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Mortalborn (Immortal & Human/Aukari) [Approval]
Qylios, Bastian Talvor
Date of Birth:
699th, 8th of Cylus
N/A (formerly The Txerriak & Langilea)
Grovokian (Fluent), Euthic Sign (Broken), Common (Broken)*, Rakahi (Broken)*
(* = From Linguistics)
Appearence & Personality

Conor McLain

With consideration for Eren'ir's past, his appearence poorly reflects it. Oftentimes finding himself easily distinguishable in spite of his posture and demeanour, Eren'ir has a striking physical appearence that is difficult to forget. Standing at a height of 6'3'', his body is an elegant composition of lean muscle wrapped in fair and remarkably unblemished skin. Like his body, the features of his face are finely sculpted in sharp and masculine design with a strong jawline and pronounced cheekbones, above which rests a pair of icy blue eyes under a crown of bright, blonde hair. Though he appears to be nothing more than human, he's built much like an exemplar of his species with untapped potential and a strong foundation. He carries very few marks and scars from his past life, most of them faded away or in the process of fading where the most evident marks rest around his wrists and neck and tattle of cuts and years of chafing and tightly fitted cuffs and a collar having dug themselves into his flesh, though the apparel itself is absent now.

At his core, Eren'ir is a brave and honest young man with a seemingly unbreakable spirit and tenacious heart. Though his former life ultimately shaped him and his perceptions of the world in ways he still doesn't completely understand, his core sits protected behind a hardened exterior and guides his conscience in spite of the circumstances that rule his existence. Eren'ir has nurtured a belief in sincerity and purity of intention that still survives in spite of the harsh conditions that have ruled him in the past and the confusion that cripples him in the present and, as a result, he pours his heart and soul into every word to leave his lips, decision he makes and action he takes. There are many things he still does not understand about himself as a result of his memories being stolen away, but his instincts survive and continue to guide him in hopes of seeing him through the trials that pass him by while he searches aimlessly for a purpose that somehow slipped through his fingers.

Note: As of Cylus 30th 718, Eren'ir has no memories of his life as a slave in Augiery. They were sealed away with the use of Audnev's "Mind Lock" ability. Because his entire life (as far as he can remember) has been that of a slave in Augiery, it robbed him of all of his memories and sealed them away within his mind, to be unleashed only by the command of the one who locked them away. As a result, he will react instinctively to most issues and any Knowledges pertaining specifically to Augiery or the Naerikk will be unavailable to him.
Eren'ir lost his freedom when he was too young to form lasting memories, just two Arcs old when his father's caravan was annihilated by Naerikk raiders. His earliest memories are perhaps more painful than one'd expect after knowing him, as he was naturally resistant to the fierce conditioning and training of the Naerikk when he was first brought to Augiery. His induction into the ranks of the Langilea was rough, enough so that most of his adolescent years were lost to a thick fog in his mind---intrusive and demanding, it clutched tightly around some of his earliest memories and kept them hidden away in the deepest, darkest recesses of his subconscious mind. There, they were sealed away by the Puppeteers as they poisoned the young boy's mind, detaching him from his fear of relinquishing his freedom, his old life---and gave him new direction when he took his first stumbling steps into his new life as a man of Augiery. Six Arcs old, Eren'ir was reborn, mind scrubbed clean of memories of who he'd been before Augiery, the product of the merciless conditioning and manipulation of the Naerikk. The Txerriak quickly became a substitute for the father he no longer dared to recall and he formed loose bonds with the other slaves who toiled away in the darkness of the hive, allowing his steps to be guided by his peers.

The life of a man in Augiery is not meant to be easy, and Eren'ir was no exception to the rule. When he was embraced in the fold, he was young, weak and withered from the journey that brought him there and the mistreatment of his mistresses throughout his harsh induction. He was easy prey for his fellows and masters alike, other men stepping over his body in the muck to raise themselves up just a little higher in their neverending quest to find some form of release---a way out, a ticket to freedom. In spite of this, however, Eren'ir clambered back to his feet every time he fell and continued to endure, to suffer and to learn as much as he could of this way of life so that he might, eventually, stand firm and ascend above the vultures he surrounded himself with and carry himself with pride. No amount of abuse seemed able to break his spirit despite being so young, and he put his mental fortitude to good use in adapting to his new lifestyle and filling out the mold he'd been shoved into.

