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 ! Message from: Pegasus
Anos is now an NPC Mortal Born. Please see the Mortal Born Guide for more information!

Age:19 | Race: Mortal Born, Son of Vri/Human| Height: 6’6” | Weight: 220lbs

Mortal Born Approval: Link
Broken Languages: Draketh

Conversational Languages:

Fluent Languages: Common

Date of Birth: 1 Cylus 698

Factions or Guilds Positive Relations: None

Factions or Guilds Negative Relations: Moseke’s Knights

Short Term Goals: Escape Notice, Find out who I am

Long Term Goals: Become someone who can protect others

Face Claim: Heath Hutchins

Anos is a tall man with broad shoulders, but looks slim due to his height. His blonde hair is a kept short on the sides, but as it gets longer the slight wave it has becomes more obvious. His eyes are bright blue and piercing, set deep with slightly overhanging brows. His face is narrow, and he prefers to wear a few trials stubble when he can.

He has inherited two of his father’s most notable features; his height and his eyes. Though the eyes are not yellow, they have the same mesmerizing, dancing quality. His frame is identical to that of his father, though he stands several inches taller. He often wears light chainmail or no armor at all, eschewing the heavier plate armor of the senior knights. He prefers simple clothing over ornate, and rarely wears anything brightly coloured. For the most part, he enjoys the anonymity of wearing work clothes.
Personality Table
Primary Motivator Benevolence/Protection
Emotional Disposition Curious
Moodiness Labile
Impulsiveness Spontaneous
Boldness Intrepid
Agreeableness Agreeable
Outlook Overly Optimistic
Integrity Conscientious
Conformity Conventional
Interactivity Engaging
Anos lives to make other people’s lives better. As a child he was raised in an orphanage and saw selfish acts daily. Observing the ripple effect that had on those around him, Anos decided that he would try and right the wrongs of the world. This is his primary motivation- to help those who cannot protect themselves.

In his trial-to-trial life, Anos is curious. The world holds so much diversity that he cannot help but be fascinated by it. Going along with that, Anos is very trusting and naive. From a young age he was quick to open up, and easily makes friends, often seen laughing and having a good time. Despite this, Anos is very unsure of himself around girls. He experienced the hormones and emotions that go along with maturing without anyone to help him through it, and as such has never even kissed a girl.

Sometimes Anos forgets that the whole world doesn’t use the same moral code he does, and he gets burned by a deal gone wrong or by trusting the wrong person. He refuses to let that cloud his view and strives to do better.

His default is to be impulsive, though he can force himself to slow down and plan, when need be. His mood is mercurial- rarely does he find bad events sticking around in his mind for too long.

Anos knows little of his history, though bits and pieces have been given to him through various sources over his life.

He knows he was born in Andaris to a woman named Hailey, though no last name was ever given. From all accounts the woman was alone in the city, destitute. The contractions started unexpectedly in the middle of the night and no one noticed her huddled on the street for several breaks. By the time they brought her in, she was barely conscious and bleeding heavily. She insisted they save her baby, but died before she could even see him.

For just over the next dozen arcs, Anos lived in the orphanage. Most of the time it wasn’t terrible; he was given a bed, some personal belongings and two meals a trial. Anos often fantasized about his father, picturing him arriving one trial in a fanfare of trumpets (of course he was major nobility), sweeping Anos up in his arms, having just discovered the location of his one, true son.

Needless to say that never happened.

Instead Anos had a typical childhood for the orphanage; he was shown to prospective parents many times, but the older he got, the fewer and fewer people were interested in him. It didn’t help that he grew remarkably fast for a boy of his age, and appeared to be fifteen at ten. His gangly limbs and terrible acne scared off many parents and he resigned himself to never having a family outside of orphanage.

The orphanage had its share of bullies. Three of the older boys liked to pick on the younger ones, forcing them to do their chores of sleep in their bed. The sobs of those chosen echoed at night, terrifying those who had yet to be taken.

It was one trial when offhand comments from one of his friends made Anos realize he was the same size as the bullies. Several trials comprised of moments of courage, followed by cowardice and self-loathing later, Anos forced himself to stand up to them. Knees shaking, he looked them in their eyes and told them to leave the younger kids alone.

