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Order of the Mantis

Order of the Mantis

Extinguish the Spark
The Order of the Mantis was but a whisper only a few short Arcs ago. King Cassander, new to his throne, was attacked during a masquerade celebration by a known mage, Fridgar. Afterwards, the mage rampaged in the city of Andaris where he was responsible for numerous crimes. After being captured to await trial, another mage aided in his escape and teleportation from the dungeon. For King Cassander, the affront to his rule and the malignant disregard for the law re-opened a conversation that had been started and stopped for most of Rynmere’s existence. Mages, in their arrogance, perverted the Sacred Laws of the Seven and showed little reverence for the authority of the Throne or anyone else. Although many mages had served loyally in Rynmere’s past, the threat even a single powerful mage represented to Rynmere was enough to motivate the King to seek solutions. From the far lands of Krome, a town sheriff named Kayled Wine was brought before Cassander. In the villages he serviced, Kayled had a reputation for finding and disposing of troubling extremists like wild mages. Word of his exploits reached Cassander’s ear and he sent for Wine to speak on the crisis.

After several days in closed meetings, the King formally announced the creation of the Order of the Mantis under authority of Kayled Wine who was awarded Knightship for the task. The newly annointed Lord Inquisitor was to create a task force responsible for identifying, capturing, and executing mages. While the Lord Inquisitor worked, King Cassander issued an edict that all mages were no longer to be considered Rynmere citizens and were hereby expelled from the kingdom. Mages were given the option to leave by choice for three cycles before the Lord Inquisitor began Order of the Mantis operations.

In the opening days of the Order, Kayled traveled from Rynmere to the trade city of Hiladrith. Long had HIladrith held a reputation of an intolerance toward magic and the successful eradication of its influence from their territory. When Kayled returned, he did so with a new advisor in tow, Roland DuKette, a Hiladrithi consultant who would help outline the proper methodology for hunting, understanding, capturing, and slaying mages.

Their first grand operation involved a thorough investigation of the Rynmere University, leading to the arrest and conviction of one Thomas Theodore Terrance and the identification of his compatriots, other professors and students of the University.

Unfortunately, disaster followed. During the execution of the infamous mage, Thomas’ compatriots brought the full terror of their magical prowess against the public of Rynmere. With only one casualty, the mages escaped with Thomas and fled Andaris, leaving more than thirty dead and many more wounded. Incensed, King Cassander declared all mages enemies of the Kingdom and increased treasury funding for the Order. Although Kayled Wine had failed in his first execution, the results clearly indicated to both the public and the Crown that further force must be pursued if the mage problem was to be solved.

Following the disaster, Kayled Wine appointed Caius Gawyne as Lord Arbiter of the Order, along with Elizabet Moru as Lord Guardian. Granted an old Iron Hands Barracks to serve as headquarters and granted the Rite of Investigation, and the Rite of Conscription, the Order of the Mantis began to swell as eager citizens stepped forward to seek glory in the eyes of the Seven.

The Order has thoroughly entrenched itself in Andaris and continues to spread its influence through the lands of the other families.
The Order of the Mantis was created for the sole purpose of enforcing the anti-magic laws in the Kingdom, though it has since grown in scope and reach under the careful direction of Lord Inquisitor Kayled Wine. Since the incident with Fridgar the Lotharro, the Order of the Mantis has been elevated and given the authority to investigate and try all suspected mage activity in the Kingdom. Insistent on a fair investigation and trial, as well as a quick execution, the Order of the Mantis now investigates any activity of arcane usage in the kingdom, with the exception of the Rynlist clergy, who are under the watchful purview of the Emperor and Empress instead.
I. Magic Detection
From their induction into the Order, new recruits are given theoretical instruction on how to recognize witchbrands and mutations from all known Domains of magical practice, though some choose to specialize and prepare for specific Domains themselves. Additionally, they are taught to recognize environmental or societal signs of a mage, such as corpses missing bones, blood and hair specifically.
II. Trial
Upon successful detection and investigation, the mage is brought up on charges by an Adjudicator or a group of Adjudicators. Though all trials are preceded over by the Lord Arbiter, judgements may be rendered by Adjudicators and then presented to the Lord Arbiter, as well as the Lord Inquisitor. This is the standard operating procedure, though there have been cases where Adjudicators were forced to try, sentence and execute mages before the arrival of the Lord Arbiter or the Lord Inquisitor, especially if the latter are traveling from great distances.

