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Mon Apr 18, 2016 11:20 am

Name: Nir'wei.

Age: 24 Arcs.
Race: Mortalborn - Sev'ryn Mother, Ashan Father.
Domains: Affinity, Liberation, Intent.

Height: 5'3.
Weight: 110 lbs. (7.8 stone)

Date of Birth: 46th of Zi'da 694th.
Place of Birth: Desnind.

Job: Initiate of the Lightning Knights.

Marks: Velduris (Adored).
Magics: None.
Factions Joined: Isonomia (Co-Founder).
Renown: 282 Languages Spoken: Xanthea [Fluent], Common [Conversational], Rahaki [Basic], Pailtic [Basic]
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Tue Apr 19, 2016 7:51 pm


It's quite obvious that Nir'wei has never really cared for his style, nor what anyone else thinks about it. His hair is never combed and rarely clean, often tangled in dirty clumps that tumble over his face and chest whenever his head tilts the wrong way. When it's tied back in a messy lump-like bun, the shape of his face is shown to be rather soft, almost effeminate, with smooth cheeks and a round chin. His eyes, thanks to his Velduris mark, have become a bright animalistic flat blue very much resembling his first wolf Greyhide. They stare coldly from under thick black eyebrows that match a smattering of grisly facial hair, still emerging in late adolescence from above his top lip and around his jawline. His teeth are clean and straight, but his canines are elongated into sharp fangs capable of ripping flesh. In all other aspects, though, he almost entirely takes from his mothers heritage.

He stands slim and short, barely brushing above the five-foot mark at around 5'3, and somewhere on the lower end between 120 and 130lbs. For now, spending barely any time doing strenuous activity, he shows little muscle mass or defined tone to his body.. but a steady diet of foraged food mixed in with the occasional small animal every few days means he keeps a rather lean, if scrawny shape overall.

In terms of clothes, he usually sticks to loose and baggy outfits wherever possible, although again he can hardly afford to be picky in terms of style. As long as it's something comfortable and it fits around his body, it's good enough for him. The only time he wears anything a little tighter is when his trousers are too baggy and end up sliding down around his ankles, which happens more often than one would think. That's when he bothers to wear any clothes at all, though. Back in Dresnind, a few bits of cloth around the waist were all he needed to wear.. and it was usually what everyone else wore too.

One thing he does take pride in, however, are the numerous colourful tattoos dancing across his upper arms, middle and lower back, down his legs and parts of his stomach. They started out as a small smattering of branches and roots from an old tree at a small patch of his back, just above his hip, but over the years they have grown to extend in thick, tropical flower-adorned branches rising up his right side, as well as down both legs in deep-brown roots. The designs are obviously still unfinished, with small animal heads peeking out from between portions, waiting to be expanded upon. The one exception is a large, blue bird that sits between his shoulder blades, looking behind his left shoulderblade. Normally, the designs taken on by his people would hold some symbolism to their life. However, with little to fixate his life on, there is no symbolic meaning to the flowers - he chose them because they look pretty.

Nir'wei works, plays and lives rather simply - for the most part, if he wants to do something, he does it. If not, he doesn't. Many people would think this leads to an incredibly hedonistic, selfish and slothful lifestyle. However, in truth, Nir'wei doesn't really aspire for all that much other than spending time with his family and friends. There's very little pleasure to be had from expensive clothes, fancy trinkets and least of all servants, so he shuns extravagance in most cases, except when there's an occasional plate of particularly delicious food. He's also built up small hobbies, mostly including the tending of small animals wherever possible - he finds animals in many cases much easier to talk with than other people. After all, they are much better at listening.

For the most part, he is a gentle soul, although this does lead to a lack of conviction or concentration on any particular field. If something does not interest him, it becomes incredibly difficult to focus on that thing.. and normally just leads to it never happening. Immediate importance, things that are potentially life-threatening to himself or others, of course will have his undivided attention.. but everything else leading up to that point can very quickly be forgotten, or simply ignored. Sometimes this can lead to quite a bit of trouble, if previous experience is anything to go off, but at the end of the day, if something was meant to be done, it'd be done.

Time spent for so long living with those that care so deeply as Nir'weis relatives did for his mother, even through her troubling mental state, has made Nir'wei much more forgiving towards others than is likely healthy. Being a forgiving person, of course, has its perks - rarely does he ever focus on race as a defining factor of a person, nor their profession or family. Everything is defined by a person's attitude and actions.. although, even those have exceptions, he admits. Although, there are limits to even the loosest bonds. When it snaps, there truly is no going back. Grudges can last very long indeed with a person who believes in reincarnation.
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Tue Apr 19, 2016 8:01 pm


Nir'wei was originally born in Desnind, the homeland of Sev'ryn, to a young mother known as Tau'sith in the cold grip of Zi'da. As soon as he was born, he was taken away from his mother and kept at arms-length, however. Tau'sith was known to follow a dark path - shunning Moseke for shackling their twisted souls together, forcing their bodies back to unnatural life and, in her words, tainting their purity with her influence. It's claimed this happened after she was unable to find her spirit animal and although she reached near-death herself in the struggle of the journey, ultimately she failed in her quest, and the spirit animal died. Knowing this, other close friends and family members struggled to pull her back to a path of spirituality, while looking after Nir'wei themselves in her absence. For the first few years of his upbringing Nir'wei was juggled between first his grandparents and his mother's sister, before passing along to close friends and eventually complete strangers as they all pooled their efforts into returning her to their family. At age six, Tau'sith left Desnind unannounced. Searches were sent and after a few cycles, they found her remains on the outskirts of Rhakros. She'd returned there to die as she was supposed to. In the time the body had spent fermenting in the toxic jungle, it had bloated with poisons that made it deadly to even come close to it and Tau'sith could not be returned to Desnind for a proper burial ritual. The news was devastating when Nir'wei finally learned it several arcs later, when the lie that she'd gone on an adventure to find his father broke down.

Nir'wei's father had actually disappeared soon after conception, heading west for Ne'haer for reasons that he refused to mention to anyone, before there was a chance to tell him that he would soon have a son. All that was ever said about him to Nir'wei whenever he asked was that he was an incredibly brave man called Ka'lars, strong in heart and spirit, guarded by a lion who's eyes turned his mane gold. Sometimes the stories seemed to exaggerate far too much, but his elders knew more than he did, so there was no point arguing the fact. He was always told by his grandparents, those that he spent the most time with, that his father would return soon. However, seventeen years after Nir'wei's birth, when the first visions of his spirit animal arrived in his sleep, there was still no sign of his father to wish him good luck as he started his venture to hunt down his spirit animal.

Before his venture, Nir'wei spent most of his time in Desnind caring for small animals with one of his mother's friends, who'd regail him with stories of his mother's youth and the adventures they had together. As he grew older and was forced to care for himself, he took up felching and soon decided to use some of the crude bows he made to hunt down small animals when coin ran short. All the rest of the time was spent quietly meditating alongside his fellows in the fields of their land. One of his favourite past-times was joining them in group sessions where they would lie on their backs, staring up at the giant trees and making up small stories of what went on beyond the clouds. Nir'wei was always the least imaginative, but he enjoyed listening to their tales of sky-dragons breathing great swathes of clouds across the sky like the paintbrushes of the heavens. One day, he knew, he would come back to the city and pass on even better stories.

Because he is constantly moving between nations, and between the various regions of those nations, Nir'wei has rarely found the time nor the inclination to buy a house for himself. Though he owns a small square of land in Rynmere, he has not visited it in some time. For the moment, he lives out of tents and in whatever temporary accommodation he can find for himself; be that living on the floor of a friend's house, in the local inn, or even out of a tent. He possesses enough understanding of survival techniques to function for a few days outside of civilization, but he does not remain there long for his own safety and comfort, preferring to dance in and out of cities on a regular basis, depending on the current temperature, weather conditions and his own mood.
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Tue Apr 19, 2016 8:03 pm


SkillPoints AcquiredKnowledgesProficiency
Animal Training256/25060Grandmaster+
Animal Husbandry253/25045Master
Mount (Sohr Khal)151/25036Master
Ranged Combat (Shortbow)78/25033Expert
Field Craft*51/100 26Expert
Business Management27/25019Competent
Siege Weaponry (Ballista)27/25010Novice
Blades (Longsword)25/2503Novice
Unarmed Combat0/2503Unskilled
*Fast-Track Skill.
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RP Medals




Tue Apr 19, 2016 8:03 pm



Acrobatics (4)
1 - Acrobatics: The Day Gravity Defeated you and Squirrel Snark was Right.*
2 - Acrobatics: Not Falling When you Awaken on Your Feet.*
3 - Acrobatics: Sliding away from a Zephyrus battling a Shadowhound.*
4 - Acrobatics: Jumping down a full story and landing on your feet, mostly.*
Animal Husbandry (45)
Animal Husbandry (Jacadon) (3)
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Animal Husbandry (Volareon) (13)
► Show Spoiler
Animal Husbandry (Horse) (4)
► Show Spoiler
Animal Husbandry (Sohr Khal) (7)
► Show Spoiler
Animal Husbandry (Wolf) (10)
► Show Spoiler
Animal Husbandry (Zephyrus) (2)
► Show Spoiler
Animal Husbandry (Miscellaneous) (6)
► Show Spoiler
Animal Training (60)
Animal Training (Jacadon) (3)
► Show Spoiler
Animal Training (Volareon) (16)
► Show Spoiler
Animal Training (Horse) (5)
► Show Spoiler
Animal Training (Sohr Khal) (8)
► Show Spoiler
Animal Training (Wolf) (19)
► Show Spoiler
Animal Training (Zephyrus) (4)
► Show Spoiler
Animal Training (Dog) (2)
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Animal Training (Miscellaneous) (3)
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Blades (Sword) (3)
1 - Blades (Sword): Handling the weight of a blade.*
2 - Blades (Sword): Charging stab.*
3 - Blades (Sword) : Two handed slash.*
Business Management (19)
1 - Business Management: The importance of keeping notes.*
2 - Business Management: Records aid efficiency.*
3 - Business Management: The best locations get the best customers, apparently.*
4 - Business Management: The importance of providing an atmosphere.*
5 - Business Management: Setting aside a workplace.*
6 - Business Management: Maximising profit of available land.*
7 - Business Management: Doing your research before beginning your ventures.*
8 - Business Management: Taking the first steps to building a farm.*
9 - Business Management: How to plan a business proposition.*
10 - Business Management: Considering supply lines.*
11 - Business Management: Weighing the value of different crops.*
12 - Business Management: Determining aims for a business venture.*
13 - Business Management: Discussing plans for a Franchise.*
14 - Business Management: Turning your strengths into a unique selling point.*
15 - Business Management: Balancing profit with personal interest.*
16 - Business Management: Weighing the benefits of a business partnership.*
17 - Business Management: Weighing the benefits of profitable unique benefits.*
18 - Business Management: Using a diverse program to provide a range of services.*
19 - Business Management: Expanding into multiple markets simultaneously.*


