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Vera Fairchild


Cylus 3rd, 693
Warrick, Rynmere
Weaver of the Webspinners, Acolyte of the Seekers
Psychologist, Acolyte


Vera has smooth and fair skin with well-rounded features that give her an angular jaw-line and an inset ever-so-slightly nose. Her long black eyelashes adorn her large jade-green orbs like dawning and setting black suns. The hair upon her scalp is raised at the peak to show the thin forest of upright hairs beneath, cascading down into a waterfall of smooth black locks with two longer streams of hair running in front of her ears.

Her great posture accentuates her quaint and moderately-sized breasts which are almost always half-revealed in whatever black garments, dresses, and tights Vera wears. Well-toned arms arc down into the rougher wrists and hands of someone who once knew the fields, and the leathery touch of them can cause an almost static sensation when brushing against the skin. From her hands, the observant can tell that Vera is no soft damsel to be cowed and wooed. Indeed, she moves with slow and deliberate movements unless speed is necessary to show off her physique - small, shapely hips and a skinny belly with a portly navel.


Vyra is an intensely introspective woman. She is cold within, but warm outwardly even if she feigns it. She is gripped by boredom-wrought depression, and seeks to do anything to curb these feelings. Still, in the grip of such emotions she has found an immense well of patience within herself that has allowed her to thrive under the noses of those with differing views. Vera does not view anyone as evil or good, but rather she sees them in how valuable they are to her and others, and the strings of manipulation are her favorite marionettes. Her control of herself, and her immense patience has caused her to cross paths with arcana. She has often tossed aside the notion of true love, but there is something exotic about magic that keeps her in a deeper relationship with it beyond the power it entails. It is for this reason that she seeks to suck dry the knowledge in this world for her own desire.

Despite her introspective trait, Vera is openly aware of those around her. She studies people, to figure out what makes them tick. How the mind works is of great interest to her, as her primary hobby and means of income. The witch is anything but sedate, and loves to attend social gatherings although she prefers small amounts of people within her social circle at a time and avoids being center stage to the crowd. She even has a taste for fine art, especially sculptures, music, song, and dance.

Witchbrands & Mutations

Mirage - Floral Scent: Vera received has a witchbrand for competency in Mirage. This takes the form of a floral scent, that of the lilac flower. The scent is not a true scent, and does not linger on things. It is an illusion, but those within a foot or two of her will suddenly notice the odd aroma. It may be more startling to characters that have enhanced scent senses.


Fluent Language:
Basic Language: Webspeak (Unspoken)
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Almost Done - Vera

Character History

Vera’s family was very humble, her birth father and birth mother had simple trades - they were farmers. Vera helped her younger brother of similar age and her father to till the fields and sow them, and her brush with death from butchering livestock made her quick to cast out the frail notions the girls of the upper class had grown with. Life in the fields was dangerous, and it made her careful. She also didn't like the fields much, she seemed to fancy ferreting out the secrets of her friends and using them against them. When Vera’s younger brother died, signs were grim for the family. He was taken by a strange illness, and Vera’s mother followed suit. The farm girl was only twelve at the time.

Vera’s father had fallen to drinking, and Vera took to perusing the city to find work when the fields grew infertile. It was at this time that she was abducted by Sintra's daughter Labrae, who whisked her away to the capital city of Rynmere against her will to leave her with an old Biqaj Weaver named S’ketta. She was kept bound and gagged for much of the first few months in her captivity, but when S’ketta offered a reprieve Vera siezed the opportunity and was rewarded with new freedoms. Delighted, S’ketta taught Vera many things about the world and the Webspinners, including how to read their private language - Webspeak. The two began a strange working relationship held aloft by Vera’s new-found faith in Sintra and the teachings instilled into her.

Several years passed, and Vera was charged with her first task. It was the hard-not-hard sort of demand. The several years spent away from her father had made her grow bitter and resentful towards him, and S’ketta served to pull Vera’s strings along until she complied with the demand, but in truth she wished to please Sintra even if she didn’t always appreciate the elderly hag. Her father was a broken man, and she didn't hesitate to cut his throat and let his barren lands succumb to encroachment. Sintra appeared to her at that moment, leaving her with no regrets for what she had done. Her faith pulled her forward into a new life.

