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Hart [Character Sheet]

Fri Dec 16, 2016 10:01 am

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Hart Qy'ihadi

(Qy'ihadi, pronounced Key-ih-HA-di)
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Hart is stop-and-stare pretty, born of the immortal of Beauty and a Venora father, with dark hair that tends towards auburn when it catches the sunlight and the brightest blue eyes ever to be seen. He has a thin and scrappy build thanks to many a day spent on the open sea; thanks to the open air and his mother's complexion, he also has the lightest hint of a perpetual summer's tan. Hart, while certainly attractive, tends more towards beautiful than handsome, with soft curling hair and a welcome, open face. However, his features are just distinctive enough not to appear too feminine.

Race-- Mortalborn (immortal x human; raised by biqaj)
[link to mortalborn approval here]
[link to updated mortalborn domains and abilities here]
Domains-- Need, Glamours, and Pleasure
Full Name-- Hart Qy'ihadi
Other Titles-- Hart Qy'akor (a previous name); commonly mistaken for his brother, Tristan Venora
Gender-- Male
Birthdate-- 19th of Saun, Arc 692
Birthplace-- Rharne
Height-- 5' 9''
Weight-- 140 lbs

Other-- Hart is the son of the immortal Edasha (Beauty, Jealousy, Sight, Adultery), abandoned by his goddess mother shortly after birth. Raised by a family of biqaj, he long believed the sea was where his maternal heritage lay, and has lived as a seaborn most his life.

Hart is allergic to strawberries.

Mortalborn Abilities--

Hart can sense when a nearby being is in need of help, and what it is the being needs. If pressed, he can also sense what the being wants, though this will double the severity of drawbacks he experiences.

Drawbacks: Once having discovered a being's needs, Hart feels compelled to linger until those needs are met, one way or another. Leaving a being in need weighs heavily on him for trials or even weeks after, depending on the circumstances. Depending on whether or not he fulfills the being's needs, he may experience obsessive thoughts, depression, or mania. Likewise, when Hart uses this ability to assess want, not need, he feels compelled to respond to that want-- especially if the being wants something of him, specifically.
2nd of Ymiden, --- 717 2** need to protect Ayla/Tristan (for an indeterminate length of time) flu-like symptoms, aging (for 2 days)
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7th of --- Saun, 717 1* need to go with Chelsea (the Alliance) in order to --- aid her (them) (for a couple weeks) flu-like symptoms, aging (for 1 day)
Living Glamour

Once a trial, Hart can effectively turn himself and anything inanimate that he is wearing or carrying (ie clothes and a backpack, or whatever is in his pockets or hands) into a living glamour. His body becomes briefly incorporeal, for up to two bits. During this time it is obvious he is no longer a solid thing; his image does not change shape or form (he will still look like himself) but it will flicker like a candle about to go out. During this time he can take no physical damage as his body is no longer on the physical plane, and neither can he deal physical damage to any object or person. Using this ability, Hart can go through inanimate objects but not animate ones, but neither can he be held or grabbed.

Drawbacks: During this state Hart is particularly vulnerable to nonphysical attacks, especially magic. Hart also has to be careful not to materialize while still within an inanimate object; should he do so, he would take crippling damage to his body (for instance, if his arm was still within a wall, the wall would likely break or sever his arm upon materialization).


Using this ability, Hart can bring someone to the pinnacle of pleasure; thrust into pure bliss the target is rendered unable to feel anything else. During this time the target is in such extreme bliss that their mind becomes clouded, making it hard to focus. The effects are similar to being high or drunk and last as long as the target is within Hart's presence (within 100 ft of Hart), or, should the target remain in his presence for an extended period, for up to one break per day. Hart's touch, in this way, can cause an intense high. Because of this he has to be careful how often he uses this ability on a person or risk them becoming addicted.

Drawbacks: About ten bits after using this ability Hart will become extremely exhausted and have to rest to regain his strength. How long he needs to rest depends on how long he has used the ability (using the ability for 1/2 a break = 1/2 a break or more of rest). At minimum he needs to rest 10 bits.

Bliss can be used up to three times per trial, but for each use without proper rest in between the ability becomes half as powerful.

Other Drawbacks: Using any of the three abilities, Hart will experience aging. Physical symptoms also include those similar to the flu, ex: general weakness, aches, pallor, dark circles, fever, etc. Typically, Hart will remain sick at minimum for as many days as times he used his powers (so, if he used his powers twice in a day, he would remain sick for two days or more). Using his powers while still sick from the last use typically worsens his illness significantly.
2nd of Ymiden, 717 Hart punched a piece of cloth as hard as metal, so his right fist should be scraped and bruised, but should heal up fine within a few days.

7th of Saun, 717 Hart ran without shoes and afterwards wore boots without socks which didn't fit. He will have blisters on his feet for five trials.

12th-39th of Saun, 717 Hart, abducted by the Alliance, was beaten by a wooden staff, left in the dark with little food or water, briefly choked, witnessed the death of his pet dog Jack, beaten again, and then left out in the Saun heat until he passed out. Because of this, he has bruising, some weight loss, and heat sickness, though most of that is healed by the 39th. However, it will likely take him 10 more days (after the 33rd) to heal completely from his beatings (so he should be healed by the 3rd of Vhalar), and he will likely experience lasting mental repercussions from his time in captivity, along with the lingering effects of heat sickness (such as dizziness upon standing).

121st of Vhalar, 717 PERMANENT While trying to recover an artifact for Edasha during a global event, Hart took a crossbow bolt to the right shoulder while in combat in an Emean labyrinth. Waking the following day, there is no open, festering wound. Instead, Hart finds a strange, faint scar in the shape of a leaf just below his right collar bone. This is a permanent mark of the maze.

(KG) = Kingdom.
(SR) = Starting Renown.

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10 (KG), 20 (SR), 7, 5, 2, 2, 1, 10 57
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Hart [Character Sheet]

Fri Dec 16, 2016 10:36 am

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Character Concept
Hart is kind-hearted and free-loving, generous; he cares about people. He is all but incapable of hurting people.

Hart tries hard to uphold the ideals of pacifism and optimism. He believes in the inherent goodness of people and because of this, the seaborn tends towards nonviolence and alternative means of conflict resolution, like negotiation or persuasion. He tries to appeal to a person's morality or sensibilities when dealing with someone who is angled against him. When pushed into an altercation, his methods of self-defense utilize his mortalborn abilities over a true weapon, perhaps sensing that they do less lasting harm.

Nonetheless this mortalborn has his faults, namely his addictions and mistakes, the latter of which Hart tends to make a lot of. Due to the nature of his mortalborn abilities, Hart often gets pulled into things that he might not otherwise have become involved with. He is far from one to say 'no' to anything. Many times, this had worked out to his detriment.

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Hart's culture and outlook match that of any natural-born biqaj. Having been raised on the sea under biqaj ideals and traditions, he tends to be easy-going and accepting of others, with a love of the ocean, U'frek, and sailing. He tends towards relationships with both men and women, oftentimes prefering polyamorous relationships, and has little in the way of personal preference when it comes to others' appearances, willing to accept most people as they are.
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Hart [Character Sheet]

Wed Dec 21, 2016 11:50 am

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Note: None of those listed in the family section are currently personal NPC's.

biological father

Name-- Noah Venora
Race-- Human
Date of Birth-- 55th of Ashan, Arc 669
Title-- Baron of Venora, third child of Duchess Ebony Venora
Skills-- 30 Politics, 30 Leadership, 30 Mount: Horse, 10 Blades

Height; Weight: 5' 10"; 165 lbs. Noah has a slim but masculine frame, with a slight softness around the middle in his advancing age.
Scars: A small nick in the web of his thumb from playing with a knife as a child.
Hair; Eye color: Slightly curling, dark brown hair cut into a short, princely style; indescribably bright blue eyes.