Caregiving (1)
1 - Caregiving: Keeping your animals warm while away.*
Carpentry (16)
1 - Carpentery: File the shaft when making arrows.*
2 - Carpentry: How to assess wood quality.*
3 - Carpentry: Finding damages on a carriage.*
4 - Carpentry: Identifying sandpaper.*
5 - Carpentry: Cut and sand with the grain.*
6 - Carpentry: Salvaging scraps of metal for makeshift nails.*
7 - Carpentry: Joining two halves of wood together.*
8 - Carpentry: Angling nails to provide a better seal.*
9 - Carpentry: Fitting complimentary pieces.*
10 - Carpentry: How to restore a shattered door.*
11 - Carpentry: Nailing ceramic to wood.*
12 - Carpentry: Making adjustments on the go.*
13 - Carpentry: Filling a hole on a surface.*
14 - Carpentry: Applying in a pattern.*
15 - Carpentry: Working in tandem with part of a team.*
16 - Carpentry: Measuring out the correct amount of material needed for the task.*


Dancing (1)
1 - Dancing: Celebratory dance.*
Deception (3)
1 - Deception: Deflecting from your envy with a lie.*
2 - Deception: Using comedy to hide emotions.*
3 - Deception: The best lies are made with inklings of truth.*
Detection (18)
1 - Detection: Peer into the dark.*
2 - Detection: Spotting the small details.*
3 - Detection: Spotting Canenula.*
4 - Detection: Spotting Valerian Root.*
5 - Detection: Spotting Passion Flower.*
6 - Detection: Noting Changes in Tone, Facial Expression and Nervousness.*
7 - Detection: Feeling eyes on you.*
8 - Detection: One Orb for Each Person Present.*
9 - Detection: Thetros' Candle Worked.*
10 - Detection: Picking out particular weather patterns.*
11 - Detection: Following what others are watching.*
12 - Detection: Selecting high-profile targets from large crowds.*
13 - Detection: Using familiars to see more than you normally would.*
14 - Detection: Picking out notable broad features of the environment as confirmation of suspicions.*
15 - Detection: Noticing which door leads to the most important room by the elaborate designs on it.*
16 - Detection: Searching the face for key features of a race.*
17 - Detection: Looking for any signs of weapon on a person.*
18 - Detection: Picking out important details from snippets of conversation around you.*
Discipline (17)
1 - Discipline: Breathe in through your mouth to avoid chucking up at bad smells.*
2 - Discipline: Say what needs to be said before emotion overwhelms you.*
3 - Discipline: Thinking of something else to distract from pain.*
4 - Discipline: Staying calm after being told of looming death.*
5 - Discipline: Not crumbling in the face of a terminal diagnosis.*
6 - Discipline: Holding on to the shred of hope.*
7 - Discipline: Not flinching away.*
8 - Discipline: Not running.*
9 - Discipline: Doing what needs to be done, despite danger.*
10 - Discipline: Resisting an overwhelming urge to sit and stare.*
11 - Discipline: Accepting help from friends is not a sign of weakness.*
12 - Discipline: Forcing yourself to focus on what is important.*
13 - Discipline: Get Fully Prepared Before You Begin.*
14 - Discipline: Staying calm when surrounded by charred corpses.*
15 - Discipline: Resisting the urge to hang out with friends over your duty to your companions.*
16 - Discipline: Ignoring the nattering in your head to focus on the things at hand.*
17 - Discipline: Strict discipline is vital to the smooth running of large organisations.*


Endurance (21)
1 - Endurance: Everyone has limits.*
2 - Endurance: Riding on a Volareon hurts your bottom.*
3 - Endurance: Bearing witness to a revolting display.*
4 - Endurance: Catching your breath.*
5 - Endurance: The pain of the Rot.*
6 - Endurance: The final moments before unconsciousness.*
7 - Endurance: Emotional torture.*
8 - Endurance: Keeping reserves of energy.*
9 - Endurance: Applying constant pressure over long periods.*
10 - Endurance: Losing a lot of blood, but not a lot of sweat.*
11 - Endurance: Sudden extreme dips in temperature.*
12 - Endurance: Motion sickness.*
13 - Endurance: High speed and altitude.*
14 - Endurance: Small, sharp claws.*
15 - Endurance: Having a strange wind elemental pestering you.*
16 - Endurance: Surviving being thrown onto your ass.*
17 - Endurance: Walking off the deafening sound of an explosion.*
18 - Endurance: Taking a quick breather to restore your focus.*
19 - Endurance: Blows to the back of the head are no laughing matter.*
20 - Endurance: Holding your breath under waves of smoke.*
21 - Endurance: Enduring the heat of flames.*
Etiquette (1)
1 - Etiquette: Holding your tongue to avoid confrontation.*


Fieldcraft (26)
1 - Fieldcraft: Making use of all available materials.*
2 - Fieldcraft: Repair before you replace.*
3 - Fieldcraft: Scavenge ideal pieces first.*
4 - Fieldcraft: Using spare canvas as a makeshift roof.*
5 - Fieldcraft: Trees make good anchoring points for structures.*
6 - Fieldcraft: Picking the best location to set up camp to leave plenty of room.*
7 - Fieldcraft: Mark the territory of your camp to warn predators of your presence.*
8 - Fieldcraft: Arranging stones into a makeshift fire pit.*
9 - Fieldcraft: Tents make you less aware of your surroundings.*
10 - Fieldcraft: Enclosed spaces between trees can hide your camp.*
11 - Fieldcraft: Scattering branches over the roof of your camp acts as basic camouflage.*
12 - Fieldcraft: Using wolf body heat to regulate temperature.*
13 - Fieldcraft: Using your surroundings to protect your camp from detection by predators.*
14 - Fieldcraft: Using overhanging trees to shade your tent in hot conditions.*
15 - Fieldcraft: Preparing weapons nearby in case of ambush.*
16 - Fieldcraft: Organising your camp into sections to make it easier to navigate.*
17 - Fieldcraft: Tapping trees with a spiggot for a close-by fresh water supply.*
18 - Fieldcraft: Relying on your animal companions to hunt and scavenge for food and water.*
19 - Fieldcraft: If you want to conserve resources, don't invite strangers to your camp.*
20 - Fieldcraft: Using the body heat of others to warm yourself on cold nights.*
21 - Fieldcraft: Definitely don't get naked in a field if you don't want hypothermia.*
22 - Fieldcraft: You can't fall asleep on frozen soil without padding and insulation.*
23 - Fieldcraft: Stretching one tent to make it fit five.*
24 - Fieldcraft: Making a windbreak to shield your campfire.*
25 - Fieldcraft: Bringing friends with you means more mouths to feed.*
26 - Fieldcraft: A fresh water supply is more important than food.*
Fletching (2)
1 - [SP] How to craft a small arrow.
2 - Fletching: Arrows need feathers.*


Hunting (22)
1 - [BK] Basic tracking skills.
2 - Hunting: Sense of smell is important.*
3 - Hunting: Owls are useful - aerial views.*
4 - Hunting: How Warm is their Trail? Their Dung can let you Know.*
5 - Hunting: Knowing when you Have Cover from a Larger Quarry.*
6 - Hunting: Working in tandem with other hunters.*
7 - Hunting: Working in tandem with animal companions.*
8 - Hunting: Corralling herds into bottlenecks for traps and ambushes.*
9 - Hunting: The more you know about an area, the better your chances of success in hunting its grounds.*
10 - Hunting: The more you know about what you hunt, the more chance you have to take them down.*
11 - Hunting: Hunting by yourself is much more difficult than hunting in packs.*
12 - Hunting: Fast hunting prevents prey from escaping.*
13 - Hunting: Injured prey become weaker the longer the hunt is drawn out.*
14 - Hunting: Scent-hunting using a canine companion.*
15 - Hunting: Hunting humans is much more difficult than hunting animals.*
16 - Hunting: Footprints in snow.*
17 - Hunting: Knowing fresh tracks from old tracks using the medium they're pressed into.*
18 - Hunting: Gauging the threat of your prey from the remains of your prey's prey.*
19 - Hunting: Long-distance hunting is better done slowly and methodically.*
20 - Hunting: Don't spend too long waiting for the right moment.*
21 - Hunting: Stalking feline prey.*
22 - Hunting: Don't overcomplicate things.*


