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Quincy Andaris
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Race: Human
Profession: Wine Appraiser
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Quincy Andaris

Quincy Andaris

Basic Information

Name: Lord Quincy Andaris
Father: Lord Benji Andaris
Mother: Lady Mary Andaris (deceased)
Siblings: Peake Andaris (Brother, 28)
Leeson Andaris (Brother, 23)
---- (Sister, 19)

Race: Human
Age: 25 Arcs
DoB: 39th of Saun, 691 Arc
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 190 lbs.

Birthplace: Rynmere
Location: Andaris
Profession: Wine Appraiser
Languages: Fluent: Common


Quincy Andaris is a hard individual to miss. If at first glance eyes weren't snagged, a double take will usually occur. His startling hair is usually the first thing noticed. Long, brown hair explodes from his scalp in a heap of chaotic, bouncing curls that spring around his face whenever he moves.

Warm, brown eyes connect with whomever he sees staring, usually rewarding them with a wink or a cocked eyebrow. For more informal occasions, a straight face is rarely seen. His facial expressions tend to be very animated, a broad grin usually upon his face. Only those who know him well can see the mask that drops over his demeanor during formal settings. In such events, a polite smile can be typically be seen during conversation.

His usual attire consists of brightly colored shirts, dark pants and a more often than not, a drink in hand.

Character Concept

  • Outgoing
  • Cocky
  • Dramatic
  • Attention Hog
  • Eccentric
  • Alcoholic
  • Sarcastic
  • Egotistical
  • Frivolous
  • Flirtatious

The arrogance that is the life blood of the Andaris line manifested itself in a unique way in the second oldest brother. It isn't obvious at first, his charismatic personality and somewhat goofball manner disarming and distracting those upon first meeting him. But underneath that lighthearted air lies a large ego and even larger superiority complex. He can play the proper host when necessary, making people feel at ease and entertained, those considered to be of same stature. But those deemed beneath him begin to see a flippant attitude towards their opinions and actions, a sarcastic tongue quick to tease and belittle, all while smiling sweetly and passing it off as harmless banter.

But about all else, Quincy craves the spotlight.

To have all eyes upon him is his driving force. He'll do whatever it takes to keep the attention upon himself. When the focus begins to point elsewhere, the nobleman finds himself in a reoccurring cycle that he is oblivious to. Upon noticing the attention drift off of him, he begins growing louder and laughing harder, at nothing in particular. As that fails, he slowly starts becoming more and more grumpy before turning into a full blown sulk. If no one notices his shift in demeanor and go to comfort him, he'll switch tactics and gradually become more and more eccentric. In other words, make a scene.

All in all, Quincy loves to live life and ignore the consequences, whatever they might be.

Character History


Quincy used to have it all. He had what most could only dream of: parties, friends, wealth, power, family, everything presented to him on a silver platter. His older brother, Peake would take the title of Baron after their father Benji Andaris, his younger brother, Leeson idolizing Peake and zealously doing his duty, his younger sister chasing after her passions and their loving mother, Mary Andaris, uniting the family as one. But all that came crumbling apart when their beloved mother passed away. They began seeing less and less of their father, his work always seeming to take him away, each sibling beginning to drift as well. Without their mother to unite them, they were fast on their way to becoming a family in name only.

Before Mary died, his father had insisted he work in one of their businesses. If he were to be apart of the family, he would learn a useful trade that would benefit their name. So with his mother's encouragement and his father's insistence, Quincy began working at the Andaris Gala and Winery. As years past, the young noble began learning the skills required to run a shop as well as putting his natural charisma to good use hosting events at their galla. He eventually found an interest in appraising different wines, noting their fragrance and flavor to then see what best complimented different foods.

Quincy also seemed to have a knack for people. When his father sent Rafael, the man charged with running the business for their family, to build relationships with new clients and business proposals, he took the boy with him. Quincy's whimsical air seemed to charm them combined with Rafael's business savvy made them very successful. The young nobleman seemed able to read a situation and make their clients feel both important and necessary, helping navigate dealings, both in paying less for goods and increasing sales. He seemed gifted in being able to persuade even the most stubborn clients to agree to terms and feel valuable doing it.

After his mother died, he continued working in the business to honor her memory. But life was about to get much harder for the young man.

One evening, at a gala he and his brother were attending, Quincy set eyes upon a beautiful young woman. Instantly he was smitten with her. Summoning the courage that suddenly seemed to fail him, the nobleman struck up conversation with her and they quickly hit it off. It only lasted a moment before she was whisked away but it was a memory that was forever imprinted in his mind. From that point on, Quincy did whatever he could to see her. Sneaking off from work become a common past time, if only to merely get a glimpse of her. Never did he ever summon up the courage again to talk to her, for fear of her not reciprocating his infatuation.

It wasn't until one day, after sneaking off from the shop to see her going about her own work, that he noticed she wasn't there. Disappointed, Quincy returned home only to come back the next day. But alas, she was not there. Two weeks went by and the pattern continued until finally the nobleman finally summoned up the nerve to march up to the small home she dwelt in. An old man opened the door. Quincy asked where the young woman that lived her had gone.

The door was quickly shut in his face. But he refused to leave, demanding the man tell him or suffer at the hand of the Andaris. Upon hearing the name, the old man's face lit up in fear but hastily told him that the eldest Andaris brother apparently met the girl and had been seeing her in secret. Having found out she was pregnant, the Baron paid her off, having her sent far away, never to bother their family.

