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Velaine Krome
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Velaine Krome

Sat Jul 29, 2017 2:35 am

Full Title: Lady Titania Velaine Krome
Race: Mixed Race (Half Biqaj, Half Human)
Gender: Female
Age: 22 Arcs
Birthday: 7th Trial of Cylus, Arc 696
Birthplace: Rynmere, Northern Idalos

Current Location: Rynmere, Northern Idalos
Profession: Steward of Northern Krome House
Languages: Common (Fluent), Rakahi (Basic)
Partner: Betrothed to Nathaniel Endor
Sibling: Xander Andaris
Appearance: Velaine embodies nearly everything a noble lady should be in appearance. She is all soft curves and smooth skin, prove of her easy life bathed in wealth. Velaine keeps her body reasonably fit, but she’s not someone to call athletic either. Despite being on the shorter side in regards of her stature, most people might miss it entire for the young woman stands tall and proud, every movement trained and graceful.

It seems like charm runs through her family’s blood, for Velaine is nothing if not beautiful. Her doe eyes often gives her an innocent look, their colors often churning between blue and aquamarine – one of the hints to her Biqaj heritage, along with her silvery blood. With full lips that are often pulled into a sweet smile, the lady turns the heads of men everywhere she goes. The chocolate hair that frames her face is often let down in loose curls or decorated with intricate braids, courtesy to her handmaiden.

While the intricate Venoran-style clothing is all the rage between the nobilities, Velaine had in mind the idea of reinstating Krome’s old values of simplicity. Her house values practicality and so does she. To prove this point, the young woman can often be seen wearing simple, but elegant dresses. The colors she wears are also unflashy, usually favoring muted colors.

Domain Magic Brands

Witchmark – Weaver’s Fingers
Like many Empaths, Velaine gained her lightly scarred hands soon after her initiation into the magic. It consists of near-invisible lines – like countless small paper cuts – all over the pads of her fingers. Should someone get the chance to study them very closely, it is clear that the scars bear the various shades of green and yellow. As the markings are quite obscure, Velaine makes little effort to hide them.

Competency – Admiration Armour
All her life the young woman had craved for recognition and admiration, sick of getting overshadowed by her siblings. Her Spark understood this, twisted her ability to incite admiration into both strength and weakness. Whenever, Velaine is actively using Empathy to inspire admiration in others, she is resistant to being emotionally manipulated by other Empaths with any emotion except admiration. However, while she is doing so, she also can’t influence any other emotion in them. Empaths of the same level or lower are subject to this. Higher level Empaths can break the Armour.


Witchmark – Windblown
Soon after her initiation, Velaine discovered that her long brown hair is forever doomed to look somewhat disheveled. If one paid close enough attention, it is easy to realize that the young woman always looks like the wind had swept across her hair. While windblown hair looks charming on several occasions, it is a rather infuriating trait to have as a noblewoman who is supposed to look put together at all times. No amount of combing can fix it – it will simply return to its windblown state in a matter of bits. Often, Velaine will use intricate braids to tame the mess, but even then strands of hair often slip out and gave her an unkempt look.

Competency – Scentless
As her connection with the wind grows, the element begins an effort to protect the young woman. The air and the wind has ceased to carry her smell entirely. This makes it impossible for Velaine to be tracked or hunted using her scent. Even with perfumes, the Krome will leave no trace of herself in that aspect. Unfortunately, this protection took away something from her too. The wind has also refused to carry scents to her. While she didn’t lose her sense of smell in its entirety, Velaine is forced to get close should she want to get a whiff of something.
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Velaine Krome
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Velaine Krome

Sat Jul 29, 2017 3:31 am

Unlike her brother, Velaine spent her childhood in a dream come true. Coming from one of the wealthiest family in Rynmere, everything she wanted she got. Her parents spoiled and pampered her, believing that one day she might grow up to be someone worthy to marry the king. They didn’t bother spending a great deal on her education, to them she only needed to be groomed into the perfect woman.