Intelligence (3)
1 - Intelligence: Few Beasts Want to Kill People All the Time.*
2 - Intelligence: Some Magics Don't Work Well in the Misty Miasma.*
3 - Intelligence: The Orbs Avoid Their "Target" Contestant.*
Interrogation (1)
1 - Interrogation: Wanting to know what's being done to you.*
Intimidation (3)
1 - Intimidation: Speak softly and travel with a Sohr Kahl.*
2 - Intimidation: Trading Threats with Robin Stark.*
3 - Intimidation: Threatening with a promise of violence.*
Investigation (17)
1 - Investigation: First you must gather the clues.*
2 - Investigation: Speak to key witnesses.*
3 - Investigation: Seeking out fungus in all the best places.*
4 - Investigation: Eavesdropping on background conversations to build a picture of current events.*
5 - Investigation: Using known interests to hazard a profession.*
6 - Investigation: Asking around the workplace after a colleague.*
7 - Investigation: Listen to both questions and answers to ensure you get the full picture.*
8 - Investigation: Listening to conversation can lead to clues for gifts.*
9 - Investigation: Use invisible animals to gather information.*
10 - Investigation: Find people by surname.*
11 - Investigation: People speak more honestly when they think they're alone.*
12 - Investigation: Gather all the evidence possible.*
13 - Investigation: Unlikely sources can still bring important information.*
14 - Investigation: Don't rely too heavily on one source of evidence.*
15 - Investigation: Eavesdropping on conversations about yourself tells you what people don't want you to hear.*
16 - Investigation: Spirit animals make great eavesdroppers.*
17 - Investigation: Locating and identifying people based on their scent.*


Leadership (17)
1 - Leadership: Offering solutions.*
2 - Leadership: Instructing a slave on where to start.*
3 - Leadership: Taking command where nobody else will.*
4 - Leadership: Taking advice from others.*
5 - Leadership: Working as part of a team.*
6 - Leadership: Telling your superior that they're wrong.*
7 - Leadership: Knowing when to do when you're told.*
8 - Leadership: Giving instructions under pressure.*
9 - Leadership: Leading a small team.*
10 - Leadership: Clear instructions.*
11 - Leadership: Sound confident.*
12 - Leadership: Explain the parameters of your instruction.*
13 - Leadership: Knowing when to intervene in a situation.*
14 - Leadership: Addressing insubordination.*
15 - Leadership: Act first, question later, in the heat of a battle it only slows things down.*
16 - Leadership: Saying the right thing at the right time can turn the whole battlefield.*
17 - Leadership: Give broken men a purpose and it can unite them again.*
Linguistics (3)
1 - Linguistics: The same language can have different dialects for different regions.*
2 - Linguistics: Andaris accents are different from that of other regions of Rynmere.*
3 - Linguistics: Universally-understood signs can convey a wide range of phrases and directions.*
Logistics (6)
1 - Logistics: Considering consequences to actions.*
2 - Logistics: Explaining the limits of the Hunt.*
3 - Logistics: Distances and how Far Reinforcements Are Away.*
4 - Logistics: Rationing and planning.*
5 - Logistics: Preparing for an unknown situation.*
6 - Logistics: Have contingency plans.*


Medicine (10)
1 - Medicine: Valerian Root: Sedative.*
2 - Medicine: Passion Flower: Sedative.*
3 - Medicine: Total cleanliness important.*
4 - Medicine: Brain-poking can help.*
5 - Medicine: Dislocated joints.*
6 - Medicine: Setting joints.*
7 - Medicine: Pain relief.*
8 - Medicine: Field medicine.*
9 - Medicine: Using previously injured muscles.*
10 - Medicine: The speed and effects of hypothermia.*
Meditation (16)
LOST - Meditation: Holding onto the trance, even in pain.*
LOST - Meditation: Blocking out all exterior distractions.*
LOST - Meditation: Simplifying your thoughts.*
LOST - Meditation: Letting your body do all of the thinking.*
LOST - Meditation: Ignoring your body to focus on your mind.*
LOST - Meditation: Doesn't always need sitting down to perform.*
LOST - Meditation: Performing active meditation.*
LOST - Meditation: Can be done without thought.*
LOST - Meditation: Easiest to slip into during calm.*
LOST - Meditation: How to first slip into the trance.*
1 - Meditation: Really helps to calm the mind.*
2 - Meditation: When circumstances are horrible think of something else.*
3 - Meditation: Work on your mental defences.*
4 - Meditation: Focus on better, less disturbing things.*
5 - Meditation: Slipping into that other world.*
6 - Meditation: Keeping calm when it's impossible to.*
7 - Meditation: Preparing for death.*
8 - Meditation: Accepting the options, stepping forward bravely.*
9 - Meditation: Keeping your calm in mortal danger.*
10 - Meditation: Focusing through the pain, because it's the right thing to do.*
11 - Meditation: It's easier to be calm in a safe and familiar environment.*
12 - Meditation: Taking a break is important in coping.*
13 - Meditation: Accepting that you have a problem.*
14 - Meditation: Keeping calm when breathing exercises simply aren't possible.*
15 - Meditation: Making snap-decisions for the greater good over personal safety.*
16 - Meditation: Remaining calm in the security of your position.*
Mount (6) (36) (3) (3)
Mount (Horse)
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Mount (Sohr Khal)
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Mount (Volareon)
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Mount (Zephyrus)
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Negotiation (11)
1 - Negotiation: Making a mutual decision.*
2 - Negotiation: It helps negotiations when you understand each other.*
3 - Negotiation: Setting the opening offer.*
4 - Negotiation: Letting passion guide your words.*
5 - Negotiation: Even the underdogs can emerge victorious.*
6 - Negotiation: Sometimes, there's a time to take the first offer.*
7 - Negotiation: Unreasonably high offers are made with the intention of bartering.*
8 - Negotiation: Keep your options open for later.*
9 - Negotiation: Balancing out your rejections with approvals.*
10 - Negotiation: Using white lies to soothe opinions.*
11 - Negotiation: Appeal to human decency.*
Navigation (4)
1 - Navigation: The Route to Grimvale has Changed in Appearance.*
2 - Navigation: From the Wilds to Desnind and back.*
3 - Navigation: Desnind's Streets.*
4 - Navigation: Using alleyways to cut down on distance travel.*


Persuasion (3)
1 - Persuasion: Sometimes, shouting persuades people.*
2 - Persuasion: Shouting often doesn't persuade people.*
3 - Persuasion: Pleading for gifts with puppy dog eyes.*
Philosophy (2)
1 - Philosophy: Quirks are not charming.*
2 - Philosophy: Happiness does not come when you ignore what makes you sad.*
Politics (3)
1 - Politics: Planning to peacefully free slaves.*
2 - Politics: Backing changes in legislature with a personal army.*
3 - Politics: Always think about the bigger picture.*
Psychology (4)
1 - Psychology: Even when you know something, sometimes it's important to say it.*
2 - Psychology: Epiphanies happen in the strangest of places.*
3 - Psychology: Competitive Cooperation Can Not be Trusted.*
4 - Psychology: Easy to Blame Robin for the Wind Problem.*


Ranged Combat (33)
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Research (4)
1 - Research: Libraries are the best source of reliable information.*
2 - Research: Judging the appropriateness of books by their title and cover.*
3 - Research: How to skim-read.*
4 - Research: Picking out important dimensions and details in pictures.*
Rhetoric (2)
1 - Rhetoric: Implying a hidden meaning.*
2 - Rhetoric: Smothering potential arguments with affection.*


Seduction (1)
1 - Seduction: Avoid running around groping people.*
Sewing (4)
1 - Sewing: Use of a thimble.*
2 - Sewing: Sew from the inside.*
3 - Sewing: Pinch the fabric.*
4 - Sewing: Tie off at either end.*
Siege Weaponry (10)
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Socialization (2)
1 - Socialization: Communicating can be Difficult with Danger Nearby.*
2 - Socialization: Getting to know your Velduris Wolf.*
Sociology (1)
1 - Sociology: You Can Smell when someone’s done a Good Day’s Work.*
Stealth (13)
1 - Stealth: Avoid cluttered environments.*
2 - Stealth: The best attacks are on unsuspecting prey.*
3 - Stealth: There's a time where it's necessary.*
4 - Stealth: When in dense foliage, avoid snagging branches from bushes and low trees.*
5 - Stealth: Be aware of where you stand.*
6 - Stealth: Crouch to keep a low profile and make yourself seem smaller.*
7 - Stealth: Roll from ball to heel with your steps to reduce noise.*
8 - Stealth: Keep distractions to a minimum to avoid losing concentration.*
9 - Stealth: Stand absolutely still when you think you've been caught.*
10 - Stealth: Hold your breath to make no sound.*
11 - Stealth: Sacrificing your visibility to maintain your invisibility.*
12 - Stealth: Harder when you have company.*
13 - Stealth: It's different depending on your environment.*
Storytelling (1)
1 - Storytelling: Passion adds to the story.*
Strength (14)
1 - Strength: Lift with your knees.*
2 - Strength: Knowing where to apply force.*
3 - Strength: Proper positioning of your feet.*
4 - Strength: Distribute force evenly across the body.*
5 - Strength: Bracing with your shoulder.*
6 - Strength: Adding to existing momentum.*
7 - Strength: Working with objects larger and heavier than yourself.*
8 - Strength: Struggling to move your muscles.*
9 - Strength: Lifting dead weights.*
10 - Strength: Lifting a corpse.*
11 - Strength: Giving an extra-hard squeeze when hugging dear friends!*
12 - Strength: Working your biceps and back through boxing.*
13 - Strength: Pushing at heavy blocks of stone.*
14 - Strength: Using the risk of near-death as a powerful motivator.*


