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Sat Nov 04, 2017 2:45 am

Mercedes "Mercy"
"Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are."

NAME: Mercedes "Mercy"
AGE: 25 Arcs
DATE OF BIRTH: Zi'da 9, 693
RACE: Human

Fluent Common

FAITH: Himself
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Sun Nov 05, 2017 8:58 pm


Merces does not possess any particularly remarkable qualities. He is of average height being 6'0 tall, and often wears leather clothing for a combination of reasons. He believes that leather is the most versatile, and durable material in existence in Idalos. Leather can be crafted to be heavy, and resist cuts, tears and blunt force trauma; it can even be crafted to be lightweight, flexible and give the user an increased range of motion. He has a preference for darker clothing, and maintains a semi-well groomed appearance. His hair falls just above the collar, and often covers portions of his face. His build is somewhat slender, with an average amount of muscle. His eyes are a lackluster gray, and he is fair skinned.


In the Wake of Tempests: A storm seeks to destroy. The whirling dervish of wind, the maniacal collapse of all things built. A storm may be an uncaring force of nature, but it is a force that defies civilization. Storms lay low cities and villages, almost with glee. The storm within Merces has awoken and finds the world too ordered for its taste. Merces will feel compelled to destroy, but with a cruel edge. The more treasured the artifact, creation, building, or organization...the more beloved, trusted, or relied on, the more powerful his urge to dismantle it. If he successfully destroys such a target of importance, his brain will be flooded with the pleasure of cleansing annihilation. Depending on the size or difficulty of the task, the storm within him will calm and he will regain his sanity (even against inclement minded) for several trials up to an entire cycle (with mod approval) A storm tests the strong. So thus if Merces is unsuccessful in dismantling a target, his Spark will begrudgingly accept its right to remain whole on Idalos and no longer trigger this mutation. When battling against such a target, Merces Spark is focused on its annihilation. Although he may stop himself, the Spark will wildly try to continue its assault until the target has departed, after which the elements will become silent to him till he destroys something of worth to another to reawaken their favor.

The Storm’s Motion: Merces contains a storm within him. His Defiance Spark demands motion, constantly giving energy to the fury within. Merces is unable to be still. Some significant part of him must remain in motion. Should he ever he strapped down or prevented from movement, Defiance will force himself to draw all the elements around him in a wild frenzy till he is free to be in movement again. Even asleep, Merces tosses and turns (although suffering no ill effects from it).

Inclement Minded
: Merces resounds with the elements around him. Emulates them. When the elements are in flux, his emotions respond in kind. During storms, natural disasters, uncontrollable fires, etc, Merces emotional state becomes wild and uncontrolled. He vibes with the chaos and lends himself to it, seeming to feed from the destruction and add to its effects. During battle, the more he riles the elements around him, the more wild he becomes. Conversely, on calm days or subjected to controlled or diminished elements, he is able to be calm and think clearly, his Spark quieted within him

Storm Bringer
: The fingers of the storm are lightning. An annihilation of light and heat. At mastery, Merces has gained a monstrous physical mutation. Across his body run lines of crackling light, channels beneath his skin as thick as index fingers that curl and snarl across his body. Lightning lives within Merces and he may call it quickly, at a price. The lightning in his body is limited but already exists, requiring him only to coax it. Unfortunately, it lives in his skin. Only by tearing the bright channels open with his own hands can he release the lightning that sings through him. These wounds are moderate but not fatal but will require half a cycle to heal. Only when fully healed will he be able to call the storm from within him again

: Merces is a storm and a storm is never gentle. His Defiant Spark will not allow itself to be used in soft or subtle ways. Whenever Merces attempts to manipulate an element subtly or covertly, it wildly resists him and his Spark will amplify it with his own ether. Rather than quietly draw flames to his hand, a roiling fireball will engulf the candle he meant to target, spitefully roaring.