As Eren'ir grew older, his body grew stronger and, eventually, the worst of the abuse he endured petered out until it stopped almost completely. Unexpectedly, the young man flourished in spite of his environment and as he grew stronger, he gained enough confidence to progress with conviction towards an unknown goal. He served dutifully in his given role and groveled at the feet of his mistresses as long as it pleased them, standing straight and tall when it suited them, learning quickly to adjust and adapt and read the cues of his betters. He came to measure his personal success by the apparent pleasure of his superiors, making it his honor and delight to be at the beck and call of the Shadow Queen and her many daughters. As Eren'ir finally reached adulthood, several new opportunities made themselves apparent to him. There was more to the Txerriak beyond the Langilea, though it had initially been unavailable to him. Tempered by the inhumane conditions of the hive, Eren'ir had matured into a strong young man with untold potential that he was prepared to devote to Audrae's daughters, though his final destination in the ranks of the Txerriak remained to be seen.

As of recent events...

Though he continued to struggle under the Naerikk regime and obeyed his mistresses as he'd done for years before, Eren'ir was unwittingly dragged into a plot beyond anything he'd ever known. Snatched out of the Hive and dragged to Sarraski, he was put on a ship shortly thereafter and taken across the ocean to an unknown final destination, uninformed and confused as he was exposed to parts of a world outside of Augiery that he'd only previously heard tell of. After some time on the water, Eren'ir's purpose was finally to be fulfilled as his mistresses dragged him aside and used their Goddess' profane magic to strip from him everything he was---stealing his memories of his life in Augiery and locking them away securely in the depths of his mind, out of reach. He lost his identity and precious time as he fumbled in the darkness of oblivion for some time, finally resurfacing again in Scalvoris about a season later. From there, the man with no name and no memories of a life that lay behind him has been trying to rediscover a sense of purpose and find his way back through the thick fog that veiled his mind from him.
Mortal Parent & Story
Bastian Talvor
671st, Ashan 34th (Deceased; 702nd, Saun 16th)
Discipline 30, Endurance 30, Fieldcraft 20, Strength 20
Relationship to PC:
Bastian was a relatively unassuming man at first glance, standing about average height at 5'8'' and with a heavy set build fit for a countryman. His Aukari heritage was evident in his skin pigmentation, fair skin and occasional splattering of freckles, as well as his piercing blue eyes and dark, strawberry blonde hair. He had a fire burning within that showed on the surface, manifesting in an intense stare and demeanour that more often than not kept others at a firm distance.

Bastian was defined by his relentless pursuit of a purpose in life and restlessness. He was never content to stay in one place for long and lost interest in any pursuit too quickly to truly master it. He jumped from one thing to the next without discretion and grew increasingly frustrated with the stagnation of his life and the apparent stillness of the world around him. He found himself always wanting for something just out of his reach, and he drove himself to near madness in pursuit of something to fill up the yawning void in his chest. He had a short temper and shorter attention span, and all of his passions and desires bubbled close to the surface. In a sense, he was a simple man to interpret because he didn't pull his punches, but this also caused most to give him a wide berth. Only after the birth of his son did he start to slow down, though he never managed to find true peace before his untimely death.
Origin Story:

He had wanted nothing more in life than to quench the insatiable yearning that ate away at him, churning in his chest and clutching his heart in a vice grip. It paralyzed him at times, locking his mind and body in a state of confusion and disarray. He'd chased that yearning for the better part of his life, trying to put his finger on what it was he truly pined for. It was such an intrusive drive, and yet he had failed to identify what his soul yearned for. As the years went by, optimism gave way to desperation and anger as he let his boots lead him across the world in search of his purpose---the one thing that would set him free. Bastian had wished many times for a simpler life, one dominated by the dreary struggle for survival from season to season. Marry, have children, grow old and die, leaving your offspring to pick out your remains until, eventually, there was nothing left. A life that comes and goes, as pointless as a stray breeze brushing against the trunk of the mighty tree of life. No matter how many leaves you rustled out of the tree's canopy, they would be replaced in time and your impact would be all but forgotten, washed away with the tide of time's passing.