Tactics (27)
1 - Tactics: Assessing Your Manpower vs Your Target.*
2 - Tactics: When to Call in the Cavalry and When to Wait.*
3 - Tactics: Consider your environment.*
4 - Tactics: Divide and conquer.*
5 - Tactics: Take every advantage you can.*
6 - Tactics: Forward thinking is the backbone of a good strategy.*
7 - Tactics: Knowing your weaknesses is paramount to building your strength.*
8 - Tactics: Mounting an unceasing offensive.*
9 - Tactics: Intimate knowledge of the field of play gives significant advantage.*
10 - Tactics: Anticipating ambush positions.*
11 - Tactics: Making predictions based on your environment.*
12 - Tactics: Planning a peaceful revolution.*
13 - Tactics: Plans to defend freed slaves.*
14 - Tactics: The element of surprise is a powerful tool.*
15 - Tactics: Always have a secondary weapon.*
16 - Tactics: Pick your most advantageous fight first.*
17 - Tactics: Holding back to gauge the wits of your competition first.*
18 - Tactics: Every additional set of eyes is an advantage.*19 - Tactics: Acknowledging and addressing weaknesses in your chain of command.*
20 - Tactics: Over-reliance on one source can become crippling in emergencies.*
21 - Tactics: You can't individually control every member of a team the way you'd like.*
22 - Tactics: Maintaining a closed group formation.*
23 - Tactics: Using smoke for cover.*
24 - Tactics: Working with animals to corral targets.*25 - Tactics: Pulling together a full frontal assault from multiple angles.*
26 - Tactics: Staggering the arrival of your forces to not reveal your hand to your enemy preemptively.*
27 - Tactics: Sometimes you need to use everything at your disposal, regardless of your intentions or pride.*
Teaching (17)
1 - Teaching: Explaining what a familiar is.*
2 - Teaching: Lead by example.*
3 - Teaching: Explain why you do what you do.*
4 - Teaching: Give all the options.*
5 - Teaching: Encouragement goes a long way.*
6 - Teaching: Clearly Explaining how to Handle a Carrier Bird.*
7 - Teaching: Giving basic instructions.*
8 - Teaching: Practical instruction.*
9 - Teaching: Sometimes, demonstrations are better.*
10 - Teaching: Everyone learns at their own speed.*
11 - Teaching: Everyone learns in their own style.*
12 - Teaching: How to adjust techniques to suit individuals.*
13 - Teaching: A bit easier when the student is eager.*
14 - Teaching: A guided tour to assist in explanations.*
15 - Teaching: Start from the beginning and explain the basics.*
16 - Teaching: Use relative real-world examples to elaborate.*


Unarmed Combat (3)
1 - Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Backwards headbutt.*
2 - Unarmed Combat (Brawling): A well placed kick.*
3 - Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Harder when you start from the ground.*

1 - Unarmed Combat (Boxing): Defensive stance.*
2 - Unarmed Combat (Boxing): Corkscrewing your punches for extra power.*
3 - Unarmed Combat (Boxing): Keeping your shoulders squared for stability.*
4 - Unarmed Combat (Boxing): The smaller the profile, the harder to hit.*

[SP] Rynmere: Basic geography.
Rynmere: Andaris: The Skye Verath Lodge.*
Location: Skye Verath Lodge.*
Location: Hunter's Grove.*
Hunter's Grove: Also called 'Stone Forest'.*
The role of a Skyrider.*
The role of the Iron Hand.*
Bandits: In the Grimvale.*
Lowtown: Damaged.*


[SP] Desnind: Basic geography.
[SP] Desnind: Basic culture.

Aster (PC):

Aster: A wild Jacadon hunter.*
Aster: Quite determined.*
Heath: Aster's owl.*

Ayda (PC):

Ayda: Arrogant, but courageous.*

Crimson (PC):

Crimson: A Sev'ryn.*

Elyna (PC):

Elyna: A Skyrider.*
Elyna: Sergeant.*

Faith (PC):

Faith: Venora slave.*
Faith: Born in Athart.*
Faith: Has had 4 owners.*
Faith: Has a dry sense of humour.*
Faith: A good cook.*
Faith: Sleeps with her master.*
Faith: No longer a slave.*
Faith: Embodied slave mindset more than anyone.*
Faith: Happy to be free.*
Faith: Grateful to her master.*
Faith: Lives with Padraig.*
Faith: Wants to serve people.*
Faith: Will always be your friend.*
Faith: Very grateful to you.*
Faith: Loves her Master but cannot be IN love with him.*
Faith: Wants you to think kindly of her Master.*
Faith: Wants to make you proud.*
Faith: Loves Padraig.*
Faith: Wants to start a charity.*
Faith: Wants to fund the charity with profits from a nice restaurant.*
Faith: Wanted to do good all her life.*
Faith: Feels cared for by Padraig.*
Faith: Wants to get sponsored by the King and Empress.*
Faith: Enslavement held her back.*
Faith: Chef.*
Faith: Catering event for a noble and his ward.*
Faith: Is her boss’s scapegoat.*
Faith: Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.*
Faith: Loves you like a brother.*
Faith’s Master: Loves her.*

Juniper (PC):

Juniper: Not a Fruit.*
Juniper: Fell from a tree.*
Juniper: Like the berry.*
Juniper: A small friend.*
Juniper: Can ride on my shoulder.*
Juniper: Doesn't like being held back.*
Juniper: Giggles... A lot.*
Juniper: Hard to keep up with.*
Juniper: Not scared of much.*
Juniper: A little weird but that's okay.*

Kylar (PC):

Kylar: A Lotharro.*

Malkin: The wolf.*
Malkin: The disjointed person.*
Malkin: Can see Archailist.*

Padraig (PC):

Padraig: Loves Faith.*
Padraig: A Chemist.*

Poppy (PC):

Poppy: Wonders if there’s something going on with you and Faith.*

Pythera (PC):

Pythera Venora: The notorious noble.*
Pythera Venora: Responsible for many murders.*

Vivian (PC):

Vivian Warrick: Says she doesn't usually hit people on first meeting.*
Vivian Warrick: An airman with the Skyriders.*
Vivian Warrick: Rides a horse.*
Vivian Warrick: Knows about spirit animals.*
Vivian Warrick: Believes in structure and the order of ranks.*
Vivian Warrick: Wants to protect Rynmere.*


Moseke: Statue maker?*
Moseke: Goddess.*
Moseke: Common Goddess to worship in Desnind.*
Moseke: A life like Statue in The Temple of Life.*
Ymiden: Common God to worship in Desnind.*
Ymiden: Statue in the Temple of Life.*
Xiur: Some worship him in Desnind.*
Xiur: The Temple of Life has a statue of him.*
Gaspard: Works at the Skye Lodge.*
Gaspard: Can't be serious about this bounty?*
Gaspard: Is serious about this bounty.*
Poppy: Works at the Sky Lodge.*
Poppy: A happy worker.*
NPC: Gaspard and Poppy are siblings.*
Barris Burrowbee: Jacadon expert.*
Bandits: Looking for a chest.*
Bandits: Think you have the chest.*


Archailist: Not always helpful in a crisis.*
Archailist: That's one challenging squirrel.*
Archailist: Feels what you feel, is what you are.*
Archailist: Wants you to be everything you can be.*
Archailist: Much more than he seems to be.*
Archialist: A voice of reason.*
Archailist: Pops up in the most unusual places.*
Archailist: Unnatural appearance in Emea*
Self: Feeling estranged from the family.*
Self: Understanding family problems.*
Self: Not wanting to go home (But doing so anyways).*


Jacadon: Keep you hot.*
Jacadon: Withdrawn.*
Scorn: Five times bigger than any other Jacadon.*
Scorn: Gaspard says there are a lot of rumours about him.*
Volareon: Can throw off riders that are unbonded.*
Volareon: Obey whistle commands.*
Volareon: Saddles are finicky.*


Inanimate objects: Not your friends.*


Disease: The Rot.*
The Rot: Slow, Degenerative Disease.*
The Rot: Life Expectancy of 30 Arcs.*
The Rot: Etzori Treatment.*
The Rot: Treatment Plan.*
The Rot: Not Just A Bad Dream.*
People: Protective of their campsites.*
How to pack a wagon.*

Not Important:

Nature: Not always a friend.*
Aerial saddles must fit properly.*
Don't jump on a spooked animal's back.*
Bounty: Wild Jacadon Hunt.*
[BK] The loss of one can break a person completely.
Time flies when you're having fun.*


Language: Common, greetings.*


Language: Curse words.*
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RP Medals




Wed Apr 20, 2016 12:30 am

Mortalborn Abilities

Mortalborn Domains: Affinity, Liberation, Intent.

Affinity - Disclosure

Understanding and acceptance are the first and most important aspects of gaining true affinity with another person. A comprehension that goes beyond words or actions, but goes down to the root, the cause of it all. This is why the Mortalborn of Affinity holds this source with such high regard - and why he must first see a person for all of what they are. He must feel the relationships that they hold, not just with other people, but with things and concepts. The affinities they feel.

Once every five trials, at a touch and with intense concentration, the Ashanborn can feel a person's soul and the aspects acting on it at that given moment by initiating skin contact and holding it as they channel their power through the subject. Since this ability lacks refinement, so only the most powerful forces will be felt. These can be aspects such as love for another person, if the individual is thinking about that person or they are nearby, but only if this is a deep, true, intense love, such as soulmates, married partners or close family members; these can be intense passions for a particular skill or profession, if the person is thinking about, currently performing, or has recently performed said skill or profession; these can be goals, aspirations or intense drives, as long as the person is thinking about those drives or currently acting out those drives. Due to the nature of the Spark and Immortal Marks and their actions on the soul, the Ashanborn is able to feel the presence of a Spark or an Immortal Mark, but cannot discern the Domain of this Spark or the Immortal of the Mark unless he has used the same ability on an individual with this Spark or Mark and is aware of it (has knowledges specifically relating to its feel under Disclosure) nor can he determine the strength of their Spark or Mark.