Then, Zara came along. Velaine was thrilled with the idea of having a baby sister, but she could not help noticing how her family’s attention shifted away from her. Xander, who had always been so busy with Badon, now never left their little sister’s side. Their parents turned away from her, doting on their new child instead. Needless to say, the young girl soon become jealous. She was angry with her parents, but even more so with her brother. Xander would always put Zara first in her eyes – refusing to play with her because Zara wanted to explore, paying little attention to her whenever the young Krome was around. Some might call the jealousy petty, but it consumed Velaine nevertheless. She wanted things to get back way the way it was.

Unfortunately, some sick god had decided to answer her prayer. At the young age of ten, Zara’s life was ripped away by a mysterious illness. The tragedy hit their family hard. Her parents were busy mourning for their daughter and her brother locked himself away. No one seemed to remember that Zara was sister too and so, the girl wept alone. It took some time for her family to heal and even then, things changed among them. Jersey and Sophia now turned to their heir, using Xander to do their tasks while they did who knows what.

At some point, Velaine simply stopped craving for their attention and began studying the politics of Rynmere. No one seemed to notice that the coddled girl turned into something else while the family was occupied with their newest arrival. She observed the nobles as her family threw lavish balls or get invited to prestigious events. It did not take long for her to realize that the powerful could get whatever they wanted. The girl also noticed how these people were suspicious of each other, fearing that competition might take away what they had.

Slowly but surely, Velaine gained more ambition and kept a clueless façade at the same time. She showed what her parents wanted to see, just a girl eager to find prince charming and be swept off her feet. The young woman would party and gossip and flirt with the handsomest men. She showed no interest of court intrigue in public, while silently watching everyone’s every move. It didn’t take long for Velaine to come into the conclusion that despite Jersey and Sophia’s confidence, they did not have the finesse to gain more power than what they already had. Her father was foolishly cruel to their people, easily gaining their hatred, and her mother was too complacent to do anything about it. They were useless and Velaine knew she could do much better than that.

One day, the young woman realized that she might have played her part far too well. Her parents suddenly decided that Velaine was too carefree and useless for whatever schemes they had in mind and decided to send her away to study about trade and business in Ne’haer. It easily became the best gift her parents had ever given her.

For the first time, the young woman was given a taste of what the world might be like. Velaine did not need to pretend to be a simple girl, exceling through her studies and gaining many friends along the way. It seemed like she had found a place where she was truly wanted, not just a pawn to someone else’s game. She slowly came into her full potential – so much that she had attracted the attention of a mage named Elrik. Velaine, having developed an interest in magic, encouraged his advances and they swiftly became lovers. While the lady did not possess strong feelings for the man, Elrik had truly fallen for her. That made it all the easier for her to convince him to teach her everything he knew about magic.

At first, her family had frequently sent her correspondences, outlining how she could return of home soon once she mastered the art of business and perhaps even get to know some merchants from Ne’haer. Velaine had been careful in wording her replies, wanting to keep her family in the dark regarding her true level of intelligence and her newly acquired magic. Unsurprisingly, the messages came less and less. And with all the madness happening in Rynmere, the letters just stopped coming one day and the lady did not bother seeking them out. Truth be told, Velaine was more than happy to be forgotten. Her proximity with Elrik had made her grow fond of him and she eventually agreed to live with him. She could already imagine spending her entire life right where she was.

Of course, it did not take long until her little paradise was broken and a letter came to her room one night. Now that Xander was marrying and soon will leave their family, Velaine was summoned back home. Truthfully, she had loathed the idea at first – returning to all the intricacies of the Rynmere nobility – but it did not take long for her to realize the opportunity. She was now first in-line to inherit the barony once her parents were gone. With this in mind, the lady decided to abandon Ne’haer and her lover to come back home. No one has any idea that Velaine Krome is coming with magic at her side and with the new law in Rynmere, she will do anything to keep it a secret.

