Sabine Qe'azour

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Sabine Qe'azour

Sabine Qe'azour

Anger is the most dangerous weapon.
Age: 25
Race: Mixed Race - half human, half biqaj
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 42nd of Zi'da, 692
Location: Rharne
Profession: Freelance Investigator (Zi'da 716 - Present)
Thunder Priestess Novitiate (Zi'da 716 - Present)
Journalist for the Rynmere Gazette (Ashan 716 - Vhalar 716)

Marks: None
Factions Joined: Thunder Priestesses
Partner: Vincent D'Ordyn

Sabine stands at 5 feet, 7 inches, and weighs in at 125lb. She carries herself with an air of loose confidence, which some might interpret as swagger, though there is clear tension in her shoulders when her emotions are heightened. In spite of her swagger, or perhaps because of it, Sabine’s oval face and strong eyebrows often convey a seriousness that may or may not reflect her mood.

Being only half-human, Sabine retained several characteristics from her bijaq father: slightly pointed ears and silver blood that causes her skin to shimmer beneath moonlight. Her eyes, however, remain an ordinary brown and do not shift with the changing skies. Because of this, she is unable to instinctively identify star constellations and sea directions like her full-blooded brethren.

Sabine’s brunette hair falls to her waist, and is often twisted into a miscellany of braids that give her a wildness which doesn't quite suit city life. She also has a spattering of light brown freckles across her nose and cheeks which tend to grow more plentiful when she spends increasing amounts of time in the sun. A small scar sits just above her left eyebrow - the result of being on the wrong end of a fist during a tavern fight.

Her attire preferences remain firmly in the realm of cotton, wool, and fur - though leather is also coveted, if she can get her hands on it. She is drawn to anything that drapes and shapes to her form, and prioritizes clothing she can move in. This results in a bias towards pants over skirts, though that is not to say she doesn’t appreciate the occasional well-made dress.

From Pen vs. Sword (Ashan 107, 716):
  • Two Black Eyes: 3 Trials [Ashan 108-110]
  • Swollen Lip: 1 Trial [Ashan 108, 716]
  • Significant Abdominal Bruising: 12 Trials [Ashan 108-120]
  • Minor Concussion, Without Treatment: 3 Trials significant symptoms [Ashan 108-110], 21 Trials occasional symptoms [Ashan 111-123 & Ymiden 1-9]
  • Cryptosporidium: 5 Trials Watery Diaharrea [Ashan 108-112]

"We should forgive our enemies, but not before they are hanged."


Passionate (+), Wilful (-)

Bold (+), Righteous (-)

More than anything else, Sabine feels. She feels the full spectrum of emotion, sometimes all in one day, and throws herself into life with an intensity that rivals a forest fire. She thinks with her heart, and is as quick to love as she is to hate - though these feelings often fluctuate with the tide.

Sabine’s passion lends itself to opinions. Many, many opinions. She has something to say about everyone and everything she meets, without exception. In fact, one of the reasons she took up writing was to get her opinions out into the world and begin a dialogue. As she matures, Sabine is learning to moderate what she shares with the world and is beginning to understand the value of targeting one’s words to an audience - though this is still a rule which, more often than not, she disregards.

(The editors of the world thank her for their employment.)

Sabine is as free with her body as she is with her words. Her laughter, much like her opinions, is loud, and her emotions are easily read on her face. While she doesn't seek out fights, she doesn't shy away from them when they arise and has a soft spot for the underdog.

Although only half-biqaj, Sabine epitomizes her clan name of “Qe’azour”, or Warrior of Fire. She is a spirited and adventurous woman, much like her father. Her boldness is borne of a happy childhood and free-spirited role models. This means, more often than not, that she has a well of courage and confidence to pull on when the going gets rough.

That said, if Sabine had a middle name, it would be "obstinate". Once her emotions settle and she sets her mind on a particular path, she is determined to keep to that decision and damn the consequences. She is fiercely independent, often to her detriment, and has broken more than a few relationships with her stubbornness.

Sabine has also been accused of taking herself too seriously at times, a claim that isn't too far from the truth. She follows her own moral code centered around freedom and liberation, and her self-righteousness has a habit of antagonizing all those who don't align with her beliefs.
Sabine owes no loyalties to the Kingdom of Rynmere. She was born and raised in Rharne - home of good parties, great beer, and even better people. As a child, Sabine fell in love with the constant celebration and the wild freedom that seemed to permeate the city. The energy and excess was liberating, and she grew up with strong feelings of loyalty towards her birthplace.

At age 15, however, her parents moved Sabine and her younger brother to the city of Andaris with the hope of building a more prosperous life. Sabine's father was always searching for an adventure, and he had heard tales of wealthy lands within Rynmere that were filled with coin and nobles and opportunity.

At first, the Qe'azour family was happy in Andaris. Sabine's father opened his own Rharne-style brewery with money borrowed from House Andaris. Sabine, who inherited her father's boldness and spirit for adventure, quickly took to the new city despite being pulled away from friends and kin back in Rharne. She was particularly fascinated by the city's castle. To this day, she remembers thinking of it as one of the most beautiful buildings she had ever seen.

She still retains that fascination, but can no longer see its beauty.

Although Sabine's father was just a dreamer when he moved the Qe'azour family to Andaris, he turned out to be quite good at brewing beer. Unfortunately, he was terrible at managing the business itself. Thanks in part to his biqaj heritage and his Rharne background, he took more pleasure in spending coin and drinking his own beer with friends than in saving money and paying back his benefactors. As the arcs passed, he quietly fell deeper and deeper into debt. Sabine discovered the extent of his debt one cold morning during the 714th arc when the city's knights hauled her father away, despite her own agonized pleas for mercy.

He was sentenced to debt-based slavery for House Andaris.

After her father's enslavement, Sabine grew angry: angry at her father, angry at the Noble Houses, and angry at those who practice or support slavery. She has privately developed very liberal views, believing that all mortals should be freed from (real or perceived) captivity or enslavement.

She has begun to think this also includes freedom from Rynmere's monarchy.

As of Ashan 716, Sabine works at the Rynmere Gazette, and supports her mother and brother in her father's absence. Her mother is slowly fading and stays in bed most days, while her brother does his best to avoid being home. To keep her mind off her now-broken family, Sabine spends much of her time either requesting new work assignments or frequenting The Blacksmith Arms.
The Story So Far...
Coming soon.
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Posts: 461
Joined: Sun Apr 24, 2016 2:27 am
Race: Mixed Race
Profession: Investigator/Priestess
Renown: 116
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RP Medals



Sabine Qe'azour

Points Acquired Total Level
+40 (SF) +40 N/A
+1 +41 N/A
-1 +40 N/A
+4 +44 N/A
+3 +47 N/A
+2 +49 N/A
-1 +48 N/A
+1 +49 N/A
-1 +48 N/A
+2 +50 N/A
+8 +58 N/A
+5 +63 N/A
+3 +66 N/A
+15 +81 N/A
+9 +90 N/A
+10 +100 N/A
-4 +96 N/A
+3 +99 N/A
+12 +111 N/A
+5 +116 N/A

Common [Fluent]
Rakahi [Broken]


Skill Point Tracker Total XP Points Spent Proficiency
Investigation +20 (SP), +1, +1, +2, +3, +2, +15, +15, +15, +1, +5 80/100 (80/100)* Master
Unarmed Combat (Brawling) +10 (SP), +1, +1, +10, +3, +10, +10, +10, +10, +10 50/100 (75/251) Competent
Persuasion +5 (KG/AL), +1, +2, +1, +15, +1, +10, +10, +10 40/100 (55/251) Competent
Writing +20 (SP), +10 (Old RB), +1, +2, +2 35/100 (45/251) Competent
Deception +2, +15, +8, +10 30/100 (35/251) Competent
Medicine +10, +10, +15 30/100 (35/251) Competent
Detection +2 (AL), +2 (AL), +2 (AL), +3 (AL), +1, +2, +4, +4, +15 30/100 (35/251) Competent
Leadership +25 (New RB) 25/100 (25/251) Novice
Polearm (Bo Staff) +15, +10 25/100 (25/251) Novice
Tactics +1, +2, +2, +5, +15 25/100 (25/251) Novice
Endurance +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +10, +10 25/100 (25/251) Novice
Mount (Horse) +15, +5, +5 25/100 (25/251) Novice
Intimidation +5 (KG), +1, +1, +3, +5, +5 20/100 (20/251) Novice
Blades (Dagger) +5 5/100 (5/251) Novice
Interrogation +2, +1, +2 5/100 (5/251) Novice
Rhetoric +1, +1, +1, +2 5/100 (5/251) Novice
Seduction +1, +3, +1 5/100 (5/251) Novice
Stealth +1, +3 4/100 (4/251) Novice
Storytelling +1, +2 3/100 (3/251) Novice
Politics +2 2/100 (2/251) Novice
Intelligence +1 1/100 (1/251) Novice
Acting +1 1/100 (1/251) Novice
Appraisal +1 1/100 (1/251) Novice
Etiquette +1 1/100 (1/251) Novice
*Fast Track Skill