Upon becoming a Weaver, S’ketta left Vera for new and unknown prospects, presumably to groom another child abducted by Labrae. Before she departed, S’ketta revealed to Vera that magic was potentially useful and gave her the option of infiltrating the Seekers. Armed with a few names, strings in a web, Vera slithered through the sands of Andaris to kindly charm her way into the Rynmere University and the cell of Seekers there. It was hard, at first, but when she managed to show her wits and charms, and more importantly her resolve to a Sorcerer, an Illusionist and dabbling Rupturing mage named Y’gel, she was taken under his wing and taught much of what she knows about the arcane arts.

The relationship was rocky at first; the Sorcerer seemed to know something was off about her. Still, Vera worked hard to earn his trust and obtain her first conduit and the knowledge associated with it. In the shape of a balmy purple stone inlaid within a silver socket to be wrapped around the neck via a silver chain, Vera’s now prized possession allowed her to delve into a new world of mystery she never thought possible before. She could almost feel a connection with it, and the study of magic tickled her curiosity.

Vera’s studies continued, learning Rupturing and eventually progressing enough to rise within the order to become an Acolyte in Ashan, 716. The world had opened up to her, and the fruits were ripe. She continued to bide her time and learn all she could to better serve her goddess. Vera became an apprentice to a therapist, aiming to become a beacon of mending for the woes of all and garnering useful information and experience with her arcana from such. To keep her past private, she invented a history for herself - that she left an abusive father, and knows nothing of what became of him.
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Skills - Vera

Tricks of the Trade


Skill NameBonusLevel Points
Mirage [CV] 1, [SP] 16, [RB->CV] 10 (27) 26 - Competent 27 / 251
Rupturing [SP] 10 24 - Novice 24/251
Webspinning [Plague] 5, 1, +0 6 - Novice 6/251
Webweaving 0 0/251
Ensorcellment 0 0/251
Blades (Daggers) [RB] 25, 25 - Novice 25/251
Stealth 0 0/251
Unarmed Combat 0 0/251
Detection 3 2 (5) 5 - Novice 5/251
Deception 1 1 - Novice 1/251
Meditation 2 1 (3) 3 - Novice 3/251
Discipline 0 0/251
Acrobatics 0 0/251
Strength 0 0/251
Endurance +0 0 0/251
Running +0 0 0/251
Psychology [SP] 24, [CV] 5, 5 1 (35) 30 - Competent 35/251
Business Management [Plague] 5 5 - Novice 5/251
Intelligence [FT] 1 1 - Novice 1/100
Investigation 2 1 3 - Novice 3/251
Linguistics 3 3 - Novice 3/251
Writing 4 4 - Novice 4/251
Intimidation [IM] 3, 1 1 (5) 5 - Novice 5/252
Leadership 0 - N/A 0/251
Persuasion 2 2 (4) 4 - Novice 4/252
Etiquette 1 1 - Novice 1/251


Starting -30
Act of Magic -2, -2, -2
Witness to Cruelty -2
Bad Deed -2
Breaking 'Da Law -2
Unspecified -3, -2


SkillPoints AddedTotal
+5/251 Psychology, +1/251 Mirage System Conversion
The Rupturing - Part 1 +7 7
The Rupturing - Part 2 +5* 12*
+5 Rupturing -5* 7
The Good Doctor +9 16
The Skittering Mind +8 24
Beginnings of a Mental Acrobat +9 33
Unhappy Days +10 43
Spiders in the Wall +9* 52*
+9 Rupturing -9* 43
[M]The Clot Thickens +10 53
For Andaris! +11 64
Woven Talent +9 73
Fiddle Web +9 82
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Vera - Knowledge