He went to bed that night with bruises covering his body listening to the heavy breathing in his ear, trying to relax as his body cried out in pain. The next trial Anos forced himself to stand up again, and nearly died. He spent several trials in the infirmary, an itch beneath the surface of his skin nearly driving him mad with the need to stop the bullies. When at last he was released, Anos wasted no time trying to stop them.

They were more careful from then on- Anos appearing too often in the infirmary would raise too much suspicion. He was bruised, kicked, spit on and punched more times than he could count, but he didn’t stop trying. Several of the smaller kids attempted to fight back, Anos’s example empowering them, but things went even worse for them.

There was no happy ending for Anos, no moment where he broke through to the bullies and made them stop. The boys simply became too old for the orphanage and were kicked out onto the streets. The first few weeks after, all the boys walked on eggshells, the freedom unfamiliar and eerily relaxing.

Several of the larger boys attempted to start doing the same thing, but Anos crushed it before it began; his extreme size and willingness to fight meant not many wanted to tangle with him.

Anos discovered an owl’s nest about this time, and would creep up to the attic to watch them late at night. He saw the chicks crack their eggs and appear, their mother standing close by, guarding them from him with a fierce look in her eye. He found relaxation there, watching the animals live their life.

Half a dozen trials later, he saw a group of boys throwing rocks at a shape on the road, and when he investigated, he saw the body of the mother owl, two of her three chicks dead on the ground beside her. His rage was incredible, and he beat the boys soundly. He made his way up to the nest and found the last baby, somehow still alive. Over the next few arcs he raised the owl, training it and forming a close bond in secret, stealing away bits of his food when he could. Cassander, he called him, after the King who didn’t seem to care.

The last few arcs at the orphanage were filled with light and joy for Anos, and he watched as many of the bullied boys came out of their shells and began to excel at school and become social.

When he was fifteen, Anos was kicked out. He immediately joined Moseke’s Knights as a squire. Anos hated intimate physical touching with a passion, and during this time he made many acquaintances, but never had any romantic interests.

Their training was tough and he went to be more often than not with tired arms and legs, not to mention countless bruises. They were a small price to pay, and whnever Anos found it getting too much he would hide away with Cassander and just breathe. Most of his class loved the idea of swordfighting, but for some reason it never appealed to the otherwise stereotypical Anos. He had always preferred polearms, and loved the way the staff and the blade could both be used as weapons.

Anos, at age 18, was almost ready to become a Knight. His instructors were hopeful that he was prepared, and as the seasons passed he grew more and more antsy. Late in Vhalar, they sent Anos out on his first patrol with a Steward that had taken special notice of him, when the event that would change his life happened. Anos and the Steward were chasing a thief through an alley when the thief turned and threw a set of bolas at them. The two collapsed in a heap, Anos on top.
Inches from his face, eyes locked, Anos felt something rear up inside of him, and a vision took over. He saw through the Steward’s eyes as he slit a man’s throat in a dark alley, then the scene blurred and was replaced by another location, another corpse. Death after death, all committed with that man’s hands. His body and mind reacted before conscious thought could take over; Anos drew his dagger and slit his Steward’s throat.

The effect of the vision faded and realization crept over him, though curiously no regret.

Carefully, Anos stripped his Steward. The friendliness and camaraderie that he shared with the man was gone, shattered by the realization of what he had seen. His illusion of the inherent goodness of the Knights was gone, and with it any chance he had of joining the Knights. He didn’t question the truth of what he had seen for a moment- the scenes had been far too real. He donned the chain mail and pulled his livery on, discarding his Steward’s bloodstained garbs.

He ran faster than he ever had before, tearing back into the barracks. Thankfully, no one was around to question him as he threw his meager belongings in a bag, pausing briefly to grab Cassander. The grumpy owl hooted his impatience with Anos, but there was no time for that. Anos forced himself to a walk as he entered the stables and ordered a horse saddled and brought to him. As soon as he was out of sight of the headquarters, he leapt atop the animal and forced it to a run.

At the docks, he purchased travel on a ship that was leaving that break. He watched the city disappear in the background, thinking over what had happened. Somehow, he knew what he could suddenly do, things that shouldn’t be possible.

For several trials, Anos stayed in his small room in the bow of the ship, puzzling over what he had seen. At last, Anos determined that he must be a mage- those were the only ones he had ever heard of who had power like he did.

