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A small island with an active volcano, Faldrass is the home to Saoire's school and to the Faldrass Induk.

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[Faldrass] Spirit's Rest Oasis

Spirit's Rest Oasis
Spirit’s Rest Oasis is located on a remote beach on the shores of Faldrass and is part of the Faldrass resort ~ arguably, the most exclusive part. The Oasis can only be reached by boat or by winged mount as there is no reliable footpath to reach it, although transport is arranged via the Resort as needed. The level of isolation is very intentional as those staying at the Oasis are trying to get away from the stress of their daily lives. The Spirit’s Rest Oasis is a circular structure with three separate levels that are linked by exterior walkways. The inner walls are made of large smooth river stones and the exterior is ornamented in sandstone. The most notable features of the building are the multiple cascading waterfalls that make their way down each of the tiers before ending at a water garden near the base. The sound of cascading water can be heard everywhere within the structure.

The Oasis serves as a retreat for individuals seeking aid with stress and anxiety. Therapists and councilors are employed at the Oasis to provide guests with access to private or group therapy sessions. There are also instructors that provide instruction in meditation.

The first floor of the Oasis contains a comfortable lobby along with a large open air chamber that is used by guests for meditation. Cushion and soft pillows litter the floor in small piles where individuals are often found meditating or resting. Stairs on the outer walkway lead to the second floor where there are several private rooms that can be rented by guests during their treatment. Customarily people will stay at the Oasis from anywhere for a couple trials to the length of a week. The guest rooms are modest but extremely clean and well cared for. There is a soft bed with crisp cotton sheets, a comfortable arm chair, a cloth pallet for meditation and a table containing a wash basin. There is a sizable window in each room that has attached shutters that can be closed during colder cycles and opened to the sea air when the temperature is warm enough. The second floor also contains a small canteen that provides guests with humble but healthy meals at least twice a day. Fruit, cheeses and breads are commonplace in meals. The food is completely vegetarian as the owner of the Oasis does not condone killing for sustenance.

The final floor of the Spirit’s Rest Oasis contains staff offices and several private meditation chambers where instructors and counselors meet with guests behind closed doors to aid them in their recovery.

The aim of Spirit's Rest Oasis is to provide people with access to instruction in meditation along with therapy sessions. Soldiers, especially those who have been maimed in battle are a common sight. Many guests are missing limbs or show serious scarring from traumatic events in their lives. Children are also seen from time to time, especially those that come from violent homes who have been brought to the Oasis for rehabilitation. Some mages are even known to frequent the Oasis, seeking insight in contending with the effects of being bonded to a Spark. Normally these cases are handled by Nyji Thoraj himself as to ensure that there are no magically induced accidents that may endanger the other guests.

Weapons of any kind are banned within the walls of the building to ensure everyone's safety.


Name: Brendan Fennec

Race: Human

Age: 7th of Ashan, Arc 692

Title: Attendant

Skills: Etiquette: 40, Psychology: 30 , Business Management: 45

Other Information: Brendan is the first face anyone sees when entering the Oasis. With a welcoming smile and a warm demeanor, he quickly puts everyone at ease. His hair is a sandy brown that matches well with his hazel eyes. He is customarily dressed in the loose flowing robes of the other attendants, although he wears a red sash to display his position as lead attendant. Brendan is responsible for managing the day to day comings and goings of the Oasis. He handles guests upon arrival, ensuring that they are made comfortable in their rooms.
Name: Lissa Maewell

Race: Biqaj/Human mixed blood

Age: 29th of Cylus, Arc 690

Title: Therapist

Skills: Psychology: 60, Socialization: 45 , Caregiving: 50

Other Information: Lissa is the head therapist at the Oasis, serving various clients throughout every trial both in public group sessions and in private one on one sessions. She possess an eerie sense of calm around others as nothing ever seems to ruffle her feathers. Her face is marred by a strange and terrible scar that has left her blind in one eye. Lissa’s hair is a startling white and her remaining eye is a soft blue. It is rumored that she was attacked by a mage as a young girl and she lost all color in her hair and earned her infamous scar as the result. Some suggest she is the victim of a failed flaying or was attacked by a troublesome spirit. Regardless of the details, she wears her scars like a badge of honor and has used the pain of her past to motivate her to help others.
Name: Nyji Toraj

Race: Biqaj

Age: 11th of Zi'da, Arc 648

Title: Owner of the Spirit's Rest Oasis ("The Master")

Skills: Attunement: 80, Meditation: 75, Psychology: 50

Other Information: Nyji is the esteemed master and owner of the Spirit’s Rest Oasis. This elderly man has brought his teaching of meditation and peace to Faldrass where he can aid others in their quest for spiritual freedom. Very few members of staff are aware that he is indeed a mage, granted his magic is perhaps the gentlest and quietest of them all. Nyji is quite old, with papery skin and white hair that he often keeps pulled back in a bun. He is almost always seen garbed in a rich array of golden robes that drag the floor behind him. Nyji specializes in treating individuals who have endured high levels of stress, especially soldiers. He is known to aids mages from time to time who struggle with the nature of their sparks with the use of Attunement. He is a kind and patient man who’s gentle nature immediately puts people at ease.

Price List / Goods Available

The Elements cover all costs for any previously or currently serving members.

  • Single Classes
    • Single Therapy Session (Lasts 1-2 Breaks) ~ Tier 3 or 1 day volunteering to help.
    • Instructor Led Meditation Class(Lasts 2-4 Breaks per Class) ~ Tier 3 or 1 day volunteering to help.
  • Packages (All Packages Include Meals)
    • Spirit's Path Package (2 trials, 1 night stay with daily therapy and nightly guided meditation ~ Tier 5 or 4 days volunteering to help.
    • Spirit’s Rest Package (3 trials, 2 nights stay with daily therapy and nightly guided meditation~ Tier 7 or 6 days volunteering to help
    • Spirit’s Guide Package (5 trials, 4 nights stay with daily therapy and nightly guided meditation ~ Tier 8 or 10 days volunteering to help

Player Notes

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