Personality-- Fond is the best way to describe Noah: fond of his life, his wife, his position, his children. Noah has most always been content to live his life as a baron above the majority of people, happy to imbibe of the wealth and status of his family. That is not to say that Noah is a particularly greedy or arrogant individual; on the contrary, he has a kind heart and likability that most find difficult to disagree with. However, not being one to cause trouble, Noah is prone to easy influence and placation; mostly, he just wants to be happy and let others deal with the tragedies of life.

History-- Noah Venora has lived a relatively ordinary life, for being a noble. His mother, Ebony Venora, is a very strict woman with very particular ideas about what it means to be nobility; as such, early in life Noah agreed to an arranged marriage with a noble woman whom he later found love with, Shannon Meadow. After marrying her, he promptly produced four heirs, including a daughter Atonlini, and two sons Tristan and Teddy.

However, like many he made mistakes in his youth, perhaps as act of rebellion against his domineering mother, or perhaps simply out of attraction and poor judgement. Noah had always been something of a ladies man; so it was he found himself --right around the time of his engagement-- to be enamored by another woman, one he believed to be of modest birth and thus whom his mother would despise. The woman, uncommonly beautiful with chestnut hair and perfect curves, called herself Ambrosine.

Though their time spent together was defiantly public, it was not to last. By the end of the Vhalar of their love, Noah was betrothed to Shannon Meadow. It seemed that Ambrosine was there one day, the two inseparable-- gone mysteriously the next.

Over time, Noah's memories of Ambrosine faded as he instead turned his attentions to his wife and children. Nowadays, he thinks little of his past love, if at all.

Other-- Noah didn't know that the woman he was cheating on his fiance with was an immortal, though he did think she was something special, gorgeous and captivating unlike any woman he had ever met or loved before.

biological mother

Name-- Edasha, daughter of Pieren
Race-- Immortal
Domains-- Beauty, Jealousy, Sight, Adultery
Siblings-- Delroth, Ralaith, Ashan, Aelig
Allies-- Faldrun, Syroa
Enemies-- Zanik, Ethelynda, Raskalarn
Position on the war-- Supports immortals, but wavering

Height; body type: 5' 6"; fit but with the right amount of curves.
Hair; Eye color: Chestnut hair cut long and flowing; warm brown eyes.

History-- Noah Venora never understood why the woman he knew as Ambrosine chose him, other than what she had always said: that he was the most beautiful man of his generation. Though he often wondered if Ambrosine loved him, he was never to know as she would neither admit nor deny; in his heart of hearts, however, he believed that she did care for him.

Whether or not Edasha, Immortal of Beauty, actually did love Noah or was attracted to him only for his inclination towards her domains is unknown. What is known is that she was willing to bear his child, though in secret, and that, after giving birth, she immediately abandoned her mortalborn son on the deck of a biqaj ship with no explanation as to who or what he was.

As of Hart's character creation, Edasha has sought no further contact with either Noah or her progeny.

EDIT: As of Vhalar 717, Edasha has made contact with Hart, though as of yet has not confirmed that she is his mother.


Name-- Si'tony Qy'akor (Qy'akor, pronounced Key-AH-core)
Race-- Mixed race (biqaj, with a dash of sev'ryn)
Date of Birth-- 93rd of Zi'da, Arc 674
Skills-- 30 Seafaring, 30 Navigation, 20 Linguistics, 20 Language-- Common

Height; Weight: 5' 11"; 150 lbs. Si'tony has thinned out in recent years, leaving her looking frailer than she did in her youth.
Scars; Tattoos; Other notable features: A variety of small, expected scars from living on the sea and working hard, and a spattering of freckles; a tattoo of her daughter Jovy's name across her right collarbone, and an 'H' for Hart tattooed to her right palm; Si'tony wears a lot of jewelry, typically in a variety of piercings across her body though she likes chokers and bangles, too. She has a small, precious stone implanted into one of her front teeth.
Hair; Eye color: Curly, naturally dark hair, though Si'tony tends to change her look often and has had long and short hair, shaved, braided, and a multitude of different dyes; dark brown eyes.

Personality-- Si'tony is as free-loving and free-wheeling as Hart, multiplied by a thousand. She has a voracious appetite for life which Hart inherited, but unlike her son she tends to stay away from people who might cause her trouble, interested mainly in the humble expansion of her earthly experience. Si'tony is a fierce and loving mother and a highly spiritual woman.

History-- Being just about as biqaj as a person can be, Si'tony has always lived on the ocean; she was born on a ship at sea and has never strayed far since. She prefers travel and adventure to the mundane life of living on land, and has a difficult time adjusting to the unquiet stillness of the earth as compared to the comfortable rocking of the sea. Thus, she rarely spends longer than a few weeks in a city before moving on, and never ever has she stayed in one place longer than a season.

Si'tony believes in free love and a community approach to family and raising children. As such, she often didn't have one partner to settle down with, engaging in many close and casual relationships throughout the years and relying heavily on a support network of family and friends instead. Due to this lifestyle, Si'tony never knew who exactly the biological father of her daughter, Jovy, was.

So it was that she was also the only person around the night that she found a newborn baby abandoned on the deck of her ship. That night, she became the only person to know, other than Edasha, that Hart was not her biological son. Truth be told, Hart was born a couple trials after Jovy, though for simplicity's sake the 'twins' always believed they shared a mother, father, and date of birth.

Other-- Si'tony owns a ship called the Andresmarie, manned by family, both close and distant. Throughout the years she has primarily made money as a passenger vessel, though her true passion lies in locating and ransacking sunken ships for hidden treasure.


Name-- Jovy Qy'akor (Qy'akor, pronounced Key-AH-core)
Race-- Half-biqaj
Age-- 19th of Saun, Arc 692 - 78th of Ymiden, Arc 707 (age 15 upon death)
Skills-- 30 Seafaring, 30 Navigation, 25 Swimming, 15 Singing

Height; Weight: 5' 11; 140 lbs.
Scars: Like her mother, Jovy had a dusting of freckles across her face and arms.
Hair; Eye color: Thick, dark brown hair usually worn long and free; dark brown eyes like her mother's.

Personality-- Jovy was, like the rest of the Qy'akor family, kind and adventurous. She loved to sing, though she had little talent for it, and had a contagious smile. More so than Hart (for obvious reasons), she took after their mother in looks, with all the classical physical markers --pointed ears, silver blood, color-changing eyes-- of a biqaj despite being only half-blood. But perhaps, in the end, she was a little bit too like her mother. Too trusting, and a little too open to risk.

History-- Growing up, Jovy had a close relationship with her brother, mother, and one of her mother's paramours, who was at the time living with the family on the Andresmarie and helping to raise the children. Both Jovy and Hart looked to their mother's lover, Edric, as their father. He, unlike most of the men their mother often saw, had been living with them and taking care of them off and on since they were young.

It was during a time of financial struggle that Edric revealed his true colors. In order to make quick money, he offered the Andresmarie to a pirate fleet, a betrayal not only of his family but of the biqaj kind. Si'tony refused to cooperate, and took the ship and Hart; but by the time she realized their plans, Edric and Jovy --the latter bewitched by the thought of love and adventure and riches-- had disembarked to join the pirate crew.