Betrayed and enraged at both his father and brother, the already fragile relationship between them shattered. Tension between the three of them was almost palpable. Time went by and things almost returned to normal. Quincy continued to work his job, attend functions and live his life. But things began to take a slightly different turn for him. He discovered during his appraising of different wines that rather than spitting out a mouthful of wine after tasting one, that swallowing it made him forget about the betrayal and hurt he felt.

Thus taking him on the gradual spiral that would turn him into the careless, lethargic, purposeless nobleman he was.

Years would pass and the tension would grow more noticeable between the father and son. Quincy grew lazier, gradually caring less and less about his responsibilities, his father hearing about it but never having substantial proof to confront him about it. Between the two brothers, Quincy just avoided him. When he was forced into situations with either of them, a mask slid into place, passive sarcasm laced with polite tones, the only indicator of his bitterness.

But now, the second oldest of the Andaris line, continued to work towards learning how to run the shop both to honor his mother's wish, expand his wine appraisal abilities, throw extravagant events and simply continue his functioning alcoholic lifestyle in peace.

Skills & Knowledge


Skill NamePoints AcquiredTotalProficiency
  • Persuasion
15SP + 10RP +10AL 35 XP Competent
  • Etiquette
10SP +3KP +1GB +1RP 15 XP Novice
  • Detection
+1AP +1GP +5RP 7 XP Novice
  • Rhetorics
+3AP +1GP +3RP 7 XP Novice
  • Intimidation
+1AP +1GP +1GB 3 XP Novice
  • Flirting
+1GP 1XP Novice
  • Storytelling
+3GP +2RP 5XP Novice
  • Acting
+1GP +1RP 2XP Novice
  • Performing
+4RP 4XP Novice[/list]


Skill NamePoints AcquiredTotalProficiency
  • Appraisal
15SP +3KP +1AP +3GP 22 XP Novice
  • Business Management
5KP +2GP 7 XP Novice[/list]


Skill NamePoints AcquiredTotalProficiency
  • Mathematics
+1 GB 1 XP Novice
  • Tactics
+1GB 1XP Novice[/list]


Skill NamePoints AcquiredTotalProficiency
  • Endurance
+1GB +2GB +3 XP Novice
Skills For Grader
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Basic Knowledge


Rynmere: Nobility
Rynmere: Geography
Fashion in Andaris City


Mary Elizabeth Andaris: 662 – 712 Arc, beloved mother and wife
Elyna: Skyrider
Elyna: Sky ‘rider’?
Peasants: Dress poorly
Sabine: Commoner
Sabine: Journalist for the gazette
Quentin Alvina: Attractive
Quentin Alvina: Well-dressed
Elise Andaris: Knows you too well
Rafael: Master Vinter
Rafael: Great-Uncle


Appraising: Wine Tasting
Winetasting: Don't drink the wine
Agriculture: Grape Growing Seasons
Wine: Red Aida from Desnind


Location: Andaris Graveyard
Specialized Knowledge


Acting: How to hide emotions
Acting: How to Charm a Guest
Etiquette: Which Foods to Partner Red Wine With


Janet: Cannot write
Scribe: Efficient
Mary Elizabeth Andaris: Died on the 3rd of Ashan
Mary Elizabeth Andaris: Favourite flower was tulips
Elyna: Paid to be ‘concerned’
Sabine: Sharp mind, sharper tongue
Sabine: Nice skin
Peake: Dangerous
Quentin Alvina: A very good friend of Cousin Evelyn
Quentin Alvina: In love with Evelyn?
Quentin Alvina: Willing to jump on the party wagon


Nanutha wine: Best served chilled
Appraising: Knowing One Wine From Another
Winetasting: Inhale before tasting
Ruby Suv: A rare wine from Hiladrith
Ruby Suv: Tastes of orange, acai and has hints of starfruit
Acripae: Bitter wine, an acquired taste
Business Management: Equipment Needed For Making Wine


The attack: you were attacked by a woman in dark clothing
The attack: you were positioned outside the gala



  • 1 Chiffon Shirt, Blue
  • 1 Chiffon Shirt, Orange
  • 1 Chiffon Doublet, Green
  • 1 Pants, Black
  • 1 Knee High Boots, Leather
  • 1 Belt
  • 1 Buckle
  • Coat, Standard
  • Shirt, Standard
  • Pants, Standard
  • Undergarments, Standard
  • Boots, Standard[/columns]


[*]1 Chalice
[*]1 Ring, Silver (Prized possession: Engraving inside - "Dream M.A.")
[*]1 Ring, Silver
[*]1 Cape, Black
[*]1 Mask


[columns=3][*]1 Set of Toiletries: Soap, A comb or brush, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste,
[*]1 Waterskin
[*]2 sets of eating utensils
[*]1 Tinderbox
[*]1 Armchair
[*]1 Stool
[*]1 Blank Journal (SP Housing)
[*]10 Papers, Fine (SP Housing)
[*]1 Ink Well (SP Housing)
[*]1 Ink Pen (SP Housing)
[*]1 Bottle, Low Hanging Zemoni[/columns][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list]
Location: Andaris Family Homestead, 400 sq ft bedroom. Room includes one bed, two chairs, one table, two knives, a set of six plates (assorted), one chest, one armchair, one stool, one blank journal (SP Housing), ten papers, fine (SP Housing), one ink well (SP Housing), one ink Ppen (SP Housing) and a fireplace.
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