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RP Medals




Elyna Burhan
Age: 26

Race: Mixed Blood – Biqaj x Human

Date of Birth: 2nd of Cylus 690

Marks:The Blessing of Gwelliph

Factions Joined: Xiur Skyrider, Captain

Languages Spoken:
Fluent: Common
Basic: Rakahi

Partners: Malcolm

Face Claim Gemma Arterton

Elyna has long, dark brown hair with touches of bronze where the sun has caught it. She has wide, doe-like warm brown eyes that tend to remain a consistent color despite her Biqaj heritage. However, they have been known to darken to black or lighten to a coppery color in times of extreme emotion. She has a straight nose and full lips set in an oval face. Despite her determined nature her chin is softly rounded and would suggest that she is more suited to a quieter life of sewing and dancing, rather than her preferred warriors pursuits. Although physically fit and in perfect health, she is well aware that she cannot rival many of her male counterparts, or even Knights with physical prowess and so hasn't tried to overly develop her natural muscle mass. Her shape is softer and more rounded, but tell her that and you'll likely to find yourself eating dirt.

She has a silvery scar on her left leg, curving around her shin. "Although the wound is not serious, it will leave a silvery scar along the path the dagger took through your skin. While not a protruding scar, it is a visible blemish and a reminder that it could have been deeper…or higher." -Plague

Determined and sincere are two of Elyna's positive character traits, however she has been accused of callousness because of her single-minded focus on doing the right thing, sometimes at the expense of a more emotive route. Those who consider her to be cold-hearted have failed to look beyond the professional and direct persona of the woman before them. With her family and the people she trusts, she is warm, friendly and can be as easily entertained and charming as any full-blooded Biqaj; however it takes a great deal for her guard to be lowered.

In the rare time that is her own, someone would struggle to hear the Lady speak. However, when at work for the Kingdom and the Order of The Sacred Seven she speaks clearly and with care that her words are heard. Elyna takes honor and privilege very seriously. Now that she has achieved her childhood dreams of becoming a Skyrider, she lives and breathes for time spent with Dyaus. As she is so busy, and she probably takes on too much to keep herself busy, Elyna has a knack for avoiding difficult conversations and as such has found more and more reasons to avoid returning to Burhan and being confronted by her Mother in particular. As it is, she welcomes fleeting visits to the region, with a definitive point for them to end.

Her favorite way to waste time is flying under the stars at night, wrapped up with warm furs and leathers from home. Or working out her frustrations in the practice courts. On occasion, when they can drag her away from her duties, her friends, who seem to have far less work than she does, pull her into the city for a drink and a dance. They refuse to drink cider with her though, because with that, the liquor of her native lands, the Lady started building her tolerance young, showing a more rebellious youth somewhere within the Lady.

Elyna has fond memories of her Grandparents, Baako and Paige and every year after spending Winter Mist at home, she vows to spend more time with them. Until the New Year gets in the way. For as long as she can remember, her Father Pavoo has taken on many of the Duke's responsibilities and time at court. Her relationship with her Father is therefore somewhat strained, however with them both spending much of their time in Andaris there is the chance for them to spend more time together. For some reason, this hasn't yet come to fruition. Her Mother Caelan prefers to spend time in Burhan although during longer periods of Pavoo's absence will join him in the city. Elyna worries that her mother sees too much when they meet and so tries to avoid her general, Motherly attentions.

Elyna idolizes her older brother. He is the reason she has spent a lifetime determined to prove herself to him.

She is afraid of being lonely, that nothing she does and no rank she achieves will ever be enough to prove her worth in the eyes of her Brother.

Her first kiss was with a fellow noble.

Two years ago, Elyna transgressed more deeply from her busy lifestyle and believed she had fallen in love with a Knight called Yoreth. For a time she forgot her duty and how to be anything other than the rawest, purest form of herself and more Biqaj than she had ever realised. The romance ended in disaster and she was left heartbroken, first to find that Yoreth was married and second, when his ship sank at sea. It has been a long time to heal and Elyna is unlikely to unlock the guards in her heart too quickly as second time.