Within a season, Edric had fallen to unspeakable crimes to earn his position; and though he tried to protect her, Jovy had quickly become little more than a plaything used for the pirates' lust and greed.

By the time Edric managed to facilitate their escape to return Jovy to her family, Jovy was no longer the bright girl she had once been. Afterwards she struggled for happiness, to heal and to live her life normally. Hart tried to help her, remaining always by her side, but it was of little use. Slowly, Jovy withered away, and eventually died.
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Mortalborn Story
Noah Venora was on a date. An arranged date. With another modestly wealthy young maiden.

And his own mother.

Currently, the two women were tittering over the fine new dress the maiden had worn-- which, of course, Ebony had supplied. Pink. The color of Venora. His mother must have liked this girl to flatter her with such a shade; perhaps she would be the one to be his bride.

Bride or not, however, it made no difference: Noah himself was ill-content, trailing after the two as they gossiped, strolling through the marketplace of Andaris. A date with the young woman, alone, would have been much preferable. Without his mother there acting as chaperone, spoiling any honest conversation the two might have had simply with her presence. As it was it seemed the date was more between mother and maiden.

Well, he would see what he might do about that.

Every once and a while, to spite his mother's meddling, Noah sent the maiden --Meadow her name was, and he liked that quite a lot-- a covert smile. Making sure his mother didn't see. And every time he did, the girl lit up, lovely face going as pretty pink as her dress. Eyelashes fluttering at him, then looking away, shy.

Noah smiled again, this time to himself.

Okay. So perhaps flirting in such a manner was not the worst way to spend a crisp, Vhalar morning.


They had just been to the theater, Noah managing to position himself on Meadow's side for the show. Now they were back on the streets, the maiden sighing with happiness on his arm. Ebony stalked a few paces behind them, predatory and eavesdropping, and Noah tried to ignore his mother in favor of Meadow who pressed daringly close to his side. Their faces were tilted towards one another as they spoke in low, amiable tones. Meadow, he saw, had a pleasantly open face, unlike most of the highborn women he had known.

Noah found that in this moment he was actually enjoying himself. The brush of Meadow's skirts against his lower leg as they walked. The warmth of her gloved hand. Her light touch. The soft smell of roses-- no doubt a Venora perfume from Ebony.

It was perhaps the perfect afternoon. Yellow sunlight glinted off a bracelet of small jewels on Meadow's dainty wrist. There was not a cloud in the sky.


It was their fourth proper date. From the smug look on his mother's face --who still insisted on accompanying them, though she didn't know about the stolen kisses they had shared in the Venora gardens-- Noah would soon be given the order to ask the question. Marriage. How little he knew of Meadow, but what he did know, he liked. She was, for lack of a better word, a good girl. He got along with her. Not only that, but he thought, looking down into her bright smiling face, that he might even feel something more.

So why was it his eyes lingered on another woman when they swept across the street?

Not just any woman.

Beautiful, he thought, her figure dressed in pretty but concealing clothes. The warm distant brown of her eyes. A flash of auburn hair, tucked into a scarf. His breath had been swept away with the wind.

Perhaps he had stared for too long, for the woman --not a maiden like Meadow, she was beyond that-- tilted her head as if she'd heard someone shout. And then turned and looked upon him.

He could remember nothing else of that day. Even at night, lying alone in his bed, her gaze remained on him. Remained in his mind.


He made an excuse the next morning and went out to the city, but no matter where he looked the woman wasn't there. Resignation in his stomach, he returned back to the House of
Venora-- only to find her, chatting gaily to Meadow, in the gardens. How she had gotten there he didn't know. Shock, that breathlessness at her beauty, long, waving hair, those eyes, those lips. Meadow was smiling at him, pale in comparison. He could barely hear her when she spoke. "Oh, Noah! This is my new friend, Ambrosine."

Ambrosine, he thought, and he was as lost in her name as he was in her eyes.


That evening he and Ambrosine shared their first of many nights. Not in passion, but outside, in the splendor of the gardens, under the stars. Like a boy he had climbed out of his bedroom window. He stared at her in the starlight; she stared back at him.

Later, when they were talking, she told him something that he felt mirrored for her within him: that he was the most beautiful man in Rynmere, and that she wanted him all for herself. He had barely spared a thought for dear Meadow for the rest of the day, the maiden sleeping sound and naive in one of the House's guestrooms.

"And you are the most beautiful woman," he told Ambrosine, like a schoolboy again, touching lightly the gloss of her hair, her pink cheek, the soft shell of her ear. Marveling at her, how she seemed to marvel at him. Her fingertips traced his jaw. "And I want you, all to myself."


They were the 'best of friends', or so they told Ebony when she began, impatient, to inquire. Old friends. Where had they met? They had known each other as children. Somewhere in the city, perhaps? He remembered her face; she remembered the feel of their hands, intertwined.

Every day, it seemed, they were together. Sometimes with Ebony, sometimes even with Meadow, sharing a tea or stories or lessons, but Noah didn't care who else was around, who might see. He just cared for Ambrosine.

They were in the woods a fair walk from the house, tiptoeing barefoot through a stream. Ambrosine. They were in the study, and he watched her, wanting to reach out as she read one of his father's many serious books of law and politics and war. Ambrosine. She was laughing as they sat across from each other at a dinner date, Meadow on his other side with her sad, open face, watching, and though his soon-to-be-betrothed's gaze was upon them neither of them seemed able to help it.

Ambrosine. Not even the way she seemed to flaunt their relationship could put him off, leaning in close to him so Meadow's face burned red and her eyes bright with tears. Not even the small, selfish curve of her lips when Meadow abruptly stood, excusing herself tearfully, and Noah was forced to stand and follow.

Ambrosine was there. Clinging to his arm. "Let her go," she said, sultry-voiced, and he hesitated.

"My love," he excused himself, and left her standing there beside the dinner table.

Outside on the cobblestones, Meadow wept into his shoulder. And he could do nothing but hold her. "You love her," she told him, not a question, and he could not deny.

"I love her," Noah agreed. He put his hand under Meadow's chin, lifting her face. Tears sparkled in her eyes. "But I cannot marry her."

The ring his mother had picked out for Meadow lay in the palm of his hand. "Will you?" he asked, and though her tears broke again at the question, from loneliness, or his betrayals, or jealousy, Meadow put her hand in his and said, "I do."

They embraced then, not passionately, little more than dubious friends. But as he held Meadow, consoling her, congratulating her, promising her-- he looked over and saw Ambrosine, standing in the eatery's doorway. She smiled. She simply stood there and watched.


That night was the first night they were passionate. He and his love. For all he knew, Meadow slept soundly in her room, the ring on her finger. He found Ambrosine in his. He had stopped guessing how she did things like that; he knew enough to know she put herself where she wanted to be. She was waiting for him. There was a crown of Venora roses in her hair. She was wrapped in the silk of his bedsheets.

"What am I going to do with you?" he asked, sighing into her shoulder, and she pressed her body close.

"Many wicked things," she said, and together they were wicked indeed.

They were wicked for many, many of the ensuing nights, in fact. But never had wickedness felt so pure.


"Do you love me?" he would often ask her, as he admired her from close or afar.

"Don't you see?" she would answer. Never a yes. Just, Don't you see? In time he convinced himself that that was all the answer he needed.


And maybe he couldn't see, see past her beauty, her lust, her charms. Because one day she was there, eating breakfast with him in bed. Strawberry jam on warm bread and mid-morning orange juice and champagne. And the next she was gone. Without a word. Without a goodbye. And he remembered that soon, he was to be married.