Starter Quest
Revenge is a dish best served cold. Sofia and Jersey have long since zapped whatever healthy relationship you might have offered; but the deeply seeded betrayal of your brother sits heavier on your heart. Not only did he turn his back on you for your younger sister, he has now replaced you for his new wife, Celeste Andaris. The barony might be a nice consolation prize for a secretly intelligent noblewoman such as yourself, but wouldn't it be far more rewarding to see Xander suffer as you have? So continue smiling. Smile until he regains your trust. Then, and only then, will your silence show strength and not weakness.
Velaine puts on the mask that everyone likes to see. Her parents raised her to be someone they can marry off to a powerful man and that’s who she pretends to be. In public, the young woman can often be seen gossiping with her fellow ladies or flirting with attractive men. She seems completely oblivious to the intrigues of the nobility, her attention focused on superficial things. Velaine is often described as friendly and respectable, trained in elegance as most the women were. The nobility often dismisses her as harmless, which is how Velaine likes to keep it. Let them underestimate her until it is far too late.

With the goal of gaining allies in the nobility, some people might catch a glimpse of the sharp-witted, sharp-tongued Krome. Velaine knew that she cannot keep playing the oblivious girl if she is to gain some support. While not claiming to be a mastermind, the young woman is certainly much more intelligent than anyone would have imagined. She has an inborn talent for leadership and organizing, which surfaces very rarely because of the lack opportunities that had been given to her. If there is one thing Velaine is sure of, it is her ability to read people. Whether due to her habit of observing people or her psychological studies, Velaine find it easier for her to discern individuals – whether it was their feelings or motives. This ability of hers is enhanced even more with her initiation into Empathy.

Since she was young, the lady believes with all her heart that power is the only way for her to find happiness. People will turn their attention to her, respect her if she is holding the authority. Velaine had watched Jersey and Sophia wasting the power of their family and believes she can do much better when given the chance. Her time in Ne’haer and learning magic had given her a taste of another sort of power, but her return to Rynmere will no doubt awaken her flaring ambition to take over their family.

Growing up believing that she had no one to rely on, Velaine owed allegiance to no one but herself. The young woman believes that she can only truly trust herself, regarding everyone else with suspicions. They always want something from her and could not careless about her well-being. With such a pessimistic view, it has been difficult for her to make lasting connections. In the lady’s mind anyone in her life will inevitably fail her and she prefers to betray them first than face the hurt that may come with it.

Velaine’s morality can be described as gray… at best. She cannot stand to watch thoughtless cruelty and will act if she believes that the consequences will not be disastrous for her – otherwise, the woman will stay her hand. The young woman will never purposely set out to hurt an innocent, but have no qualms in punishing those who have wronged her. There is, however, one thing for sure: she will do anything to get what she wants.
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Velaine Krome
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Race: Mixed Race
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RP Medals

Velaine Krome

Sat Jul 29, 2017 4:00 am

Skill NamePoints AcquiredTotalKnowledgeProficiency
Deception 5 XP 5/251 10 Novice
Defiance 15 SP + 67 XP 82/251 18 Competent
Discipline 40 XP 40/251 12 Competent
Empathy 20 SP + 2 NH + 78 XP 100/251 26 Expert
Etiquette 3 NH + 10 XP 13/251 18 Novice
Leadership 25 RB 25/251 3 Novice
Meditation 25 XP 25/251 6 Novice
Politics 5 SP + 5 NH + 45 XP 55/251 32 Competent
Psychology [FT] 10 SP + 45 XP 55/100 22 Expert
Skill Ledger
Family +20 20
Meditation -5 15
Discipline -5 10
Psychology -5 5
Politics -5 0
Troubling Nights Ahead +15 15
Defiance -10 5
Empathy -5 0
Chrysalis +15 15
Discipline -5 10
Psychology -5 5
Politics -5 0
Here Goes Nothing +10 10
Empathy -3 7
A Bear in a Wolf's Forest +15 22
Sisters To Be +15 37
Politics -10 27
Psychology -5 22
Don't Step on My Foot +15 37
Empathy -5 32
I'm Spinning Around... +15 47
Politics -10 37
Deception -5 32
Hidden History +15 47
Psychology -15 32
Leap of Faith +10 42
Defiance -42 0
Memento +15 15
Defiance -10 5
Empathy -5 0
Black and Blue +15 15
Meditation -10 5
Discipline -5 0
The Pyre Of The King +20 20
Empathy -20 0
Between the Roses +15 15
Politics -15 0
All Falls Down +15 15
Empathy -15 0
Busted +15 15
Discipline -10 5
Meditation -5 0
Into the Pits +15 15
Empathy -10 5
Defiance -5 0
A Graciuos Host +15 15
Etiquette -10 5
Meditation -5 0
Similar but Not the Same +15 15
Empathy -15 0
The Ballad of Jersey Krome +15 15
Discipline -15 0