Personal NPC
Name:Elsie Adele Vri
Created by: Elyna & Malcolm
Race: Mixed: Immortal, Human, Biqaj, Aukari
DOB: 84th Ymiden 716
Title: Baby Burhan
Domain: Tenderness
Ability is a manifestation of Malcolm’s Domains of Pain and Devotion. Elsie is able to absorb strength and energy. This is used to heal or soothe herself. It also allows her to grow or ‘develop’ a little faster than normal children. The ability will only manifest when in physical contact with blood relations or those with a strong emotional connection to her; devotion or hatred. Elise is only a baby, and so she cannot absorb enough strength to do any lasting harm. This may change as she grows older however. Currently, it will leave the ‘victim’ feeling as though they’ve run a few miles uphill. A she grows bigger and older, the drain on energy will increase.
Drawbacks: Bloodynose/Bloodshot eyes- heal instantaneously with the use of the ability. However, Elise herself will fall into a deep sleep for several hours.
Skills: Pending
Other Information: Enhanced growth is something along the lines of 0.50. By this reckoning she would reach the age of 1 year old at the equivalent of 6 months. This is in part due to her ability which allows her to develop at a rate of 0.25 combined with the fact that using an ability causes the MB/MB-Child to age.
Name:Caelan Burhan
Created by:
Race: i
Other Information:
Name:Pavoo Burhan
Other Information:
Name:Edmund Burhan
Other Information:

Name: Yoreth Blackwood
Created by: Elyna
Race: Human
Age: 38
Born: 1st Cylus 678
Title: Former Officer in U’frek Sailors
Skills: Melee Combat (45), Seafaring (35), Smuggling (20)

Yoreth was known amongst young U’frek Sailors as a fearsome warrior and responsible for the mentoring of young noblemen and women in particular as they joined the ranks. He carried the ignoble moniker of the ‘Hangman’ following stories that he’d left pirates hanging from the bows of his ship. What most don’t know, is that Yoreth abused his position of trust, and the favour gained from the young nobles in order smuggle illicit goods from port to port, mainland to Rynmere. In 710, he met a young skyrider in the training grounds. A determined young woman who caught his attention, despite her junior years. He ignored his own rules in order to claim the object of his desire and began a passionate affair with the noble, Elyna Burhan in the knowledge that her older brother had risen through the ranks and was now his Captain. A captain who knew he was promised in marriage to the daughter of an Andaris merchant. Yoreth married Ameila Miller as had been arranged some arcs before and had a son with his wife. However, he strived to keep his lives, professional, domestic and fantasy separate. Unwilling to give up his attachment to the noblewoman.

However, in 713 Elyna’s brother discovered them and the truth couldn’t be hidden away any longer. Elyna told him to go to sea and never come back, and during the voyage her brother passed him a substantial amount of gold with the agreement he would not return to Andaris. Elyna was passed news of his demise at sea and the history books were written. Yoreth sent for Amelia and their son to join him in Ne’Hear, but his wife refused. He has spent his time in the western city wisely and invested in his smuggling empire. But not without a bitterness that has been devouring him. In early 716 Frustrated by Amelia’s refusal to follow him, Yoreth returned to Andaris to collect his wife. Only to find that the Moseke knights had inexplicably decided to dig up the past.

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RP Medals





During Ashan 716 Malcolm bought a second house, a 400 sq ft. (20 x 20) wooden with a quarter acre of land outside of Andaris City on the road to the docks near the Royal Glen which borders the region of Venora to the west. The house was gifted to Elyna where she currently resides. Elyna later paid for Malcolm to add a second room to the house (Vhalar 716).

In Zi'da 716 - Elyna extended the ownership of land by an acre.


In Ymiden 716 - Elyna commissioned the building of a 25 x 40 barn = 1000 square feet . The barn has wooden walls and high ceilings. A small window at the peak of the roof at the rear. 8 feet up is a hayloft that covers the back half of the barn. It is accessible by a rope ladder. The barn doesn't currently have a floor - however the dirt has been compacted beneath.

In the hayloft there are two single beds with a chest between them.

In Ashan 717 Malcolm and Elyna purchased a house of 550sq ft on 5500 sq ft land in Andaris City.