Yes, Bastian had wished for a simpler life, once upon a time. He had wished that he could be content, but the yearning kept driving him onward to unknown horizons.

Perhaps that's why he gave her pause.

For the lady with the golden crown, existence was one filled with certainties. Since her inception, she'd known her purpose and followed it without question, tugging the flocks along with her who'd bask in her radiance and ride on her every word. It stood in stark contrast to Bastian's internal struggle, and perhaps that was why she stopped. His memories of the moment were hazy. Searching the depths of his mind, he failed to recall a time and place before he awakened several trials later, the only vivid memory in his mind being that of the golden lady's eyes as they met his own. They had burrowed into him in search of something---an answer to his plight that was crying so clearly from deep within his soul?

Bastian jolted awake.

It had been nearly an arc since then, and he had never stopped searching for her. The piercing stare of the Immortal had haunted him every night as he closed his eyes to drift away from the waking world, watching him as he slept and always resting upon him while awake, just out of sight but always intrusively present at the edge of his mind. With a frustrated groan, the man drew his hand through his strawberry blonde hair and rose from his cot to step outside into the cold winter chill, letting the droplets of sweat covering his body freeze in the cold breeze. He was too preoccupied by the all too familiar sensation to pay the cold any mind, the fire burning in his blood keeping him comfortable. His eyes searched the night sky above, tracing lines between the heavenly bodies in an effort to temporarily suppress the image of Qylios' eyes that remained burned into his mind. A pair of golden, glowing eyes.

More than anything else, Bastian yearned to be set free.

The moment that Qylios eyes had met his, he was trapped---spellbound. She had radiated with a sense of purpose and certainty that Bastian had longed for, as long as he could remember. It had drawn him in and he'd offered up no resistance as it seized control of him, continuing to influence his every thought since then and driving his fervent search of her. Whatever spell she'd bound him with was contrary to what he'd wished for. He hadn't longed to be the slave of a fate he couldn't control, and he was convinced that the Immortal, the lady with the golden crown, had seen the emptiness within him and filled it with a sense of purpose. Perhaps it had been unintentional, but Bastian couldn't help his disdain for the Immortal as a result of his ceaseless pursuit throughout the arc that had passed since he encountered her the first time. He'd followed her every step, and yet she was always three steps ahead. Bastian eventually forced his attention away from the stars as the lines he'd drawn began to grow reminiscent of the Immortal's face, staring back at him from the heavens.

Dawn was just a few breaks away. Bastian resolved to spend the rest of them sleeping, for he had a long trip ahead of him. Casting a final glance at the sky as if to ascertain that she wasn't still watching him from up high, Bastian sank back into the darkness of the wayward shack he'd holed himself up in. He backed up into it and let the drapes fall over the entrance before he froze. The sound of a sharp breath behind him had given him pause, the hairs of his neck standing on end in alarm. A warm, soft hand landed on his shoulders moments later. There was no hesitation in his mind as he spun on his heels and swung a tight fist at the intruder, sending her reeling back with a surprised yelp. Bastian pursued before his mind had caught up with him, shifting himself and the woman up against the opposite wall where he pressed his arm up under her chin and held her in place whilst his fist reeled back---

He paused. Every muscle in his body involuntarily locked up as his eyes met hers. A familiar sensation washed over him, creeping up his spine like an unpleasant omen before he managed to break free of the paralysis and avert his gaze from her. His fist swung involuntarily as he retreated away from the Immortal, but this time she caught it.

"I would know your name."

Bastian wanted to deny her.

In spite of himself, he met her gaze again. He stared back into those golden eyes of hers, the eyes that had haunted him for the past arc and denied him respite. He held his tongue and bit back the words that she'd bidden him to speak, letting the anger grant him courage to face her down. She would set him free this night. Bastian would not let her leave until she had done so. His countenance once more gave her pause, like it had done that day. Her golden eyes searched his features. Bastian didn't know what she was looking for, and he cursed himself for admitting the thought into his mind. He closed his eyes to break off their connection and shoved himself away from her and the wall she'd stood up against.

