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Developed by Ari'sora
Price: 1-5 WP depending on coloration and rarity
Habitat: In the wild, linnaret prefer forested areas so they can be found in any forest on Scalvoris. But they are beautiful creatures and they make wonderful pets, so they can also be found for sale at any pet shop, or market that is likely to have someone who sells animals.
Lifespan and Development: In the wild, linnaret live for an average of 30-40 arcs. But domesticated linnaret can live up to 70 arcs due to the care their owners give them.

Linnarets are kits for the first three arcs of their lives At the age of three arcs, they will have reached their full growth, and be sexually mature. Males tend to be larger than females. Females have a gestation period of 75 trials, and give birth to litters of 3-5 kits. They mate for life, and will only rarely take another mate if their first one dies. Both parents will help to raise the young until they are fully grown.

Diet: Linnarets are omnivorous. Their diet consists of fruit, nuts, seeds, and small prey such as mice, squirrels, rabbits, and small birds (or pieces of meat if they have an owner).
Temperament: Linnarets are social creatures. In the wild, they live in packs of up to 100 members. As pets, they will pine for companionship unless their owner is either incredibly devoted to them and gives them a lot of attention, or they are kept in groups of three or more. Preferably both. They have the intelligence of a grey parrot (or a 2-3 arc old child), so they must be kept entertained. If not, they will find their own forms of entertainment that their owners may not find amusing.

They form strong bonds with their packmates in the wild. Domesticated linnarets are very affectionate towards their owners. They love to be held and cuddled. If their owner is home, they prefer to be in the same room they are, and if their owner leaves them alone too much without giving them a companion, they may pine themselves to death.
Abilities: Linnarets emit phermones when petted. These phermones are very calming and soothing, making them ideal pets for someone who is anxious a lot, or who has suffered emotional trauma of some kind. Their fur is incredibly soft. People feel good when they pet a linnaret. For this reason, members of the Order of Adunih may suggest that someone buy a linnaret for a pet as part of their recovery from emotional trauma.

If treated well, a linnaret will form a very strong emotional bond to their owner. When this happens, the owner will be able to feel their pet's emotions. Because of their intelligence, linnarets are easy to train...if they are interested in learning what you want to teach them.

Linnarets come in any shade of black, white, grey, brown, and cream. Some may have more than one color. A less common variation is a linnaret that has an irridescent shimmer to their fur. These tend to be worth more than those that don't. The rarest linnarets (and therefore the most expensive) have color changing fur. Their fur will shift at random through any color normally found in their species. This can also happen when they are startled or frightened in an attempt to conceal themselves from danger.
Weaknesses: Their incredibly soft, luxurious fur makes them a prize for hunters wanting to sell their fur. Wild linnarets can be a nuisance because of their tendency to cause mischief when bored. Domesticated linnarets also need to be kept entertained or they will find their own ways of amusing themselves.

word count: 621
Rei'sari was formerly Ari'sora, but after getting a fresh start in life and a new appearance from Vega, she changed her name to Rei'sari.
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