He didn't see her again, except perhaps the day of his wedding. Meadow had brightened once more from the sad, wilted girl she had been in Ambrosine's shining presence. She, for the first time, looked truly beautiful to him. A wreath of flowers, very like the one Ambrosine had worn, in her braided hair. The dress. The candles. The light and life. His mother's approving face.

And far, in the back of the temple, a familiar silhouette, a halo of flowing auburn hair. He shouldn't have let his eyes wander again, and neither could he do anything more. Not now. Instead he looked back to Meadow. She was beaming up at him. They were saying their vows.
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Early Vhalar, 691 Edasha travels to Rynmere, perhaps on a whim, and meets the eyes of a young man, Noah Venora, out on a date with a young maiden and his mother. The two, immortal and man, are inexplicably drawn to one another.

Early Vhalar, 691 The next trial, Edasha shows up at the Venora House in Andaris, calling herself Ambrosine, having convinced the young maiden she'd seen yesterday with Noah, a miss Shannon Meadow, to invite her to the gardens. She and Noah meet properly for the first time. That night, they talk for hours.

Early - late Vhalar, 691 Noah and Ambrosine continue their courtship, much to the dismay of Shannon Meadow. However, Shannon and Noah are soon engaged. The night of their engagement, Ambrosine and Noah throw themselves to passion. Not long after, just before Shannon and Noah are to be married, Ambrosine disappears, not to be seen again. Shannon and Noah fall into a content marriage, neither the wiser that Noah has already produced his first son.

19th of Saun, 692 In Rharne, Si'tony Qy'akor gives birth to a baby girl named Jovy.

23rd of Saun, 692 Si'tony finds a newborn baby, a boy, on the deck of her ship the Andresmarie. After some initial confusion from family, it is accepted that this boy, Hart, is Si'tony's son. Jovy and Hart are treated as twins, a common occurrence in biqaj bloodlines. Hart is given Jovy's birthdate.

3rd of Ashan, 695 In Venora, Noah and Shannon have their first son together, Tristan Venora.

Cylus, 697 Si'tony meets and falls briefly in love with a half-biqaj named Edric, a man not of a biqaj upbringing but knowledgeable of the sea, biqaj culture, and their language. He begins to live with Si'tony, Hart, Jovy, and a varying cast of others on the Andresmarie, helping to raise the children. Quickly, Hart and Jovy begin to look up to Edric as a father, though for a while he is in and out of their lives.

Arc 697 Noah and Shannon have their first daughter, Atolini Venora.

Arc 698 Noah and Shannon have their second daughter.

15th of Ymiden, 699 Noah and Shannon have their final child, a second son named Teddy.

Late Zi'da, 706 On a layover to Ne'haer, Hart is out exploring the land when, unbeknownst to him, his mortalborn abilities awaken. One moment he's collecting rocks and the next he feels, more than sees, that someone is nearby and in need of help. That someone turns out to be a boy a few years younger than him named Quio. After luring the frightened, starving child out with the promise of food, Hart strikes up a hasty friendship.

That evening they sneak back to the walls of Ne'haer but Quio is frightened to go into the gates. He says that he is not welcome in the city and Hart senses, once more, that Quio needs help. Needs his help. There is nothing he can do to deny this feeling. He convinces Quio to come live with his biqaj family on the Andresmarie.

Late Zi'da, 706 That night Hart falls into a sudden severe illness. He has a high fever and ragged cough; worse yet, the fever seems to have affected his mind, making him at times frenzied, passing quickly between euphoria and irritability. Though wanting to leave Ne'haer, his family is afraid to take him out to sea. Instead, he goes to a doctor, then a healer, then a temple. He is given many cures throughout the next two days, but nothing seems to have an effect. Eventually he recovers on his own, but not until after the family has spent a great deal of money trying to heal him from what they feared to be a fatal illness. Already burdened financially from a series of mishaps and bad investments, the addition of a new mouth to feed --Quio-- and Hart's subsequent illness pushes the family into a period of financial tension and uncertainty.

Cylus, 707 Finally having left Ne'haer, Si'tony and Edric argue. Hart takes his mother's side but the stress of the argument takes its toll, and once more he becomes ill. He falls into another fit of illness, and they immediately turn back towards the city. Before they can reach Ne'haer, however, a ship flying pirate colors approaches from the sea, waylaying them. There is another, greater fight concerning the future of the Andresmarie and its occupants. Edric argues that their troubles may be solved by turning to piracy; Si'tony will not betray her kind. The foreign ship follows them to sight of port before vanishing on the horizon. The Andresmarie docks once more. Hart is rushed straight to the temple.

Cylus, 707 Caught up in Hart's illness, Si'tony does not immediately notice when Edric takes Jovy and disappears. Later she finds a note on the ship explaining their intentions. They promise they will be back after earning a pirate's fortune, to wait for them in the meantime. But Quio is terrified of Ne'haer. Once Hart is recovered again from his ailment, they set sail for the nearest city, Argos.

Late Ashan, 707 By the time Edric and Jovy find them in Argos, Jovy is very ill herself, battered, no, shattered from more than a season's worth of abuse. Edric is immediately banished from the family. Hart quickly becomes Jovy's confidant and caretaker, Quio too young and skiddish to do much help besides ship's work. They remain in Argos for a time, seeking treatment, but realize that Jovy's illness is one of the spirit, not the body. She begs them to take her to sea. Eventually the Andresmarie makes way once more, a relief after being landlocked for so long.

Late Ashan - mid Ymiden, 707 Throughout the final season of his sister's life, Hart barely leaves Jovy's side. He tries to help her, he needs to help her, but nothing he does seems to fix her for long. Taking care of her drags him into his own fit of despair. However, now the family's focus is on Jovy, and he doesn't want to worry his mother further, so he learns to struggle through his own suffering in silence. Perhaps Jovy is the only one who knows something is truly wrong with him, but she is not herself. She won't eat, no matter how he begs her. She has difficulty sleeping. She won't get out of bed, she won't talk to anyone but him and their mother. There is no light, no life left in her. Eventually she stops eating entirely. Those final weeks are a personal hell for Hart, but he struggles to deny what is happening until it's done.

78th of Ymiden, 707 Finally, Jovy dies, withered in her bed, little more than skin and bones.

Ymiden, 707 Jovy's death hits Hart extremely hard. There are times he wonders if her illness, one of the spirit, is catching after all. For a long while he is not the same, though he pretends to be to soothe his mother's grief. Though others eventually move on, he cannot shake his sister's death. For weeks he remains obsessed with helping her, despite the fact that she's already gone; he relives her final moments and tries to figure out what he could have done, as if that might somehow bring her back. He is plagued by nightmares and ill sleep. He even seems to age more quickly, as if his own body has betrayed him and is hurrying him towards his sister in death.

But somehow he pulls through.

After that, their family mends itself and goes back to happiness, to life.

Saun, 707 - early Ymiden, 709 Throughout the next few years, Hart and Quio slowly grow up together, Quio always more like a friend than a brother. And as they grow, they also fall in love.

33rd of Ymiden, 709 Before they can truly fall, however, Quio reveals that he is something called yludih, a shape-changer. Hart struggles with the idea that Quio is a monster, because he's always been told that the shape-changers are monsters, that they are little better than pirates. Maybe worse.