Old Skill System
As of 8/3/2016.
Skill XP Total Level
Writing +20 (SP), +10 (RB), +1, +2, +2 35 XP Competent
Investigation +20 (SP), +1, +1, +2, +3, +2 29 XP Competent
Detection +2 (AL), +2 (AL), +2 (AL), +3 (AL), +1, +2, +4 16 XP Novice
Unarmed Combat (Brawling) +10 (SP), +1, +1 12 XP Novice
Persuasion +5 (KG/AL), +1, +2, +1 9 XP Novice
Intimidation +5 (KG), +1, +1 7 XP Novice
Rhetoric +1, +1, +1, +2 5 XP Unskilled
Seduction +1, +3 4 XP Unskilled
Endurance +1, +1, +1, +1 4 XP Unskilled
Interrogation +2, +1 3 XP Unskilled
Storytelling +1, +2 3 XP Unskilled
Tactics +1, +2 3 XP Unskilled
Politics +2 2 XP Unskilled
Deception +2 2 XP Unskilled
Intelligence +1 1 XP Unskilled
Stealth +1 1 XP Unskilled
Acting +1 1 XP Unskilled
Appraisal +1 1 XP Unskilled
Etiquette +1 1 XP Unskilled
Flirting +1 1 XP Unskilled

Social Skills

  • Deception: Appearing To Be Doing Something Else To Avoid Suspicion [x]
  • Deception: Fill In The Details To Make A Story Sound Truthful [x]
  • Deception: Don't Make Up Names If You Don't Need To [x]
  • Deception: When You Need To Make Up Names, Think Fast! [x]
  • Deception: Faking A Smile [x]
  • Deception: How To Hide Feelings Of Offense [x]
  • Etiquette: Correct Address Of A Lord [x]
  • Etiquette: Congratulate The Newlyweds [x]
  • Etiquette: Don't Match The Bride's Dress Color [x]
  • Etiquette: Rynmere Symbolism: Ship Burning [x]
  • Etiquette: Wine Tasting = Spit [x]
  • Etiquette: The Fine Art Of Describing Wines [x]
  • Etiquette: Forcing A Smile [x]
  • Etiquette: Escaping A Situation With Grace [x]
  • Etiquette: Ask Others About Their Day [x]
  • Etiquette: Don’t Bring Wet Clothes Into A Dry Home [x]
  • Etiquette: Say Thank You [x]
  • Intelligence: There Have Been A String of Burglaries in Rynmere's Midtown [x]
  • Intelligence: Smugglers Smuggled The Same Thing In And Out [x]
  • Intelligence: Smugglers Were Smuggling Aukari Assassins [x]
  • Intelligence: D'Ordyn Family Were the Target of Assassins [x]
  • Intelligence: Piecing Together Information To Make A Big Picture [x]
  • Interrogation: Ask If You Don’t Understand Something [x]
  • Interrogation: Confirm The Basic Facts [x]
  • Interrogation: Direct Questioning [x]
  • Interrogation: Questioning The Reticent To Get The Full Story [x]
  • Interrogation: Key Questions [x]
  • Interrogation: Doubt Everything They Say [x]
  • Interrogation: Demand More Answers [x]
  • Interrogation: Persistence Pays [x]
  • Intimidation: Use of Threats in Obtaining Information (KG)
  • Intimidation: Easier To Be Intimidating When You Aren't Stumbling [x]
  • Intimidation: The Technique Of A Really Good Telling Off [x]
  • Intimidation: Bluster Can Work [x]
  • Intimidation: Pretend You Have Weapons If You Have To [x]
  • Intimidation: Grabbing A Source Of Info By The Arm [x]
  • Intimidation: How To Glare [x]
  • Intimidation: Crossed Arms Make You Look Less Friendly [x]
  • Intimidation: How To Wield Sarcasm As A Weapon [x]
  • Intimidation: Use Curse Words To Make Your Point [x]
  • Intimidation: Use Anger To Intimidate [x]
  • Intimidation: Use Bravado To Intimidate [x]
  • Investigation: Separating Out Truth From Lies [x]
  • Investigation: Using Pseudonyms Can Make People Suspicious [x]
  • Investigation: Anger Can Dull Your Instincts, Or Sharpen Your Senses [x]
  • Investigation: Everyone Has A Price [x]
  • Investigation: Knowing The Right Guard Is Key To Getting Information At A Good Price [x]
  • Investigation: Ensure That There Are Minimum Witnesses To Your Stake Outs [x]
  • Investigation: Stake Outs Take Time [x]
  • Investigation: Stake Outs Are Better With A Hunky Fella [x]
  • Investigation: Dust As An Indicator Of Time Passed [x]
  • Investigation: Check Every Last Detail [x]
  • Investigation: Calculating Possibilities When Things Don't Quite Add Up [x]
  • Investigation: Adding In Information From Tertiary Sources [x]
  • Investigation: Keeping A Record As A Memory Aid [x]
  • Investigation: Building Up A Profile By Viewing Over Time [x]
  • Investigation: Gossip Can Lead To Good Stories [x]
  • Investigation: Investigating Nobility [x]
  • Investigation: Easier When You Are Not Identified As A Journalist [x]
  • Investigation: Signs Of A Coming Storm [x]
  • Investigation: Notice Irregularities In A Story Given [x]
  • Investigation: Exclude All Impossible Options [x]
  • Investigation: Determining Profession By Small Details [x]
  • Leadership: Taking Control With Family Is Difficult [x]
  • Leadership: Sometimes, You Just Have To Say How It's Going To Be [x]
  • Leadership: Taking Charge Under Pressure [x]
  • Leadership: Clear Statement Of Demands [x]
  • Negotiation: How to Sweet Talk for Information (KG)
  • Negotiation: Finagling What You Want From Gray [x]
  • Negotiation: Stating Your Position Clearly [x]
  • Negotiation: Paying For Information [x]
  • Persuasion: Sometimes Means Abusing Personal Relationships [x]
  • Persuasion: Get Their Name Right, They Like It Better [x]
  • Persuasion: The Feel Of Money In A Palm Is A Powerful Tool [x]
  • Persuasion: The Fine Art Of Give And Take [x]
  • Persuasion: Pointing Out Flaws in a Reckless Plan [x]
  • Persuasion: Talking An Immortal Into Letting You Tag Along [x]
  • Persuasion: Clearly Laying Out Your Boundaries [x]
  • Persuasion: Stating Those Aspects Which Are Non-Negotiable [x]
  • Persuasion: Emphasizing The Important Points [x]
  • Persuasion: Clearly Stating What You Can Do [x]
  • Persuasion: Explain Why Your Idea Is A Good One [x]
  • Persuasion: Groaning In Displeasure Rarely Persuades [x]
  • Persuasion: Sighing To Help Others Feel Sorry For You And Change Their Mind [x]
  • Persuasion: Trying To Make People See Reason [x]
  • Persuasion: Putting Forward Reasonable Examples [x]
  • Persuasion: Justifying Your Standpoint [x]
  • Persuasion: Use A Promise To Persuade [x]
  • Persuasion: Sometimes Means Resorting To Begging [x]
  • Persuasion: A Charming Smile [x]
  • Persuasion: Use Confidence-Boosting Compliments To Encourage [x]
  • Persuasion: Hold Firm When You Say No [x]
  • Persuasion: Always Follow Through On A Threat [x]
  • Persuasion: Appeal To Emotion [x]
  • Persuasion: Be Clear About What You Want [x]
  • Politics: Neither Side Cares About the "Rabble" [x]
  • Politics: Nobility Are More Interested In Their Own Agenda Than Your Interview [x]
  • Politics: No Need To Arrange A Marriage For Someone Stripped Of Title [x]
  • Politics: The Role Of The Nobility In War [x]
  • Politics: Politics In The Aftermath Of War [x]
  • Politics: Managing Telling The Truth With Being Politic [x]
  • Politics: Publishing What Little You Have [x]
  • Rhetoric: How To Explain Your Point Of View [x]
  • Rhetoric: Rhetorical Question [x]
  • Rhetoric: Tell A Story To Explain Your Position [x]
  • Seduction: Compliment Their Looks, It's Bound To Work [x]
  • Seduction: Sometimes, Obvious Seduction Works (Know Your Target) [x]
  • Seduction: Physical Proximity Can Be Distracting And Attracting [x]
  • Seduction: Lovers Don't Like You Fawning Over Other Men [x]
  • Seduction: Pet Names [x]
  • Seduction: Some Men Like An Adventurous Kind Of Girl [x]
  • Seduction: Do You Want To Play A Game? [x]
  • Seduction: The Look From Beneath The Lashes [x]
  • Seduction: Knowing When Not To Go Too Far [x]
  • Seduction: Sway Your Hips [x]
  • Seduction: Use False Naiveté [x]
  • Seduction: The Power of Touch [x]
  • Seduction: The Power Of A First Kiss [x]
  • Seduction: Make Your Target Tell You What They Want [x]
  • Seduction: Get To The Point [x]
  • Seduction: How To Use Innuendo [x]
  • Seduction: Communicate Through Moans And Sighs [x]
  • Socialization: Managing Crowds To Get Into A Busy Shop [x]
  • Socialization: Elbows Are Necessary To Get Out Of A Busy Shop [x]
  • Socialization: "Slumming" With Nobles At Common Tavern [x]
  • Storytelling: Maintaining The Flow, Keeping The Pace [x]
  • Storytelling: Telling Emotional Stories Is Difficult [x]
  • Storytelling: Cheer Can Keep Attention, Even If It's Forced [x]
  • Storytelling: Family History [x]
  • Storytelling: Lots Of Details [x]
  • Storytelling: Avoid Tripping Yourself Up On Names [x]
  • Storytelling: Outlandish Rumors About The Royal Couple [x]
  • Storytelling: Relaying An Unconfirmed Offer Of Free Drinks [x]