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RP Medals




Skills, Fame & Devotion Points

Skill NamePoints Acquired /100/251Competence
Acrobatics 55Novice
Animal Husbandry 100100 Legendary
Animal Training 60105Competent
Appraisal 22 Unskilled
Blades: Longsword 85 217Expert
Business Management11 Unskilled
Cartography11 Unskilled
Climbing11 Unskilled
Cooking2627 Competent
Cosmetology22 Unskilled
Dancing 66 Novice
Deception66 Novice
Detection5796 Expert
Disguise22 Unskilled
Endurance 2627 Competent
Etiquette 23 23 Novice
Field Craft22 Unskilled
Flirting 22 Unskilled
Gardening11 Unskilled
Intelligence 66 Novice
Interrogation 1515 Novice
Intimidation88 Novice
Investigation5075 Competent
Leadership 4055 Competent
Logic11 Unskilled
Logistics 55 Unskilled
Mathematics 11 Novice
Medicine2525 Novice
Meditation 22 Unskilled
Mount: Horse70125 Expert
Mount: Volareon70125 Expert
Persuasion2627 Competent
Philosophy22 Unskilled
Poisons 1 1Unskilled
Politics 5176 Expert
Psychology 44 Unskilled
Ranged: Longbow 90 202 Expert
Ranged: Throwing Daggers22 Unskilled
Research11 Unskilled
Running33 Unskilled
Seduction26 29 Competent
Sewing 100 251 Legendary
Shield Combat: Buckler 2525 Novice
Singing 2525 Novice
Smithing 11 Unskilled
Stealth 3034 Competent
Storytelling66 Novice
Strength2626 Competent
Surgery2626 Competent
Tactics2020 Novice
Teaching55 Unskilled
Torture11 Unskilled
Trap Making11 Unskilled
Unarmed Combat: Brawling 50 75 Expert
Writing11 Unskilled
We look good in the dark +14 +14
Skill Allocation +1 Animal Hus +13
Skill Allocation +1 Unarmed +12
Skill Allocation +12 Longbow 0
In Time +10 +10
Skill Allocation +10 Longbow 0
Engagement +10 +10
Skill Allocation +10 Shield 0
The pull of the waves +14 +14
Past comin' up for a bite +8 +22
Skill Allocation +3 Shield 19
Skill Allocation +10 Unarmed 9
Skill Allocation +9 Sewing 0
Mistakes +15 +15
Skill Allocation +3 Sewing 12
Skill Allocation +10 Ranged 10
Skill Allocation +2 Persuasion 0
Call of Destiny +10 +10
Skill Allocation +9 Persuasion 1
Skill Allocation +1 Stealth 0
Hey, Soul Sister +15 +15
Skill Allocation +10 Animal Husbandry 5
Chasing a Headline! +14 19
Skill Allocation +10 Animal Husbandry (Fast Track) 9
Skill Allocation +8 Unarmed 1
Flight +15 16
What a way to make a living +10 26
At your service +15 41
Skill Allocation +9 Animal Training 1/1 32
Skill Allocation +3 Mount 1/1 29
Skill Allocation +10 Animal Training 1/1 19
Skill Allocation +18 Longbow 2/1 1
Return +10 11
Negotiations between parties +18 29
Skill Allocation +10 Longbow 2/1 19
Skill Allocation +5 Mount 1/1 14
Skill Allocation +10 Mount 2/1 4
Packing +15 19
Homekromeing Democracy +14 33
What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger +14 47
Look with your heart +1562
If only I could give you more +1577
Embrace +1592
Past is Past +15107
Distance +15122
Negotiations between parties +18140
Skill Allocation + 2 Longbow 2/1 138
Skill Allocation + 57 Longbow 3/1 81
Skill Allocation + 4 Navigation 1/1 77
Skill Allocation + 6 Investigation 1/1 71
Skill Allocation + 10 Investigation 2/1 61
Skill Allocation + 40 Mount 2/1 21
Skill Allocation + 20 Animal Husbandry 2/1 1
Sweet Love +1516
If only you knew the truth +1531
Refuge +1546
In Saun, Everyone Suffers +1561
Skill Allocation + 5 Animal Training 1/1 56
Skill Allocation + 30 Animal Training 2/1 26
Skill Allocation + 20 Animal Husbandry FT 1/1 6
Consequence +1016
Skill Allocation + 16 Animal Husbandry FT 1/1 0
Future is Nigh +1515
Skill Allocation + 4 Animal Husbandry FT 1/1 11
Dust +1021
Skill Allocation + 1 Stealth 1/1 20
Skill Allocation + 10 Leadership 2/1 10
Skill Allocation + 10 Investigation 2/1 0
What remains when the battle is won? +1515
Mid-Winter Wasting +1530
New Dreams +1035
Skill Allocation + 20 Animal Training 2/1 25
Skill Allocation + 10 Investigation 2/1 15
Skill Allocation + 15 Navigation 1/1 -5
Do we whisper or do we shout? +1510
It never rains +1525
A Royal Summons +1338
The Return Flight +1553
Skill Allocation + 20 Mount 2/1 33
Skill Allocation + 30 Ranged: Longbow 3/1 3
You had my heart +1518
Skill Allocation + 10 Stealth 1/1 8
Skill Allocation + 8 Tactics 1/1 0
Nothing so dangerous as the truth +1515
When we burn +1530
A very particular set of skills +1545
Ask and it will be given +1560
Winding down +1575
Skill Allocation + 30 Animal Training 3/1 45