After sentencing but before execution, it is possible for an accused mage to appeal to the Lord Arbiter or Lord Inquisitor in an effort to try and have the decision reversed. In this instance, it falls upon the Lord Arbiter or the Lord Inquisitor to either affirm or overturn the rendered decision.

Additionally, though the trials are often private affairs from the public, witnesses can and will be called to testify for or against the accused. While the mage is allowed to defend themselves against the accusations, they are offered no public defense like happens in some normal judiciary trials. The Detectives of the Order are expected to remain impartial in their presentation of the evidence, and the Arbiters are expected to play both advocate and opponent when trying the accused.
III. Execution
The execution of a confirmed mage is almost always public unless the mage is deemed beyond acceptable levels of containment, and is often carried out in the square of the Crown in Andaris. Generally, the Order will set the mage to the stake and burn them alive, though there are exceptions to the rule, namely Firekin Defiers. In that case, beheading often works, or hanging in the case that a skilled headsman is not available.

Prior to the execution, the Lord Arbiter or the Lord Guardian will read the amassed public the charges levied against the mage, and give verbal account of the evidence collected against them. They will read the sentence, then announce the punishment. The execution is carried out immediately afterwards.

Though there were always Purifiers and Second Swords at the executions to discourage rioting or mass hysteria, their presence and the presence of Moseke Knights during these events has been increased since the Seeker escape of Vhalar 717. Almost doubled, the executions of mages are now often some of the most secure events in the Kingdom.
IV. Property Handling
A note on the issue of magical items: Items created by magics like DustForge are taken under suspicion as well, and are often collected and studied by Mantis Ensorcellers to ensure that they aren’t dangerous. When applicable, these items are destroyed or stored away to prevent their use. Currently the portal stone once housed in the Andaris University is within Order possession.

Any mage that has been found guilty (executed or not) has their property turned over to The Crown. Currently, the Order acts as stewards of such property, allowing family members to lodge requests to inherit what is left behind or utilizing said property for their own organization.
V. Additional Notes
  • All Order of the Mantis members train in magic identification, theory, and defense, though each Division of the Order has a particular focus and role.
  • All Order of the Mantis members possess the unique Rite of Investigation that allows them to investigate any suspicion of magic, although all members require an Arbiter on hand when investigating Nobility or Knighted.
  • All members are authorized to use lethal force on a suspected Mage resisting arrest.
  • The Order of the Mantis is forbidden from investigating members of the Rynlist clergy.
Headquarters | Andaris City

The main headquarters of the Order of the Mantis are located in a recommissioned Iron Hand barracks in The Crown of Andaris City. This location is not only for the administration of every day Order operations, but also serves as a place of training and living quarters for Order members. Members are allowed to own their own homes and live in the city and outlaying towns and villages, but are expected to show up for duty and training, meetings, and other events such as public executions and trials. Other Order Barracks across Rynmere in the Duchies and the Eastern Settlement are currently under consideration so that the Kingdom's needs can better be served on a local basis.

The Courthouse in the Crown is where mages are given a private trial and the courtyard of the Courthouse is where executions take place. The limited holding cells of the Courthouse (as opposed to the multi-leveled Jail of Low-Town) have been converted for Order use, as they have yet to need to worry about containing a large number of magic-using prisoners at a time.