Mental Skills

  • Detection: Watching For Movement In The Dark [x]
  • Detection: Checking Small Details [x]
  • Detection: The Smell Of Musk [x]
  • Detection: The Small, But Important, Details Of Vincent "Gray" D'Ordyn's Face [x]
  • Detection: Consideration Of Things In Context [x]
  • Detection: Soldiers Look the Same on Both Sides [x]
  • Detection: Telling Looters From Soldiers [x]
  • Detection: Noting Subtleties Of Colour [x]
  • Detection: Noting Scent Before Taste [x]
  • Detection: Spitting Liquid Allows You To Taste It, But Not Be Overpowered By It [x]
  • Detection: Spotting Changes In The Weather [x]
  • Detection: Racial Specifics [x]
  • Detection: Noises In Caves [x]
  • Detection: Slight Nuances Can Be A Clue To Falsehood [x]
  • Detection: You Can Not See What Is Not There [x]
  • Detection: Watching Vincent's Face As He Examines Your Bruises [x]
  • Detection: Spotting Signs Of Someone's Job On Their Clothing [x]
  • Detection: Being Intensely Aware Of A Person’s Presence [x]
  • Detection: How To ‘People Watch’ [x]
  • Detection: Signals of High Status [x]
  • Discipline: Professionalism Means Swallowing Your Anger [x]
  • Discipline: Give The Informant The Behaviour They Want, Within Reason [x]
  • Discipline: Controlling Your Emotions Is Hard, But You Must [x]
  • Discipline: Not Killing Gray (When He Sneaks Up On You) [x]
  • Discipline: Keeping Focused On The Mission, Rather Than Your Impulse [x]
  • Discipline: Not Allowing Your Emotions To Overwhelm You [x]
  • Discipline: Not Throwing Up Is Harder Than It Seems [x]
  • Discipline: Food Rationing and Silence for Two Trials [x]
  • Discipline: Not Slapping A Coworker [x]
  • Discipline: Even Though I Was Hungover I Completed My Duty To Vincent [x]
  • Discipline: Not Pouring Out Your Heart To A Friend Who Might Be Busy [x]
  • Discipline: Keeping Ahold Of Your Temper [x]
  • Discipline: Small Acts Of Defiance [x]
  • Discipline: Bite Your Tongue [x]
  • Discipline: Conjure Relevant Memories To Control Your Emotions [x]
  • Discipline: How To Force Yourself Out Of Bed [x]
  • Logistics: Distance From the Front Aids Survival [x]
  • Logistics: Considerations for Plan B [x]
  • Logistics: How To Multitask [x]
  • Psychology: Clothing Is Important In How We Present Ourselves to the World [x]
  • Psychology: First Impressions Are Important [x]
  • Psychology: First Impressions Can Be Hard to Break, But Can Be Wrong [x]
  • Psychology: Grief Cannot Be Cured [x]
  • Psychology: People Might Feel More Comfortable Talking To You When You Give Them Privacy [x]
  • Psychology: Alcohol Can Help Calm Your Nerves [x]
  • Psychology: It Can Take A Long Time To Recover From A Trauma [x]
  • Psychology: We Hold On To What Helps Us Remember [x]
  • Psychology: Love And Hate Are Very Close To Each Other In Terms Of Emotional Response [x]
  • Psychology: Blending Tough Love With Tenderness [x]
  • Psychology: People Can Change [x]
  • Psychology: How To Detect Personality Changes In Loved Ones [x]
  • Psychology: You Cannot Treat Everyone The Same [x]

Physical Skills

  • Endurance: Adrenaline Allows You To Endure For Longer, But It Runs Out [x]
  • Endurance: Having The End In Sight Helps You To Endure [x]
  • Endurance: The Din of War Prevents Sleep [x]
  • Endurance: The Neighbors Have Enough Troubles of Their Own [x]
  • Endurance: Running Against The Weather [x]
  • Endurance: The Searing Pain Of A Backhand Across The Face [x]
  • Endurance: Pushing Yourself Beyond Your Limits [x]
  • Endurance: Take Regular Breaks [x]
  • Field Craft: Surviving A Storm [x]
  • Field Craft: Seeking Shelter In The Rain [x]
  • Running: Pump Arms For Increased Speed [x]
  • Running: Is Tricky In Sandals [x]
  • Running: Pebbles Can Be A Real Hazard [x]
  • Running: Cobblestones [x]
  • Stealth: Using Your Environment To Maximize Your Stealth [x]
  • Stealth: Using Your Clothing To Maximize Your Stealth [x]
  • Stealth: Moving Quietly [x]
  • Strength: Hoisting Heavy Men Is Good For Your Abs [x]
  • Strength: Pushing It To The Last Breath [x]
  • Swimming: Kick Hard [x]

Combat Skills

  • Tactics: Retreat, Don't Talk About Retreating [x]
  • Tactics: Look For Openings In Your Opponent's Defense [x]
  • Tactics: Consider Openings You Created, And Openings They Left [x]
  • Tactics: Always Consider Attack And Defense [x]
  • Tactics: Make Sure You're On Top At The End Of A Move [x]
  • Tactics: Soft Targets Are Better [x]
  • Tactics: Self Preservation [x]
  • Tactics: Never Let Your Opponent Know Of Your Ignorance [x]
  • Tactics: Be Loyal To Your Allies [x]
  • Unarmed Combat: How to Throw a Punch (SP)
  • Unarmed Combat: A Resounding Slap Across The Face [x]
  • Unarmed Combat: Knee To Groin In Close Quarters [x]
  • Unarmed Combat: Balance Is Important [x]
  • Unarmed Combat: Maintaining Your Core [x]
  • Unarmed Combat: Basic Stance [x]
  • Unarmed Combat: Improved Stance [x]
  • Unarmed Combat: Relaxing To Make Your Movement More Fluid [x]
  • Unarmed Combat: One Arm To Defend, One Arm As A Weapon [x]
  • Unarmed Combat: How To Shove Your Opponent [x]

