Elisabeth's Storybook

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Elisabeth's Storybook


  • I love modbombs! Please don't feel you have to check with me!
  • Things I'd like the mods to know about my pc:
    • She's the goodest girl that ever gooded!
    • Her friends mean everything to her.
    • She will train in sword, Defiance and possibly sai
  • Things I'm working on with the PC currently: I'd love some Storyteller support with:
    • Immortal Marks
    • Learning about Dragons
    • Immortal knowledge in general
  • Three wishes for the future for this PC.
    • To meet Ethelynda/Qyilos/Xuir/Ziell (any Immortal really)
    • To have an adventure! I love adventures!

word count: 120

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