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Race: Human
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Name: Aster
Age: 25
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 691 Arc, 32 of Zi'da
Marks: N/A
Factions Joined:N/A
Languages Spoken: Fluent: Common
Partners: Heath the Owl
5'8" tall with a gruff expression on his face at all times. Aster has a scruffy beard to keep his face warm during, and reluctantly shaves it off during the Hot cycle. He usually wears light leather and hide, armors that provide some protection but not hindering his movements as much. He has a brown hood he keeps to cover his face and a face mask during cold seasons. Under his hood he has a rugged messy hair during the Cold cycle, but in the Hot cycle he would cut it short, but never shaving his head. He also has a noticeable scar from the bottom of his eye to his chin.
Aster is a hard man to almost everyone he has met, keeping an icy distance to most of his acquaintance, preferring business over pleasure, though the few people that can manage to melt the icy exterior and break through the shell would find a lonely and caring man, the people that manage to befriend him would find that he is afraid of being left alone again, he would protect his friends valiantly and without hesitation. If an acquaintance was in trouble, not a friend, he would lend aid, but will not risk his entire being to rescue or help them unless it was profitable.
Aster lived his life with his father Rowan, a fisherman by trade, but he was a hunter before he suffered a leg wound from a bear he was hunting. After that incident, Rowan taught Aster the basics of hunting, fletching, and living off the land. Aster enjoyed nature, seeing the sights and sounds of birds. At the age of 18, his father had died from some mysterious illness. With his father's death, the only other person he loved, he went into a spiral of depression, going missing for weeks on end. Until of course he had found a dead owl while he was moving along through the forests, the owl looked healthy even though it was dead, there were no signs of a fight or any indication of the owl being hunted, it simply feel from the sky and died on impact. He looked up and saw a nest high up in the tree, he was curious as to what had killed the owl, a venom of some other predator perhaps. As he climbed up to see if there was anything up there, he had found an egg. He suspected it to be an owl egg, he took the egg and took care of it until hatching. With the owl chick, he had spent the following seasons taking care of the chick, and filled the void in his heart that his father left.
Aster had sold his father's home in favor of living in the wilds, he had brought a tent that could house him and his possession from the elements and chooses to camp rather than go to inns for a night's rest, of course he still needed human or at least sentient interaction from time to time, so he chooses to camp close to settlements. Towns, cities, villages, etc. He works as a hunter of game and pelts, providing to whatever settlement he is close to at the moment.
Skills and Knowledges


Skill NamePoints AcquiredTotal
Ranged Weapon(Signature): Shortbow 5SP, 14EXP 19

Wilderness Survival

Hunti​ng(Fast Track Skill) 25SP, 5SP(AL from Trapping) 25
Animal Husbandry 10SP 10
Field Craft 5SP, 1EXP 6
Tracking 5BP, 2EXP 7
Animal Training 2EXP 2
Tanning 1EXP 1

Social & Subterfuge

Deception 1EXP 1
Persuasion 1EXP 1
Stealth 2EXP 2
Detection 3EXP 3


-Survival Forests: Not all berries are edible
-Hunting: Watch for trampled grass
-Animal Husbandry: Foods Owls eat
-Trapping: Basic Pit traps
-Hunting: Wearing down your prey
-Location: Hang Woods
-Animal Training: Owls
-Arcane: Wells
-Arcane: Necromancy
-Hunting: Aim for the lungs or heart
-Survival Forests: Snares can be made from branches
-Hunting: Using Heath to assist in Hunting
-Tracking: Broken branches
-Tracking: Ground prints
-Tracking: Trampled grass
-Bounty: Wild Jacadon Hunt
-Gaspard Vereth: Head handler of Jacadons
-Location: Skye Verath Lodge
-Nir'Wei: Thinks this is a Very Bad Idea.
-Barris Burrowbee: Jacadon expert
-Animal Husbandry: Jacadons are Very dangerous
-Animal Training: Jacadon Basics
-Hunting: Smell is an important sense
-Heath: A very useful owl
-Animal Husbandry: Wounded animals can be dangerous
-Hunting: All senses at once works best

  • Traveler's Pack
    One set of clothing (adaptable as per race, though for humanoid races, this will include a coat or cloak, shirt or blouse, pants or skirt, undergarments, and a pair of boots. All clothing is standard quality.
    One tent (sized to accommodate two people or one person and their possessions.)
    One riding horse.
    One horse-pulled wagon (two feet wide, three feet long, two feet deep)
    100 feet of rope
    One tinderbox.
    A set of six torches
    One Lantern
    One bedroll
    A compass
    A fishing net or fishing pole with a set of thirty hooks.
    A blanket
    Four rucksacks
    A knife
    One waterskin
    One set of toiletries
    One set of clothing
    Two rags
    A shortbow
    12 arrows
    Heath the Owl
Prized Possession
Kukri "Birch"(Starting pack)
A medium size blade used by Aster's father as his weapon of choice for close encounters during hunts. It has been kept well maintained by Aster and only ever uses it if absolutely necessary. If not needed he would just use the knife he has on his person. The blade is an heirloom in Astar's family, from all the way back to Aster's great great grandfather, and is the only thing he has to remember his father from. Birch, rather than being a heavy dark or dull grey color blades are known for, is actually a white color with bits of black spots, similar to a birch tree.
Job Wages(Ashan 716) 559gn 6sn 5cn 574gn 6sn 5cn
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word count: 1027

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