Trade Skills

  • Acting: Over Dramatic Sighs [x]
  • Animal Husbandry: How To Pet A Cat [x]
  • Appraisal: The Colour Of Wine [x]
  • Appraisal (Wine): The Straight Angled View [x]
  • Appraisal (Wine): The Side View [x]
  • Appraisal: The Undertones And Taste Of Wine [x]
  • Blacksmithing: Hard Work [x]
  • Business Management: How To Manage Your Time [x]
  • Cooking: Helping To Prepare Breakfast [x]
  • Cosmetology: Clean Is Better [x]
  • Cosmetology: Making One's Hair Sleek With A Brush [x]
  • Cosmetology: Chiffon Is Flattering [x]
  • Cosmetology: High Heels Elongate The Calf, Lengthen The Leg And Hurt Like Hell [x]
  • Cosmetology: Cleaning Up A Grimy Face [x]
  • Cosmetology: Creating A Semblance Of Normal [x]
  • Cosmetology: Using Fingers To Untangle Hair When There's No Comb [x]
  • Cosmetology: Basic Braid [x]
  • Cosmetology: How To Weave A Feather Into Your Hair [x]
  • Drawing: Recognizing When Your Drawing Is Bad [x]
  • Gambling: How To Make A Bet [x]
  • Gambling: How To Play Poker [x]
  • Gambling: Confidence Doesn’t Equal Skill [x]
  • Medicine: Diagnosing By Sight [x]
  • Medicine: Basic Tools [x]
  • Medicine: Assisting At A Procedure [x]
  • Medicine: Cleaning Out A Wound To Prevent Infection [x]
  • Medicine: Water Is A Good Cure For A Hangover [x]
  • Navigation: Route To Vincent's House [x]
  • Research: Wealthy People Have The Best Wine [x]
  • Research: Bribe-Free Info Is Often Unreliable [x]
  • Research: Info From Nobles Is Usually Self-Serving [x]
  • Research: Common Folk Often Know A Few Leads [x]
  • Seafaring: Sealegs On Land Are As Tricky As Landlegs On Sea [x]
  • Sociology: Nobles Can Speak Freely About Common Folk [x]
  • Writing: Keeping Handwriting Legible [x]
  • Writing: Description Of Small Details [x]
  • Writing: Dry The Ink To Avoid Blotting [x]
  • Writing: How To Make The Mundane Interesting [x]
  • Writing: Use Quotes For Journalistic Impact [x]
  • Writing: Three Word Sentences For Impact [x]
  • Writing: Structure Of A Written Piece [x]
  • Writing: Structuring An Opinion-Based Piece [x]
  • Writing: Identify Your Main Message [x]


  • Celarion Ability: Bond (Minor) [x]
  • Bond (Minor): Connects You To Vincent’s Emotions And Location [x]


  • Location: Blacksmith [x]
  • Location: Ye Olde Inn [x]
  • Location: Andaris Estate [x]
  • Location: Fighting Arena [x]
  • Location: House in Hightown Used to Pay the Smugglers [x]
  • Location: Smugglers' House [x]
  • Location: Andaris Marketplace [x]
  • Location: Blacksmith Arms [x]
  • Location: Kala's House [x]
  • Location: Orm'del Sea [x]
  • Location: Rharne [x]
  • Location: Rharne Docks [x]
  • Location: Lowtown [x]
  • Location: Andaris Winery [x]
  • Location: Rynmere Bakery (The Bread Basket) [x]
  • Location: Midtown, Rynmere [x]
  • Location: Rynmere Gazette [x]
  • Location: Blackwood Bar [x]
  • Location: The Harpy Inn [x]
  • Location: The Bronze Boar [x]
  • Location: Vincent’s Home (Rharne) [x]
  • Location: Garrett's Home [x]
  • Location: Glass Quarter Park [x]
  • Location: Earth Quarter [x]
  • Location: Lake Lovalus [x]
  • Location: Lightning Cathedral [x]
  • Location: Earth Market [x]

City & Culture

  • Rynmere: The Noble Houses (SP)
  • Rynmere: The Iron Hand [x]
  • Rynmere: There's A Lot Of Crazy Folks Here [x]
  • Andaris: City Layout (SP)
  • Fighting Arena: Uncivilized [x]
  • Fighting Arena: The Reaper’s Playground [x]
  • Fighting Arena: Slaves, Thieves, Bandits, and Pirates [x]
  • The Iron Hand: Rynmere’s Collective Military Forces [x]
  • Culture: Slavery Laws in Rynmere (KG)
  • Magic Permits: 100 Gold Nel [x]
  • Rharne: Culture (SP)
  • Rharne: City Of Alcohol [x]
  • Rharne Holiday: The 12 Trials of Zi’da [x]
  • Rharne Holiday: Beer Festival [x]
  • Bronze Boar: Second Floor Is A Fighting Arena [x]
  • Mer: Sometimes Lure Men To Their Deaths [x]
  • Mer: Telepathic [x]
  • Race: Naerikk [x]
  • Naerikk: Vicious [x]
  • Naerikk: Body Art Conveys Strength (SP)
  • "The 12 Trials of Zi'da": Despite A Bitter Past, I Was Excited For This Year's Celebration [x]
  • "The 12 Trials of Zi'da": My Gifts Had Deep Meanings Behind Them This Year [x]


  • Andraska & Tristan Venora: Noble Cousins [x]
  • PC: Andraska Venora [x]
  • Beatrice: Biqaj [x]
  • Beatrice: Pseudo-sister [x]
  • Beatrice: Probably Not A Kleptomaniac [x]
  • Elyna: Finds the Arena Distressing [x]
  • Elyna Burhan: Skyrider [x]
  • Elyna: Noble of House Burhan [x]
  • Elyna: Bagged A Winner [x]
  • Elyna: Marrying Malcolm Krome [x]
  • Elyna: Wants You To Be A Witness At Her Wedding [x]
  • Elyna: Concerned For How The World Will See Her Marriage In The Future? [x]
  • Elyna: Believes Someone Is Trying To Kill Malcolm [x]
  • Elyna: Pregnant [x]
  • Elyna: Wants You To Investigate For Her [x]
  • Gray: Secretive [x]
  • Gray: Presumptuous [x]
  • Gray: Irritatingly Calm [x]
  • Gray: Knows Bram [x]
  • Gray: Thinks You're Brash [x]
  • Gray: Very Neat Handwriting [x]
  • Gray: Maybe Not Who You First Thought? [x]
  • Gray: Dangerous [x]
  • Gray: Saved Your Life [x]
  • Gray: Owes You Two Favours [x]
  • Gray: Thinks You Are Reckless [x]
  • Gray: Had to Leave Andaris (Ymiden 716) [x]
  • Gray: Went to Warrick, For A Tournament (Ymiden 716) [x]
  • Gray: Is Sorry (Ymiden 716) [x]
  • Gray: Is Vincent D'Ordyn [x]
  • Gray: You Saw Him Half Naked. Not Too Shabby! [x]
  • Gray: Tattoo On His Hand Was A Gift And A Vow [x]
  • Gray: Happy To Help You And Your Family [x]
  • Gray: Doesn't Enjoy Killing [x]
  • Gray: Either Thinks You're Beautiful And Talks To Horses, Or Thinks The Horse Is So Beautiful, He Had To Tell You [x]
  • Gray: Not Above A Game Of Tag [x]
  • Gray: You Chased Him And Squeaked [x]
  • Gray: Was Looking For You [x]
  • Gray: Sometimes Leaves Without Warning [x]
  • Kala: Gray's Doctor [x]
  • Kala: Calls Gray "Vincent" [x]
  • Kala: Thought "Vincent" Was Dead [x]
  • Kala: A Doctor [x]
  • Kala: Supportive Of You [x]
  • Malcolm: Ex-Baron of Krome [x]
  • Malcolm: Elyna is Willing to Fight For Him [x]
  • Malcolm: Supposedly Elyna's Trainer [x]
  • Malcolm: Not A Murderer [x]
  • Peake: Ruined a Gala and Humiliated Quincy [x]
  • Peake: Dangerous [x]
  • Quill: Verbose [x]
  • Quincy: Badly Bruised [x]
  • Quincy: Excessive; Excessive Hair, Clothes, Words and Wine [x]
  • Quincy: Not Fond of His Brother, Peake [x]
  • Quincy: Attacked by a Woman in Dark Clothing and Left Outside the Gala [x]
  • Quincy: Thinking of You [x]
  • Quincy Andaris: At The Wine Tasting [x]
  • Quincy Andaris: Smug [x]
  • Quincy Andaris: Talks A Lot [x]
  • Tristan Venora: Wedding Attendee [x]
  • PC: Tristan Venora [x]
  • Tristan: Says The King Is Lying With A Krome [x]
  • PC: Vakhanor [x]
  • Vincent: Captain In The Moseke Knights [x]
  • Vincent: Was Bram's Captain [x]
  • Vincent: Stand-up, Honourable Guy [x]
  • Vincent: Bit Of A Hard-Ass [x]
  • Vincent: Really Wanted To Protect The City [x]
  • Vincent: Died Last Arc, In A Fire With His Family [x]
  • Vincent: D'Ordyn [x]
  • Vincent: The Trickster [x]
  • Vincent: Betrayed Your Trust [x]
  • Vincent: Regrettable [x]
  • Vincent: Not Your Boyfriend [x]
  • Vincent: Forgettable [x]
  • Vincent: Alive [x]
  • Vincent: Injured [x]
  • Vincent: Didn't Apologise [x]
  • Vincent: A Shield-Bearer [x]
  • Vincent: Everyone Can See It [x]
  • Vincent: Was With Swansong [x]
  • Vincent: Swan Isn't Who He Wants [x]
  • Vincent: Thinks You Are Strong [x]
  • Vincent: Was Afraid To Lose You, Is Afraid He's Lost You [x]
  • Vincent: Apologised [x]
  • Vincent: Promises Not To Leave You Behind Again [x]
  • Vincent: Makes Bad Tea [x]
  • Vincent: Can You (Do You) Love Him? [x]
  • Vincent: Maybe Not A Born Domestic [x]
  • Vincent: Good Actor [x]
  • Vincent: Concerned About Appearances [x]
  • Vincent: A Skilled Fighter [x]
  • Vincent: Refuses To Fight You [x]
  • Vincent: Wants To Protect You [x]
  • Vincent: Has A Fear Of Failing To Protect You [x]
  • Vincent: The Story of Treidhart [x]
  • Vincent: The Reasons He Left You During Vhalar 716 [x]
  • Vincent: Rharne Mercenary [x]
  • Vincent: Blessed By Qylios [x]
  • Vincent: Bonded To You Through Qylios’ Blessing [x]
  • Vincent: Your Partner [x]
  • Vincent D'Ordyn: Understands On Some Level The Deeper Meaning Behind My Family And Nation's Traditions [x]
  • Vincent D'Ordyn: Vincent's Words Relax Me Even After A Hard Day's Work [x]
  • Vincent D'Ordyn: I Associate Terrible Memories Of The Past With Vincent's Cloak, But Also The Good Ones [x]
  • Vincent D'Ordyn: Vincent's Words Relax Me Even During Emotional Turmoil [x]
  • Vincent D'Ordyn: He Reminded Me Of A Lone Wolf For Many Reasons [x]