Bloodthirsty: Merces has often utilized his Becoming to hunt others. So his Spark has deigned to change him toward that end. Merces has been corrupted by his leopard totem, gifting him with an immensely powerful nose. With it, he can track a trail of blood should enough be left for a trail. However, it is also sensitive to strong smells in ways no human nose would be, stunning him if he encounters something with too powerful an odor. Additionally, The mutation forced Merces to engage in a diet of raw meat only, and seems to only truly enjoy the meat when he has hunted and killed it himself

As the epitome of passion, and pride, He has always upheld courage and unwavering faith. Despite his many flaws; such as the inability to control his emotions, he struggles to find a balance between heroism, and villainy. With an odd knack for gathering information, and having more curiosity than the most adventurous of creatures, He often finds himself somewhere in between. While some perceive his actions as radical, extreme, He believes justice always has been, and always will be extreme. More often than not he completely disregards the thoughts and beliefs of others, for the sake of completing a task he is above no action; no matter how horrid, disgusting, vile, or absurd it may be. Mercy has a hatred for immortals. In his eyes they are dictators, thieves, liars, and bringers of destruction. He has an overwhelming desire to some day slay one, and perhaps reclaim Idalos for the humans who constructed it.

Righteous: You are more than ready to commit more than questionable deeds in order to achieve a noble goal, fight fire with fire, so to say. The ends justify the means, but this kind of thinking alienates those who would support you if you weren't using such heavy-handed methods.

Overzealous: You can only have strong opinions. Everything you believe, you believe as if your life depended on it. Everything you hate, you hate with a passion.

Loyal: You find it very difficult to abandon a friend, even if it's only to run and get help for them. As for leaving a fallen comrade to die – forget it. You may also be completely loyal to an employer, no matter how badly you're treated, how wrong it is or how low it might bring you.

Brutal: As opposed to what people say, you know the meaning of mercy. You just are very unwilling to show it - ever. You just prefer to hit things until they stop moving at all. You fight with a cold, calculating demeanor. While a hot-headed character might leap into the fray to decimate foes quickly, you focus on abilities which cause pain and trauma rather than - or in addition to - damage.


Focused: You can concentrate all your efforts on a single task. Your world narrows until only your work remains. This allows you to accomplish a lot using limited resources.

Wilful: Simply put, there is nothing that can stop you from your goals. Nothing. You may back off for a moment, but only to muster more strength.

Martyr: You willingly and even eagerly put your life on the line for a greater purpose. This purpose might be a cause, an organization, a single person, a group of people or just about anything else. You are willing to die for this purpose and, in fact, expect to do so. However, you refuse to die in vain - your death must have a greater meaning and it must inspire others to greatness.

Passionate: You are at your best when sliding down a rope to prevent a loved one from crashing on the rocks below or tossing yourself in the way of a bullet or arrow in order to save a friend's life. At those moments you can pull off feats of amazing heroism.

Alignment: Chaotic-Good
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Wed Jul 04, 2018 2:32 am


“I am to live, and to die by my own will. No mortal, or Immortal will tell me when I am to lose my life. Such is humanism, and that is how we must remain for all of existence. “ Spoke the young boys father as he closed one of his ocean of texts. The book audibly closed and the father turned, only to place the book upon the shelf which rested above a rocking chair. His father always spent quite a bit of time researching the many wonders of the world. A single word described the man, and that word was intellectual. He worked for a great and powerful leader by the name of “Vuda” for a number of arcs. Merces was expected to uphold the tradition, and become the next member of the family to work alongside Vuda for an extended period of time.

As a child he was raised to endure things that even he thought were impossible. His father went as far as to cut off his small toe, and make him concentrate on it for several hours. Only to later give him the tail of a Leopard and make him realize just how agonizing, and painful magic could be. Following the transformation; Merces realized that he had paws and an entirely different body. He turned into the very same Leopard that his father chose to kill. During the change in form he felt what was simply described as nothing; what was perhaps a state in between the two transformations. His father later gave him a lecture on what it meant to change forms, and how dangerous the process could be if he did not focus on each and every individual portion of the transformation.