Defiance: Deference Gives You Resistance (SP)
Defiance: The Elements Have Soothing Effects
Defiance: Temporary Resistance to the Cold
Defiance: Going Shoeless Helps
Defiance: Calling to See What the Elements Are Seeing
Defiance: Calling the Earth to Look for Someone
Defiance: Have Faith in the Elements
Defiance: Letting the Water Embrace You
Defiance: The Spark is Inside You
Defiance: Air is the Element of Freedom
Defiance: Sensing Air Currents
Defiance: Makes the Elements More Vivid
Defiance: Recalling the Characteristics of Fire to Summon It
Defiance: Summoning Fire from Nothing
Defiance: Focusing on Magic While Getting Pissed Off
Defiance: Reaching For Your Spark
Defiance: Combining Magic with Fighting
Defiance: Using the Earth to Hold Your Ground
Empathy: Using Strum to Enhance a Single Emotion (SP)
Empathy: Not Always Needed to Control a Man (NH)
Empathy: Initiated by Elrik (NH)
Empathy: Slate Blue as Sympathy
Empathy: Tangerine as Worry
Empathy: Knotting to Bury Emotions
Empathy: Usage During Conversations
Empathy: Touch to Strengthen
Empathy: Flaxen Yellow as Fear
Empathy: Tapestry to Investigate Causes
Empathy: Be Aware of Your Eye Contact Duration
Empathy: Hem to Block Off Emotions Temporarily
Empathy: Steel Blue of Grief
Empathy: Scarlet Red of Anger
Empathy: Don't Attract Suspicions
Empathy: More Reliable Method of Controlling Your Emootions
Empathy: Knotting Away Anxieties
Empathy: Pushing Emotions Deep
Empathy: Lack of mediation can lead to lost control
Empathy: The colours of fear and hate
Empathy: Touch Makes the Strands Brighter
Empathy: Noticing When Someone Tries To Read You
Empathy: Recognizing Another Empath
Empathy: Managing Strings of Fear
Empathy: Quilting Is Important To Ward Off Unwanted Visitors
Empathy: Avoiding Eye Contact So Empathy Doesn’t Work On You
Empathy: Pulsing Strings of Annoyance