  • Bram: Works for the Moseke Knights [x]
  • Bram: Loves Sabine [x]
  • Bram: Wants To Be More Than Friends [x]
  • Bram: Insecure [x]
  • Bram: Knows What You're Up To When You Try To Seduce Him [x]
  • Bram: Knows What You're Up To, And Falls For It Anyhow [x]
  • Bram: Genuinely Cares For You [x]
  • Bram: Does Not Trust Gray [x]
  • Bram: Getting Too Serious [x]
  • Bram: Bram Haywood [x]
  • Bram: Told You The Soldiers Are Looking For Qe'dreki Rebels [x]
  • Bram Haywood: In A Cave In Andaris [x]
  • Bram Haywood: Fell Asleep In A Storm [x]
  • Bram Haywood: Not Technically A Squire [x]
  • Garrett: Predictable In Bed [x]
  • Garrett: A Good Distraction [x]
  • Garrett: Charmer [x]
  • Garrett: Thinks You're A Great Catch [x]
  • Garrett: Thinks Vincent Makes You Miserable [x]
  • Garrett: Protective... Or Controlling? [x]
  • Garrett: Happy For You To Come Home With Him [x]
  • Garrett: Thinks You Are In Love With Vincent [x]
  • Garrett: Jealous And Unreasonable [x]
  • Garrett: Drinks [x]
  • Garrett: Violent [x]
  • Garrett: Has Said Something Offensive To Vincent [x]
  • Ulryk Qe’azour: Just As You Remembered Him [x]
  • Mother: Fading Fast [x]
  • Kyler: Doesn't Like Gray [x]
  • Kyler: Doesn't Want To Owe Gray Another Favour [x]
  • Kyler: Knows Gray Is The One Who Attacked You [x]
  • Kyler: Doesn't Want To Forgive Gray, Doesn't Think You Should [x]
  • Swansong: With Vincent? [x]
  • Swansong: Sev'ryn [x]
  • Swansong: Beautiful [x]
  • Moira: Head Server At The Bronze Boar [x]
  • Bennett: Living In Rharne [x]
  • Bennett: Calls You ‘Lowtown’ [x]
  • Andaris Servants: Rude [x]
  • Andaris Family: Dragonseal [x]
  • Andaris: Your Family Name? [x]
  • Abby: Keeps Liquor In Her Desk [x]
  • Fern Llewellyn: Lovely Lady [x]
  • Fern Llewellyn: Has All the Gossip, Even the Crazy Gossip [x]
  • Benjamin: First Time Wedding Speaker [x]
  • Thomas Endor: Ex-Knight Lord Commander [x]
  • Victoro The Conqueror: The King's Champion [x]
  • Rufus Hemlock: Owns The Blacksmith Arms, One of the Oldest Establishments in the City [x]
  • Yosef: Blacksmith [x]
  • Yosef: Only Drinks at The Blacksmith Arms [x]
  • Victoro: Hadn't Lost in Three Seasons [x]
  • Queen Freya: Shot by One of The Blue Cloaks [x]
  • Queen Freya: Slept with Thomas Endor [x]
  • Henry Vaughan: Fisherman From Krome [x]
  • Henry: One of the Blue Cloaks [x]
  • Henry: Don't Publish Names or Descriptions of Blue Cloaks [x]
  • Alan: City Guard [x]
  • Alan: Not Alex [x]
  • Alan: Fond Of Coin [x]
  • Alan: Bad At Acting [x]
  • Mercer Haak: Written With Two A’s And No C [x]
  • Mercer Haak: A Merchant From Fort Endor [x]
  • Mercer Haak: Thinks Fort Endor Is The Best Of The Seven Cities [x]
  • Mercer Haak: Only Survivor Of An Attack By Two Mer [x]
  • Mercer Haak: Still Alive Because He Threw His Weapons Into The Sea [x]
  • Mercer Haak: A Mer Swam Him To The Shore [x]
  • Mercer Haak: Wants To See His Attackers Dead [x]
  • Claire: Works with Henry [x]
  • Star: Gray's Horse [x]
  • Cloud: The Gray Kitten Vincent And I Adopted During The 516 Zi'da Festivities [x]
  • Valeria: Vincent's Superior [x]
  • Valeria: Easily Amused [x]
  • NPC: The Ornery Neighbour [x]
  • NPC: Baroness Octavia Burhan [x]
  • NPC: Rafael Valius [x]
  • NPC: Gina: Blacksmith Arms Serving Maid [x]
  • NPC: Willow [x]
  • NPC: Abby [x]
  • Abby: Wants You To Write About A Cake [x]
  • Abby: Insists You Will Write About A Cake [x]
  • Abby: Clear That You Must Not Write Anti-Monarchy Sentiments [x]
  • Abby: Afraid [x]
  • Abby: Made You Burn Your Article [x]
  • Reed: Receptionist At The Rynmere Gazette [x]
  • Reed: Not A Helpful Man [x]
  • Eckard Tibolt: Baking A Cake To Commemorate The Queen [x]
  • Eckard Tibolt: Baked The Most Wonderful Cake [x]
  • Nathalia: Thunder Priestess [x]


  • Ethelynda: Vincent's Diety [x]
  • Ethelynda: Calling Vincent to War [x]
  • Lisirra: Evil [x]
  • Aelig: Evil [x]
  • Syroa: Evil [x]
  • Immortal: Qylios [x]
  • Qylios’ Domains: Leadership, Light, Courage, And Bonds [x]
  • Immortal: Ilaren [x]


  • Slander: Defamation of Character, Without Evidence [x]
  • Gazette: Stick to the Facts [x]
  • Gazette: Impartial & Unbiased [x]
  • Gazette: You Have Something to Prove [x]
  • Gazette: Relies on the Goodwill of the Kingdom to Survive [x]
  • Journalism: Patience Provides Opportunity [x]
  • Faction: Thunder Priestess [x]
  • Thunder Priestesses: Rharne’s Shield [x]
  • Thunder Priestesses: Ilaren’s Sisterhood [x]
  • Thunder Priestess Rank: Novitiate [x]
  • Thunder Priestess Rank: Priestess [x]

News & Rumours

  • The Iron Hand is Cracking Down on Unlawful Arcana [x]
  • Smugglers: The Ethereal Lady [x]
  • The Blue Cloaks: Came for the Lord Commander [x]
  • "The lady of toxin, the furious actor, and the anarchic mimic have begun to plot against all, seeking the beating heart" (KG - Ymiden 716 Trivia Winner)
  • D'Ordyn Family Estate Was Burned Down [x]
  • King Cassander: Planning To Expand Rynmere To The East [x]
  • The Story Of How The D'Ordyn Family Died [x]
  • The Origin Of The Name "Gray" [x]
  • Smugglers Took The Assassins To Rharne [x]
  • The Ebony Coin [x]
  • Smugglers' House: Conspicuous Because Of It's Ordinary Nature [x]
  • Smugglers' House: Empty Since Ashan [x]
  • Mercer’s Attackers: What They Look Like [x]
  • Mercer’s Attackers: The Iron Hand Offers A Bounty Of 200 GN Each For Their Arrest [x]
  • Civil War: Decimated Lowtown [x]
  • Civil War: The Aftermath [x]