Perhaps the research being conducted was for a great cause. Such magical prowess would aid in his fathers cause; to serve Vuda until the trial that he died. However, the moment that his father realized they were to have a son that perspective changed. Rather than allowing himself to die in service to the armed forces he chose to send his son. “In order to save one, sometimes the lives of many must be sacrificed, boy. You on the other hand will be exemplary. Without strength, and power you have nothing.” His father taught him up until he became a young adult. However, just before his eighteenth birthday; Merces was given a very strange order.

“Come with me boy, join me in the lake.” Spoke his father in a hushed tone. Merces followed the order without a second thought, and despite the fact that he was short in comparison to his father, he went. Every step he took only brought him into the lake further, until he reached neck level. “Come Closer to me boy. “ his father demanded, and so Merces did.

“You want to know how to be successful? How to not die on the front line? I will show you how” His father spoke, and hardly gave Merces the chance to respond.

“Of course I d--” Merces could not so much as complete his sentence as his father placed a gargantuan hand atop his head. His hand balled into a fist and grasped a chunk of hair only to force the slender boy beneath the surface. Kicking, attempted screaming, punching and flailing came within mere moments. Peace finally came, and all of his motions ceased only for his father to walk away whilst his son drifted to the bottom of the lake.

Finally, the boys eyes snapped open and he realized that he had been submerged for quite some time. He attempted to swim in a panic only to realize that he could breathe, because he was already on the surface. Merces hacked, and coughed repeatedly until he recovered and was able to stand alongside his father.

“You bastard! You tried to kill me!” Merces yelled with all of his might, and then his father cackled only to speak again.

“I might have, but the water saved you. Water has become your first friend, Child. Go to the lake and introduce yourself.” His father concluded.

Merces approached slowly, and with caution; only to kneel before the lakes reflective surface. What he saw was nothing more than an image of himself. However, if his father said something it must have been true. The boy cupped his hands and scooped up a fair amount of water, and attempted to introduce himself despite the fact that such a thing seemed nonsensical.

“I am Merces, water. My father told me to come talk to you, to thank you for saving my life.” He whispered only to be responded to with what almost sounded like a voice returning his speech. The water bubbled in the palms of his hands, stirred and stuck to his flesh a bit more than he expected it to. Merces attempted to return the water to the lake, only for the water to remain precisely where it was. Ever since that day, water has stuck to him, and no matter how “Dry” he is his hair always appears to be wet, and often drips..

Coming Soon
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Wed Jul 04, 2018 2:32 am