Knowledge for the Wise


General Knowledge
Existence of Domain: Attunement Existence of Domain:Defiance
Existence of Domain: Graft Existence of Domain: Abrogation
Existence of Domain: Attunement Existence of Domain: Necromancy
Existence of Domain: Ensorcellment Existence of Domain: Rupturing
Domain: Rupturing Domain: Mirage
You can only learn four domainsMagic: Illegal in Rynmere without a permit
Ether: Drawing Ether Towards Your Skin
Mirage: The Spark turns you into something else as it growsMirage: Treating Phobias
Rapturing: Projecting your consciousness into space and returning to your physical formRupturing: Creating Peepholes
Webspinning: How to stop someone from escaping Webspinning: Looking Through Connected Eyes


Blades (Dagger)
Blades (Dagger): You Need to Hit from BehindBlades (Dagger): Against a Slow, Heavy Weapon, Lunge Between Strokes
Blades (Dagger): Angle is as Important as GripBlades (Dagger): Direct the Tip With Your Wrist
Blades (Dagger): Don't Rush Attack, Stay Out of reach
Shielded Combat
Shield Combat: Think of it As a Mobile Wall
Acrobatics: Stretching Important Acrobatics: The Centre Of Gravity
Acrobatics: Stumbles from Landings Acrobatics: Propel Self Into a Jump
Stealth: Making Sure The Coast Is Clear Stealth: Thoroughfare Avoidance
Stealth: Obscuring Face With Hair Stealth: Hide Your Face Behind Your Hair
Strength: Heaving Bodies is Hard WorkStrength: Heaving Stones From the Walls
Running: Straight Back Gives Efficient Energy Use Running: Adjusting Technique With Terrain
Endurance: Breath Control For Efficient Exertion Endurance: The effects of overstepping
Detection: Watching Movement Patterns of People Detection: The Smell of Urine
Deception: making bites look like sores Detection: Slight Change in Facial Expressions Reveal Inner Feelings
Medicine: Using a Crutch
Torture: Tight restraints


Intelligence: Out of the Infirmary and Onto the WallsIntelligence: Squires are Fair Game for Soldiers' Orders
Meditation: A Little is Better than None Meditation: Controlling breathing
Meditation: Helps Prep the Mind
Psychology: Extrapolating Basic Illnesses from Basic Symptoms Psychology: Use Of Space To Convey Emotion
Psychology: Prescribing Psychology: Too much Change Loses Trust
Psychology: Following treatment plans Psychology: Gradual Treatment is Preferable
Psychology: Non-Verbal Communication Important As Verbal Psychology: Diagnosing hallucinations
Psychology: Enthusiasm Comes Easy When You Hear of Victory Psychology: Living With "Assembly-Line Burial" Shame
Therapy: Solutions Psychology: The Fear of Being Singled Out for a Demonstration
Psychology: Tears Symbolize More Than Just Sadness
Tactics: cause a Distraction before You Charge
Writing: Record Events as Accurately as PossibleWriting: The Importance of Penmanship
Discipline: Staying in the Fight After a Near-MissDiscipline: Say Calm, Remember Your Training
Intimidation: Threatening loss of Position/LivelihoodIntimidation: Scream
Intimidation: The Heavy Sound of Marching Boots
Logistics: Mer Take the Discarded Dead AwayLogistics: Only Time to Sketch the Faces of the Dead
Logistics: Extra Training is Either For the Very Good, or Very BadLogistics: Failed Recruits Show Trainers What to Watch For
Logistics: There are Many Downsides to a Surge in RecruitsLogistics: A Trainer With No Time Can't be Gentle
Singing: Lullabies
Socialization: Calming Others Using Temptations (Lethroda)


The Seekers
Faction: Seekers Y'gel: Worried you will abuse magic
Dr Crew: Bad Handwriting Squats: Just a Terrible Last Name
Ser Jeremiah: Captain Jeremiah Squats: Brother Malfion Wildsteel
Ser Jeremiah: Doesn't want treatment Jeremiah Squats: Possibly Pursued by Necromancers
Terry: Pushes Patients Too HardBiqaj: The accent
Terry: Somewhat Close MindedJeremiah Squats: Patient
Jeremiah Squats: Depressed and AlcoholicJilkes: Your specimen/victim
Jilkes: Test SubjectTerry: Snoop
Terry: Interested in Sharing Techniques
The Iron Hand
The Iron Hand: Intimidating.
Weapon Upkeep: Cleaning blood off a dagger.Volareons: Fearsome Beasts?