Plans currently exist for Order outposts to be constructed at the blessing of the Noble Families on their lands. This will allow the Order to have a farther reaching hand in ascertaining the presence of mages, securing judgements, and executing the guilty.
Allies & Enemies
[columns=2]King and Queen
  • Employed directly by the King and Queen, the Order is given their authority and their means through the King and Queen of Rynmere. Lord Inquisitor Wine answers directly to King Cassander.
Rynlist Church
  • Working alongside the Rynlist Church, the Order often asks them to be present during the trial and sentencing of Nobility and Knighted. Because the Church has divine immunity, the rumours of magic within are never investigated, and the Order denies any validity to the rumours.
Kingdom Military
  • Often the primary grounds for conscription, the military branches of the Kingdom are considered inferior in power to the Order. Though each branch boasts far more members, the Mantis is given the authority to supercede the jurisdiction of all the branches, and may forcefully recruit from within each.
Noble Houses
  • There is some suspicion among the noble houses as to the necessity of the Order. While the incident of Vhalar 717 has affirmed some of the less dubious, many of the heads of the house secretly debate whether the existence of the Order is truly necessary to maintaining order, especially among the mages. Those in the nobility with their own sparks are often the loudest adversaries of the Order.
Merchant Houses
  • Less affected than the nobility or the commoners of the mainland, the Merchant Houses offer varied opinions of the Order. Some have offered to allot land for the Order to construct barracks and outposts in the Settlements, while others deny the necessity and would instead rather invest in tightening the laws.
Common Folk
  • Perhaps the most varied of all those listed, the commoners of Rynmere are torn. They understand the need for safety in the kingdom, and the most recent arcs have had significant examples of how magic is dangerous, but the approach of the Order scares many. Those more educated among the commoners recognize the fear tactics and directives the Order use, but the majority see them as a protective force, especially after the events of Vhalar 717.
  • Obviously, the mages of the Kingdom are enemies of the Order. Those aligning with the magical factions have support systems in place to fight back or escape the kingdom, but the mages without that support consider the Order to be oppressors.
  • Strangely, the VII view the Order as a threat to their existence, but also an opportunity. While they are neither pro- nor anti-mage, the VII operate on the fear of the populace, and while the Order has the power to investigate them, should they find them, they also sow fear and discord among the people. The VII doesn’t go out of its way to confront the Order, but they also don’t avoid them.
The Coven
  • Another faction of mages, they are just as much the enemy of the Order as any other mage. Renowned for their ruthless tactics and reliance on the “darker” Domains, the Coven are often tried and killed as quickly as possible, especially to avoid intervention by their powerful leader, Ellasin.
The Seekers
  • Due to their most recent clash in Vhalar, the Seekers are considered public enemies in the Kingdom of Rynmere. Ousted from their cell, the Seekers no longer exist in an official capacity, and those with connections are investigated, brought in, interrogated and summarily executed. Some claim the trials of Seeker associates are not fair or just, and that the Order is executing those associated on suspicion alone. The Order, of course, denies these slanderous lies.
Ranks and Recruitment
Granted authority directly from the Crown, the Order is able to recruit from within the ranks of the kingdom’s military. Those chosen are often observed for some time before the decision is made, and they are presented to the Lord Arbiter by Adjudicators. Additionally, the Order is able to pardon criminals in the dungeons of the kingdom, instead conscripting them to serve out their sentences as Purifiers. Those who complete their sentences, if they served well, are often offered their positions as employment, though not all choose to remain Ashcloaks.

Order of the Mantis members are colloquially known as Ashcloaks, not simply because of the nature of their fiery public executions but also for the grey color of their cloaks. Ranks and Divisions are made visible by the insignia of the Order, the claws and head of a Mantis. These badges are cast in bronze, silver, and obsidian. Purifiers, the lowest order of the Order have no badges, simply the armor and cloaks that mark them as Ashcloaks. Each Second Sword is granted a bronze emblem of the Order with a different gemstone set in the mantis’ eyes. This denotes their organization. Blue Mantis. Red Mantis. Yellow Mantis. The only colors not used are white and black. Instead these colored eyes and the silver insignia is given to Adjudicators and Detectives. Adjudicators sport the snowy white and the Detectives sport the coal black. The First Sword is also given a silver emblem but there are no colors in its eyes. Neither is the badge for the Lord Guardian customized with color. Instead, they are expected to act with authority over ALL the Spellbreaker Brigades.

Finally, Onyx is the color ascribed to the four of the highest order in the ranks. Lord Inquisitor Kayled Wine, Lord Arbiter Caius Gawyne, Lord Guardian Elizabet Moru, and Master Roland DuKette.
Lord Inquisitor
Kayled Wine

A Venoran bastard who resided in Krome, Kayled Wine was a sheriff with a particular knack for seeking out and eliminating zealots and mages. Not much is known about him prior to his post as a sheriff in Krome, but since, he has been raised to the title of Lord Inquisitor by King Cassander of Rynmere and has been styled as the leader of the Order of the Mantis. He presides directly over the entire Order, answering only to King Cassander officially.

Lord Inquisitor Kayled is a thin man, cursed with a figure that most would call scare-crow. Sharp, dark eyes are set deep in an almost skull-like face, framed with heavy, black, curly locks. His hooked nose is like the beak of a falcon, set prominently in a snake-thin face. He wears the same pitch-black breastplate as others of the Order, and his ash-colored is affixed with an onyx Mantis symbol.

Skills: Blades (Long Sword) 82, Detection 90, Discipline 79, Endurance 62, Intelligence 56, Interrogation 70, Intimidation 43, Investigation 89, Leadership 50, Logistics 25, Rhetoric 25, Torture 52
Together with the Lord Inquisitor, the Lord Arbiter and the Lord Guardian make up the Archons, which are the three heads of the Order, although the Lord Inquisitor is the first and the final authority on all things. The Archons all have command over both the forces of the Order as well as the Kingdom's military.