Unarmed: Brawling9090/10038Master

●Unarmed Comabat Brawling: Proper Punching(sp)
●Unarmed Combat Brawling: Kick Em While They're Down
●Unarmed Combat Brawling: Stabbing An opponent with a bottle
●Unarmed Combat Brawling: Knee Em' in the Privates
●Unarmed Combat Brawling: Using a Chair as a weapon
●Unarmed Combat Brawling: Leading with a Punch
●Unarmed Combat Brawling: Kick Them When They're Down
●Unarmed Combat Brawling: Using Claws as Weapons
●Unarmed combat (Brawling): Combination attacks are proficient
●Unarmed Combat Brawling: Counter-striking an adversary
●Unarmed Combat Brawling: Strike the Face First
●Unarmed Combat Brawling: Bob & Weave Weapon Strikes
●Unarmed Combat Brawling: Don't Punch Armor
●Unarmed Combat Brawling: Guard and Strike Simultaneously
●Unarmed Combat Brawling: Close the Distance
●Unarmed Combat Brawling: Infighting
●Unarmed Combat Brawling: Guarding the ribcage
●Unarmed Combat Brawling: Combination Punches
●Unarmed Combat Brawling: Not all strikes land
●Unarmed Combat Brawling: Missing causes a lack of balance
●Unarmed Combat Brawling: Proper stances in combat
●Unarmed Combat(Brawling): Latch onto the opponent
●Unarmed combat: Two punch combination
●Unarmed Combat: Strike hard, strike fast
●Unarmed Combat: Punch blind
●Unarmed Combat: Using the environment First
●Unarmed Combat: Seiken
●Unarmed Combat: Shin Kick
●Unarmed Combat: Don't punch the air
●Unarmed Combat: Sound Is An Important Tool for Blind Fighting
●Unarmed Combat: Palm-slap
●Unarmed Combat: Four Strike Combination
●Unarmed Combat: The Entire Body Is a Weapon
●Unarmed Combat: Sometimes you miss
●Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Resisting a Choke by Grappling
●Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Roundhouse Kick
●Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Striking Sensitive Areas Of the Body-weight
●Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Throwing Body-weight into a Strike
●Defiance: Initiation (RM)
●Defiance: Using Air to Slow Projectiles
●Defiance: The Voice of Air
●Defiance: Coating the fist with wind
●Defiance: Caress
●Defiance: Using Wind To Trigger Trip-wire
●Defiance: Redirecting Projectiles Using Air
●Defiance: Power comes with Abundance
●Defiance: Coaxing Is More Efficient
●Defiance: Using Flame To Cut Off A Path
●Defiance: Striking and Dancing Simultaneously
●Defiance: Coaxing Water To Strike
●Defiance: Effects prior to Overstepping
●Defiance: Changing the Direction of Wind
●Defiance: Fire is the most beautiful Element
●Defiance: Manifested Fire is Blue
●Defiance: The Voice Of Water
●Defiance: Fire Is My Closest Friend
●Defiance: Kin Element Fire
●Defiance: Fire Destroys and Creates
●Defiance: Dancing Flame Into Coils
●Defiance: Manifest, and Encourage.
●Defiance: Encouraging elements to Leap
●Defiance: With Concentration Comes Precision
●Defiance: Effects of Minor Overstepping
●Defiance: Is a Parasitic Magic
●Defiance: Guardian
●Defiance: Conflagration
●Defiance: Coaxing a Bonfire into a Pyre
●Defiance: Guardians are Protective
●Defiance: Wind No Longer Touches Me
●Defiance: Using Air to Slow a Fist
●Defiance: Guardian consumes a lot of ether
●Defiance: Guardian can be aggressive
●Defiance: Pillar of flame
●Defiance: The elements do not truly “Talk”
●Defiance: The Fire surrounding me is Azure
●Defiance Ability: Embrace
●Defiance - Embrace: Binding earth to your body as armor
●Defiance - Embrace: Moving through earth after Embracing it
●Defiance: A mysterious outside force can shut off my magic
●Defiance: Not communicating with the elements can confuse or infuriate them
●Defiance: Dancing With Fire
●Defiance: Elements can take various shapes
●Defiance: Combating a Rupturer
●Defiance: Zametat Flame
●Defiance: Iron-Sand
●Defiance: Embrace can be used in a variety of ways
●Defiance: Iron-Sand Limbs
●Defiance: Iron Sand is heavy, and Dense
●Defiance: Iron-Sand Moves Very Slowly
Physical/Mental Shit
●Deception: Keep quiet to avoid contradicting another persons lie.
●Deception: Clever deception requires planning
●Deception: Suggest it is someone else's fault
●Deception: Spin Lies within Truths
●Deception: Play on the emotions of others
●Detection: Pay attention to detail in communication.
●Detection: The smells and sights of a dockside party.
●Detection: Seeking out an individual in a crowd
●Detection: Spotting Weak Points of a Burning Building
●Detection: Hearing an opponent from the rear
●Detection: The sound of Movement against rocks
●Detection: The unbearable scents of Levels 4 and 6
●Discipline: Not thrashing about when escape is futile
●Discipline: Not whoring oneself out
●Discipline: Remaining calm
●Discipline: Moving On in Spite of Pain
●Discipline: Refusing to Succumb to Injuries
●Discipline: Remaining focused on a moving opponent
●Discipline: Resisting the urge to attack
●Discipline: Giving into death when there appears to be no recourse
●Discipline: Taking your own life so others may not
●Discipline: Fighting the Blood-rage
●Discipline: Resisting the Berserk state
●Discipline: Resisting the urge to kill.
●Discipline: Do not move
●Discipline: Listen first talk later