"Unless you're here to grant me freedom, begone."

Without opening his eyes, he addressed the Immortal directly. "I will be the slave of your purpose no longer."

Whether the words surprised her or not, he couldn't tell. It didn't matter, so long as his intent carried loud and clear in spite of the croak in his voice as he struggled to speak against the crushing pressure that bore down on his chest in protest of his resistance. He yearned to be set free. More than anything, he wanted his freedom back. Freedom to follow her by his own volition and not for fear of the punishing agony of denying the way that she called directly to his soul. He felt her movement towards him and he immediately sidestepped away from her to maintain the physical distance, the only protection he could grant himself.

"I don't know what it is..." Her voice broke the silence, making Bastian flinch. "You remind me of him."


Bastian's eyes opened, against his better judgement. He leveled Qylios with a stare, every muscle in his body tensing up in preparation for the worst. "Who?," he demanded.

"A dear friend, from a time long gone."

The unexpected sorrow in her voice caught Bastian unprepared and sliced straight through his defenses. His vision blurred and he felt his body falling like a puppet whose strings had been cut. Qylios broke his fall, strong arms arcing down to catch him before he hit the floor. The sudden weakness was unexpected, and Bastian felt the same intrusive, creeping sensation crawl up his spine. Before long, he thought, he'd be lost again. Enthralled by her presence alone and doomed to lose sight of his opportunity to demand of her his freedom. He'd be back to square one.

Even as his consciousness faded, Bastian continued to agonize over his fate, cradled in Qylios' arms and with her splendid golden eyes resting upon him as his vision faded to black, his mind soon to follow. However...

Whether it had been Qylios' light or something else, a bright flare broke through the darkness and called him back to consciousness, chasing away the weakness that had beset his body and giving him the strength to will his body to move. As his consciousness was tugged back into his body, Bastian came to moments later and found himself staring straight into Qylios' eyes again. Whatever spell he'd been under had broken, because he gazed deeply into the Immortal's eyes and retained control of his body and his mind. Qylios lay expectantly underneath him, golden hair sprawled about her head like a sunburst against the floor, shimmering as if reflecting sunlight that was woefully absent in the dark shack. Dawn was still breaks away, but she illuminated the room in defiance, simply by being. Bastian had yearned for nothing more than to be free.

Free, to follow her.

The following breaks passed quickly. Bastian submitted his flesh and his will to Qylios that night, of nobody's volition but his own. They parted ways the following morning.

He gave her a headstart. He had regained his freedom, at long last.

The freedom to pursue her to the ends of this world.
Skills & EXP Ledger
SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Dancing10/250 (10/250)Novice
Discipline75/100 N/A : FTExpert
Dreamwalking15/100 N/AN/A
Endurance75/250 (25/250)Competent
Linguistics5/250 (5/250)Novice
Seduction20/250 (20/250)Novice
Strength23/250 (23/250)Novice
Unarmed Combat5/250 (5/250)Novice
Thread or Skill Name Points Gained Points Spent Running Total
Racial Bonus 25 -- 25
Endurance -- 25 0
Slave Bonus 10 -- 10
Seduction -- 10 0
Starting Package 50 -- 50
Dancing -- 10 40
Discipline -- 5 35
Linguistics -- 5 30
Seduction -- 5 25
Strength -- 20 5
Unarmed Combat -- 5 0
Seduction [NH] -- 5 0
Discipline [NH] -- 5 0
Strength [NH] -- 3 0
Don't Play With Your Food 15 -- 15
Discipline -- 15 0
Dark Hearts 20 -- 20
Dark Hearts (Part 2) 20 -- 40
What's the Worst That Could Happen? 5 -- 45
The Maze: The End 20 -- 65
The Maze: The End (Dreamwalking) 5 5 65
The Sorrow of Love 20 -- 85
Discipline -- 25 60
Endurance -- 50 10
CitW Aftermath (Dreamwalking) 5 5 10
The Maze: Round 5: Max & Toraj 15 -- 25
The Maze: Toraj 15 -- 40
The Maze: Round 3: Tio & Toraj 15 -- 55
Discipline -- 25 30
CitW: The Waiting Place 25 -- 55
CitW: The Waiting Place (Dreamwalking) 5 5 55
Knowledge & Renown
Skill Knowledges

Animal Husbandry (1):
Animal Husbandry: How to talk to your talking rabbit.