Psychology: Basics of Behavioral Psychology (SP)
Psychology: Manipulating Sympathy
Psychology: Using a Common Enemy
Psychology: Reading the Mother and Son Relationship
Psychology: Alcohol Dulls Your Mind
Psychology: Extreme Fear Leads to Paranoia
Psychology: Symptoms of Paranoia
Psychology: Riling Someone Up
Psychology: When Someone Snaps
Psychology: Noting When Someone Avoids a Question
Psychology: Words Can Wound
Psychology: Importance of Letting Someone Speak Up
Psychology: Deflecting a Question
Psychology: Basing Lies on Truths
Psychology: Using Touch to Reassure Someone
Psychology: Difficult to Apply On Somoeone You Are Invested In
Psychology: Dealing With Grief
Psychology: Trying To Make the Mood Lighter
Psychology: Feelings Are Confusing and Maddening
Psychology: Building Walls to Prevent the Pain
Psychology: Love Makes You Vulnerable
Psychology: Secrets Can Destroy Relationships
Politics: Nobility is Full of Intrigues and Secrets (SP)
Politics: Pushing Aside Your Needs for the Family
Politics: Improvising during Negotiations
Politics: Nel for Marriage
Politics: Being Blunt Works Too
Politics: Knowing When to Back Down
Politics: Joining of House Krome and House Endor
Politics: Trust No One
Politics: Don’t Forget the Treacheries of Nobility
Politics: House Krome and House Andaris Joined Through Marriage
Politics: Need All the Help You Can Get
Politics: Everyone is Out for Themselves
Politics: Prepare for the Betrayals
Politics: Keeping in the Good Graces of Your Future Mother-in-Law
Politics: Considering All the Options
Politics: Endor or Krome?
Politics: Controlling Krome by Being Duchess Endor
Politics: Trust is Difficult
Politics: Love Complicates Arranged Marriages
Politics: People Look Up to the Men
Politics: Being A Noblewoman is Tricky
Politics: Don't Say Your Betrothed Is Intimidating
Politics: Family as Back Up
Politics: Servants Can Be A Source of Information
Politics: Purple is The Color of Gawyne
Politics: Nobles Love Gossips
Politics: Making Sure The Good Impressions Last
Politics: Small Talks are Important
Politics: Knowing When to Stay Out of Things
Politics: Venorans Have Lavish Taste
Politics: Krome is Still Indebted to Venora
Politics: Donating to Charity
Deception: Pretending to be Innocent
Deception: Playing Ignorance to Keep Up Appearance
Deception: Making Up Excuses
Deception: Making Men Fall For You to Control Them
Deception: Showing Vulnerability
Deception: Choose Your Words Carefully
Deception: Keeping Secrets from a Lover
Deception: Lying to Keep Up Reputations
Deception: Coming Up With a Fake Name
Deception: Pretending To Be Lovers
Persuasion: Asking for Someone's Help
Etiquette: The Dress Makes the Woman (NH)
Etiquette: Playing the Proper Noblewoman
Etiquette: Excusing Yourself Before Getting Too Intoxicated
Etiquette: Covering Yourself from Your Betrothed’s View
Etiquette: Inappropriate to Kiss a Man You Barely Know
Etiquette: Addressing a Baroness
Etiquette: Apologizing for the Wrong Dresscode
Etiquette: Sleeping Together Without Actually Sleeping Together
Etiquette: Executing a Proper Curtsy
Etiquette: There’s Nothing Wrong with a Little Display of Affection
Etiquette: Greeting Another Noblewoman
Etiquette: Discretely Chastising Your Partner for Inappropriate Behavior
Etiquette: Alcohol Make Men Say Stupid Things
Etiquette: Greeting the Host of a Party
Etiquette: Accepting an Offered Drink
Etiquette: Replying to a Compliment
Etiquette: Greeting a Sergeant
Etiquette: Not Interrupting Ongoing Conversations
Etiquette: Keeping Your Best Behavior
Leadership: Delegating Work to Others (SP)
Leadership: Taking Your Marriage Negotiations in Your Own Hands
Leadership: Standing Up to Your Mother
Discipline: Composing Yourself in the Face of Anxiety
Discipline: Unflinching Before an Intimidating Man
Discipline: Don’t Look Intimidated
Discipline: Drown and Don’t Panic
Discipline: Keep Your Face Neutral and Calm
Discipline: Wait For the Right Time
Discipline: Restraining Your Worries
Discipline: Breaking Off a Kiss to Talk
Discipline: Stop Overthinking
Discipline: Staying the course even though you don’t want to
Discipline: Watching someone burn alive
Discipline: Don’t Break Down Yet
Discipline: Knowing When to Stop Drinking
Meditation: To Calm Emotions
Meditation: Focus On Your Breathing
Meditation: Sink Into the Darkness
Meditation: Ignore the Crowd, Focus On Your Opponent
Meditation: Stilling Your Mind
Meditation: Pushing Away Excessive Worries
Seduction: Kiss as an Answer
Seduction: The Press of Two Bodies Against Each Other
Seduction: Teasing Your Partner
Seduction: Playing Hard to Get
Seduction: A Deeper Kiss For A Deeper Relationship
Seduction: Letting Your Lover Take the Lead
Seduction: Using One Word To Convey Interest
Detection: Watching Others at Parties (NH)
Detection: Noticing When Someone Lost Interest
Detection: Biqaj Eyes Shift Colors to Show Emotions
Acting: Pretending to be a Commoner
Cooking: The smell of human flesh cooking
Endurance: Being overwhelmed by your senses
Endurance: Withstanding the Cylus chill
Dancing: The Waltz
Dancing: The Waltz Hand Positions
Dancing: The Waltz Foot Pattern
Dancing: The Two Step
Medicine: Ice to Soothe Pain
Research: Going to the Library
Research: How Books in Libraries are Arranged
Research: Looking for Historical Records
Research: Sorting For Relevant Information
Research: Gawyne's are Good Record Keepers
Rhetoric: Contemplating the actions of others
Stealth: Sneaking Away in the Middle of the Night
Strength: Trying to stand your ground against the crowd
Socialization: Questioning another’s friendships
Sociology: The effects of a mob mentality
Sociology: Group efforts to turn the tide
Tracking: Following Footprints
Unarmed Combat: Go For the Eyes
Unarmed Combat: Using Arms to Shield Your Face


