters and draw a sizeable crowd, but most of the time, anyone can spend a few nels and take to prove themselves...or get a black eye for their efforts!

NPC Name

Name: Bramwell Foy
Race: Human
Age: Arc 668, 93rd of Zi'da.
Title: Owner; Head Trainer
Skills: Combat: Blades (Master), Combat: Unarmed (Master), Acrobatics (Excellent), Strength (Excellent), Business Management (Competent), Seafaring (Competent).
Other Information: Bramwell Foy does not, at first glance, appear to be particularly intimidating. A relatively stocky individual, he stands at only 5'8" and his polite manner and gently spoken voice has led many people to underestimate him.

To do so is folly.

A highly skilled fighter, Bramwell is a master of his chosen combat disciplines, and he has taught tough lessons to combatants much larger and younger than himself. In doing so, he has earned a reputation as a fine teacher, making The Proving Ground the most respected training facility outside of the Element Hall.

Little is known about Bramwell Foy's personal history. His presence in Scalvoris Town began in arc 716, in the wake of the Shadow Beast attack and the subsequent disappearance of the Pirate Lords. It is widely believed that he is a former pirate himself, and there are even hushed rumours that he once served the famous Pirate King Dianarv Aznat, though he himself has never publicly made such claims.

Player Notes

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