Bladed Combat: Knife (2):
Bladed Combat: Knife: Sudden lunge
Bladed Combat: Knife: Neck blows

Dancing (3):
Dancing: Oiling Sore Joints [SP]
Dancing: The Darbscoot Boogie
Dancing: Allowing another to lead so you can learn

Detection (4):
Detection: Knowing What to Look For Beforehand
Detection: Study your surrounds carefully
Detection: Spotting the obvious
Detection: Seek out familiarity to ground yourself.

Discipline (26):
Discipline: Inducing Tunnel Vision [SP]
Discipline: Satisfaction with One's Role in Life [NH]
Discipline: Your Body Knows What To Do
Discipline: Intentionally Selective Hearing
Discipline: Isolate and Focus the Objective
Discipline: Willing Trembling Hands to Still
Discipline: Denying Yourself Arousal Through Distraction
Discipline: Dealing with the after effects of an Empathic control
Discipline: Hit your sternum to force focus
Discipline: Focus on the people around you, don't get lost in memories
Discipline: Recovering from an embarrassing question
Discipline: Resisting an Empath
Discipline: Maintain focus, even in chaos
Discipline: Inner serenity helps
Discipline: Allowing emotions can lessen their hold on you
Discipline: Pushing yourself to find an appropriate place to sit.
Discipline: Forcing yourself out of shock.
Discipline: Living with knowing that you chose who lived, and who died.
Discipline: Acting when it would be easier not to.
Discipline: Withholding resentment in the face of its subject [Bonus]
Discipline: Not getting overwhelmed - or trying not to.
Discipline: Do not dwell on what you can not change.
Discipline: Continuing on, even when you're concerned about worst case scenario.
Discipline: Maintain focus in times of confusion.
Discipline: Accepting that things don't always go your way.
Discipline: Determination to keep going means a lot.

Endurance (11):
Endurance: Breathing Through Pain [SP]
Endurance: Longevity Through Pacing [SP]
Endurance: Ongoing physical pain
Endurance: Extreme cold
Endurance: The pain of biting your own tongue
Endurance: Someone else's pain
Endurance: Battle is exhausting
Endurance: Extreme emotion can cause physical responses
Endurance: Chafed soles of feet
Endurance: Fighting a feeling of dizziness and nausea.
Endurance: Keeping focused around physical discomfort.

Etiquette (5):
Etiquette: Slave Conduct in Augiery [SP]
Etiquette: Sincerity Wins in the End
Etiquette: Silent Until Addressed
Etiquette: The Taboo of Eavesdropping
Etiquette: Remain polite at all times.

Hunting (2):
Hunting: Following obvious tracks
Hunting: Finding obvious tracks

Interrogation (1):
Interrogation: Better one insightful question than a dozen facile ones.

Investigation (7):
Investigation: Look for clues elsewhere
Investigation: Sometimes, the least obvious places bring the best clues
Investigation: Making sense of a confusing situation.
Investigation: Choosing based on the evidence in front of you
Investigation: Detail is important.
Investigation: Riddles are very tricky things
Investigation: Sometimes, basic answers are right.

Linguistics (2):
Linguistics: Learning Through Mimicry [SP]
Linguistics: Grovokian is the Preferred Language of Augiery [NH]

Medicine (5):
Medicine: Elevate wounds to slow the bleeding
Medicine: Basic first aid
Medicine: Basic triage
Medicine: How to examine someone.
Medicine: Basic human anatomy [Bonus]

Meditation (4):
Meditation: Clear a troubled mind
Meditation: Focus on small details to keep yourself alert
Meditation: Pain can be a focus
Meditation: Calm can be gained even in the most extreme of places

Psychology (1):
Psychology: Familiar sounds can be haunting

Resistance (1):
Resistance: Dealing with the effects of temperature change

Seduction (6):
Seduction: Physical Cues and Signs of Pleasure [SP]
Seduction: Harnessing Natural Beauty [NH]
Seduction: The Puta of Augiery [NH]
Seduction: Presenting yourself for your mistress' pleasure
Seduction: Putting your hands where she wants them to be
Seduction: Submission is sexy to some