Lord Arbiter | PC

Considered both the highest seat of judgement under the Lord Inquisitor himself as well as the public face of the Order, the Lord Arbiter position is twofold: Firstly, acting as a sort of public relations, the Lord Arbiter meets with noble Houses and other supporters, both foreign and domestic, seeking both funding and recruitment to keep the Order of the Mantis financially supported and the ranks filled. Secondly, the Lord Arbiter is able to make the final decision after being presented evidence for conviction and execution, although the lower ranks of Arbiters beneath the Archon are also capable of such sentencing.

The Lord Arbiter has the right to conscript from the ranks of both the Rynmere Military as well as directly pardoning convicts from prison into the ranks of the Order should the need arise.

Current Lord Arbiter: Caius Gawyne
Relevant Skills: Detection, Politics, Leadership, Psychology, Sociology, Investigation, and Intelligence

Lord Guardian | NPC

The Lord Guardian is the Archon in charge of the enforcement branch of the Order of the Mantis, overseeing the physical training of the Swords and Purifiers, developing tactics against magic in combat, and directing protective and combat situations, whether apprehending a mage or during an execution.

Current Lord Guardian: Elizabet Moru
Appearance: Elizabet is neither tall nor particularly imposing at first glance, but the furious faded red of burns across the top fourth of her otherwise pretty face certainly tend to grab the attention of even the most casual observer. She has a wide nose and flat features, likely born of common stock, but she also wears the intimidating and unusual black armor of the Order. She keeps her dark hair cropped short, chin-length and straight, and her dark eyes are expressive but stern. At her side is a whip, etched cruelly with small spines along its end and an axe, carved brilliantly with a bear reaching for a star.
Skills: Whip (Barbed) 70, Bludgeoning (Axe) 82, Blades (Dagger) 63, Riding 57, Sword 71, Detection 50, Discipline 60, Endurance 50, Strength 60, Leadership 59, Investigation 25, Intelligence 25, Intimidation 40, Tactics 50
Detectives of all ranks are responsible for the investigation of reports of mages and magic use. They are expected to be knowledgeable about the signs of magic, including witchbrands and mutations, as well as the types of Domain Magic and their uses.

Master Detective

Below the Lord Inquisitor himself comes Master Detective, who is responsible for coordinating investigation teams, teaching magical defense theory, supervising hunts, examining security, and identifying need for service throughout the Kingdom.

Skill Requirements
[columns=2]Detection (Expert)
Weapon Skill (Expert)
Discipline (Competent)
Intelligence (Expert)
Interrogation (Competent)
Investigation (Expert)
Leadership (Competent)
Logistics (Competent)
Research (Competent)[/columns]

Other knowledge requirements include at least 30 pieces of knowledge about various Domain Magics and how to detect their use or signs of use.


Below the Master Detective are the Detectives, who are responsible for all field work: examining clues, investigating, and building evidence.

Skill Requirements
[columns=2]Detection (Competent)
Weapon Skill (Competent)
Discipline (Novice)
Intelligence (Competent)
Interrogation (Novice)
Investigation (Competent)
Leadership (Novice)
Logistics (Novice)
Research (Novice)[/columns]

Other knowledge requirements include at least 15 pieces of knowledge about various Domain Magics and how to detect their use or signs of use.
Below Lord Arbiter comes the Adjudicators, tasked with standing witness and passing judgement on possible mages, weighing the evidence of the detectives. Adjudicators are also responsible for petitioning noble houses and merchants for donations for their righteous cause, recruitment, and public persona.


Skill Requirements
[columns=2]Detection (Competent)
Discipline (Competent)
Etiquette (Competent)
Leadership (Novice)
Persuasion (Competent)
Politics (Competent)
Psychology (Competent)
Research (Novice)
Rhetoric (Novice)

Other knowledge requirements include at least 15 pieces of knowledge about various Domain Magics and how to detect their use or signs of use. Or Noble lineage.[/columns]
The Swords are the militant arm of the Order of the Mantis. While all Order members are trained on how to detect and defend themselves from mages and magic use, the Swords are the first defense, the muscle, and the enforcers. They can be recruited directly from the Kingdom's military, conscripted from prison by the Archons, or enroll themselves directly into the Order ranks if they show enough proficiency in weapons and combat.

The Swords are distinguished from the rest of Rynmere's military by their Dark Armor, as if the metal of the armor has been treated during forging with a particular substance. The armor is imported from Hiladrith and treated to resist elemental and ether blast magic, though this is not common knowledge.

