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An open letter from the VII to the mages

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A Mages Riddle

Cylus 19th, 717

Letters have suddenly appeared, handwritten and simple in their message, landing in personal letter boxes amongst the commoners and nobility alike. They are simple letters in an unmarked envelope, with a clear and direct message:
I live for laughter
I live for the crowd
without it i am nothing
What am i...

This madness the Boy King brings is a taint to Rynmere. Mages, we have a place if you can prove your worth and loyalty. In return we offer you protection and sanctuary., If you seek to join us, what is the above?

Find us, and we’ll find you.

~ VII ~
If you are a Rynmere mage and wish to pursue the letter, please solve the riddle and PM me. This quest comes with risk of PC injury and if found to be a double agent of some kind death if you get caught (with discussion prior of course).

Of course if you are anti-Mage and out to catch a VII or a mage, you could try and do the same thing. I advise the same as above. Injury, death, kidnaping ect.
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