These aspects appear to the Ashanborn in sensations, as he touches each link to the soul in turn and shares in the feeling. The longer the touch, the more information can be pulled, but the longer each subsequent connection will take to decipher (i.e., the first connection may take only one bit to understand, but the second will take two bits, the third will take three, and so on) as the Ashanborn's body struggles to keep his own affinities and those of the subject separated. The order in which the Ashanborn will discover the affinities of the subject is mostly random, however significantly powerful affinities take priority over others (a smith at work will be thinking more about their love of smithing at that given moment than the love of their wife, and therefore the Ashanborn will interpret their smithing affinity before their wife).

This ability does not require the consent of the subject, and the ability can be stopped by breaking skin contact. However, it is also extremely uncomfortable for the subject, often causing flashes of memory and vivid hallucination with every connection felt, along with a general powerful sense of nakedness and exposure as their very essence is scrutinized.

Should the Ashanborn spend longer than approximately fifteen bits (minutes) attempting to understand the subject's soul, their affinities will become entangled. From this moment, for the rest of the season, the Mortalborn will suffer with bouts of memory loss and confusion, as his soul is tugged with an intense love for a person he has never met before, or a love of a craft he has never practiced. These affinities, powerful as they are, will compel him to perform for them, constantly pressing on his thoughts and filling him with melancholy, depression and restlessness while he does not act on the enthralling tugs at his soul.

Liberation - Abandon

To bring liberation to the world, one must first remain liberated themselves. To this end, the Mortalborn of Liberation holds a very simple innate power.

The Ashanborn's skin can turn unnaturally smooth for up to half a break (hour) at a time per day, lasting the entire duration or in small momentary bursts. While he is in this state, any person attempting to grip him will find it incredibly difficult to find a good handhold, as his limbs will simply slide back out of the hold, or a single twist of his body will cause their grip to slide off, as if he was covered in incredibly thick grease. Restraints placed upon his body will likewise slide off, no matter how tight and even if covering his entire body. Finally, though his flexibility is not enhanced in any way by this ability, he will find it significantly easier to slide through small gaps.

The downsides of this ability are that although he cannot be grab, he also cannot grab; during this state, his own fingers also slip off anything he attempts to grip. Furthermore, magically-enhanced restraints cannot be escaped, however restraints with magically-enhanced locks can (since this ability does not attempt to unlock the restraint in any way, but instead remove the restraint in its entirety).

Intent - Siphon

The divine energy granted by the Immortals to their followers is a gift not given freely, and each recipient of the blessing knows that. To carry an Immortal’s divinity inside oneself, the mortal must offer the Immortal something in return, and that is the conscious Intent to follow their agendas and proliferate their Domains. For the Mortalborn of Intent, that link is a visible, tangible, and exploitable thing.

Once a follower has been identified, Siphon works as an activated ability through physical touch, direct skin-to-skin contact, which must be maintained for five trills (seconds) to establish a connection, at which point the ability works remotely from a distance of twenty feet. If the connection is broken before the ability can complete, the ability will not activate, but will require a cooldown of fifteen bits (minutes) before it can be used again. It allows the Ashanborn to temporarily sever the connection between the Immortal and the mortal, instead redirecting the divine energy into the Ashanborn to fuel him and his other abilities. The marked individual will not become aware of this severance unless they notice any Mark-induced effects cease functioning, or attempt to cast Mark abilities. The severance of this connection lasts for five bits (minutes) after contact has been broken, and can only affect those at Adored level and below. For Adored, 5% more energy can be collected, but the severance only lasts for three bits. The ability can only be used once a trial, and once he is gorged on divine energy, this energy can then be redirected into his own other Mortalborn abilities, allowing either a limited extended duration of 10% over the current duration, or an increase in strength by 10%. This ether can be retained for a short period, and stacked with the siphoned ether of other mortals to be used at one moment for boosts of increased power. This increase is not cumulative for each added stack.

Because this ability draws immense power into his body, the Ashanborn suffers physically from this ability. While most abilities cause sluggishness or lethargy, this does the opposite. His muscles jerk and twitch, seizing and releasing at random. He cannot sit still, and the body aches for half a trial. Extended use of the ability also causes insomnia and the drawbacks that come with it. Furthermore, as long as the Ashanborn holds the divine ether within them, the Immortal can see him, wherever he is.
Immortal Marks

Those who possess the blessing of Velduris are generally somewhat quiet, reserved people more at home in the wild than in cities or towns. The Blessing itself manifests as a set of fangs on the bottom and top of the character's teeth. They also obtain the eyes of a wolf; the color dependent on the users preference. This is a symbol that the character is now apart of Karem's 'pack'.
Pack BondThe Favored is granted an omega wolf familiar, a constant companion. The wolf is significantly more intelligent than regular wolves and is somewhat bigger. In addition, this spirit can communicate not only with it's companion, but with other wolves of its pack. Karem can, at any time, contact any of the wolves her blessing grants, but they can only contact her if she chooses to listen. If the wolf is too heavily drained or badly injured it will revert to a spirit form until it is either rested or healed. The wolf can also choose to revert to spirit form at will, though they generally only do so in crowded cities and such. The blessed can still communicate with their wolf in spirit form. The wolf can tell when someone else has been blessed by Karem, and will always be able to find others who bear Velduris.
Sense of PreyA skill that allows the blessed to tell where a prey animal may be found nearby, allowing the wielder to always be able to find food at need. They can also tell whether people around them have weak combat skills or are easily intimidated.
Velduris Skills IThe blessing of Velduris enhances the bearer's survival, hunting, and animal skills, raising any one of the following skills by three points: Animal Husbandry, Animal Training, Fieldcraft, Ranged Combat, Thrown Combat, or Trap Making. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 100 point cap on skills.
Predatorial InstinctsA skill that grants the favored the patience and calm needed to effectively hunt, as well as allowing one to tell when their prey, whether animal or human, has taken notice that they are being hunted.
Taste of PreyWhen the marked has tasted blood or flesh of their intended target, this forms an immediate and lasting bond. While only one 'prey' can be designated at basic marked, each level thereafter increases the amount of prey a marked can have. Once a prey has been chosen, the marked will always be able to find them. Over sea, desert, forest, or even through the air the marked can track down their prey to any corner of Idalos. This manifests as a smell or taste on the air that inevitably leads the marked in the direction of their chosen prey. In return this ability can be shared with the wolves in ones pack.
Sense of SurvivalThe favored is able to tell what will help them survive in the wild, from what trees are safe to burn and what food is safe to eat and more. However, this effect does not work in more civilized land and it still falls upon the favored to be able to use what they find.
Regulate TemperatureBeing too hot or too cold can both be fatal, and this skill allows the bearer a way to prevent that. By concentrating, they can restore their body temperature to it's natural level, whatever may be affecting it on the outside. This can allow the favored to survive anything from a wildfire to an arctic blizzard, at least as far as heat and cold are concerned. However, the hotter or colder the favored is, the more they have to concentrate.
Lupine SensesThis ability allows the bearer to share in their wolf companions senses for a time, no more than half a break. This lets them hear, see, and smell what their companion does in addition to what they themselves sense.
AlphaEven the basic marked of Karem has authority over all canines in Idalos. They can sense the marked has been chosen by the master of the Hunt. A marked can issue simple commands to any canine that the canine will follow as though it had been issued by an alpha. Canines sent to track the mark will turn away from the scent fearfully and will not visit their wrath. A marked can pass safely among a wolf pack who even may be gracious enough to share their kill. They are not, however, so easily persuaded by the wolf companions that accompany the blessed. In addition, if the canine the Blessed is attempting to influence already has an "Alpha", such as if they are part of a pack or if they have a rider, master, or trainer, they will obey the orders of their "Alpha" over those of the Blessed. They will still defer to the Blessed and follow orders, but if the Blessed attempts to order them against their Alpha, or if the Alpha gives a contradicting order, the canine will follow their own Alpha. The Blessed can overcome this by defeating or driving off the canines existing Alpha.
Loyalty of the PackThe adored is granted a second omega wolf familiar and a single beta wolf that will take charge of the small pack when the adored is otherwise occupied. The beta wolf is stronger, faster, bigger, and has keener senses. The bond to the pack grows stronger and lesser wolf familiars and wild lone wolves will answer the beta wolfs call in battle.
Soft TreadThe tread of the adored grows near to silent, allowing them to move all but silently through virtually any terrain, allowing them to go undetected by those they hunt.
Velduris Skills IIThe character is granted an extra six skill points which may be spent only on the following skills: Animal Husbandry, Animal Training, Fieldcraft, Ranged Combat, Thrown Combat, Hunting, or Trap Making. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 250 (or 100 if fast track) point cap on skills. Within these skills, the points may be spent how the pc chooses.

Animal Training.
Feral Superiority.
Approved here.

Nir'wei can, upon a harsh vocal command, instil a temporary dominance over an animal for a short period of time, lasting upwards to a maximum of a few hours and unable to be replenished on the same animal for one day following the initial touch. This dominance allows him to crudely control the animal's behaviour through rough commands translated more through tone than the command itself - simple commands such as 'go here', 'stop', 'attack' and so forth.

Heart of the Pack.
Approved here.

Nir'wei does not train one animal at a time, for a specific length of time. He lives as part of his pack, surrounded by animals more often than he isn't, and the commands and behaviours he imprints are made all the stronger for their constant reinforcement, and watching the same commands imprinted within their peers. Whenever Nir'wei trains with a team of animals, his unique techniques means that those animals will be able to function more cohesively as part of that team. Each individual creature that makes up that pack, regardless of their species, will be able to fight twice as hard and twice as effectively when surrounded by other members of their group, and since Nir'wei is adept at working amongst large teams of beasts, the group as a whole will be stronger and more cohesive with the more animals included in it.