●Discipline: Remaining Vigilant Under Stress
●Discipline: Battling outraged outbursts
●Seduction: Using Innuendos
●Seduction: Attracting with Wit
●Seduction: Public Displays of Affection
●Seduction: Implying Bedroom Prowess
●Seduction: Fighting for Dominance
●Seduction: Turns Words to Action
●Seduction: Wooing Women with Luxury
●Seduction: Clothes Off
●Seduction: Erogenous Zones
●Seduction: Use Tongue
●Seduction: More Than One Way to Pleasure
●Seduction: Control from the Bottom
●Seduction: Pain and Pleasure
●Seduction: Dominance
●Seduction: Testing Another's Endurance
●Seduction: All About Rhythm
●Seduction: Give and Take
●Negotiation: Securing Food and a Place to Stay
●Negotiation: Rejecting the terms of a deal
●Intimidation: Warding off Suitors With Insults
●Intimidation: Glare of Malice
●Intimidation: The Use Of Threats
●Intimidation: Wielding the Elements to Strike Fear in the Enemy
●Intimidation: Threat of Future Attack Keeps Targets Compliant
●Intimidation: Compliance Through Fear
●Intimidation: Threatening posture
●Intimidation: Threats of Violence
●Intimidation: Parting shots.
●Intimidation: Casting threats while naked
●Intimidation: Letting your last words be calm
●Intelligence: Knowledge is power
●Intelligence: Gathering information based on past experiences.
●Persuasion: Saying it how it is
●Persuasion: Begging in a time of desperation
●Pick-pocketing: Stealing Off Someone's Person
●Psychology: The make up of a crowd.
●Psychology: People can have blind faith
●Psychology: Manipulating an opponent using rhetorical question
●Storytelling: My side of events
●Endurance: How to endure the pain of a lost limb (RM)
●Endurance: How to hold your breath underwater (RM)
●Endurance: Unconsciousness
●Endurance: Waking up groggy and moving anyhow
●Endurance: Taking Multiple Bolts to the Body
●Endurance: Battling fatigue from ether loss
●Endurance: Teeth-grinding pain.
●Endurance: The burn and sting of muscles
●Endurance: Not finishing too early
●Endurance: Sexual Asphyxiation can hurt
●Endurance: Falling against rocks hurts
●Endurance: Resisting The Climax
●Endurance: Battling Muscular Fatigue
●Endurance: Punctured Feet Hurt
●Endurance: Sleep Deprivation
●Endurance: Punctured pectorals Hurt
●Endurance: Bleeding can be painful
●Endurance: Being kept in the frigid, high altitude airs
●Endurance: Descending the steps from Level 6 to Level 7
●Seduction: Taking what belongs to you
●Seduction: Kissing the Windpipe
●Seduction: Taking on your partner from below
●Interrogation: Asking direct, pointed, questions.
●Leadership: Projecting your voice to be heard
●Leadership: Give clear orders
●Leadership: Taking charge of the care of your loved ones
●Leadership: Barking Orders
●Leadership: Presenting a powerful symbol to reinforce your point
●Rhetoric: Pointing out the flaws in public groups to the public
●Rhetoric: Useful for expressing outrage
●Rhetoric: Offering suggestions to authority publicly as a commoner
●Rhetoric: Project clearly, and Loudly
●Rhetoric: Speak your truth
●Rhetoric: Create a Fantasy
●Rhetoric: Brutal honesty
●Rhetoric: Giving a Motivational Speech
●Rhetoric: Words can change opinions
●Rhetoric: Swearing to appeal to the common man
●Rhetoric: Pointing out the flaws of the opposition
●Rhetoric: Speak loudly and clearly
●Rhetoric: Presenting your heroic deeds
●Rhetoric: Attacking an opposing point with only rhetorical questions
●Rhetoric: Demanding to be remembered in death
●Strength: Carrying Maxine
●Strength: Pulling Someone Out of a Fire
●Strength: Lifting Maxine
●Resistance: Yellow airborne toxin
●Stealth: Ducking around in a crowd
●Meditation: Sit in a comfortable position (RM)
●Meditation: Focus on your breath (RM)
●Meditation: Take slow, deep breaths
●Meditation: Remaining focused on the task
●Meditation: Do not break concentration
●Meditation: A state of deep thought
●Meditation: Slow breathing techniques
●Meditation: Communicating with the elements
●Meditation: Can change state of consciousness
●Meditation: Just Breathe
●Meditation: Brings one closer to Magic
●Meditation: Keep your eyes closed
● Meditation: Pay attention to your surroundings
●Tactics: Distracting an opponent
●Tactics: Miscalculations can be deadly
●Tactics: Baiting an opponent into attacking
●Tactics: Remain on guard at all times
●Tactics: Defensive Tactics
●Tactics: Applicable in high stress situations
●Tactics: Baiting an opponent into attacking
●Tactics: Remain on guard at all times
●Tactics: Defensive Tactics
●Tactics: Applicable in high stress situations
●Tactics: Planning Ahead During Combat
●Tactics: Missing an attack purposefully
●Tactics: Marking an opponent
●Tactics: Attempting to Predict Movement
●Tactics: Never Underestimate an Opponent
●Tactics: Observing an Opponents Attack Patterns
●Tactics: Can be used in the heat of combat
●Tactics: Multi-directional attacks
●Tactics: Blades can be countered with hard objects
●Tactics: Paying close attention to thee environment
●Tactics: Making an opponent move by applying pressure
●Tactics: How To Catch an Opponent Off-guard
●Tactics: The Best Defense Is a Strong Offense
●Tactics: Monitoring Ether Usage