But that can't be true because there is nothing worse than a pirate. And Quio is nothing like that. Hart knows. He knows. He tells Quio that he doesn't care. And eventually Quio tells him all about his old life with his mother, and what happened to her, and to them, and what it means to be what he is.

And for a long time, it doesn't matter. Because they're happy. Hart occasionally sees another person during this time, managing his relationships much as Si'tony had managed hers, but each person only reaffirms that for him, Quio truly is the one.

Saun, 710 It's a little more than a year later when they announce their love officially to Si'tony and the rest of the Andresmarie. That's not a big surprise. The true surprise comes when they explain to the rest of the crew what Quio is.

There is a bit of a debate, but in the end it's settled. Quio and Hart will stay. Si'tony, despite the boys' young age, immediately starts hinting at grandchildren. She was Hart's age, she tells them with a knowing smile, when she had Jovy and Hart.

Saun, 712 When Hart is twenty (and Quio eighteen), they undergo Hart's biqaj rite of passage. In Argos once more, they are given a ship: an old, broken sloop to fix up, barely able to float. It takes the inexperienced biqaj nearly two full arcs to repair her to perfection. The sloop is christened the Jovy Akor.

Ymiden, 714 As soon as the Akor is ready, Hart takes the last name Qy'ihadi, and Quio the name 'Ruq Qy'ihadi' to match, though it's against biqaj tradition to take a partner's last name. For all intents and purposes, though without proper ceremony, they are married. They live together on the Akor, though for a while remain with the Andresmarie before setting sail to find their own waters, their own place in life.

Zi'da, 714 - Saun, 716 From then on they, like Si'tony before them, bounce around from harbor to harbor. Mostly the two earn money on land, taking odd jobs for a week or two at a time as Hart begins to pursue a career in art on the side. Once or twice he falls ill, back into the sickness that seemed so uncontrollable in his earlier years. But this time Quio is there and able to take care of him. The yludih acts as a balance, a balm. Hart, when he does get sick, seems not to stay quite as sick for quite so long, as long as Quio is by his side.

Early Saun, 716 It isn't until they come to Rynmere at the cusp of a war that they find themselves unable to continue their seafaring lives. Hart tells Quio that they must stay because they don't have time to resupply and that it will be safer in the city. But truth is, once more he senses that something or someone --maybe a lot of someones-- need his help.

However, as soon as they come to the city it's apparent that he's far in over his head. There's too much for him to handle, no way for him to pinpoint any one thing that he could do to help a city of this size. For the first few days he avoids most of the city, making small connections here and there, but with each passing day his health declines. He feels worse and worse.

16th of Saun, 716 Then, bizarrely, Quio loses the Jovy Akor to a pirate, and gains a pirate schooner in her place called the Blackheart. Hart, on the brink of illness but desperately fighting through, despises this ship.

Mid Saun, 716 Maybe as a punishment, he loses himself from Quio in the city. Then he can't get back to Quio because finally he's fallen ill, very ill. He's bedridden for days. The city falls to war. There's a time a few trials long where he thinks he might actually go insane, or maybe he is insane and he doesn't know it-- from worry for Quio, and from his own incessant illness. He stays with a small family whom out of the goodness of their hearts take care of him, even in the midst of the war. He remains locked up safe in their house as smoke and soldiers fill the streets.

Mid Saun, 716 The war is over, as abruptly as it started. Perhaps before he's back to full strength, he goes out and finds Quio, and finds out that his promised one has been shot. An accident, he's told, and also, I might have found your brother. He doesn't have a brother, not to his knowledge, and his head is whirling but he can't help it, he's intrigued.

33rd of Saun, 716 Their meeting with Tristan and his slave, Faith, is a whirlwind. Tristan looks exactly like Hart, save for a few small differences. He's strange, but brilliant in a way, sort of like Jovy. It's this brilliance that confuses Hart, even more than Tristan's matching face. Because if Tristan is so like Jovy, then how could he and Tristan not be related? But on the other hand, how could they be? It doesn't make any sense. And to make things even more complicated, Tristan is a noble lord. Hart doesn't believe that he himself could be half nobility. Wouldn't he know?

34th of Saun, 716 Unfortunately there's little time to make sense of anything. Strange creatures come out of the shadows and the city is plunged back into war, but war of an entirely different type. Hart is locked in the city, and he stays with the little family who had sheltered him before. Quio is nowhere to be found. And as soon as the creatures have gone, Tristan and Faith disappear too.

For all Hart knows, all three of them have been killed or are hurt or are in danger somewhere, with no one to help.

31st of Vhalar, 716 It's not until the 31st of the next season that he sees Quio again. He's nearly given up hope. Then everything is crazy. Quio is there and tells him of a grand adventure, of immortals and battles, a destroyed city, war. All Hart can think is You're alive, but he's scared too, fearing that not all of his promised one has come home to him. Quio, though he belittles it, is upset. Changed, perhaps irrecoverably. Hart, once more, doesn't know what he can do to help.

But circumstances sour his attempt.

A few days later he finds out that Tristan and Faith are okay also. But circumstances sour that too.

60th of Vhalar, 716 At a party held for those honored in the war, Quio reveals to Tristan and Faith that he is yludih. Hart is convinced further that Quio is not right. Revealing what he is, in Hart's eyes, is an act of self harm. And Quio proves useless for explaining what's wrong.

96th of Vhalar, 716 Nonetheless, they agree to act like everything's normal. They go to Tristan's play, A Royal Tragedy. Hart would prefer Quio use a different face or disguise, just to keep him safe, but Quio decides to go as himself.

End of Vhalar, 716 For the rest of the season, Hart convinces Quio it's best to lay low. They spend the last few good days of Vhalar out on the sea, on the Blackheart. For a while, at least, Quio seems happier, so Hart tells himself to be happy, too.

But it's not to be. Eventually Quio leaves Hart, or is taken away from him for reasons unknown, and Hart doesn't see him again. For a long time after that, Hart mourns the loss of his promised one and best friend.
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Ashan, 717 In Ashan of arc 717, Hart is first contacted by the RCA. He is given no option but to comply with the Alliance, and is told that they will contact him again when they wish to use him. Around this time, he also reestablishes contact with his brother, Tristan, who invites him to live with him on his Estate in Oakleigh. Hart agrees.

Saun, 717 The Alliance contacts Hart again, and takes him unwillingly from the Eastern Settlement to Rynmere. They want Hart to kill the king, and Hart refuses-- so they hurt him. He suffers many pains by their hands, and is eventually sent to the king's wedding, where the deed is to be done. However, something goes wrong at the wedding and they pull him before he gets in. The Alliance makes the mistake of letting him go with the promise that again, they will contact him. After that, Hart runs.

Vhalar, 717 While Hart is on the run, Edasha contacts him and asks him and two others to be her champions. In Vhalar, the three of them are teleported to Etzos; but before Edasha can give them their charge, an outside entity --a being from Emea-- takes both Edasha's and Ymiden's champions, and whisks them away to an Emean labyrinth. In the labyrinth, Hart and the others are made to fight for their lives in the name of their immortals. Edasha's champions win, but at the cost of the other team, whom Hart believes were killed.

Zi'da, 717 After, Edasha summons her champions again, and Hart is upset, hurt, and angry about the labyrinth, not knowing that it was not Edasha's doing. He exits the summons, and wakes to find that Edasha has given him her flower crown.

Cylus, 718 Half a year passes and Hart remains on the run from the RCA. While in Andaris he witnesses a mage burning, and tries to intercede. Whilst doing so, he uses his mortalborn abilities, and is accused of being a mage. However, after being taken into custody, it is determined that he is not a mage after all. The use of his abilities, and the subsequent interrogation, leave him questioning who and what he is. He begins to believe, slowly, that he might be Edasha's son.