To benefit from Heart of the Pack, the group must be larger than a team of five. Once given training by Nir'wei, these animals will retain Heart of the Pack without Nir'weis presence, but they must be kept together for it to remain active, and without the minimum number of beasts present within the team, Heart of the Pack will disappear until that number is bolstered to the minimum again. Once Nir'wei has infused a team of animals with Heart of the Pack, it will take a Master of Animal Training to add new members to that existing group, but if the original team is separated, the effect is removed, unless Nir'wei personally oversees it and adds that animal to the team.
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RP Medals




Tue Jun 28, 2016 11:36 pm



Treid's Charm.
A charm from Treid. This little trinket is always cold to the touch. Once per trial, closing your hand around it and warming it with your body heat will create an aura of perfect peace within yourself and within the hearts of anyone you can touch, eliminating anyone's desire for violence or retaliation. This peace lasts for one break and can be overcome with exceptional Discipline or Meditation skills. Earned here.

Tiny Sculpture.
On the 1st Ymiden, 719, Nir'wei finds a tiny little sculpture of himself - at just the size he was. It's always watching him... except, every now and then it points in a different direction! Once a cycle, it leads Nir'wei to an adventure / some other sort of trouble. Often, if he follows it, he will notice that these situations are completely out of his comfort zone. Earned here.

Ring of Knightly Thanks.
A golden ring bearing emblem of Rharne (A fist clutching lightning bolts). This ring can be used three times a Cycle to gain favors from the Lightning Knights or the Thunder Priestesses. This can mean having them do something such as forgive a crime or investigate an issue of importance to you. You now have some sway with the government of Rharne. You must only show this ring to an official of either faction and they will know what it means. These request or favors must be reasonable, so use common sense. Repeated over-use of this reward will merit consequences. Earned here.

Storm Quiver.
A quiver that never seems to run out of arrows. The quiver is made from a supple gray leather with silver fittings. The arrows within are a bright pewter hue and are fletched with the indigo feathers of Storm Rocs. These are arrows blessed by Ilaren herself and will produce a moderate electric shock to those that they strike. If Nir hits a limb or non-lethal area, the shock will numb the area it impacts for a single break. Earned here.

Packs & Kits:

Traveller's Pack (Starting Package)
  • One Set of Clothing (includes a coat, shirt, pants, undergarments, and a pair of boots. All clothing is standard quality.)
  • One Tent (sized to accommodate one person and their possessions.)
  • One Riding Horse (Malice)
  • One Horse-Pulled Wagon (2ft wide, 3ft long, 2ft deep)
  • 100 Feet of Rope
  • One Tinderbox.
  • Six Torches
  • One Lantern
  • One Bedroll
  • One Compass
  • One Fishing Pole, 30 Hooks.
  • One Blanket
  • Four Rucksacks
  • One Knife
  • One Waterskin
  • One Set of Toiletries
  • Two rags.
  • One Hunter's Pack, includes a Shortbow and 12 arrows.
First Aid Kit
  • Bandages for Casts (3)
  • Tourniquet Set
  • Wooden Splint Braces (6)
  • Cloth Bandage Strips (Bundle of 15)
  • Bandage Hooks (12)
  • Jar of Sealing Jelly
  • Folding Burner/Brazier Assembly
  • Boiling Pot
  • Vial of Burner Fuel (lamp oil)
  • Cauterizing Iron (5 tip sizes)
  • Needle Set (Curved and Straight)
  • 50' Spool of Thread
  • Precision Tweezers
  • Precision Scissors
  • Large Vial of Antiseptic Alcohol
  • Sponges
  • Sling
Herbalist Kit
  • Hand Shovel (small and large)
  • Hand Spade (small and large)
  • Box-Framed Sieve
  • Reinforced Cloth Gloves
  • Wrap-Around Goggles
  • Kneepads
  • Hand Hoe
  • Handsaw
  • Hand Soil Loosening Tool
  • Long-Handled Shears
  • Tool Belt
  • Pump Spray Bottle
  • Pruning Shears
  • Root Digger
  • Collection Pouch
Fisherman Kit
  • Common Pole (Treated wood for flex and strength, crank lock reel fairly reliable.)
  • Small Fishing Net
  • Trap box (Screened to allow water flow but keep caught fish inside.)
  • Tackle Box (Reinforced treated wood, with numerous fold-out compartments.)
  • Hooks of Various Sizes (20)
  • Common Fishing Line (50ft)
  • Lead Weights (20)
  • Various Spinning Lures (10)
  • Pre-made Leader Clips (20)
  • Pouch of Dried Tadpoles
  • Worm Shovel
  • Jar of Fish Eggs
Falconry Kit (Superior Quality)
  • Aba (A cloth wrap that immobilizes a bird to calm her or hold her for examination.)
  • Anklets (The leather straps which go around the bird's leg. Several things attach to them.)
  • Bewit (A small leather strip which ties light hardware to the bird's leg.)
  • Braces Straps on the hood which quickly open and close it.)
  • Brail (A leather thong used to restrain one wing on a bird.)
  • Cadge (largely open frame w/leash loops for carrying several birds at once.)
  • Chaps (Leg protectors for a bird, primarily used when hunting prey that bites.)
  • Creance (A long line or cord of 10 - 50 yds., attached to the bird while training.)
  • Creance Spooler (Spring-loaded winder to "give" when bird reaches end of creance length.)
  • Gauntlet (The classic falconer's glove.)
  • Hawk Box (Fully enclosed or small windowed carrying case for bird.)
  • Hood (The "head cap" which blocks outside stimuli from exciting the bird.)
  • Jess (Leather strips which go through the anklets so the falconer can hold the bird or attach the leash.)
  • Jess Extender (Same idea as a fishing leader, but for quick attachments to jesses. Incorporates swivel.)
  • Leash (Line for long-term stationary perching.)
  • Mangalah (Option to the gauntlet - just a thick, wide cuff, not a full glove.)
  • Perch (Obvious; can be anything from a padded stick to an elaborate showpiece.)
  • Swivel (Metal clip that allows connected jesses or leashes to spin free without tangling.)
  • Tail Guard (Sheath of lightweight material to slide over and protect tail feathers.)
  • Message Tube (for small strips of paper with brief messages.)
Animal Care Kit (Horse) (Self-made)
  • Large Horse Blanket
  • Wooden Carry Case
  • Hoof Knife
  • Hoof Pick
  • Hoof Rasp
  • Hoof Nippers
  • Hoof Scrapper
  • Saddle
  • Bit
  • Leather Bridle
  • Leather Reins
  • Halter
  • Body Brush
  • Dandy Brush
  • Mane and Tail Comb
Camping & Travel:

2 x Large Saddle Bags
3 x Large Waterproof Heavy Canvas Bag w/ Straps


Mastercrafted Shortbow
Mastercrafted Longbow
Mastercrafted Hand Axe
Mastercrafted Dagger
Mastercrafted Longsword

Prized Possession:

Meditation Balls. A set of painted hollow wooden balls with small metal chimes on the inside, showing two dragons circling one-another. Often used in meditative practices - a small trinket of little worth given to Nir'wei at a young age. These were actually one of the few possessions left behind by Nir'weis father after his disappearance, although he's never been told this.
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RP Medals