  • People Recognize Your Name [x]
  • Drinking Gives Foolhardy Courage [x]
  • Criminals Keep Grudges [x]
  • Death: Checking for Death, Are They Breathing? [x]
  • Logic: Sex Complicates Friendship [x]
  • Game: Truth Or Drink [x]
  • Weddings: Mixed Feelings [x]
  • Weddings: Too Permanent [x]
  • Wine & Weddings Are A Fun Combination [x]
  • Cave Lions: Probably Not A Thing [x]
  • Leather Brawling Gloves: Vincent Gave These To Me [x]
  • Defender: A Sword I Gave Vincent, But He Probably Doesn't Like It [x]
  • Item: Ring Of Reversal [x]
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RP Medals



Sabine Qe'azour

Location: Andaris, Rynmere

Sabine owns a second-floor apartment located in the Lowtown tier. It is a cramped, one-windowed home that includes the following: one bed, two chairs, one table, two knives, a set of six plates (assorted), one chest, and a fireplace. There are also two bed rolls frequently found laid out on the floor, along with a candle holder on the table. Both the apartment's exterior and interior are the colour of sand, while the wooden door is covered with peeling white paint.
- - -
Location: Rharne (Vhalar 716 - Present)

During her time in Rharne, Sabine resides in a standard room at The Harpy Inn. The room includes a straw mattress bed, a bedside table, a fireplace, ensuite toilet, and a locked chest. The inn itself is located in the Earth Quarter and can be quite rowdy.


Tools and Items

  • Scribe's Kit (SP, Prized Possession)
  • Soap (SP)
  • Brush (SP)
  • Razor (SP)
  • Toothbrush (SP)
  • Toothpaste (SP)
  • Waterskin (SP)
  • Tinderbox (SP)
  • Medium bag, waterproof (leather), shoulder straps [Purchased Ashan 716]
  • Letter from Quincy Andaris [Received from Quincy Andaris, Ashan 716]
  • Bottle of Nanutha Wine [Received from Quincy Andaris, Ashan 716]
  • Blank journal [Purchased Ashan 716]
  • Small flask [Purchased Ymiden 716]
  • Bottle of whiskey [Purchased Ymiden 716]
  • 1 set of smugglers papers [From Outs and Ins, Ymiden 716]
  • Small bottle of stormdust [Received from Vincent D'Ordyn, Zi'da 716]
  • Small bottled lightning crystal [Received from Vincent D'Ordyn, Zi'da 716]
  • Small glass heart, etched with lines [Received from Vincent D'Ordyn, Zi'da 716]
  • First Aid Kit [Purchased Zi'da 716]
    • Bandages for casts (3)
    • Tourniquet set
    • Wooden splint braces (6)
    • Cloth bandage strips (bundle of 15)
    • Bandage Hooks (12)
    • Jar of sealing jelly
    • Folding Burner/brazier assembly
    • Boiling Pot
    • Vial of Burner Fuel (lamp oil)
    • Cauterizing iron (5 tip sizes)
    • Needle set (curved and straight)
    • 50' Spool of thread
    • Precision Tweezers
    • Precision Scissors
    • Large Vial of Antiseptic Alcohol
    • Sponges
    • Sling
  • Lantern [Purchased Cylus 717]


  • Cloak, black, standard quality (SP)
  • Blouse, white, sleeveless, standard quality (SP)
  • Pants (skinny), dark brown, standard quality (SP)
  • Knee boots, black, standard quality (SP)
  • Undergarments, white, standard quality (SP)
  • Coat, brown, wool + lining + fur trim [Purchased Ashan 716]
  • Gloves, black, leather + lining [Purchased Ashan 716]
  • Pants (skinny), black, leather + lining [Purchased Ashan 716]
  • Jacket, black, leather + lining [Purchased Ashan 716]
  • Vest, brown, fur + lining [Purchased Ashan 716]
  • Blouse, black, cotton [Purchased Ashan 716]
  • Blouse, white, cotton [Purchased Ashan 716]
  • Undergarments, black, cotton [Purchased Ashan 716]
  • Sandals, brown, leather [Purchased Ashan 716]
  • Belt and buckle, black, leather [Purchased Ashan 716]
  • Ankle boots with buckles, black, leather [Purchased Ashan 716]
  • Heels, black [Purchased Ashan 716]
  • Gown, navy blue, chiffon + lining [Purchased Ashan 716]
  • Corset, brown, cotton, ribbon trim + lining [Purchased Vhalar 716]
  • Skirt, brown, cotton [Purchased Vhalar 716]
  • Cloak, gray, wool, fur-lined [Received from Vincent D'Ordyn, Zi'da 716]
  • Brawling gloves, leather [Received from Vincent D'Ordyn, Zi'da 716]
  • Scarf, dark green, cotton, fringe [Received from Vincent D'Ordyn, Zi'da 716]
  • Small handful of glass beads in varying colours and designs [Received from Vincent D'Ordyn, Zi'da 716]
  • Azure storm shrike feather with silver chain & charm [Received from Vincent D'Ordyn, Zi'da 716]
  • Circular silver broach with a blue kyanite gemstone (four lightning bolts radiating from the gem) set in its center [Received from Vincent D'Ordyn, Zi'da 716]


  • Throwing knife [Received from Vincent D'Ordyn, Ymiden 716]
  • Dagger [From Outs and Ins, Ymiden 716]
  • Bo staff [Purchased Zi'da 716]
  • Throwing knife, etched with lines inlaid with silver running from the handle to the point of the blade. In the center of the blade, written in Rahaki, is the following phrase: "Like the moon on the waves, she shines." [Received from Vincent D'Ordyn, Zi'da 716]


  • One bed (SP)
  • Two chairs (SP)
  • One table (SP)
  • Two knives (SP)
  • Two sets of eating utensils (SP)
  • One set of 6 assorted plates (SP)
  • One chest (SP)
  • One fireplace (SP)
  • Two bedrolls (SP, city pack home decoration)
  • Candleholder (SP, city pack home decoration)
Mail Bag

Date Letter Sender Recipient
75th of Ashan, 716 Letter to Sabine Quincy Andaris Sabine
2nd of Ymiden, 716 Letter to Sabine Vincent D'Ordyn Sabine
33rd of Ymiden, 716 Letter to Gray Sabine Vincent D'Ordyn