Desperate to make himself and others happy in the face of the mage burnings and unrest in the kingdom, Hart builds an ice rink that is open to the public for free. And, because Tristan too is unhappy, Hart agrees to pretend to be him as duke, so that Tristan can leave the kingdom for a time.
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Hart [Character Sheet]

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Knowledge, Skill Points, & Equipment

clothing and equipment

(SP) = Starting Package.
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  • brown parka jacket
  • dark red knit scarf (SP)
  • grey cable knit sweater (SP)
  • white henley with grey stripes (SP)
  • simple light grey cotton chinos (SP)
  • men's undergarments (SP)
  • brown leather boots (SP)
  • pair of ill-fitting boots
Image Image Image Image
Within a brown waterproof canvas messenger bag (SP): PRIZED POSSESSION:
Hart's prized possession (SP) is a moonstone wrapped in braided string, intended to be worn as a necklace (worth about 5 gn).


(SP) = Starting Package.
extra line here
starting gold nels (SP) +20.0.0 20.0.0
small table (SP) +25.0.0 45.0.0
small chair (SP) +5.0.0 50.0.0
4 assorted dinner plates (SP) +0.8.0 50.8.0
dark red knit scarf (scarf, fair condition, large size, wool, red-dyed) -6.3.4 44.4.6
grey knit sweater (jacket, medium size, wool, 'black' dyed) -0.9.9 43.4.7
large bag (waterproof, heavy duty canvas) -1.2 42.2.7
small towels (2) -0.1.0 42.1.7
hand mirror -4.0.0 38.1.7
50 ft hemp rope -1.0.0 37.1.7
15 ft rope ladder -15.0.0 22.1.7
large shovel -1.0.0 21.1.7
large broom -0.6.0 20.5.7
dustpan -0.4.0 20.1.7
rags (10) -0.2.0 19.9.7
3 small buckets -6.0.0 13.9.7
small waterproof tarp -5.0.0 8.9.7
chicken feed (Rebirth Cycle 717) -1.0.0 7.9.7
bale of straw (Rebirth Cycle 717) -1.0.0 6.9.7
dog feed (Rebirth Cycle 716) -1.0.0 5.9.7
3 hens -3.0.0 2.9.7
drinks with Tristan -0.9.0 2.0.7
chicken feed (Hot Cycle 717) -1.0.0 1.0.7
bale of straw (Hot Cycle 717) -1.0.0 0.0.7
wages for Ymiden 717 +332.0.0 332.0.7
wages for Saun 717 +228.0.0 560.0.7
dog feed (Hot Cycle 717) -1.0.0 559.0.7
1 dose of liquid purple (drug) -12.0.0 547.0.7
blank journal (sketchbook) -5.0.0 542.0.7
black charcoal sticks (5) -0.2.0 541.8.7
pay off ship's debt -300.0.0 241.8.7
chicken feed (Cold Cycle 717) -1.0.0 240.8.7
bale of straw (Cold Cycle 717) -1.0.0 239.8.7
various expenses -28.8.0 265.0.7
extra line here

DEBT space PAID space TOTAL
-300.0.0 0.0.0 -300.0.0
0.00 +300.0.0 0.00


(SP) = Starting Package.
(KG) = Kingdom.
Hart has no Racial Bonus due to his mortalborn abilities.
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(SP) +50 (SP) 50
navigation -5 (SP) 45
seafaring -10 (SP) 35
sculpting -10 (SP) 25
LANGUAGES-- Common -25 (SP) 0
(KG) +12 12
seafaring -3 (KG) 9
medicine -5 (KG) 4
animal husbandry (KG) -4 0
unasked for alliance +10 10
LANGUAGES-- Common -5 5
sculpting -5 0
meeting again +15 15
navigation -15 0
something about alchemy +15 15
alchemy -15 0
thou shalt not betray, thou shalt be just +10 10
seafaring -10 0
mushrooms and thorns +10 10
navigation -5 5
sculpting -3 2
seafaring -2 0
[oakleigh] liquid purple +10 10
LANGUAGES-- Common -10 0
[oakleigh] meeting the oakleigh venoras +15 15
LANGUAGES-- Common -15 0
[global] round two, fight! +20 20
LANGUAGES-- Common -10 10
drawing -10 0
deep is the fog +10 10
[crown jail courtyard] the pyre of the king +20 30
[oakleigh] the road to truth +15 45
linguistics -5 40
LANGUAGES-- Common sign -25 20
replacement duke +15 35
politics -25 10
(FT) = Fast Track; chosen (FT) skill is Navigation.

Knowledge Requirements:
Novice = 0-10
Competent = 11-21
Expert = 22-32
Master = 33-59
Grandmaster = 60

Experience Requirements:
Novice = 0-25
Competent = 26-75
Expert = 76-150
Master = 151-250
extra line here
navigation (FT) 9 25/100 NOVICE
politics 6 25/250 NOVICE
seafaring 5 25/250 NOVICE
sculpting 0 18/250 NOVICE
alchemy 9 15/250 NOVICE
drawing 7 10/250 NOVICE
medicine 8 5/250 NOVICE
animal husbandry 4 4/250 NOVICE
extra line here

linguistics 3 5/250 NOVICE
extra line here
(SP) = Starting Package.
Note: Hart began with (SP) fluent Rakahi and broken Common.
extra line here
Rakahi (biqaj), easy fluent (SP) fluent (SP) FLUENT
extra line here
Common, easy 6 broken: 25/25 (SP), conversational: 30/30, --- fluent: 35/35 FLUENT
extra line here
Common sign, easy 7 broken: 25/25 BROKEN


(SP) = Starting Package.
As a mortalborn, Hart begins with 10 (SP) knowledge.
Immortals' names (SP)
Immortals' domains (SP)
Immortals: Held a world-wide competition in Vhalar 717

Artifact: The Halo
Immortal’s Quest: Obtain the Halo
Immortal’s Quest: Failed

Immortals: Famula: The immortal of servitude
Drug (Rynmere): Liquid Purple (hallucinogenic mushrooms)
Liquid Purple (drug): Steep in hot water, strain, make into a purplish tea and drink
Liquid Purple (drug): Causes hallucinations, light nausea

1. Common: Conversational grammar (SP)
2. Common: Conversational vocabulary (SP)
3. Common: Placebo, a false drug given during a drug test
4. Common: Saline, salty water
5. Common: Teaser release, an initial release of a product to test the product's reception
6. Common: Pipette, another name for a small glass dropper

1. Language: Common sign
2. Common sign: The sign for help
3. Common sign: The sign for danger
4. Common sign: Raised eyebrows turn a statement into a question
5. Common sign: A stiff middle finger is universal
6. Common sign: Signs about horses (for example: stable, horse, saddle, etc)
7. Common sign: The sign for goodbye

1. Ulehi: The sound of the yludih language
Emea: The labyrinth
Emea: The game’s mistress
Emea: Dreams of death

Basic knowledge of the city of Andaris (SP)
Basic knowledge of the Rynmere noble houses (SP)

Organisation: The Alliance
Alliance: “Allied against the nobility”?
Alliance: Seeking vengeance
Alliance: Will seek my assistance
The Alliance: Followed Hart to Oakleigh
The Alliance: May have an agent in Tristan's house in Oakleigh
The Alliance: Will kill Hart if he doesn't succeed in killing the king
The Alliance: Has agents in Welles and Oakleigh