Rynmere Royal Families The Duchies of Rynmere .
Location: Lowtown Lowtown: Where Rynmere’s poor live
Location: Rynmere Barracks Lowtown: Rife with disease
Seeker Cell: Rynmere University Location: Andaris Infirmary
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Vera - Marks & Divine Knowledge

Sintra's Blessing: How it Came to Be

Streams of fire burned through Vera’s eyes, evident in the look she gave S’ketta when the old hag said they had business. The carriage rocked and rattled as the man at the helm racked the reins to get the horses moving faster despite the battering rain that flew on a sharp angle. “What am I to do, mistress S’ketta?” Vera asked, hand cupping her chin as she relaxed and turned to stare at the closed window slats leaking water into the interior cabin drip by drop. They’d been traveling into Warrick country, she knew that much.

It had been several years since Labrae abducted her and entrusted her care to the old witch. The crone leaned forward, her veil parting as the fabric stretched from her creaking old bones. “My dear, it is time for you to ascend in the eyes of the web mother Labrae, by giving yourself to Sintra.” Vera’s attention shifted, at first with her eyes and then with her entire head. She ran her hand through her hair with a shy smile. S’ketta began to speak again. “You must put to rest those who brought you into this world, of which one remains.“ Vera laughed into her sleeve at hearing what was required.

Vera’s lips curled into a sly smirk, her jade orbs staring into the sunken eyes across from her. “I will do anything to please them … If I must do such a thing for the web mother and Sintra, I shall.” Her finger traced along the carriage windowsill, snatching up the moisture on her finger and putting it to her lip. Her thoughts swirled, anticipating what was to come. I’ve never killed a man before, what will it feel like?

The hag sat back and rifled through a luxurious bag, hand delving into the velvet confines and retrieving a wooden box adorned with banded bordering and the carving of a dragon upon it. “This was my first blade, you will do as I have done with it. They long for you, you know. When you’re gone. Just pull that thread to gain entry, and when he sleeps plunge this into his neck - wipe the blood clean, or it will rust.”

A wave of force washed through the cabin as the carriage came to a stop, the two occupants bobbing their heads in tandem. A double-tap on the ceiling confirmed this was their stop. “Go now, my dear. For Sintra!” She opened the box and Vera’s eyes shifted to it when they caught the glint of steel. Within lay an intricate curved blade with a narrow tip made to slice and thrust. The guard of the blade was ornate, with much of the same banding that was on the box. The handle was wrapped in black leather, and the pommel looked to be bronze shaped into the form of a snarling beast of some sort, maybe a dragon.

With one hand, Vera picked up the blade and began to feel the weight. She let her wrist sag with it, and then ferried it away into her waistband and hooking it on her belt by the guard where the metal pressed against her thigh. “Very well … where shall we meet, mistress?” Vera asked.

S’ketta chuckled with a wheezing voice. “The village, at the inn. Take your time, patience my sweet thing.” Her tongue narrowed her word into a dagger. “Patience.”

Vera’s hand rubbed along the door latch, raising it and pushing it outward. The roar of a wind suppressed flooded the cavern and knocked her clothing about as she stepped out into the torrential downpour of a raging storm. The door had whipped outward, pushed back against the wind and barely contained by the grip of her arm. Vera stepped out, and with both hands she strangled the door shut without so much as a whimper. The cold wetness that enveloped her didn’t bother her much, but far from the muddy trail she could see a familiar site. It was the ranch she spent her early years in. It seemed fitting that she would put this past behind her in such a way. Vera knew she was so much more now.