After realizing that, self-loathing overwhelmed Anos at his actions. Late at night after far too many bottles of alcohol, Anos made a pact to Vhalar, Lord of Oaths. He would find out what he was, and he would control it. Never again would he use a blade. He sold off all his bladed weapons, refusing to use them, and purchased a staff. It was close to what he had trained with before, and he spent most of the time on the ship practicing with it. The men aboard the boat could tell he was a deserter, but Anos cared not. Let them judge him. He was moving on.

Nothing at the moment
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Knowledge & Skills
SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Polearms (Bo Staff) (FT)30/100 (30/100)Competent
Unarmed Combat (Grappling)30/100 (35/251)Competent
Meditation25/100 (25/251) Novice
Mount23/100 (23/251)Novice
Animal Husbandry3/100(3/251)Novice

Main Skills


Polearms (9)
Polearms: Blunt End to Deter
Polearms: Bladed End to Kill
(Bo Staff)
Polearms (Bo Staff): Using Both Ends of Staff
Polearms (Bo Staff): Parry with a Sidestep
Polearms (Bo Staff): Downthrust to the Head
Pole Arm (Bo Staff): Using as a counterbalance to ensure fluid movements
Pole Arm (Bo Staff): Keep moving to keep momentum of swing
Pole Arm (Bo Staff): Basic defence moves
Pole Arm (Bo Staff): Swinging to clobber.

Unarmed Combat (6)
Unarmed Combat: Mailed Fists Add Weight to Punches
Unarmed Combat: Body roll to dodge
Unarmed Combat: Throw from the hips
Unarmed Combat: Leaping dodge
Unarmed Combat: Shoulder lock
Unarmed Combat (Grappling): A Basic Throw

Investigation (6)
Investigation: Working out handedness based on body movements.
Investigation: Identifying skill level dependent on fluidity of movements.
Investigation: Patterns in movement can be 'tells'.
Investigation: Remembering your Past Steps.
Investigation: Asking the right Questions.
Investigation: Hazards: Chasing Criminals is Dangerous

Field Craft (4)
Field Craft: Chainmail is Not Cold Weather Gear
Field Craft: Learning to Adapt to Greatly Increased Snowfall
Fieldcraft: Chopping wood
Fieldcraft: Sawing wood

Meditation (1)
Meditation: Calmed by Watching an Animal

Other Skills

Alchemy (1)
Alchemy: Is Like Chemistry

Appraisal (1)
Appraisal: Determining how often tools have been used.

Animal Husbandry (2)
Animal Husbandry (Owl): Owls eat small rodents (RM)
Animal Husbandry (Owl): Owls are nocturnal creatures (RM)

Deception (3)
Deception: "Concussion" Would Have Explained Odd Behavior
Deception: Neither Confirming nor Denying Steward Rank
Deception: The Classic "On Vacation" Excuse

Detection (9)
Detection: The Behavior of a Man Looking for Information
Detection: The Smell of Burning Drugs
Detection: The Tactics of a Pickpocket
Detection: Spotting wear and tear on tools
Detection: Hidden weapons.
Detection: Identifying dominance of one side over another
Detection: Spotting fluidity of another's movements
Detection: Some movements have pre-emptive "tells"
Detection: Spotting the loss of someone’s Humanity.

Disguise (1)
Disguise: What you hold in your Hand is as Important as what you Wear.

Empathy (1)
Empathy: Somewhat Like Control

Endurance (7)
Endurance: How to endure the pain of fresh bruises (RM)
Endurance: All physical pain has an expiry date (RM)
Endurance: Lasts Long Enough to Survive
Endurance: Manual labour requires you to pace yourself
Endurance: Muscle pain
Endurance: Your Body has been Through A lot of Pain.
Endurance: You Got Moving Despite your Wounds.

Etiquette (4)
Etiquette: Wait your turn
Etiquette: Medallions sometimes have Great Meaning
Etiquette: Closing a door behind you
Etiquette: Showing polite interest

Intimidation (1)
Intimidation: A baleful glare.

Leadership (2)
Leadership: Leaders take action (RM)
Leadership: A good leader looks after their followers before themselves (RM)

Medicine (1)
Medicine: First Aid with Available Materials

Navigation (1)
Navigation: Learning the Locations of Scalvoris

Negotiation (3)
Negotiation: Offering help for lodging
Negotiation: Listing jobs you'd be useful at
Negotiation: Maybe ask to see the merchandise before sealing the deal.