Purchase Amount Total Date
Starting Package +100 gn 100 gn Ashan 716
Bribing a Guard for a Rumour/No Jail -10 gn 90 gn Ashan 716
Bribing a Guard for a Rumour/No Jail -10 gn 80 gn Ashan 716
Bribing a Guard for a Rumour -5 gn 75 gn Ashan 716
Beer & Bribes -2 gn, 6 sn 72 gn, 4 sn Ashan 716
Medium Bag, Waterproof (Leather), Shoulder Straps -9 sn 71 gn, 5 sn Ashan 716
Coat, Wool, Lining, Fur Trim -20 gn, 4 sn 51 gn, 1 sn Ashan 716
Gloves, Leather, Lining -11 gn 40 gn, 1 sn Ashan 716
Pants, Leather, Lining -16 gn 24 gn, 1 sn Ashan 716
Seasonal Wages +571 gn, 9 sn, 5 cn 596 gn, 5 cn Ashan 716
Beer -3 sn 595 gn, 7 sn, 5 cn Ashan 716
Jacket, Leather, Lining -16 gn 579 gn, 7 sn, 5 cn Ashan 716
Vest, Fur, Lining -12 gn 567 gn, 7 sn, 5 cn Ashan 716
Blouse, Cotton (Black) -1 gn, 8 sn 565 gn, 9 sn, 5 cn Ashan 716
Blouse, Cotton (White) -1 gn, 8 sn 564 gn, 1 sn, 5 cn Ashan 716
Undergarments, Cotton (Black) -9 sn 563 gn, 2 sn, 5 cn Ashan 716
Sandals, Leather -1 gn, 5 sn 561 gn, 7 sn, 5 cn Ashan 716
Belt + Buckle, Leather -7 gn 554 gn, 7 sn, 5 cn Ashan 716
Ankle Boots, Buckles, Leather -5 gn, 2 sn 549 gn, 5 sn, 5 cn Ashan 716
Heels, Black -1 gn, 8 sn 547 gn, 7 sn, 5 cn Ashan 716
Gown, Chiffon (Blue), Lining -38 gn, 8 sn 508 gn, 9 sn, 5 cn Ashan 716
Blank Journal -5 gn 503 gn, 9 sn, 5 cn Ashan 716
Beer -3 sn 503 gn, 6 sn, 5 cn Ashan 716
Two Beers -6 sn 503 gn, 5 cn Ashan 716
Bribing a Guard for a Rumour -5 gn 498 gn, 5 cn Ymiden 716
Rebirth Cycle 716 Expenses (Ashan Only) -28 gn, 6 sn 469 gn, 4 sn, 5 cn Ymiden 716
Rebirth Cycle 716 NPC Expenses (3 Personal NPCs) -30 gn 439 gn, 4 sn, 5 cn Ymiden 716
Three Beers -9 sn 438 gn, 5 sn, 5 cn Ashan 716
Mug of Water -2 cn 438 gn, 5 sn, 3 cn Ymiden 716
Two Apples -6 cn 438 gn, 4 sn, 7 cn Ymiden 716
Ymiden 716 Trivia Contest Winner +50 gn 488 gn, 4 sn, 7 cn Ymiden 716
Flask (Small) -5 gn 483 gn, 4 sn, 7 cn Ymiden 716
Bottle of Whiskey -30 gn 453 gn, 4 sn, 7 cn Ymiden 716
Hot Cycle 716 NPC Expenses (3 Personal NPCs) -30 gn 423 gn, 4 sn, 7 cn Saun 716
Half of Bounty - Edwick Chambers +25 gn 448 gn, 4 sn, 7 cn Ymiden 716
Travel from Andaris to Rharne (32 trials) -16 gn 432 gn, 4 sn, 7 cn Vhalar 716
Vhalar 716 NPC Expenses (3 Personal NPCs) -30 gn 402 gn, 4 sn, 7 cn Vhalar 716
80 Nights at The Harpy Inn (Standard Room) -80 gn 322 gn, 4 sn, 7 cn Vhalar 716
Ymiden Wages +664 gn 986 gn, 4 sn, 7 cn Ymiden 716
Ymiden Expenses -59 gn, 7sn, 6 cn 926 gn, 7 sn, 1 cn Ymiden 716
Corset, Brown, Cotton, Ribbon Trim + Lining -3 gn, 6 sn, 6 cn 923 gn, 0 sn, 5 cn Vhalar 716
Skirt, Brown, Cotton -1 gn, 7 sn, 3 cn 921 gn, 3 sn, 2 cn Vhalar 716
Bo Staff -30 gn 891 gn, 3 sn, 2 cn Zi'da 716
Quill Pen (Gift) -1 gn 890 gn, 3 sn, 2 cn Zi'da 716
Blank Journal (Gift) -5 gn 885 gn, 3 sn, 2 cn Zi'da 716
Non-Fiction Book (Gift) -10 gn 875 gn, 3 sn, 2 cn Zi'da 716
Kitten (Gift) -5 gn 870 gn, 3 sn, 2 cn Zi'da 716
Wool Scarf (Gift) -2 gn, 2 sn 868 gn, 1 sn, 2 cn Zi'da 716
Wooden Sculpture (Gift) -5 gn 863 gn, 1 sn, 2 cn Zi'da 716
3 Beers -9 sn 862 gn, 2 sn, 2 cn Zi'da 716
Green Cotton Shirt with Cord (Gift) -3 gn, 8 sn, 4 cn 858 gn, 3 sn, 8 cn Zi'da 716
Bottle of Whiskey (Gift) -30 gn 828 gn, 3 sn, 8 cn Zi'da 716
Zi'da 716 NPC Expenses (3 Personal NPCs) -30 gn 798 gn, 3 sn, 8 cn Zi'da 716
93 Nights at The Harpy Inn (Standard Room) -93 gn 705 gn, 3 sn, 8 cn Zi'da 716
Cylus 717 NPC Expenses (3 Personal NPCs) -30 gn 675 gn, 3 sn, 8 cn Cylus 717
30 Nights at The Harpy Inn (Standard Room) -30 gn 645 gn, 3 sn, 8 cn Cylus 717
Masterwork Dagger (Gift) -24 gn 621 gn, 3 sn, 8 cn Zi'da 716
3 Candles (Gift) -1 gn, 5 sn 619 gn, 8 sn, 8 cn Zi'da 716
Lost a Bet -5 gn 614 gn, 8 sn, 8 cn Vhalar 716
Ashan 717 NPC Expenses (3 Personal NPCs) -30 gn 584 gn, 3 sn, 8 cn Ashan 717
123 Nights at The Harpy Inn (Standard Room) -123 gn 461 gn, 3 sn, 8 cn Ashan 717
Saun Wages +400 gn 861 gn, 3 sn, 8 cn Saun 716
Saun Expenses -20 gn 841 gn, 3 sn, 8 cn Saun 716
Wine (Gift) -4 gn 837 gn, 3 sn, 8 cn Zi'da 716
First Aid Kit -22 gn 815 gn, 3 sn, 8 cn Zi'da 716
Lantern -10 gn 805 gn, 3 sn, 8 cn Cylus 717
Vhalar Wages +1476 gn 2281 gn, 3 sn, 8 cn Vhalar 716
Vhalar Expenses -206 gn, 6 sn, 4 cn 2074 gn, 7 sn, 4 cn Vhalar 716
Leather Cord (Gift) -2 gn 2072 gn, 7 sn, 4 cn Zi'da 716
Shot of Whiskey -2 gn 2070 gn, 7 sn, 4 cn Cylus 717
Zi'da Wages: Investigator +744 gn 2814 gn, 7 sn, 4 cn Zi'da 716
Zi'da Expenses: Investigator -74 gn, 4 sn 2740 gn, 3 sn, 4 cn Zi'da 716
Navy Cloak (Gift) -22 gn, 5 sn 2717 gn, 8 sn, 4 cn Zi'da 716
Ymiden 717 NPC Expenses (3 Personal NPCs) -30 gn 2687 gn, 8 sn, 4 cn Ymiden 717
83 Nights at The Harpy Inn (Standard Room) -83 gn 2604 gn, 8 sn, 4 cn Ymiden 717
Saun 717 NPC Expenses (3 Personal NPCs) -30 gn 2574 gn, 8 sn, 4 cn Saun 717
40 Nights at The Harpy Inn (Standard Room) -40 gn 2534 gn, 8 sn, 4 cn Saun 717
Vhalar 717 NPC Expenses (3 Personal NPCs) -30 gn 2504 gn, 8 sn, 4 cn Vhalar 717
123 Nights at The Harpy Inn (Standard Room) -123 gn 2381 gn, 8 sn, 4 cn Vhalar 717
1 Bet & 3 Beers -5 gn, 9 sn 2375 gn, 9 sn, 4 cn Ymiden 716
1 Whiskey & 25 Crude Papers -52 gn 2323 gn, 9 sn, 4 cn Zi'da 717
Cylus Wages Pending Submission of Job Thread N/A N/A N/A
Cylus Expenses Pending Submission of Job Thread N/A N/A N/A
Ashan Wages Pending Submission of Job Thread N/A N/A N/A
Ashan Expenses Pending Submission of Job Thread N/A N/A N/A
Ymiden Wages Pending Submission of Job Thread N/A N/A N/A
Ymiden Expenses Pending Submission of Job Thread N/A N/A N/A
Saun Wages Pending Submission of Job Thread N/A N/A N/A
Saun Expenses Pending Submission of Job Thread N/A N/A N/A
Vhalar Wages Pending Submission of Job Thread N/A N/A N/A
Vhalar Expenses Pending Submission of Job Thread N/A N/A N/A
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RP Medals



Sabine Qe'azour

Ulryk Qe'azour

Personal NPC

Relation: Father
Race: Biqaj
Birthday/Age: 113th Trial of Vhalar, 671st Arc | 44
Location: Rynmere
Profession: Slave
Approved Skills: Brewing (30 XP); Seafaring (30 XP); Melee Combat (30 XP); Singing (10 XP)

Appearance: Ulryk is a full-blooded biqaj, which means he carries with him all the traits of his race: pointed ears, silver blood, and changing eyes. He is 5 feet, 11 inches tall, and weighs 165lb. His straight brown hair fall just past his shoulders, and he wears a full beard which he tries to keep trimmed when possible. Along his abdomen is a long, trailing scar from a fight long-since passed.

Personality: Adventurous. Easygoing. Indulgent. Impractical.

Relationship Details: Ulryk does not reside with Sabine. He is enslaved to House Andaris until his debts are paid back for his failed brewery business.
Elise Qe'azour

Personal NPC

Relation: Mother
Race: Human
Birthday/Age: 4th Trial of Cylus, 673rd Arc | 43
Location: Andaris, Rynmere
Profession: N/A
Approved Skills: Hunting (30 XP); Singing (30 XP); Cosmetology (30 XP); Cooking (10 XP)

Appearance: Elise is entirely human, and is the odd one out in the Qe'azour clan with her wavy auburn hair and green eyes. She stands at 5 feet, 6 inches, and weighs 120lb. She has been eating less and getting progressively thinner since her husband was enslaved. Elise has an appreciation for the finer things in life, and always made an effort to buy cosmetics prior to becoming bed-ridden.