Her hair was like the sagging mane of a horse by the time she reached the porch. It hung part-ways over her face and gave her a sullen look. She ascended the steps one by one, a creak underneath her feet as she made her way to the door. A hefty wooden knocker like the one she remembered hung there like a gargoyle staring at her. She reached up and took it in her hands, and then began to announce her arrival.




Silence followed, or rather the sound of the wind and rain drummed in unison as Vera waited in anticipation. After a few trills, she was prepared to knock again but as she reached for it the door opened. A wasting thing shorter than she was had opened the door, and by the look of his hair and unkempt beard she could tell that this man could only be one person - her father. His eyes gazed at her, and he growled. “Whatt’re ye want in this storm, girl?”

Vera put on a show for him. She didn’t feel anything, but she knew she had to seduce him into falling into her web so she could pluck his strings. For that, she began to pull on the one thread she had, her relationship to one. “Father…” Vera paused, intentionally for dramatic effect. “I … I’m home.” The man gasped, shaking and shuddering. He seemed to balloon with joy and shock. “V-vera!? Is that you, my darling, my angel!? Come on in out of the rain!” The door opened wider for her, and Vera silently accepted the invitation.

“Where have you been - pardon my manners! I’ll set some tea to boil. There are rags in the living space to dry yourself with, you can make yourself comfortable in the arm chair.” Vera looked at him as he turned to move to the kitchen, a slight grin spreading across her lips accompanied by a wrinkle of her cheeks that only the observant would see. “Thank you.”

Vera gazed about the house as her father went into the kitchen. “I’m so glad you’re back home! In truth - I, I thought you were dead. But you’re back now!” His voice had a rasping whistle to it, he could barely contain his excitement. Between every ecstatic yell, she could hear the same elements of wind and water moving against and within the house, more droplets from the storm creeping into the home like hungry mice.

Patience. I do this for you, Sintra. Vera breathed deeply to keep her composure as she sat down within the living space, the smoldering ashes of a fire gone cold in front of her. The chair was warm, and she deduced that he must have been asleep at the hearth before she had arrived. Her father entered the room and sat across from her in a smaller chair, the guest chair. “Am I dreaming? As I live and breathe, you’ve grown so fine my lass. Tell me, where have you been?”

He wanted to know, he wanted her story. As he should, she’d disappeared without a trace so many years ago. A plan drifted out of the haze of her mind. “I am very tired, and there is a lot to say … may we speak tomorrow morning, father?” She spoke the word ‘father’ as if it were laced with sweet venom, almost with a slight shuddering squeak.

“Oh, certainly. Certainly! I shan’t pry too much, should I? In time, we’ find time to share such matters. Your room is as it has always been. The bed might be a little small, you’re so tall now…” Vera stood as her father watched. She smiled and cocked her head at him with narrowed eyes from behind her wet hair. She picked up a rag from next to the fireplace, the warmth gracing her fingers as she went over to the stairway and ascended into her past.

Vera gazed into her dark room. It was just as she remembered it, from when she was young. She wasn’t one to get sentimental though, she had important business to take care of. Vera sat upon her bed, recounting the lie she told. She wasn’t tired at all, she was thrilled! Still, she needed to be patient. She knew the man would sleep soon. Her hands ran across the smooth fabric of her beds and sheets, kept clean from a seven year habit spurned by the toils of an obsessed old man. He should have forgotten me.

The Hatchling, as she was called by her mistress, brought her feet up to lay down upon the bed. She gazed up at the dark ceiling, her eyes adjusting to the darkness as the sounds of the storm weighed upon her consciousness. Bits passed, they turned into breaks. The now warm blade nestled against her thigh called to her, telling her to break free lest a trial claim her time. Obeying the call, she sat up and walked quietly to the door. Her hand turned the knob, opening it with the quietest creak she could imagine.