House Krome: Fighting Pits Hidden as Villages
House Krome: Plagued by Mysterious Disappearances
House Krome: Going Through a Financial Crisis
House Krome: Will Suffer Due to Incompetent Rulers
House Endor: Solution to Krome’s Problems
House Endor: Offers Nel for Your Hand in Marriage
House Endor: Brutal Mines
House Endor: Uses Criminals as Miners


Nathaniel Endor
Nathaniel Endor: Not Unlike a Bear
Nathaniel Endor: Foreman
Nathaniel Endor: Scarred Hands
Nathaniel Endor: Thinks You’re Unique
Nathaniel Endor: Your Betrothed
Nathaniel Endor: Future Husband
Nathaniel Endor: Wields a Spear
Nathaniel Endor: Nearly Speared You
Nathaniel Endor: Ogling You
Nathaniel Endor: Wasn’t As Gentlemanly
Nathaniel Endor: Snaps at Being Called Brute
Nathaniel Endor: Wants Your Fire
Nathaniel Endor: First Kiss in the Forest
Nathaniel Endor: Can't Dance
Nathaniel Endor: Invites You to Endor
Nathaniel Endor: Wants You
Nathaniel Endor: Gentleman in Public, Not So Much in Private
Nathaniel Endor: Dominating When He Wants Something
Nathaniel Endor: Knows When to Back Down
Nathaniel Endor: Keeps You on Your Toes
Nathaniel Endor: Uninterested in Noble Small Talks
Nathaniel Endor: Probably Won't Get Along With Valeria
Nathaniel Endor: Been With More Women Than He Could Count
Nathaniel Endor: More Sensitive Than You Expected
Nathaniel Endor: Thinks Ruling Endor Is Best
Nathaniel Endor: Far Too Kind
Nathaniel Endor: Has a Dangerous Job
Nathaniel Endor: Can Be Vulnerable
Nathaniel Endor: Cares About His Men
Nathaniel Endor: Says You Are a Woman He Loves
Nathaniel Endor: Promises Never To Leave You
Nathaniel Endor: Has Power Over You
Nathaniel Endor: Spent a Night Together
Nathaniel Endor: Can Be Stupid While Drunk
Nathaniel Endor: Friends With Caius
Nathaniel Endor: Makes You Feel Unbalanced
Nathaniel Endor: Doesn’t Get Along With Xander
House Krome
Sophia Krome: Eager to Marry You Off
Jersey Krome: Wrapped in Fear
Jersey Krome: Spiraling into Madness
Jersey Krome: Locks Himself in the Study and Does Nothing
Jersey Krome: Thinks You're Useless
House Endor
Maderson Endor: Fond of Her Son
Maderson Endor: Overreacts for No Reason
Maderson Endor: Possessive of Her Son
Marshal Jeev: Nathaniel’s Right Hand Man
Marshal Jeev: Manservant of House Endor
Nadia Harwyn: Gift from Caius Gawyne
Nadia Harwyn: Master Mine Architect
House Andaris
Celeste Andaris: Xander’s Bride
Celeste Andaris: Baroness of Astedia
Celeste Andaris: Conquered Xander’s Unconquerable Heart
Celeste Andaris: Pregnant
Celeste Andaris: Very Pregnant
Celeste Andaris: May Birth Twins
Celeste Andaris: Was Engaged to Alistair Venora
Celeste Andaris: Shrewd Politician
Celeste Andaris: Curious about Your Betrothed
Xander Andaris: Doesn’t Get Along With Nate
House Burhan
Valeria Burhan: An Old Acquaintance
Valeria Burhan: Still Unattached
Valeria Burhan: Upset When Discussing About Partners
Valeria Burhan: Probably Won't Get Along With Nathaniel
House Gawyne
Caius: From Umbridge, Gawyne
Caius: Rynmere University Student
Caius: Also A Student in Viden
Caius: Wants to Find The Labyrinth
Caius Gawyne: An Actual Noble
Caius Gawyne: In a Relationship with Darcyanna Venora
Caius Gawyne: Friends With Nate
House Venora
Darcyanna Venora: Sister of Oliver Venora
Darcyanna Venora: In a Relationship with Caius Gawyne
Oliver Venora: Almost Became Your Betrothed
Oliver Venora: An Astute Politician
Oliver Venora: In a Relationship with Charlotte Warrick
House Warrick
Charlotte Warrick: In a Relationship with Oliver Venora
Charlotte Warrick: Sergeant in the Skyriders
Elrik Brannan
Elrik Brannan: Overly Concerned
Elrik Brannan: Has Water as Kin Element
Elrik Brannan: Initiated You Into Defiance
Cormag: Trustworthy or Not?
Cormag: Servant By Day, Fighter By Night
Tengre: In Charge of the Pits
Tengre: Has an Ulterior Motive