Physics (1)
Physics: Includes study of mechanics, heat, light, sound, magnetism, and structure

Psychology (3)
Psychology: Child Abuse is Often a Rage Trigger
Psychology: Effects of Fear
Psychology: How a Sadistic Killer Torments his Victims.

Resistance (2)
Resistance: Resisting Screaming when Tortured.
Resistance: You’ve Experienced Sadism before.

Rhetoric (1)
Rhetoric: Leg-up / Ithecal Joke

Strength (2)
Strength: Repetition can build muscles
Strength: Trying to Pull Free From your Bindings.

Tactics (3)
Tactics: Don't relax on duty, that's what bad stuff happens.
Tactics: Press your advantage
Tactics: Noticing patterns in your opponent

Torture (3)
Torture: How Words can be an Effective Primer.
Torture: How they Play with their Victims.
Torture: How they take it Slowly to Increase the Effective Terror.

Trap-Making (1)
Trap Making: A Pitch-Black Room is an Excellent Start


Location: Andaris
Rynmere: The Iron Hand (RM)
Andaris: Military Protocol
Location: Scalvoris
Scalvoris Location: Immortal's Tongue
Scalvoris Location: The Spirit of Adventure Store
Scalvoris: Affected by the Mist
Scalvoris: Many Foreigners Arriving
Location: Scalvoris: Almund
Location: Sapphire Inn, Almund.
Scalvoris: Well weird weather
Location: Scholars Nook
Scholars Nook: Owner Flea
Scholars Nook: Full of students
Scholars Nook: Book Exchange System
Location: Order of Adunih


NPC: Angela: Niece of Adventuring Supplies Shop Owner
Angela: Very Slick Pickpocket
PC: Atashi: Ithecal Militiaman
Race: Ithecal
PC: Niv: Tunawa
Niv: A Tunawa
Niv: Studying Chemistry at the University
Niv: Works for order of Adunih
Niv: Thinks you have a supernatural illness
Race: Tunawa
Tunawa: Small Race
Rose Lefleur (NPC): Librarian
Trisha Cunningworth (NPC): Captive
NPC: Jerris: The Sapphire Inn, Almund
NPC: Dirge: The Sapphire Inn, Almund
NPC: Dirge: Offered you a job, delivering medicine
NPC Su’an: You owe Su’an your life and perhaps more than that.
NPC Jake: The torturer was restrained by you and Su’an
Faith and Padraig: A couple
Faith: Makes you nervous
Faith: Meets people from her dreams
Faith: Works for order of Adunih
Faith: Student of Medicine
Faith: Direct in her attempt to treat you
Padraig: Student of physics.
Padraig: University focused
Amaris: Part Sev’ryn
Amaris: Hopes to start at the University
Intelligentsia: Collaborative Scholars
Intelligentsia: Groups choose a seasonal research topic


Self: Special Abilities
MB: Angel of Death: Two Foes at Once Causes Disorientation
MB: Echoes of the Past: Use With Discretion
MB: Eyes of Judgement: Brief Looks Will Not Trigger
MB: Eyes of Judgement: Concern About Atashi's Touch
Eyes of Justice: Gives you a Headache and a Shock.


Faction: The Elements and their Flame Assistant did you a Big Favor.
Immortals Vri: You knew him then as Death and Sadness.
Mushrooms: Could cause visions
Psinia seed: Can cause strange feelings
Magic: Alchemy
Magic: Cant be Learnt from a Book
Magic: Empathy
Skill Point/Fame Ledger
ThreadPoints AwardedSpent OnFame AwardedNet Fame
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants15/1515-Detection--6
What Good is a Rescuer who Becomes a Victim10/1510-Endurance+4-6
Slow on the Take10/157-Investigation, 3-Mount+4-10
So Much for Honesty10/1510-Unarmed Combat+4-14
What did I stumble Into?15/1515-Investigation+3-18
Begin Again15/155-Investigation, 10-Meditation--21
Long Road to Ruin15/155-Polearms,10 Mount +9-21
Approval Rewards124-Leadership, 5-Endurance, 3- Animal Husbandry-10-30
Racial Bonus 25 25- Unarmed Combat - -
Starting Package 50 25- Polearms, 10-Mount, 15-Meditation -20 -20
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Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze into the abyss long enough, the abyss will gaze back into you
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Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze into the abyss long enough, the abyss will gaze back into you
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Eyes of Judgment
The Mortal Born can call up Judgment to their eyes when in close quarters or contact with someone. This allows them to see an instantaneous vision of the person’s darkest, most evil secrets. Almost immediately afterwards, the Mortal Born will feel either an intense need to kill the person or need to leave their presence, depending on what the secret is/if there is one. It can only be called up once per trial, and any further attempts will result in vomiting and headaches.