The faint sound of snoring could be heard - her father was asleep on the armchair downstairs. It was time to put the past behind her and give herself to the service of Sintra and Labrae! Stalking through the hall, Vera stepped down the stairs with calculated slowness. Every step was laden with her desire, and she knew what she wanted. This man was nothing to her! Her heart raced when she reached the bottom of the stairs, and she walked quietly to the chair which faced away from her. The greying hair of her father was illuminated by the warm dance of the flames from the hearth. Her hand brought up the blade from within her garments and she caught the glint of it from the corner of her eye. She kept her eyes on the prize, like a stalking panther after prey.

Suddenly, his head began to turn. “V-vera. Don’t go!” he moaned tiredly. She stepped off to the opposite side, concealing her blade behind her so he couldn’t see it. She stood behind him, leaning over him and whispering into his ear as she wrapped her free arm around him. “I am not the one who shall leave this place,” she mused. Her heart raced, her mind clouded with fear, but still she persisted and retreated from his side.

Her father thought about her words, a puzzled expression on his face. “What do you mean by that?”

Vera grabbed a fistful of his hair and yanked his head back, the blade hovering to her side as she brought it up. Her father yelped as she ran the sharp edge across his neck, pushing it into the flesh. It was surprisingly tough, but she was exhilarated by the feeling, the power that coursed through her veins. The man gagged, choking on blood with a muffled cry. Vera glared fiercely at her work, baring her teeth. The iron scent of blood filled her nostrils like perfume, wafting from the red warmth pooling upon his chest.

When she was finished with the deed, she brought the blade up and tasted the blood with her tongue. She stifled a gag as the taste filled her mouth, but instead chuckled and spat on the floor, raking her tongue between her teeth. Perhaps this was an acquired taste? She wiped the blade on his shoulder, cleaning it of blood before shoving the limp corpse forward and onto the floor by the head. Mmm … I suppose it’s time to see S’ketta again.


A sharp and dragging, grating word carried her name, the sound of it rushing over her from above, causing the father-slayer to glance at the ceiling. Her legs grew weak when her mind filled in disbelief at what she was seeing. Spider legs were splayed out, taking up the entire surface of the ceiling and arcing forward into a large black blob dimmed by shadows. It was a massive spider. Vera dropped to her knees, again stifling the fear in her mind that battered at her and told her to run. She bowed her head to the creature she had pledged her life unto, whispering her own words. “Sintra, I am pleased to be your devout servant.”

“Look to me, dearest child,” Sintra hissed with a motherly tone. Vera looked up at the ceiling, and piercing red jewels for eyes glared at her from above. However, she wasn’t filled with fear at their sight, but rather awe and blissful accomplishment. A more human-looking girl descended from the darkness, her black upside-down hair enshrouding Vera as she found herself face-to-face with the immortal. The timeless creature breathed upon her, red eyes drinking up her soul as she drew nearer. Thin, clawed hands wrapped themselves around Vera’s head, embracing her as Sintra leaned in for a kiss. Vera opened her mouth, letting her jaw hang slack as Vera’s tongue poked through her teeth and dragged along Vera’s upper lip before thrusting in and dancing with her own.

The feeling of sharp fangs rubbing against her chin were lost to the feeling of Sintra claiming her entire being - mind, body, and soul. A burning warmth filled her as Sintra pulled away, radiating from the underside of her tongue. Her eyes were closed, taking in the sensations. “You are now one of my Weavers,” Sintra cooed. “You will not fail your master, will you?”

Vera opened her mouth to profess her undying devotion to the immortal, but her jaw was wrapped shut with webbing. Her entire body was. She struggled to get free, ripping at the sticky substance with her teeth to take a breath. Then, she remembered patience. As she brought air into her lungs, she remembered she still had the knife. Focusing on that, she cut open the web cocoon and emerged with a flowing blanket of sticky strands billowing around her. The door was open, leaving the home vulnerable to the elements.

Vera realized she was alone, looking up to the ceiling again and failing to see Sintra there. She was elated, and she could feel different, empowered. The underside of her tongue itched, she rubbed it along the edges of her teeth. She knew that Sintra had given her a gift now, and that she was hers. She was a Weaver now, just like S’ketta. Vera hummed to herself as she cleaned herself off, thoughtfully looking at a cobweb in the corner where a small spider sat poised in a web. She spoke softly to herself, feeling the sensations on her tongue with every word. “Sintra, I will not fail you, I will never fail you.”