Useless Knowledge
●The Merchant Guild: Mismanaged the Trade Fleet
●Max: Beautiful and Stubborn
●Max: Has a Venomous Tongue
●Maxine: Clever, Crafty, Charming
●Ceressa Reyes: a Sapphire Inn Employee
●Qit'ria: Lives In The Sweetwine woods
●Qit'ria: One I will Slay
●Qit'ria: Insulting, Vile, Pest
●Maxine: Murderer
●Edmond: Member of “The Guild”
●Ran'dar: Ithecal
●Ran'dar: I owe a debt to
●Ran'dar: Knowledgeable about domain magic
●Ran'dar: Very powerful combatant
●Slags Deep: Has Seven Levels
●Slags Deep: The beneath is incredibly dark
●Maxine: She started the violence
●Maxine: I left her to handle her own
●Volker: Willing to help, in a different way
●Rupturers: Can pull you off balance with opened portals
●Location: Slags Deep Prison mine
●Slags Deep: Somewhere in the mountains
●Slags Deep: Has a roof entrance accessible by flying mounts
●Slags Deep: An intentionally insane maze
●Slags Deep: Full of massive wealth
●Slags Deep: More well guarded than anything run by the Elements
●Slags Deep: When my name is called, I have 24 breaks to answer
●Slags Deep: My belongings are in storage, in a crate with my name on it
●Slags Deep: Each level has a narrow set of stairs leading to the guard area
●Slags Deep: Each level is locked behind 7 massive of gates, made of differing substances, which are never opened simultaneously
●Slags Deep: Guards are not among the prisoners beyond Level 1
●Slags Deep: Cannibalism beyond Level 1 is commonplace
●Slags Deep - Level 1: A vacation resort, with meals, beds, and games
●Slags Deep - Level 2: Where prisoners receive their Tab
●Slags Deep - Level 2: Full of hungry, dirty angry criminals
●Slags Deep - Level 2: Junior Warden is a smug, redheaded woman
●Slags Deep - Level 3: Murder is common
●Slags Deep - Level 4: Full of smoke and smog
●Slags Deep - Level 5: Full of heat and horrible, bestial screams
●Slags Deep - Level 6: Full of Elements and foul stenches
●Slags Deep - Level 7: Junior Warden is a massive Ithecal man
●Slags Deep - Level 7: They offer an option of whoring yourself out
●Self: My tab is 25,000 Golden Nels
●Self: I received a 1 arc sentence, release on Ashan 65, 719