Thu Dec 01, 2016 1:23 pm


GN Ledger
Starting Pack +25 GN 25 GN
4 mugs of ale - 4 SN 24 GN, 6 SN
Wages of Ashan 716 + 123 GN 147 GN, 6 SN
Living Cost of Ashan 716 - 7 GN 5 SN 140 GN 1 SN
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Wages of Ymiden 716 + 664 GN 804 GN 1 SN
Living Cost of Ymiden 716 - 33 GN 2 SN 770 GN 9 SN
Ymiden Rynmere Tax - 26 GN 6 SN 744 GN 3 SN
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Wages of Saun 716 + 320 GN 1064 GN 3 SN
Living Cost of Saun 716 - 20 GN 1044 GN 3 SN
Saun Rynmere Tax - 16 GN 1028 GN 3 SN
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Mastercrafted Dagger - 24 GN 1004 GN 3 SN
Mastercrafted Short Bow - 80 GN 924 GN 3 SN
Mastercrafted Hand Axe - 120 GN 804 GN 3 SN
First Aid Kit - 22 GN 782 GN 3 SN
Herbalist Kit - 45 GN 737 GN 3 SN
Fishermans Kit - 35 GN 702 GN 3 SN
Superior Falconry Kit - 70 GN 632 GN 3 SN
Canteen - 5 GN 627 GN 3 SN
3 x Large Waterproof Heavy Canvas Bag w/ Straps 5 GN 4 SN 621 GN 9 SN
2 x Large Saddle Bags - 24 GN 597 GN 9 SN
Large Horse Blanket - 20 GN 577 GN 9 SN
Wooden Carry Case - 15 GN 562 GN 9 SN
Hoof Knife - 4 GN 558 GN 9 SN
Hoof Pick - 6 GN 552 GN 9 SN
Hoof Rasp - 10 GN 542 GN 9 SN
Hoof Nippers - 12 GN 530 GN 9 SN
Hoof Scrapper - 7 GN 523 GN 9 SN
Saddle - 25 GN 498 GN 9 SN
Bit - 4 GN 494 GN 9 SN
Leather Bridle - 15 GN 479 GN 9 SN
Leather Reins - 8 GN 471 GN 9 SN
Halter - 6 GN 465 GN 9 SN
Body Brush - 5 GN 460 GN 9 SN
Dandy Brush - 4 GN 456 GN 9 SN
Mane and Tail Comb - 1 GN 455 GN 9 SN
Large Dog - 75 GN 380 GN 9 SN
NPC Upkeep - 10 GN 370 GN 9 SN
Wages of Vhalar 716 + 1353 GN 1723 GN 9 SN
Living Cost of Vhalar 716 - 135 GN 5 SN 1588 GN 4 SN
Vhalar Rynmere Tax - 54 GN 2 SN 1534 GN 2 SN
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
1 Acre (Outside City) - 800 GN 734 GN 2 SN
Wages of Zi'da 716 + 1302 GN Pending Approval!
Living Cost of Zi'da 716 - 130 GN 2 SN Pending Approval!
Zi'da Rynmere Tax - 52 GN 1 SN Pending Approval!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Wages of Cylus 717 + 0 Missed
Living Cost of Cylus 717 - 0 Missed
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Wages of Ashan 717 + 0 Missed
Living Cost of Ashan 717 - 0 Missed
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Wages of Ymiden 717 + 0 Missed
Living Cost of Ymiden 717 - 0 Missed
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Wages of Saun 717 + 566 GN 1300 GN 2 SN
Living Cost of Saun 717 - 56 GN 6 SN 1243 GN 6 SN
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Mastercrafted Long Bow - 120 GN 1123 GN 6 SN
Mastercrafted Longsword - 200 GN 923 GN 6 SN
Wages of Vhalar 717 + ??? 923 GN 6 SN
Living Cost of Vhalar 717 - ??? GN 923 GN 6 SN
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Wages of Zi'da 717 + ??? 923 GN 6 SN
Living Cost of Zi'da 717 - ??? GN 923 GN 6 SN
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Wages of Cylus 718 + ??? 923 GN 6 SN
Living Cost of Cylus 718 - ??? GN 923 GN 6 SN
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Wages of Ashan 718 + ??? 923 GN 6 SN
Living Cost of Ashan 718 - ??? GN 923 GN 6 SN
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Wages of Ymiden 718 + ??? 923 GN 6 SN
Living Cost of Ymiden 718 - ??? GN 923 GN 6 SN
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Wages of Saun 718 + ??? 923 GN 6 SN
Living Cost of Saun 718 - ??? GN 923 GN 6 SN
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Wages of Vhalar 718 + ??? 923 GN 6 SN
Living Cost of Vhalar 718 - ??? GN 923 GN 6 SN
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Wages of Zi'da 718 + ??? 923 GN 6 SN
Living Cost of Zi'da 718 - ??? GN 923 GN 6 SN
Total Currency: 0 ON, 923 GN, 6 SN, 0 CN
Wealth Ledger
Current Wealth Tier: 5
Current Wealth Points: 73
Current Wealth Points Earning: 12 x Season.
Grandfathering In: Here.
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RP Medals




Thu Dec 01, 2016 7:29 pm



15th of Ashan, 713: The Adventurous Birthday Girl. with Juniper.
16th of Zida 714: Feathered Friends. Solo.


Rynmere, 2nd of Ashan: Bitey Little Buggers, aren't they? with Ayda. (Job Thread)
Rynmere, 3rd of Ashan: An Unexpected Rescue. with Franz.
Rynmere, 11th of Ashan: Stranger Danger? with Istil.
Rynmere, 21st of Ashan: Chasing a Headline! with Elyna and Andraska.
Rynmere, 33rd of Ashan: Stray of the Pack. with Asher.
Rynmere, 66th of Ashan: Cheers! with Vivian Warrick.
Rynmere, 98th of Ashan: Truth and Lies. with Others.

Rynmere, 3rd of Ymiden: Asking the Big Questions. Solo.
Rynmere, 20th of Ymiden: I Did It For Art. with Nivasi.
Rynmere, 25th of Ymiden: Punching Above Your Weight. Solo. (Job Thread)
Rynmere, 37th of Ymiden: Dolphin's Cry. with Vakhanor.

Rynmere, 4th of Saun: Another Day in Andaris. with Others.
Emea, 6th of Saun: The Killing Fields. with Mal.
Rynmere, 13th of Saun: Wagon Woes and Friendly Foes. with Faith.
Emea, 14th of Saun: Destiny, or as it's otherwise known, Luck. with Uiyaejn.
Emea, 16th of Saun: Lessons in Logic and Seminars in Sewing. with Faith.
Rynmere, 20th of Saun: It's Not All Smiles And Dragon Rainbows. Solo. (Job Thread)
Emea, 40th of Saun: A Monumental Task. with Niv.

Rynmere, 23rd of Vhalar: A Guided Tour. with Kylar and Crimson. (Job Thread)
Rynmere, 29th of Vhalar: Getting On Top Of Things. with Ashira.
Rynmere, 36th of Vhalar: When One Door Closes... with Faith and Andraska.
Rynmere, 53rd of Vhalar: In the Cemetery with a Lead Pipe. with Faith.
Rynmere 55th of Vhalar: The Great Hunt. with Yrmellyn.
Rynmere, 56th of Vhalar: The Bored Ward Snored, Faith Sawed the Gorde. Good Lord! with Faith.
Rynmere, 58th of Vhalar: Lending a Hand. with Aeon.
Rynmere, 60th of Vhalar: A Light in the Darkness. with others.
Rynmere 67th of Vhalar: Spending Spree. Solo.
Rynmere, 92nd of Vhalar: An Otter in a World of Ferrets. Solo.
Rynmere, 105th of Vhalar: A New Journey. with Others.
Rynmere, 123rd of Vhalar: Beautiful. with Faith.

Rharne, ?th of Zida: The Pain of Saying Goodbye. Solo. (Unfinished)
Rharne, 6th of Zida: A Safe Landing. with Faith.
Rharne, 7th of Zida: Off the Beaten Path. with Ivy Gawyne.
Rharne, 90th of Zida: The Diagnosis. with Faith.


Rharne, 4th of Cylus: Unwelcome News. with Faith.
Rharne, 6th of Cylus: It's Cold Outside. with Caedhe.
Rharne, 15th of Cylus: A Long Night Out. with Andraska. (Unfinished)

Scalvoris, 40th of Ymiden 717: This Isn't Rocket Science, It's Brain Surgery! with Faith.

Scalvoris, 1st of Saun 717: Hitting the Books. Solo. (Unfinished)
Scalvoris, 4th of Saun 717: Saltwater Contemplation.
Scalvoris, 17th of Saun 717: The Real World. with Vega.
Scalvoris, 20th of Saun 717: Animal Master. Solo.
Scalvoris, 23rd of Saun 717: Beneath The Veil. Solo.
Scalvoris, 25th of Saun 717: Just Another Trial At The Office... with Pegasus.

Scalvoris, 12th of Vhalar 717: An Early Wedding Gift. with Faith and Padraig.
Emea, 14th of Vhalar 717: The World Beneath The World. with Robin.
Scalvoris, 17th of Vhalar 717: Leader Of The Pack. with Tio Silver.
Scalvoris, 18th of Vhalar 717: The Forgotten Alpha. Solo.
Scalvoris, 19th of Vhalar 717: Unseen Enemy. with Qit'ria.
Emea, 20th of Vhalar 717: The Twelvefold. with Warren, Sarafaynha and Max. (Unfinished)
Desnind, 62nd of Vhalar 717: Take My Hand, Erase The Past Forever. with Others.
Misty Miasma, 121st of Vhalar, 717: Mixed Messengers. with Others.

Desnind, 40th of Zi'da 717: The Return I. Solo.
Desnind, 41st of Zi'da 717: The Return II. Solo.


Rynmere, 4th of Ashan 718: Familiar Company. with Sinnamynn.
Rynmere, 5th of Ashan 718: Flowing Like Time. with Sinnamynn.
Emea, 12th of Ashan 718: Keep Calm and Carry On. with Others.
Rynmere, 30th of Ashan 718: Running with Horses. with Val.
Rynmere, 82nd of Ashan 718: Empty Moons. with Alistair.

Rharne, 70th of Ymiden 718: Spitfire. with Finn and Leeson. (Unfinished)
Rharne, 75th of Ymiden 718: Through the Fire and the Flames. with Arlo and Lynessa. (Unfinished)

Rharne, 29th of Saun 718: The Next World. with Faith. (Unfinished)

Rharne, 3rd of Vhalar 718: Market Mayhem. with Geminus Rose. (Unfinished)
Rharne, 11th of Vhalar 718: Choosing A Side. Solo.
Rharne, 14th of Vhalar 718: Fireborn, Airborn. with Finn. (Unfinished)
Rharne, 19th of Vhalar 718: Stealthy? I Don't Think So. with Cail. (Unfinished)
Rharne, 20th of Vhalar 718: Inquisitive Initiates. with Aneka.
Rharne, 23rd of Vhalar 718: A Chance in Hell. with Varlum. (Unfinished)
Rharne, 24th of Vhalar 718: Wings and Things. with Nightshade.
Rharne, 40th of Vhalar 718: A Bronze Bar Brawl. with Patrick. (Unfinished)
Rharne, 28th of Vhalar 718: Welcome To The Thunder Den! with Yavanna. (Unfinished)
Rharne, 60th of Vhalar 718: Storm Roc Training. with Vivian. (Unfinished)

Rharne, 35th of Zida 718: Cold It Blows, So It Goes. with Alistair. (Unfinished)
Rharne, 69th of Zida 718: Stormwaste Woes. Solo.
Rharne, 70th of Zida 718: Stormwaste Woes II. Solo. (Unfinished)
Rharne, 88th of Zida 718: Prologue: Shadows Awaken. with Yavanna and Lynessa. (Unfinished)