NPC: The unnamed Alliance agent in Welles
NPC: Chelsea
Chelsea: A member of the Alliance
NPC: Marcol
Marcol: A member of the Alliance

Rynmere: Magic is banned as of Ymiden 717
Mage Burning of Cylus, 718

Religion: The Prayer of the Seven

Eastern Settlement, Faction: The Masons of Welles, a merchant family
Eastern Settlement, Faction: The Luthers of Welles, a merchant family
Eastern Settlement, Faction: The Thorns of Oakleigh, a merchant family
Thorn family: Deals in pharmaceuticals
The Eastern Settlement: Boasts of a population greater than Rynmere
The Eastern Settlement: Holds anti-nobility, anti-Rynmere sentiments
The Eastern Serrlement: May support the RCA

Location: Tristan's Estate in Oakleigh
Location: Dewwich, Oakleigh, the Eastern Settlement
Location: Thorn greenhouse, Dewwich
Location: Thorn manor, Dewwich
Location: Thorn hospital, Dewwich
Location: Oakleigh Town, Oakleigh
Location: The Old Lass, a roadhouse a trial's ride from Dewwich in Oakleigh

Location: Port Town, Welles
Location: Welles City, Welles
Welles City: An old city, perhaps predating Rynmere
Welles City: Perhaps the largest city in the Eastern Settlement
Welles City: Passes through most of the traffic and trade from Rynmere to the Settlements
Welles: The most populated region of the Eastern Settlement
Welles: Has mines in the north
Emerath: The all-seeing game’s mistress

Jack: Is dead

Jovy: Deceased (KG)
Jovy: How she likes her tea

NPC: Lyla Thorn
Thorn family: Deals in pharmaceuticals

NPC: Ives, the gentleman

NPC: Sarah Dj'pyrj: Mage (deceased)
PC: Atolini Venora

Faith: Died after giving birth
Faith: Is still alive
Faith: Lives in Scalvoris
Faith: Has a husband and children

Ilinis: Murderer

Nauta: Poisoner

Noth: Murderer

PC: Sintih
Sintih: Used a false name, Brada
Sintih: May be yludih
Sintih: His mother taught magical theory at the University of Rynmere
Sintih: Speaks some Rakahi

NPC: Iemes, one of the Oakleigh bodyguards
NPC: Gallien, one of the Oakleigh bodyguards
NPC: Argun Doghar, one of the Oakleigh bodyguards
NPC: Thetfretr, one of the Oakleigh bodyguards
Thetfretr: Deaf
NPC: Aukey Navok, one of the Oakleigh bodyguards

Tristan Venora: Targeted for assassination
Tristan: Had a daughter, Ayla, with Faith
Tristan: Targeted by Aelig
Tristan: Has a friend called Lianne
Tristan: Freed Faith, told her he loved her and she wants to be friends
Tristan: Met two immortals (Zanik and Ilaren)
Tristan: Saved the king
Tristan: Is a duke
Tristan: Zanik marked him
Tristan Venora: Asked Hart to be duke of Oakleigh for Ymiden 718
Tristan Venora: Was in the immortal's competition, representing Ilaren, in Vhalar 717

Ayla Venora: Is growing too fast
Ayla Venora: Faith is not her mother

Vivian Warrick: Was in the immortal's competition, representing Ilaren, in Vhalar 717
Vivian Warrick: Was a companion of Zvezdana Venora

Zvezdana Venora: Tristan's cousin
Strawberries: Dangerous (KG)

Hart: Mortalborn Abilities: Fulfillment
Hart: Fulfillment: Needs to protect Ayla from Aelig / "What he [Tristan] really needed... was for Aelig to go away for good so that Ayla and he would be able to live in peace."

1. Mortalborn Abilities: Fulfillment: Can sense other beings' needs
2. Mortalborn Abilities: Fulfillment: Getting the gist of a being's needs, but not necessarily the details

1. Mortal Born Ability (Bliss): Can be wrongly interpreted as magic
Race: Avriel

Biqaj: Bury their dead at sea

Race: Tunawa

1. Alchemy: Imbues a property from one object into another
2. Alchemy: Binders: Slug slime binds the required reagents together
3. Alchemy: Binders: How to procure slug slime
4. Alchemy: Mediums: Various types of cloth can be used as an alchemical base
5. Alchemy: Reagents: Mirrordust makes an alchemical product reflective like a mirror
6. Alchemy: Reagents: How to procure mirrordust
7. Alchemy: Reagents: Iron fillings make an alchemical product hard like metal
8. Alchemy: Triggers: Used to turn an alchemical property on and off
9. Alchemy: Requires the balancing of an alchemical equation

1. Animal Husbandry: Caring for a dog (KG)
2. Animal Husbandry: Caring for chickens (KG)
3. Animal Husbandry: Handling slugs
4. Animal Husbandry: Slugs eat leaves

1. Caregiving: Using your ability to bring another peace

1. Cooking: The smell of human flesh cooking

1. Detection: Taking note of your surroundings
2. Observation: Knowing when someone is dead

1. Discipline: Keeping your hands to yourself
2. Discipline: Maintaining focus in the chaos of the crowd
3. Discipline: Watching someone burn alive
4. Discipline: Only having one glass of wine

1. Drawing: Sketching with charcoal
2. Drawing: Drawing from life
3. Drawing: Speed drawing
4. Drawing: Starting with vague shapes to indicate a subject's form
5. Drawing: Refining detail from memory
6. Drawing: A crude map in motion
7. Drawing: Marks on a crude map as indication of location

1. Endurance: Enduring Saun's heat
2. Endurance: Enduring punishment with a staff
3. Endurance: Fighting through the pain
4. Endurance: Sleeping in an uncomfortable position
5. Endurance: Sacrificing your needs to care for another
6. Endurance: Withstanding the Cylus chill
7. Endurance: Riding a horse for hours upon end
8. Endurance: Resisting a magical compulsion

1. Etiquette: Offer help to women
2. Etiquette: Resisting a whore
3. Etiquette: Memorizing names
4. Etiquette: Recognizing your station

1. Fieldcraft: Layers protect against the cold
2. Fieldcraft: The damage of extreme cold

1. Gambling: What's the point of having money, if not to spend it

1. Gardening: How to properly pick mushrooms
2. Gardening: How to make a spore print/how to collect a mushroom's spores
3. Gardening: Parts of a mushroom

1. Intelligence: Noting the qualities of the other races
2. Intelligence: Testing the ability of the Emean maze

1. Investigation: Putting together clues to determine actions
2. Investigation: Deciphering motives
3. Investigation: Consider the worst case scenario
4. Investigation: Brothels are an excellent source of information
5. Investigation: Asking the right questions

1. Linguistics: Language – Rahaki Pidgin
2. Linguistics: The words used in a language are based largely upon the culture surrounding it (a sea-based culture will have a sea-based vocabulary)
3. Linguistics: Comparing words between languages

1. Medicine: Basic first aid (SP)
2. Medicine: Healing time for extensive bruising
3. Medicine: Healing time for heat sickness
4. Medicine: How to treat heat sickness
5. Medicine: Drink lots of water when outside in Saun
6. Medicine: Unidentified mushrooms could be poisonous
7. Medicine: Wear gloves to protect the skin from poison
8. Medicine: Don't touch your face with contaminated gloves