Marks: Blessings from the Gods


Sintra's Blessing of Lethroda


0 Devotion - Favored:

0 - Webspinning: The Lethroda skill that the Webspinners take their name from, Webspinning allows the bearer to connect those around them with a thread of energy, allowing them to have a general sense of what's going on around the people connected to them. The number of people they can loop into their web increases as they get more practice.

0 - Temptations (Minor): When in use, the Lethroda aura is able to extend briefly from the character to another individual within arms reach. The aura acts as a transmitter and receiver, implanting suggestions into the person's thoughts while the character receives impressions of the individual's interests and desires. The ability may only be used on 1 person at a time.(Certain skills, like meditation, may prevent this ability from working.)

0 - Manipulative Skills I: Adds an extra three skill points to Intimidation.

20 - Eye of the Beholder: At this level, the character has only enough control to cover small parts of their body with the aura of Lethroda, causing all who look upon them to see only pleasant, attractive, desirable features. This ability lasts for a short period of time.

40 - Bite of the Spider: One of Lethroda's few directly offensive abilities, the Bite of the Spider allows the user to drain the blood, via a bite, from another mortal and receive both their memory and the energy, the latter of which is used to heal the user.


Lethroda: Blessing of Sintra Blessing: Lethroda
Lethroda: Used for manipulation Lethroda: Webspinning
Lethroda: Can be used to calm people Lethroda: Temptations (Minor)
Lethroda: Guilt and anger often combine in the unfaithful Lethroda: Love is a funny thing, and a strong force
Eye of the Beholder: Use as a DisguiseBite of the Spider: Controlling how to contract your fangs
Bite of the Spider: Blood heals
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Character Sheet
Wealth Tier: Tier 1




Vera - Possessions & Ledger


Clothing: A cloak, skirt, undergarments, and a pair of boots. All in dark tones of grey and black. All clothing is standard quality.
Toiletries: Soap, brush, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste.
One waterskin
Two sets of eating utensils
Weapon: Adamantite Dagger

Craftsmen: Juketh Talen

Information: The Adamantite Dagger was forged by one of Sirothelle's local weapons smith, Juketh Talen. He is well versed in the art of shaping and hammering out unique blades, but he is not as educated as some of his competitors. This lack of educations shows in the dagger. It glistens with a deep red finish and shines with sinister intent, but the blade is not a durable as others could make it. Nevertheless, it is a deadly weapon to have in combat, however, one must be wary of using it against stronger blades.

Adamantite Metal : 60gn
Misc Metals : 20gn
Sheath: 30gn
Labor To Craft : 110gn
Exportation Fee : 20gn

Total Cost: 240gn
Approved By Jade
Idemyte Illusionism Conduit

A purple stone socketed into a silver setting, dangling from a silver chain to be worn around the neck. It was given to her by the sorcerer Y'gel, claiming it to be his old conduit before he had achieved a better one. The conduit is capable of utilizing competent-level Illusionism magic.

Approved By Mythic

A 400 sq ft apartment in Andaris, along the water. Contains one bed, two chairs, one table, two knives, a set of six plates (assorted), one chest, and a fireplace, and a wash basin.

Andaris, Rynmere

20 ft / 20 ft Cottage


Item Amount Total
SP +100 GN 100 GN
Rebirth Cycle Expenses -25 GN 75 GN
Ymiden 716 Income +473 GN 548 GN
Spiderbite -240 GN 308 GN
Hot Cycle Expenses -28.7 GN 279.3 GN
Saun 716 Income +0 GN 279.3 GN
Vhalar 716 Expenses Retired 279.3 GN
Zi'ida 716 Expenses Retired 279.3 GN
Cold Cycle Expenses TBD 279.3 GN
Cylus 716 Income TBD 279.3 GN
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Vera - Relationships & Thread List

Story of my Life

NPC Relationships

Y'gel Gareheart

Name: Y'gel Gareheart
Created by: Vera
Race: Human
Age: 42
Born: Cylus 3rd, 674
Title: Sorcerer of the Seekers
Skills: Mirage 61, Rupturing 34

Other Information: From a young age, Y'gel was groomed by his father to become a member of the Seekers. He was not proven to be of the right mind for the occupation until his mid-thirties, and as such has only woven magic for the past several years. Still, his accomplishments thus far have been exemplary. He is a kind man with a deep and wise voice who spends most of his time helping Acolytes to further their magic and assisting his peers with their research.