Socialization (1):
Socialization: Following the sounds of music to a party

Strength (2):
Strength: Carrying a body
Strength: Making yourself move when in pain can push you beyond your limits

Torture (1):
Torture: Painful Pressure Points

Places, People & Miscellaneous

Augiery: The Txerriak [SB]
Augiery: The Commandments [SB]
Augiery: The Seven Vices [SP]
Augiery: Ranks of the Txerriak [SP]
Augiery: Life of a Man [SP]
Augiery: The Titiriteros (Puppeteers) [NH]
History: Augiery [HI]
Location: Augiery [HI]
Layout: Augiery [HI]
Customs & Festivals: Augiery [HI]
Laws: Augiery [HI]
Augiery: The Azterketa
Augiery: The Shadow Queen, Audrae
Augiery: Distribution of the Txerriak
The Txerriak: Every Man For Himself

Race: Naerikk [HI]
Customs & Traditions: Naerikk [HI]
History: Naerikk [HI]
Creation Legends: Naerikk [HI]

Immortal: Audrae [HI]

Player Characters:
Mara: The Naerikk
Mara: Old Friend of Lithrae
Mara: Known to the Slaves
Mara: Ropetrick Queen
Mara: In Love With Lithrae
Mara: Was Away From Augiery For Arcs
Lithrae: The Naerikk
Lithrae: Old Friend of Mara
Lithrae: Torturer
Lithrae: Likes The Screaming
Source Renown Gained Running Total
Starting (City) 10 10
Starting (Race) 10 20
Starting (Profession) 10 30
Don't Play With Your Food 5 35
Dark Hearts 20 55
Dark Hearts (Part 2) 20 75
The Maze: The End 15 90
The Sorrow of Love 10 100
The Maze: Round 5: Max & Toraj 10 110
The Maze: Toraj 5 115
The Maze: Round 3: Tio & Toraj 5 120
CitW: The Waiting Place 20 140
Items, Housing & Ledger
  • One set of clothing (tarnished) [Slave Pack]
  • One pair of shoes [Slave Pack]
  • A small silver charm, in the shape of a lightning bolt. It would go on a chain to be worn as a necklace, for example. Toraj discovers that, when he has it, he can see in the dark and bright, blinding light doesn't bother him. Handy, eh?
  • Vri's Favour: Amaris is no longer in a state of neither alive nor dead. Toraj knows this, without a doubt.
  • Vri's Favour Pt ii: Toraj has a small silver ring on his finger. He can use that, once, to call upon Vri and ask a favour. The Immortal is not guaranteed to grant it, but hey.
  • The Maze, Knowledge: Toraj knows all that transpired within the Maze, as does Spirit.
  • Companion: Spirit the Talking Hare. Who loves you, is immensely grateful to Toraj for all he's done and who will need to be carefully nursed back to health. In Spirit, Toraj has a loyal and loving companion. When Spirit speaks, you hear words. Others just hear weird little snuffly hare-like noises.
  • Maze Items: Handheld mirror, star-shaped gem, notebook with his name on it, rainbow-coloured ribbon (attached to Spirit the Hare).
  • Crack In the Wall: One set of nightclothes, one headband.
  • Dreamscape (CItW): The dreamscape which Toraj finds himself in is an abandoned, haunted, spooky old house - a manor-type which looks to have been derelict for decades. There is thick dust everywhere, creaky floorboards, that kind of thing. The house is filled with the smell of lavender.
Source Money Gained Money Spent Running Total
-- -- -- 0
Domains & Religion
Domains: Faith, Radiance, Heroism
As of yet, Eren'ir possesses no marks from any Immortals or Mortalborn. He is largely religiously unaware as a result of his amnesia and therefore has no notable relationships with any Immortals.

A Hero's Burden (Heroism)

As of this thread and post, Toraj has awakened his first ability as Mortal Born.

