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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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House Warrick

House Warrick

A sunny, two-story building wrapped around a large courtyard that plays host to a small water feature, seasonal flowers, and shrubs. The homestead is situated on a large flat section of land that leads down into a deep valley at the foot of the Burning Mountains. The grand house was built here for tactical reasons, often hidden in the shadow of the mountains and situated a couple of days from the fort, few venture so far north of Warrick. The valley has been used to hide army encampments and whole flights of Jacadon.

With seventeen bedrooms, four bathrooms, two kitchens, three large living areas, and outside entertaining, House Warrick serves as a beautiful escape from the busy city, and has played host for many royal events over the years. There is a small lake beside the manor surrounded by weeping willow trees, grapevines, and beautiful stonework walls. Currently home to the Duke and Duchess of Warrick, all are welcome, but not everyone is permitted entry through the gates.
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