Skill Allocation + 40 Ranged: Longbow 4/1 5
Skill Allocation + 4 Navigation 2/1 1
For those who seek it +1515
Dreams and Queens and Dances +1429
Introductions +1544
Give me Shelter +1559
Slipping +1574
A friend? Indeed +1589
Cups doth overflow +15104
He was my North, my South, my East and West +15119
The Humble Son +9128
Breaking Point +15143
The Rules of Love +15158
Void +15173
A toast between friends +15188
Wishes on a star +15203
Skill Allocation + 23 Surgery 1/1180
A change in circumstance +14217
Eternal Vows +15232
The day is gone +15247
In pieces +15262
Is there fire? +15277
Getting a grip +15292
Another Dream +15307
Skill Allocation + 6 Navigation 1/1 299
Skill Allocation + 30 Mount: Horse 3/1 269
Skill Allocation + 20 Leadership 2/1 249
Skill Allocation + 20 Investigation 2/1 229
Skill Allocation + 225 Sewing 4
Skill Allocation + 4 Teaching 0
Retribution +1010
Skill Allocation + 10 Unarmed 2/1 0
Rest Easy +1515
Skill Allocation + 14 Unarmed 2/1 1
Lingering +1516
Skill Allocation + 16 Unarmed 2/1 0
Treading Lightly +1515
Skill Allocation + 2 Unarmed 2/1 13
Skill Allocation + 12 Blades 2/1 1
Turning the tables +1516
Skill Allocation +8 Blades 2/1 8
Skill Allocation +2 Seduction 1/1 6
Skill Allocation +2 Seduction 2/1 4
Skill Allocation +2 Persuasion 2/1 2
Skill Allocation +2 Medicine 2/1 0
A light in the darkness +1515
View of the world +1530
Clarity +1545
Skill Allocation +24 Strength 1/1 21
Skill Allocation +6 Stealth 1/1 15
Skill Allocation +15 Medicine 1/1 0
Memories and nightmares +1515
Tapatea +1530
What killed the cat? +1545
In your shadow +1459
Welcome to Welles +1473
Let me Not +1588
Firelight +15103
Burning Winter Snow +15118
Star at night +15133
Washing up +15148
Skill Allocation +35 (105) Melee: Blades 3/1 43
Skill Allocation +5 (20) Melee: Blades 4/1 23
Skill Allocation +4 (8) Stealth 2/1 15
Skill Allocation +14 Interrogation 1/1 1
Skill Allocation +1 Politics 1/1 0
Promoting Potential +1515
Don't you dare +1530
I need you now +1545
Skill Allocation +22 Politics 1/1 23
Skill Allocation +11 (22)Politics 2/1 1
When day breaks +1213
Skill Allocation +6 (12)Politics 2/1 1
A Royal Tragedy +1314
Funhouse +1529
Angels Run... +1544
Skill Allocation +25 1/1 19
Skill Allocation +8 (16)Politics 2/1 3
Skill Allocation +3 Acrobatics 1/1 0
Stalling +1515
Can't get the staff +1530
Sewing +1545
I'm coming home +1560
IOne plus one is three +464
ILost +1579
IGreetings +1594
IWinning the War +15109
ICome in from the cold +15124
ILover where do you live? +15139
IThe long night +15154
Skill Allocation Mount: Volareon +12529
Skill Allocation Cooking +245
Skill Allocation Dancing +50
Our house +1515
Tea +1530
In your arms +1530
King of hearts +1545
To buy a fat hen +1560
Shadows +1575
Registered Character 300 + posts +60 (SF) +60
Good deed (Tending to an injured animal +1 +61
Good deed (Serving stew to a fellow knight +1 +62
Kill a bandit +3 +65
Kill a bandit +3 +68
Kill a bandit +3 +71
Good deed +1 +72
Good deed +1 +73
Investigate a crime +2 +75
Capture a bandit +1 +76
Good deed +1 +77
Not speaking ill of another +2 +79
Assassination +10 +89
Give a gift +2 +91
Killing Zombies? +2 +93
Training Skyriders +2 +95
Arguing with Peake? +2 +97
Promotion +2 +99
Points bank exchange +1 +100
Returned Faith +1 +101
Good Deed +1 +102
Kill a bandit +2 +104
Cooking +1 +105
Offering spare bed +1 +106
Keeping workers warm +1 +107
Good deed +1 +108
Killing Monsters x 5 +5 +113
Disobeying an Immortal -2 +111
Cursed -5 +106
Leaving Elsie -3 +103
Cooking for everyone +1 +104
Good deed +1 +105
Good deed +2107
Supporting popular cause +3110
Healing Malcolm +1111
Healing Faith +1112
Showing Mercy +1113
Good deed +1+114
Hosting event +5+119
Supporting cause +2+121
Standing up for Faith +1+122
Carrying out punishment as leader +1+123
Good deed +1+124
Good deed +1+125
Get Married +10+135
Host Event +5+140
Support Popular Cause +2+142
Campaign +5+147
Standing up +5+152
Good Deed +1+153
Promotion to Colonel +10+163
Good deed +1+164
[url=h/viewtopic.php?f=192&t=6437]Saving Vakh[/url] +2+166
Figure of gossip? +3+169
Hosting a dinner +10+179
Existing Noble +30+209
Good friend +2+211
Son +5216
Kindness +3219
Not giving up +2221
Leading command +10231
Teaching plans +10241
Pier & Pre +99
Pier & Pre +211
Pre +112
Pre +315
Pre +116
Pre +723
Pre +1+24
General +10+34
Pre +2+36
Vri Devotion