Though the role of the hero is most often to carry those around him through hopeless and dark times, there's a facet to it that's more raw than simply blind faith in the icons that press forward against impossible odds. That is to carry the scars of his lessers and shield with his body so that those who depend on his charge may carry on and rest their fates on their hero's shoulders, once and for all. Alongside the resilience and countenance of the hero to grant a perhaps greater fortitude in the face of physical injury to push the limits of what he can handle, Toraj's Burden stretches further into those he surrounds himself with. Tapping into the Domain of Heroism, Toraj consciously accepts the Burdens of others and, as a result, makes a vitality exchange of sorts between himself and those who fall under his charge. Washing his body in light to cloak the wounds and scars that appear in his flesh and conceal the Burden from those whose injuries he's stolen, his flesh will be marred with the ailments and wounds of those whom he accepted the Burden of (any number of characters in the present thread) and he will carry them to their conclusion in place of their original victims. Physical wounds, diseases and toxins alike can be exchanged in this manner (and some magical/divine/spiritual afflictions inspired by magics or marks, subject to Storyteller discretion, though it can never remove permanent scars or things like Witchbrands or Mutations) in a one-way trade, where Toraj is unable to share his Burden with others. Though his greater resilience as a result of his Burden will halve the recovery or expiry time (the time it takes for the injury to "run its course") of injuries he's taken in this manner and pushes the limit slightly on how many injuries he can sustain before his body's limit is reached (which would make him perish), they are no less severe than they were for their original victims and he suffers them just the same as they would have. When the injuries are transferred, a golden glow and warmth will envelop the chosen injuries on the bodies of their original victims before, when the glow fades, their flesh will be repaired as if never injured. Likewise, it'll appear on Toraj's body in the same manner, though his entire body will remain aglow with the intensity of a torchlight for as long as he carries the stolen injuries (until they run their course, so to speak). Once he has accepted them and their Burden, he may not return them. When the glow fades and the injuries have run their course, faded scars will rest in their place on Toraj's body. The more these faded scars are overlapped by new ones with further use of this ability, the brighter they get until they start to softly glow on their own, at which point they will be impossible to hide and will cause Toraj physical, permanent pain which escalates steadily if the scars continue to overlap in the same area. This pain could, potentially, become crippling or deadly in the long run.

Toraj may choose to take the Burdens of people he can see, and there's no limit to how many Burdens he can accept at once (aside the limit of his own mortality). The transfer happens almost instantaneously, over the course of a couple of seconds. He can specifically accept a partial Burden if he elects to do so, but will by default take the entirety of another's Burden unless he intends to do otherwise. While already suffering under the Burdens of others, he is able to continue taking further Burdens upon him as far as his vitality allows. While he's suffering under others' Burdens, he will not immediately die from them even if they are severe enough to kill him. Death will be staved off for as long as the glow around him persists, which is until the injuries have all run their course or been tended to in that time, meaning that more serious injuries that would run their course sooner will still have their ultimate fate delayed until the rest of the injuries have all expired. In theory, this would let him continue accepting Burdens in this manner to suffer through them without dying for a very long time so long as he remains under suffrage, but the pain and debilitation of the injuries is unaffected by this improved resilience and borrowed time and would make it close to impossible to continue taking Burdens after a certain point (not to mention the overlapping scars once the glow fades). Injuries can be treated by others in the grace period wherein he suffers these Burdens in order to lessen their impact and save him from death, but at the very least, he will not perish until his Burdens have expired. Though it should go without saying, he can't take immediately lethal injuries, since the victim will likely have already died by the time the injury runs its course and the power is not capable of reversing death, just staving it off for as long as the power is active. Injuries that would result in death within a minute of being sustained are out of the scope of this ability unless the injury would no longer be lethal if only healed partially (by half, effectively) in which case the ability can be used to take up to half of the Burden of that injury. In the case of severed limbs or body parts, they need to be close enough to be reattached magically by the power or they won't be subject to it either (by pressing the severed pieces together, requiring the severed body part to be so freshly removed that it hasn't had a chance to start to die yet--meaning within the first few minutes since it was severed). When the Burden of a lost limb or body part is transferred this way, the wound will appear on Toraj and his own corresponding limb or body part will be separated from him---though, as a result of other facets of this power, the severed limb will not die and decay until the collected Burdens he's suffering have expired, subject to the same glow and supernatural effects as the rest of his body.
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