1. Mixology: Amber moon, a drink that serves as a hangover remedy, made with vodka, hot sauce, and a raw egg

1. Mount: Horse: Press your heels to a horse's sides to make it go
2. Mount: Horse: A well-trained horse can make riding easier
3. Mount: Horse: Move with the horse to keep your balance
4. Mount: Horse: Proper riding posture
5. Mount: Horse: Use the reins to steer

1. Navigation: Basic sloop navigation (SP)
2. Navigation: Keeping track of where you are in inclement weather
3. Navigation: Follow known paths
4. Navigation: Terms for directions on a ship, starboard, port, bow, stern, etc.
5. Navigation: Nautical miles are different than miles on land
6. Navigation: The city of Welles is north and west of Oakleigh
7. Navigation: The major roads in Oakleigh
8. Navigation: Three trials on horseback from Welles to Oakleigh
9. Navigation: Port Town is due east of Pyke

1. Persuasion: Knowing when to concede a point
2. Persuasion: Being empathetic
3. Persuasion: Getting something to do your bidding

1. Poisons: The effect of scarf rot

1. Politics: Surround yourself with good advisors
2. Politics: Consider the effects of your actions
3. Politics: Might makes right?
4. Politics: Seek peaceful solutions
5. Politics: Prohibiting trade as a sanction
6. Politics (Rynmere): Oakleigh has a trade deal with Andaris

1. Psychology: Knowing one’s downfalls

1. Running: Avoid sticks and stones while running with bare feet
2. Running: Running without proper shoes can cause blisters

1. Seafaring: Basic sloop maintenance (SP)
2. Seafaring: How to sail a sloop (KG)
3. Seafaring: How to ankle a boat (KG)
4. Seafaring: Bring tonic for when someone is ill
5. Seafaring: Terms for things on a ship, galley, bunk, cabin, etc.

1. Shipbuilding: Basic ship repair (SP)

1. Singing: Keeping your place whilst being jostled

1. Sociology: The effects of a mob mentality
2. Sociology: Group efforts to turn the tide

1. Tactics: Keeping with a pattern
2. Tactics: Running towards a fight
3. Tactics: Hiding important items before a fight
4. Tactics: Restraining an unconscious foe
5. Tactics: Removing items from an unconscious foe to hinder progression

1. Unarmed Combat: The basic tackle

1. Writing: Jotting down notes for later


(SP) Description: A one-masted sailing sloop (boat) with a mainsail and jib rigged fore and aft. The sloop has a small hold and living quarters under the deck, enough room for a single bed, table or small writing desk, chair, storage chest, and shelf.

UPDATE: As of the 16th of Saun, Arc 716 the Jovy Akor was stolen and replaced by a repurposed pirate vessel, named by its previous owner the Blackheart.

UPDATE 2: As of early Ashan, Arc 717, Quio has taken the Blackheart, leaving Hart without a ship in Andaris. Hart at creation is intent on locating and retaking ownership of the Jovy Akor. As such, he does not currently have a ship of his own but is owed one from the starting package.
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The Jovy Akor

The Jovy Akor is a small, happy, one-to-two person sailboat with typical cream sails and a nice navy finish. Purchased secondhand and in poor condition as a rite of passage for Hart by his family, it took dedication to bring it back to seafaring shape.

Now refurbished and kept in loving condition, The Jovy Akor hosts a sleek and shining deck complete with storage hatch. Underneath the deck lies a cramped, cozy set of living quarters. These quarters include a single bed (set into a shelved alcove), and a converted kitchen-type area. In the makeshift kitchen, a small trunk doubles as storage and a table, with two sacks of grain serving as cushions. Cups, a pot and pan, a cooking lantern, and other items (like tea and salt) hang from hooks or in bags on the kitchen-side wall.

The back third of the hold houses the leftover storage area. This space has been utilized to its very capacity, with a hammock rolled and tied to the ceiling (lowered as needed), a built-in storage cabinet pressed on the right side of the hull, and a pair of buckets on the left, leaving a small bit of open floor space. The open space has been lined with a tarp, strawed, and gated off with a small fishing net, acting as a pen for a trio of fluffy chickens.

Spending time in a city, especially one away from water, Hart will likely find an alternative type of housing. In Andaris, he rents a room at Ye Olde Inn (and a stable stall for the chickens).

UPDATE: As of early Ashan 717, Tristan Venora, Hart's half-brother, has invited Hart to live on his Estate in Oakleigh, the Eastern Settlement.

Hart, when not traveling through Rynmere, will be staying at Tristan's Oakleigh Estate. He has chosen a small guest bedroom, the smallest he could find, which is located near to the servants' quarters. Currently the bedroom has minimal decoration and only the standard furniture (it is assumed the room has a bed, chest for clothes, and perhaps a desk), and Hart is trying to be good and keep everything neat and tidy.

UPDATE 2: As of early Saun 717, Hart is no longer living with Tristan.


  • 1 hammock
  • 1 gangplank
  • 1 map of Andaris' shoreline
  • 1 small fishing net
  • 1 small anchor
  • 50 ft of hemp rope
  • 15 ft rope ladder
  • 2 assorted plates
  • 2 eating knives
  • 1 fish smoker
  • 1 cooking lantern
  • 1 small shovel
  • 1 large broom and dustpan
  • 10 cleaning rags
  • 3 small buckets (2 for animal feed and water, 1 for hygiene or bailing)
  • 1 small waterproof tarp
  • 1 cycle's worth of chicken feed
  • 1 cycle's worth of straw
  • Emerath's fake halo: The halo is heavy, similar in size to a prince’s crown. It has strange markings written on it in Ancient. The difference between your halo [a false artifact] and the real Halo [an artifact sought by the immortals] is that, once activated, the inscription does nothing. Given that there is value in the fake and that it was exquisitely made, the false artifact is worth about 1200gn if sold to the right collector. There may also be an opportunity for it to be imbued with some sort of magic... Hart has given the false halo to Tristan and Ayla.
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Hart [Character Sheet]

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According to the Seafarer (SP), Hart is allowed a dog under the worth of 30gn. Jack is a small, untrained dog, worth 15gn.

UPDATE: As of early Ymiden, 717 Jack has been missing and Hart has not seen her.
UPDATE 2: As of mid-Saun, 717 Jack has been killed by the Alliance.
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Name-- Jack
Breed-- Unknown, mixed
Gender-- Female
Birth Season-- Unknown, circa arc 709
Size/Height (at shoulder)-- 1' 5" (or 43 cm) (full-grown height)
Weight-- 25 lbs (full-grown weight)
Coat Type-- Short-haired, fluffy

Personality-- Jack is merely an average dog, a mixed breed with no significant abilities or attributes, other than her penchant for people. She is laid back, sometimes limps on her front right side due to a perpetually sore paw, and likes all people, strangers and friends alike. Jack's a smiley sort of dog, always with her mouth open, and easily loyal. An extremely low maintenance animal, she appears to have received no vigorous training in any field, but seems to know enough to follow her master without being told.


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Names-- Corinne (buff), Jonesi (brown silver-laced), Starre (darker silver-laced)
Breed-- Orpington
Gender-- Female
Birth Season-- Ashan, arc 715
Weight (each)-- 6.5 lbs (full-grown weight)

Personality-- Though generally sweet in personality, these chickens can be noisy hecklers. They babble through the day and night (only stopping to eat and sleep), and get especially rowdy if they don't get time out to stretch their legs. They adore Hart and tolerate most everyone else; sometimes they'll even accept scritches, though they might just as well like to give reaching hands a quick nibble.

In general, they will lay eggs at a rate of once per day (though occasionally will lay two) for three to five years, before slowing down.
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