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Sadon Rosedl
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Sadon Rosedl

Sadon Rosedl
Name: Sadon Rosedl

Age: 18

Race: Human

Date of Birth: 697 Ymiden 81

Marks: None

Factions Joined: None

Languages Spoken:
Fluent: Common
Basic: Xanthea


Sadan stands around 6 feet tall with a slim thin muscular body if one would guess his weight he would be on the 230 pounds give or take. Bright green eyes peer past his sun-kissed skin. His black hair tends to be on the longer side coming down to the lower back of his neck that is kept in either a braid or pony tail most of the day. He keeps his face clean shaven most of the time, yet one could see the faint marks of cuts and long lasting light scars along his chin.

His clothing choices change depending on the seasons, but it would be a rare sight to see him wearing anything but pants and a pair of leather boots. He generally favors simple style shirts, but is not picky when it comes to coats. He only tends to wear simple clothing in case of blood stains or tears due to his field of choice.

Sadon only wants to help others with his skills and does not have the heart or temper to fight. Yet he will defend himself it it came down to it he would rather try to see peace be made.

He was always told that he was born during a stormy day. Sadon was born in the city Etzo to a simple family. His mother, Amy Rosedl, was a simple person with a job as a apothecary using herbs and slaves to help out in the city. His father, John Rosedl was always trying to become a famous jeweller but never seemed to make a name for himself.

Sadon was the second son in the Rosedl family. His only other sibling was a brother that had passed away at a young age but his parents never told him how they had died or even how old he was. It always felt like they disowned him for some reason or the other but he could never get the full story with that. Even with his passing away could have been a lie to him for all he knew.

His early years in life were uneventful really once everything was said and done. His parents did their best to pass on different ideas to him and while he did his best to follow in one of their footsteps it always felt like he did not live up to their hopes and dreams. He did have a rather large interest in herbs but more so with how the body worked and how he could help patch people up either with herbs or other means.

One of the early ideas he had in life was learning about poisons but not to harm anyone but to know more of them so he could help fight them if he ever saw someone with the signs of them. During the day he could always be found in books reading or writing as he did research. He always wanted to learn more of life by books and the way he taught himself was writing things by hand somewhere. Be it notes, ideas, questions or even just copying over information from the book.

During the night he could be found running about the city or working out his body. He never wanted to rely on others but he knew if he had to help someone medical wise he would either have to lift them or carry them at times. Maybe even holding them down to help but he knew he could not do this if he was weak or lax so he kept trying to work out his body in different ways.

As he grew up he saw that he had to do more in life. He wanted to understand more of the world around him and not have to beg for power. He knew that he was not rich in any manner but he knew that if he wanted to live any life he would have to forge everything himself at the end of the day. While his parents were caring they did pass on different traits and lessons. One being to be kind to others but always push yourself and try different things.

It was a hard day for him when he left home but his parents knew he would come back one day. He had to know more of life. He traveled with trade caravans, boat and foot around different cities never staying long it would seem until at last he found a place he would take a break and enjoy more life around him when he found himself in the jungle and heart of Desnind.

Home in a tree- Shaped like a small hut in one of the tree tops the home holds a simple bed, small table with two chairs, and a small chest near the bed. Along with a few plates and two knives kept in the chest. Blankets could be seen under the bed and bugs found within the city gave light to the room.
Knowledge & Skills

Skill NamePoints AcquiredTotal
Medicine [SP] 25, RB 10 35
Poisons [SP] 10 10
Herbalism [SP] 15 15
Research [KG] 5 5
Writing [KG] 5 5

Basic Knowledge

Plants around Desnind
Human anatomy
Poison: Antidote
Writing: In Common[KG]
Writing: Basic words and alphabet for Xanthea[KG]
Desnind: Home to the Sev'ryn[KG]
Desnind: Southern Idalos [KG]

Specialized Knowledge

Medicine: How to mend broken bones.
Herbalism: How to reduce pain
Marks Section





  • Items
    • One set of clothing (Dark black coat, white shirt, black pants and a pair of black leather boots.*Starting package
    • One Set of Toiletries: Soap, A comb or brush, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, *Starting package
    • One waterskin *Starting package
    • Two sets of eating utensils *Starting package
    • Tinderbox *Starting package
    • 1 yard of linen cut into strips
    • 1 yard of cotton cut into strips
    • Large bag Waterproof (Heavy Duty Canvas) with shoulder straps
    • Scribe Kit (Scribe's Kit which holds:
      Vial of Ink (Black)
      Vials of Ink (Red, Blue, Yellow)
      Vial of Ink Thinner
      Mixing Palette
      Drying Powder with Sachet
      Vellum (10 sheets)
      Crude Paper
      Fine Paper 3gn
      Extra Nibs (5)
      Reservoir Pen)
    • Medicine book
    • Herb book
    • Blank journal
    • Mortar & Pestle
STARTING City Package +100GN 100GN
Heavy Bag -18SN 98GN 2 SN
1 yard cotton -18SN 96 GN
1 yard linen -15SN 94 GN 5 SN
Scribe kit -18GN 76 GN 5 SN
Medicine book -10gn 66 GN 5 SN
Herb Book -10gn 55GN 5 SN
Blank Journal -5GN 50 GN 5 SN
Mortar & Pestle -5GN 45 GN 5 SN
word count: 1132

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