Location: Ne'haer (NH)
Location: Region of Krome (NH)
Endor Mines: Violence and Fighting Are Not Uncommon
Endor Mines: Dangerous Place
Endor Mines: Plagued by Fear Feeders
Endor Mines: Lost Nine Men in Two Seasons
Endor Mines: May Be in Trouble?
Fear Feeders: Has Noxious Gas
Fear Feeders: Can Cause Hallucination
NPC: Sara Dj'pyri – Mage (Deceased)
Mage Burning of Cylus, 718
Rynmere: Labyrinth Underground
Rynmere: Labyrinth Entrance in Warren's Peak
ThreadsPoints AcquiredTotal
Starting Race +10 10
Starting City Race +10 20
Starting Job: Steward +10 30
Starting Noble +50 80
Noble Betrothal +5 85
A Gracious Host +5 90
Busted +5 95
Soiree +5 100
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RP Medals

Velaine Krome

Sat Jul 29, 2017 4:20 am



For Daily Wear
  • Lacy Undergarments
  • Underdress
  • Overdress
  • Corset
  • Stockings
  • Flat Shoes
For Evenings
  • Lacy Undergarments
  • Nightgown
  • Robes
  • Socks
  • Slippers
For Parties
  • Lacy Undergarments
  • Corset
  • Gown
  • Stockings
  • Cloak
  • High-Heeled Shoes
For Journeys
  • Plain Undergarments
  • Shirt
  • Corset
  • Pants
  • Cloak
  • Boots


  • Silver Necklace
  • Silver Earrings
  • Silver Armband


  • Toiletries
    • Soap
    • Hairbrush
    • Razor
    • Toothbrush
    • Toothpaste
  • One waterskin
  • Two sets of eating utensils
  • Tinderbox

Prized Possession

Just before she decided to return to Rynmere, a stray dog wandered in front of her house. It was a small, wolf-like dog with soft fur. After a few trials of trying to find its owner, Velaine finally decided to take the poor thing in. The young woman instantly falls in love with the tiny creature and named it Chrome. A part of her liked to think the Chrome’s arrival had been a sign of some kind, a reminder that she was a lady from House Krome – a wolf, first and foremost. The small canine can be seen dutifully following Velaine wherever she goes around the house.