First Sword

Below the Lord Guardian comes the First Sword of the Mantis, responsible for training, coordinating, some recruiting, and leading as the next level of authority when Lord Guardian is unavailable.

Skill Requirements
[columns=2]Melee Weapon (Expert)
Ranged Weapon (Expert)
Intelligence (Competent)
Leadership (Competent)
Logistics (Competent)
Tactics (Competent)
Unarmed Combat (Competent)
Shield (Novice)[/columns]

If a new First Sword is recruited from other divisions of the military, a First Sword must have been a Moseke Captain or above in rank equivalent (whatever branch of the military their background and origin may have been). There is currently only one First Sword.

Other knowledge requirements include at least 20 pieces of knowledge about various Domain Magics and how to detect their use or signs of use.

Second Swords

Below the First Sword are the Second Swords, or the Spellbreaker Brigade. The Second Swords lead small units of four Purifiers, ensure they stay fit, vigilant, and always accompany a Detective or Adjudicator.

Skill Requirements
[columns=2]Melee Weapon (Expert)
Ranged Weapon (Expert)
Intelligence (Competent)
Leadership (Competent)
Logistics (Competent)
Tactics (Competent)
Unarmed Combat (Competent)
Shield (Novice)[/columns]

All Second Swords are Knighted or recruited from the Knight-equivalent ranks of the Rynmere military.

Other knowledge requirements include at least 15 pieces of knowledge about various Domain Magics and how to detect their use or signs of use.


Below the Second Swords are the Purifiers, just the rank and file of the military arm of the Order of the Mantis.

[columns=2]Melee Weapon (Competent)
or Ranged Weapon (Competent)
Intelligence (Novice)
Logistics (Novice)
Tactics (Novice)
Unarmed Combat (Novice)[/columns]

Purifiers can be recruited from the street, conscripted from prison, or taken from the lower ranks (Moseke Squire equivalent or above) of any branch of the military.
Notable NPCs (TBD)


A surly Second Sword with a limp due to a wound sustained from Edalene Burnett
Appearance: Dagget is a surly, swarthy man with dark curly hair and a thin face. Built with wide shoulders and strong arms, Dagget is a spearman of some impressive ability who believes fully in the cause. Since his tangle with the Burnetts, Dagget walks with a noticeable limp. His attitude is usually poor and sarcastic.
Relevant Skills: Spear 69, Crossbow 68, Unarmed 47, Strength 52, Riding 51, Dagger 39, Sword 57, Leadership 27, Detection 67

Master Roland Dukette

Expert on Mage Hunting and Eradication ((Currently serving as Master Detective))
Appearance: Roland is a relatively small and stocky man with a mane of tangled red hair tamed back against his skull. He keeps a neat and trimmed beard over his lightly pale face. Over his right eye is strapped a black leather patch while his other blazes an almost incandescent green. Roland is in his mid forties or early thirties, but the years weigh heavily on him. Usually he is seen with a bandoleer of throwing knives with individualized handles.
Relevant Skills: Ensorcellment 97, Alchemy 83, Daggers 87, Unarmed 62, Acrobatics 69, Detection 70, Investigation 89, Fieldcraft 78, Swimming 50, Seafaring 60, Intelligence 77, Endurance 68, Strength 49
Anti-Magic Technology and Items
While most mage identification is done through the very mundane means of looking for evidence, recognizing witch brands and mutations, and eye-witness reports, there are more subtle means of identifying the presence of a Spark within a suspected individual as well as a variety of Alchemically enhanced or Ensorcelled equipment available at the Order's disposal for dealing with mages of various kinds.


Perhaps the most precious and also well-guarded piece of Order of the Mantis equipment is the Traitorstone. A small Ensorcelled well found only in the possession of leadership and specialized teams, the Traitorstone can detect the use of magic within a radius of roughly 60 yards. When Domain ether is used within the detection radius, a Traitorstone glows faintly and begins to emit a quiet chime. The chime grows in pitch as the bearer of the stone draws closer to the source of ether use.

Note:There are only 15 14 Traitorstones in Order possession and they are only found in the hands of the highest ranking members.


An alchemical liquid that burns hotter than any natural fire when ignited, Absolution produces a white flame. It is powerful enough to overwhelm even a Fire Defier's resistance when used in large enough amounts. Any other time when not dealing with Defiers, one bottle will do just fine for all of your explosive needs.
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Order of the Mantis

This faction is approved.
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