Rharne 4th of Cylus 719: Down By The River. with Auya.
Rharne, 5th of Cylus 719: The Invasion Begins. Solo.
Rharne, 7th of Cylus 719: Puppies, Pegasus, Padraig and Potatoes. with Faith.
Rharne, 11th of Cylus 719: Lady Mercy Won't Be Home Tonight. with Others.
Rharne, 20th of Cylus 719: Poor Choby. with Qit'ria.
Rharne, 23rd of Cylus 719: The Siege of Storm's End. with Lynessa and Faith. (Unfinished)
Rharne, 25th of Cylus 719: A Wolf, a Ghost an a Baby. with Qit'ria. (Unfinished)

Rharne, 4th of Ashan 719: Nir, Far Wherever You Are. with Geminus. (Unfinished)
Rharne, 9th of Ashan 719: Thundermaw Stampede. with Faith. (Unfinished)
Rharne, 12th of Ashan 719: Loose Ends. with Faith and Lyn. (Unfinished)
Rharne, 28th of Ashan 719: Three Wise Wolves. Solo.
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RP Medals




Thu Dec 01, 2016 7:30 pm


Nir'wei has the pleasure of being bound to a spirit who calls itself Archailist, for reasons he still hasn't really explained yet. He appears as a small chubby brown-furred squirrel with pale milky-white eyes, oddly suggesting that there is some kind of tarnishment on his soul, although neither Nir'wei nor Archailist knows what this could be referring to. Archailist, or Arch for short, appears as a squirrel to represent his playfulness and energy, but for all the cheerfulness that Nir'weis familiar shows, there is something that seems to be constantly gnawing away at him. He seems to be rather concerned with something that he never explains. Spells will suddenly hit, during the middle of their meditation, that brings the little squirrel-spirit from his slumber and into rowdy energy. For now, all that Nir'wei has taken from this is that for an old spirit, Arch certainly has embraced senility.
The First Step

The first dream was the most jarring. Nir'wei had been drifting through blank unconsciousness - a dreamless, thoughtless sleep that he'd passed through many times before. Then, abruptly, he jolted as though something sharp had pushed through his skin, but he didn't wake. Instead of the ceiling of his aunt's makeshift hut somewhere near the edge of one of the fields of Desnind, a milky-white sky without a sun or moon hung overhead when he opened both eyes. There were no trees on the horizon and no grass under his feet. All around there was only stone, carved and chipped and weathered, turned into a great box that surrounded him on all sides, constricting him, making it hard to even breathe. Then a shadow fluttered overhead. Nir'wei looked up, coming face-to-face with a small squirrel balanced on the edge of one of the walls, peering over with curious dark-brown eyes.

It didn't say anything, but two words suddenly came to his head, said only once but constantly revolving in his head as images rapidly flashed before his eyes, of castles and village houses and knights and nobles, forests and fields, ships and dragons. The pictures were too fast to focus on, cascading down over his head, drowning him with a loud, heavy rushing in his ears that was near-deafening. Somehow, through the intense sensations, one simple command echoed back through his head, suddenly causing his head to snap back. "Find me."

Nir'wei awoke in a cold sweat, shivering, with his aunt draping an animal pelt over his naked shoulders. "What's wrong?" Her face showed concern. "Did you dream of your mother again?" The memories brought a lump to his throat but the boy swallowed it and shook his head mutely, still struggling to catch his breath.

Instead, he spoke of his dream. Of a squirrel, high on stone walls, surrounded by nobles. Unnervingly, his aunt's face only seemed to become more grave as she nodded along to his words, eventually turning away and staring at a wall for several long minutes, as she was prone to doing at the most inappropriate of times. She hung there just long enough to make the boy think of asking what she thought, before she cut off the words still in his mouth. "It's time," she said reluctantly, as if she was forcing the words. "Your familiar has called and it cannot be ignored. If.. if only your mother was here to guide you," she mumbled with a sniffle, wiping her nose with the back of one hand and drying her eyes quickly. "D-Doesn't matter. You'll do her proud."

The next days were spent preparing and learning. Everyone had some wisdom to part, no matter how small or inconsequential. Supplies were gathered for the journey and packed into bags, food and water wrapped in neat little bundles, little farewell gifts and well-wishes. By far, the best advice was from his father's half-brother just as he was passing through the Itọju. The brash man clapped one arm around Nir'weis shoulders and leaned down, whispering, "Don't be afraid.. and head north." That was the last time he saw his home city, or any of his remaining family. Nobody would accompany him, his only guide would be a squirrel and there was no telling when he would return home again.. or what he would be like, when he did.

There was only one way to head north. Nir'wei caught a boat to Strosdyn, where he struggled for answers on the city his dreams had spoken of. Nobody could even understand the words that came from his mouth. Struggling at the very first hurdle of this seemingly-impossible quest, another vision came during his dreams that night, speaking of a port city where men and women walked on one leg. A few days later, a boat left for Ivorian with half-human, half-snake fisherman on board.. as well as Nir'wei.

The city was beautiful. Rharne, even more so, as he continued north, pressed and pushed by every night as his dreams were almost haunted by the squirrel and its cryptic messages. The young boy was close, though. Rharne's bustling city, filled with drunk revellers all too eager to regail anyone within earshot of their journeys, finally gave Nir'wei all he needed to know. His final destination was an island even further north, practically on the other end of the ocean.. and as far away from his homeland as it was likely possible to reach. The Kingdom of Rynmere. Why this land had been chosen, the boy would never truly understand, but all that mattered was that soon he would finish what his mother had never started.

From the bow of the fishing boat he'd caught a ride with in exchange for what little manual labour he could offer, the castle-city looked even bigger and more grandiose than his dreams. Despite the glaring lack of trees or other natural life amongst all the pale grey stone keeps, its sheer stature was jaw-dropping for a Sev'ryn that had spent all of his years under the gentle shade of trees, running through fields of grass and skipping over narrow streams of forestland with nary an occasional boulder to climb, let alone... this. Basking in its size almost white-washed the fact that it just meant he'd have even more to root through in search of his spirit animal. Even worse, he would have to do it without any further guidance.. because, for the first time since his quest had begun, his dreams did not include the squirrel. At first, he thought nothing of it; the hardest part of his quest was finished now. All that was left, was to find his familiar, wherever it was.

A season passed, with no success. Another followed, and a third after that. Still, no dreams.. still no guidance. It felt as though, to Nir'wei, he would never find the squirrel - he didn't even know where to look any more. He almost stopped looking completely half-way through the third season. Nothing felt different.. Moseke was still as beautiful as ever and he was happier than ever to just be alive at all. That in mind, he cut work for the day and instead took a break travelling out to one of the surrounding regions: Burhan. In some parts of the dense woodlands, it almost felt like he was back in Desnind. "It almost feels like home," the young boy said to himself quietly as his feet carried him deeper into the forests, down unfamiliar paths.

Unwittingly, he'd followed a river upstream and back to a powerful waterfall guarded by thick-trunked Redwoods. Occasionally a large log tipped over the edge of the thick stone high above, toppling down into the grooves below and splashing back into the rushing water's full force.. and the calls of men further upstream felling more trees for the carpenters would echo down in muffled yells.. but otherwise, it seemed as secluded a place as he would find. Just being there, next to wrathful cascade of water, bordered by blooming plants and trees the likes of which he would likely never see again after returning to Desnind, brought some kind of deep calm and gaiety. It compelled him to sit, but he took it one step further and sprawled over the damp moss at the edge of the water, arms and legs spread like an incredibly-content starfish.

For what had felt like arcs but was probably longer, ever since the first dream, Nir'weis mind had been clouded with doubts. After all, his mother had failed in her journey. Not even the combined efforts of everyone he knew and loved, as well as many he'd never met before in his life, could stem the pain that it had brought her. What if he failed? What if he never found his familiar, never bonded.. what if he simply died along the way? All questions without answers, frightening thoughts, nightmares and worse that plagued every hour of his days, gnawing like tiny dark monsters with many teeth. For the first time, though, all those things seemed to wash away. Maybe it was the water, or the warm air, or the sounds of wildlife chirping in the trees above.. but time seemed to blur and melt in its presence. He might have been sleeping, or meditating, or a little bit of both, because he couldn't remember exactly when he closed his eyes. When he did, though, there was a squirrel stood on one of the smooth rocks beside the waterfall. Unthinkingly, Nir'wei smiled and slowly reached a hand out, beckoning it closer. There was a pause, but he didn't pull back. Then the tiny brown-furred creature hopped forwards a few steps, cautiously, then crawled onto the back of his outstretched hand and settled there.

Funnily enough, there was no bright flash of light, no sparks of fire, no cool chill, as he'd heard happened so much from the others. An intense calm washed down over all of his muscles, as if a part of his body he'd never knew was lost, had suddenly been restored. Nir'weis smile widened a fraction and he looked down with half-lidded eyes into the squirrel's milky-white gaze. "There's much to do," it said.

"Later," Nir'wei replied, "later." It almost floated across his mind, in an afterthought: the running waterfall nearby felt exactly like the first dream. All those images, pictures, flowing like water.. the rushing noises. The answer, for all this time, had always been staring him in the face. He'd just not acted on it until he listened to his uncle's words.

Earned here
Approval here

Made entirely out of water, she often takes on entirely abstract shapes, including different animals and expressions to suit her desires and situation, and her confessed "true" form is little more than a floating sphere of water with rings of droplets hanging around the perimeter. She also regularly changes her colours, which range from an algae-hinted green and muddy brown to a vibrant blue with hints of purple. However, her preferred form is that of a stumpy four-legged creature somewhat similar to a dragon lacking wings, with two dew-drop antennae hanging from the front of her head and a long whip-like tail ending in a leaf-shaped tip.
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