Personality: Loyal. Romantic. Fragile. Obsessive.

Relationship Details: Elise's relationship with her children is strained, to say the least. She lives with Sabine and Kyler, and is unemployed. Her grief for her husband's enslavement has made her bedridden most days, and a near-alcoholic during the rest.

Thread History: Light and Tasteful
Kyler Qe'azour

Personal NPC

Relation: Brother
Race: Mixed Race - half human, half biqaj
Birthday/Age: 68th Trial of Ymiden, 699th Arc | 17
Location: Andaris, Rynmere
Profession: Thief
Approved Skills: Pick Pocketing (30 XP); Stealth (30XP); Unarmed Combat (30 XP); Storytelling (10 XP)

Appearance: Kyler is mixed race, like Sabine: half human, half biqaj. He has retained his father's changing eyes and slightly pointed ears, but he bleeds red and does not shimmer in the moonlight like his sister. He is 5 feet, 10 inches tall, and weighs 155lb of lean muscle. Kyler keeps his wavy brown hair long, and sticks to plain clothes for every day wear. He has a slightly crooked nose after having broken it in a fight at age 15.

Personality: Clever. Self-reliant. Moody. Opportunistic.

Relationship Details: Kyler resides with Sabine and Elise, and spends the majority of his time thieving, fighting, and avoiding home.
Bram Haywood

City NPC

Relation: Friend, on-and-off lover
Race: Human
Birthday/Age: 67th Trial of Ashan, 691st Arc | 25
Location: Andaris, Rynmere
Profession: Moseke Knight

Character Concept: Bram was born and raised in Andaris, Rynmere. As a young boy, his dream was to join the Moseke Knights. He became a Squire at age 17 during Arc 708, and was promoted to Knight during Arc 714. Bram lives alone in Midtown, Andaris, but can usually be found at the Barracks or patrolling the city. He is 6'1", well-muscled, and as straight-edge as they come: he doesn’t do drugs, he doesn’t gamble, and he only drinks under intense stress or peer pressure. His peers know him as a dedicated, law-abiding, and loyal Knight, but he has a loose tongue when it comes to women and can struggle to keep a secret.

Relationship Details: Sabine has been friends with Bram since her family moved to Rynmere during Arc 708.

Thread History: Thunderstruck
Liquor on Your Lips
Mage, Beware!
Vincent "Gray" D'Ordyn

PC [Character Sheet]

Relation: Partner
Race: Human
Birthday/Age: 111th of Ashan, 688th Arc | 29
Location: Andaris, Rynmere
Profession: Former Moseke Knight, mercenary, and hero

Relationship Details: Sabine and Gray are slowly growing to know and trust each other. They met just outside The Blacksmith Arms as a result of Sabine's drunken decisions, and Gray immediately responded by attacking her. Twice. Since then, he's made up for his error by watching out for Sabine when he's able. She considers Gray a friend and ally and has teamed up with him to investigate enemies from his past.

First Meeting: Pen vs. Sword

Quote: "The coldness in Grays eyes seemed to vanish for a second, replaced by something that he hadn't felt in over a cycle, compassion. 'You are a troublesome one, aren't you?'"
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RP Medals



Sabine Qe'azour

Thread List

Date Thread Title Participants Status
60th of Ymiden, 708 Thunderstruck Beatrice Qe'ryn Complete
118th of Ashan, 711 Liquor on Your Lips Solo Complete
1st of Ashan, 716 Light and Tasteful Solo Complete
13th of Ashan, 716 It was we, the people Elyna Complete
39th of Ashan, 716 Secondhand News Tristan Venora, Andráska Venora Complete
74th of Ashan, 716 Haters Gonna Hate Quincy Andaris Complete
75th of Ashan, 716 When You Think You Know Someone... Quincy Andaris Complete
75th of Ashan, 716 Journalistic Integrity Solo Complete
80th of Ashan, 716 Mission: Implausible Peake Andaris, Elyna In-Progress
86th of Ashan, 716 Mage, Beware! Solo Complete
87th of Ashan, 716 Beautiful Lies, and the Ugly Truth Adam Michaels Complete
90th of Ashan, 716 Sorry for Party Rocking Quincy Andaris Complete
107th of Ashan, 716 Pen vs. Sword Vincent D'Ordyn Complete
2nd of Ymiden, 716 Sleuth Vincent D'Ordyn Complete
4th of Ymiden, 716 Sea Terrors Solo Complete
6th of Ymiden, 716 To Catch A Thief Solo Placeholder
13th of Ymiden, 716 Fade Away Malcolm, Elyna, Vincent D'Ordyn, & co. Complete
13th of Ymiden, 716 Dead or Alive Vincent D'Ordyn, Kala Complete
17th of Ymiden, 716 All Work No Play Makes Vakh A Dull Boy Vakhanor Complete
21st of Ymiden, 716 Liar, Liar Solo Complete
24th of Ymiden, 716 Can't get the staff Elyna Complete
26th of Ymiden, 716 Tales of Men Solo Complete
30th of Ymiden, 716 Let me not... Elyna, Malcolm, Tristan Venora, & co. Complete
33rd of Ymiden, 716 Outs and Ins Vincent D'Ordyn Complete
2nd of Saun, 716 Fraud Solo Complete
17th of Saun, 716 Piece of Cake Solo Complete
27th of Saun, 716 For Andaris! Griffin, Vincent D'Ordyn, Aelius, & co Complete
27th of Saun, 716 Who is watching? Griffin, Vincent D'Ordyn, Aelius In-Progress
27th of Saun, 716 Blood and Brandy Vincent D'Ordyn Complete
3rd of Vhalar, 716 Renegade Solo Complete
11th of Vhalar, 716 Tell Me Goodbye Solo Placeholder
13th of Vhalar, 716 Ship Life Vincent D'Ordyn Complete
15th of Vhalar, 716 Wrecked Vincent D'Ordyn, Basilisk Complete
38th of Vhalar, 716 Forget You Solo Complete
43rd of Vhalar, 716 Dead on Arrival Vincent D'Ordyn Complete
50th of Vhalar, 716 10 Things I Hate About You Vincent D'Ordyn Complete
68th of Vhalar, 716 Testing the Waters Vincent D'Ordyn Placeholder
118th of Vhalar, 716 Tangled Vincent D'Ordyn Complete
10th of Zi'da, 716 House Fire Niv In-Progress
15th of Zi'da, 716 Purpose Solo Complete
20th of Zi'da, 716 Abduction Vincent D'Ordyn, Kura Wolfsdotter In-Progress
20th of Zi'da, 716 Garden of Evil Vincent D'Ordyn, Kura Wolfsdotter Placeholder
30th of Zi'da, 716 This Is What You Came For Solo In-Progress
45th of Zi'da, 716 Tempest Boarding Narav In-Progress
50th - 55th of Zi'da, 716 Affection [Part i.] Vincent D'Ordyn Complete
56th - 61st of Zi'da, 716 Affection [Part ii.] Vincent D'Ordyn Complete
TBD (Zi'da 716) Little Warrior Solo Placeholder
5th of Cylus, 717 Petty Crooks Solo In-Progress
19th of Cylus, 717 Moons Faith, Padraig, Vincent D'Ordyn In-Progress
TBD (Cylus 717) To Be A Pupil Solo Placeholder
TBD (Ashan 717) Of Mice and Men Solo Placeholder
TBD (Ashan 717) Heroes & Villains Solo Placeholder
TBD (Ymiden 717) Reverence Solo Placeholder
TBD (Ymiden 717) Placeholder Solo Placeholder
TBD (Ymiden 717) Placeholder Solo Placeholder
TBD (Ymiden 717) Placeholder Solo Placeholder
TBD (Ymiden 717) Placeholder Vincent D'Ordyn Placeholder
TBD (Ymiden 717) Placeholder Vincent D'Ordyn Placeholder
TBD (Saun 717) Placeholder Solo Placeholder
TBD (Saun 717) Placeholder Solo Placeholder
50th of Vhalar, 717 Trial Zipper In-Progress
58th of Vhalar, 717 Prisoner of the Beast Patrick In-Progress
TBD (Vhalar 717) Derelict Solo Placeholder
45th of Zi'da, 717 Justice League Open In-Progress
N/A Halloween Event: The Dark Night Solo In-Progress
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