Velaine is currently staying at Northern Krome House with her family. She has a bedroom on the upper level. The room is as expected for a noble lady, with its tall windows and wooden floors. Inside, one can see a well-made bed, a wardrobe filled with all sorts of garments, a vanity table, a loveseat, and a fireplace.
Family Estate Perks
  • Access to a carriage. Any other mount must be bought or approved to start with by a moderator.
  • Access to up to four full outfits of clothing.
  • Access to a range of servants who will meet the pc's requests (as long as they are not illegal or of a political nature. Please use common sense here.)
  • Access to tutors / trainers in appropriate subjects / disciplines. If in doubt, drop a Ryn mod a pm.
Starting Package +100 GN 100 GN
Silver Earrings -2 GN 98 GN
Silver Armband -4 GN 94 GN
Silver Necklace -5 GN 89 GN
Vhalar 717 Wage +246 GN 335 GN
Velvet Dress -40 GN 295 GN
Vhalar 717 NPC -10 GN 285 GN
Zi'da 717 NPC -10 GN 275 GN
Zida 717 Wage +795.1 GN 1070.1 GN
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Velaine Krome

Sat Jul 29, 2017 4:39 am

DateThread TitleStatus
10th of Ashan, 711 First Impressions In Progress
7th of Cylus, 712 Unlikely Friendship In Progress
83rd of Ymiden, 717 Estranged Finished
1st of Saun, 717 Sisters To Be Graded
1st of Saun, 717 Family Graded
10th of Saun, 717 Here Goes Nothing Graded
13th of Saun, 717 A Deal Well Made In Progress
25th of Saun, 717 Runt of the Litter Abandoned
34th of Saun, 717 The King of Hearts In Progress
4th of Vhalar, 717 Hidden History Graded
17th of Vhalar, 717 Troubling Nights Ahead Graded
29th of Vhalar, 717 Into the Pits In Progress
62nd of Vhalar, 717 Middle Ground In Progress
70th of Vhalar, 717 Chrysalis Graded
71st of Vhalar, 717 A Bear in a Wolf’s Forest Graded
75th of Vhalar, 717 Don’t Step on My Foot Graded
76th of Vhalar, 717 Contingency In Progress
101st of Vhalar, 717 Ellipsism In Progress
22nd of Zi’da, 717 Life’s a Ride In Progress
46th of Zi’da, 717 Between the Roses Graded
49th of Zi’da, 717 A Gracious Host In Progress
49th of Zi’da, 717 I’m Spinning Around... Graded
50th of Zi’da, 717 Memento Graded
62nd of Zi’da, 717 Similar but Not the Same In Progress
63rd of Zi’da, 717 Black and Blue Graded
64th of Zi’da, 717 Pillow Talk and Duchy Tours In Progress
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Velaine Krome
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Velaine Krome

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Xander Andaris

Jersey Krome

Sophia Krome

Elrik Brannan

Basic Information
Name: Elrik Brannan
Race: Human
Age: 25
Date of Birth: 83rd of Ymiden, Arc 692
Relation to Velaine: Former Lover and Arcane Mentor

Empathy – 30
Defiance – 30
Meditation – 10
Discipline – 10
Intelligence – 10
Teaching – 10
When standing in a crowd, Elrik is not someone easily missed. He stands tall at 6’2 with wide shoulders and an aura of confidence that is difficult to ignore. The mage often sports a careless look about him, with messy blonde hair and an ever present shadow of a beard accentuating his strong jaw. Everyone always says that he has brown eyes that seems to stare into one’s soul. Despite spending most of his time in practicing magic, Elrik is solidly built and athletic – believing that a strong physique helps him in withstanding and controlling the elements.
One might expect that a man like him is cocky, but that is far from the truth. A conversation or two with the man will reveal that Elrik is actually grounded and more than a little humble. The man seems to master the art of socializing, knowing precisely what to say, what to do. He is courteous and kind, but rarely starts a conversation – unless it was important. While the young man can mingle well in crowds, he seemed content keeping to himself most of the time. Hence, Elrik often comes off as a little distant, rarely ever letting people get to know him well. Most people would only realize later that during their conversations, the mage would turn personal questions back to them.

However, the lucky ones who had the chance to gain a tighter relationship with the man will find that Elrik is fiercely loyal and caring. He dedicates every part of himself for someone he cares about. It is near impossible not to trust the man once you get to know him better. He will defend and become stubborn when it comes to well-being of the people around him – often bordering on overprotective. This tendency also manifests as the bit to repress his feelings for the sake of a loved one, driven by the need to put them first.
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