Echoes of the Past
The Mortal Born can meditate while holding onto an item and thinking of a person. They do not have to have met this person, merely think of their name. After a break, the Mortal Born can then follow a ghostly outline of the person for the entire duration of time that they were in possession of the item. The Mortal Born can hear the person speaking, but cannot hear any replies to them. The outline will exist for one trial, invisible to everyone else, after which it will disappear. This ability makes it very hard to focus on the present, and the Mortal Born will lose all memory of the previous trial once the images of the past disappear.

FROM RP- Makes things appear lighter than they normally would. If used multiples times in close time proximity, the eyes become very light sensitive and aloofness/numbness is increased.


Angel of Death
The Mortal Born becomes an Angel of Death when involved in any combat. The Mortal Born will become far more likely to notice weaknesses, patterns, and flaws in their opponent's tactics. Should this ability be used within a season of using Eyes of Retribution on the same target, the Mortal Born exudes an aura of supreme confidence and judgement, striking righteous fear into their opponents and causing their reflexes and reactions to be significantly lowered. The target immediately knows that the Mortal Born is there for Retribution, though they cannot determine how they know.

This ability makes multiple opponent combat far more challenging as the Mortal Born has a tendency to become enraptured by one target and will often ignore their other enemies. The more targets involved in the fight, be they friendly or not, the higher the mental strain on the Mortal Born. Should this ability be used more than twice within five trials, or used with too many opponents at once, the Mortal Born will be incapacitated. At first the symptoms mirror those of a panic attack, but if they are ignored the Mortal Born will experience nausea, followed by intense dizziness and finally, unconsciousness. The number of opponents is directly related to the Mortal Born’s meditation ability; it takes a completely separate thread of thought to handle each individual opponent. The Mortal Born can never engage with more than seven total combatants (Allies and Enemies).
  • One Good Quality Bo Staff
  • One Trained Owl named Cassander
  • One Medallion of Vri on a Leather Strap
  • One Good Quality Chainmail Tunic
  • One Overcoat Emblazoned with the Andaris Dragon
  • One Warm Fur Hat
  • One Trained Horse
  • Tinderbox
  • Whetstone
  • Soap
  • Razor
  • Tin plate, fork and spoon
  • 2 Water Skins
  • Woollen Shirt
  • Canvas Pants
  • Small Backpack
  • Stockings
  • Underwear
  • One Field Medical Kit
    • Bundle of 15 cloth bandage strips w/holding clips
    • Needle and Thread
    • 3-use vial of antiseptic alcohol
    • Single Use vial of strong Local Anesthetic
    • 1 Tourniquet kit

Cassander is a Northern Pygmy Owl, standing at about 6" tall. He was raised by Anos, and is extremely well behaved, though he has a tendency to be cranky in the early mornings. He is actually entirely diurnal, though enjoys frequent naps throughout the trial in Anos' palm.

He is brown with fine white speckles across his back and head. His eyes and bill are yellow, and he has two dark yellow eyespots on the back of his neck that appear to be eyes on first glance.

He often will help Anos hunt while in the wilderness, returning with small birds or other game, often larger than Cassander himself. While hunting, his tail will swish back and forth, and he darts from branch to branch to descend on his prey. When he hoots, it sounds very similar to a basic wooden recorder. He trills like a cat would purr- often whenever he is happy or content. In new places or when he thinks Anos is in danger he will become quite vocal, and a series of attacks while training in the Iron Hand led to Anos having to lock up Cassander while practicing and training.

Starting Package +45GN 45GN
Sold Dagger, Naginata +10GN55GN
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Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze into the abyss long enough, the abyss will gaze back into you
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WIthout Timestamp

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[center][font size=180][color=#004000]DATE[/color][/font][/center]
[font size=150][color=#000000]TEXT[/color][/font][/googlefont][/style2][url=http://calciumandsugar.blogspot.ca/]SOURCE[/url][/style]
Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze into the abyss long enough, the abyss will gaze back into you
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