This NPC has initiated Vera into Mirage and Rupturing


Name: Vuhl'mathi
Created by: Vera
Race: Human
Age: 43
Born: Ashan 28th 673
Skills: Becoming 78, Abrogation 53, Attunement 31, Unarmed Combat 56, Fieldcraft 50, Stealth 44, Detection 28, Intelligence 20

Other Information: Vuhl'mathi was once a reliable young Seeker with incredible talent. He was known for being asked to deal with mages that had Overstepped to the point of insanity. When sent to investigate a lead on Ellasin herself, he had no idea what he was getting into and received a taste of her ire upon failing to carry out his mission - he was subsequently used as her plaything for a time. Eventually, he agreed to pledge his services to her and regularly receives tasks to deal with members of other magical organizations. In secret, Vuhl despises Ellasin and amasses power for the day he can fulfill his mission from many years ago.

It was his struggle against Ellasin that perverted his powers, forcing him to change until his original form was corrupted beyond recognition. The man-chimera is rather unstable, torn between a thirst for more power and animalistic tendencies; feline-like mannerisms, canine-like behaviors, and the flightiness of a bird. He does not trust easily, and is very cautious to care about another individual. Still, when he does form a relationship with someone that is positive, it's intense, long-lasting, and almost obsessive, even controlling. To this day, he fears that he may never be known for who he really is, the true representation of his soul.

Teddy Crews

Name: Teddy Crews
Relationship: Mentor
Race: Human
Age: 28
Born: Cylus 51st, 688
Title: Psychiatrist at the Infirmary
Skills: Psychiatry 58, Medicine 31
Other Information: A peculiar man, he is calm, laid back, and a bit of a psychopath. The mortifying screams of a patient will not cause him to so much as flinch or tarry in his treatment of them, and a hand with two missing fingers is indicative of an unsavory past. Upon his face is the brand of a thief, but most misfits have probably gotten away with far more than they have been caught doing. There is an unnerving coldness about him, but he performs his job well.

Thread List

Ashan 716

110th - The Rupturing - Part 1 [7 Exp]
110th - The Rupturing - Part 2 [5/7 Perfect Score, Rupturing]

Ymiden 716

1st - [M]Woes of the Apprentice [Old Exp]
1st - A Knight in Drunken Armor [Old Exp]
1st - The Spider Looms [Old Exp]
?th - A Spider's Web [Need Follow-Up]
24th - Talk is Cheap [In-Progress]

Saun 716

1st - The Good Doctor [9 Exp]
1st - The Skittering Mind [8 Exp]
2nd - Beginnings of a Mental Acrobat [9 Exp]
2nd - Unhappy Days [10 Exp]
3rd - Self [Need Follow-Up]
3rd - Spiders in the Wall [9 Exp Rupturing]
4th - [M]The Clot Thickens [10 Exp]
4th - Fiddle Web [In Queue]
4th - Scorn of the Scorpion [In Queue]
4th - Spiderbite [In Queue]
9th - Hatchling [Need Follow-Up]
14th - Feel Something [In-Progress]
15th - Secrets by Moonlight [Need Follow-Up]
18th - Spidersquire, Spidersquire [Need Follow-Up]
18th - Woven Talent [In-Progress]
19th-23rd - The Spiderwitch Chronicles: A Grim Tale [In Queue]
23rd - Become One, Become All [In-Progress]
27th - For Andaris! [Need Follow-Up]
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