Leadership [RB} 25[RB] 2500
Starting Package 500050
Unarmed Combat :Brawling2020{SP}0
Shadows In the Tavern+15015
Dancing Into The night+15028
Every Time, You remind me+15043
Far Too Civilized+15058(43)
A Violent Reunion+15073(58)
Unarmed Combat: Brawling+6-617
The Enemy Of My Enemy+15030(15M)
A Poorly Played Hand+15030
At The Base Of The Brightest Lighthouse+20080
Yet the Resolute Never Give in to Darkness+15+1574
The Pathfinder+15+1589
When It Rains, It Pours+15+1577
The Demise Of Tomorrow+10+1087
Snowfall and Stardust (Merces)+1515102
Darkness, And Destruction+10097
Anguished By The end+15+1596
Unarmed: Brawling-26+2670
Fighting Blind+10+1065
Unarmed Combat-24+2439
The Tides Of Change+20+2059
Clinging to the world+15+1527
The Horrors Of War+15+1515
Unarmed Combat+15-150
Shattered Earth+15+1515
The Fool's Errand+15+1530
A Second Smile+15+1518
Until The Last Drop+15+1533
A shark Without Teeth Is Just Fresh Fish+15+1546
The Sisters+15+1561
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RP Medals


Wed Jul 04, 2018 2:40 am


Starting Package 100 GN ...
Cloak, Leather, Feathers. -23 Gn ...
Sapphire Suite -10 Gn ...
Food -2 SN ...
Living Expenses Zi'Da 717 -23 GN ...
Stolen From "The Merchants Guild" +150 GN ...
Leather Armor(Masterwork Torso)-80 Gn...
Leather (Gauntlets, Greaves, Fauld)-15 Gn97
Seasonal Wages+837 GN-23 GN(Poor expenses)814
Masterwork Gladius(Short-sword,Embersteel)-129 GN0
Imprisonment-782 GN0
Seasonal Expenses(Ashan 718)-0 GN 0

Rewards Package, Small+50050
Chalice Of Fortune-30020
Boxcode For Poppy+2022
Boxcode for Max+2024
Reach +50 In a Skill (51 Defiance)+5029
Earn a Medal(Murderer)+5034
Earn a Medal(Artist)+5039
Elemental Illusions-3009
March At 350 votes+6015
Event Participation+2017
Event Participation+2019
Post Template for Max+2021
Post Template for Max+2023
Post Template For Max+2025
Post Template For Max+2027
Post Template for Patrick+2029
Post Template for Patrick+2031
Chalice Of Harmony-30-301
Earn A Medal(Survivor)+5+56
Earn a Medal(Bow Chicka Wow Wow)+5+511
Earn a Medal(Painting with Words)+5+516
Small rewards Package+50+5066
Chalice of Harmony-30-3036
Chalice of harmony(Saun)-30-306
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Wed Jul 04, 2018 2:40 am

Thread List
Far Too Civilized Complete, Graded
Shadows in the Tavern Complete, Graded
Dancing into the nightComplete, Graded
A Violent ReunionComplete, Graded
Every Time, You remind meComplete, Graded
BlackoutComplete, Not Graded
Pies & PintsOngoing
Oh MercyOngoing
Nightmares From The PastOngoing
Show StopperComplete , Graded
A poorly played handComplete, Graded
Follow Your DreamsOngoing
The Enemy Of My EnemyComplete, Graded
When It Rains, It Pours Finished, Not Graded
Come All Ye NeedyOngoing
The PathfinderComplete/Graded
Spill The TeaOngoing
the Demise Of TomorrowOngoing
The Tides Of ChangeOngoing
[Four in Hand] Punch Drunk (Merces)Ongoing
Yet The Resolute Never Give Into DarknessEvent, Completed
At The Base Of The Brightest Lighthouse Event, Completed
One Little SlipOngoing, Event
[The Sisters Ongoing
Secrets and LiesGraded
A second SmileGraded
Until The Last DropGraded
A Shark Without Teeth Is Just Fresh FishGraded
What's his is mineOngoing
Picking The Wrong PocketOngoing

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