Vri| +1|+1|

Old System of Skills
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RP Medals




Caregiving: Helping your baby to sleep
Detection: Recognising the devastation that a mobile baby and young puppy can cause
Detection: Hearing a child crying from a different room
Elsie: Is making you feel exhausted
Elsie: Is difficult to get to sleep
Malcolm: Helped Elsie to sleep when you were too tired
Malcolm: Will not leave you alone with the news
Malcolm: Was happy to hear you are pregnant
Malcolm: Not the type to sit by and watch the world pass him by
Malcolm: Is not completely sure the children are his own
Malcolm: Has lost his trust in you
Malcolm: Only wants to touch you when he is angry
Elsie: First Words
Faction VII: Need to be Destroyed
Larceny: Protect an Uninhabited Home from Thieves
Pregnancy: Body is Not Your Own
Rynmere: Pros and Cons of City Life
Rynmere: Pros and Cons of Country Life
Elsie: Intelligent
Elsie: Observant
Elsie: Our Little Terror
Linguistics: Child-Directed Speech
Teaching: Age-Appropriate Lessons
Business Management: Be Logical about Available Time
Business Management: Benefits of Wealthy Friends
Business Management: Source the Money First
Business Management: Start Small
Business Management: Use Investors
Business Management: Use the Space You Have
Cooking: Everyone Likes Potatoes?
Cooking: Make a List of Ingredients
Teaching: Educating a Child about Danger
Teaching: Our Own Scholarship
Teaching: Provides Discipline
Teaching: Vocational vs Academic
Linguistics: Communicate through Signing
Linguistics: Communicate through Talking
Linguistics: Communicate through Touch
Linguistics: Communicate through Writing
Linguistics: Verbal, Nonverbal and Written
Linguistics: Teaching a Child New Words
Malcolm: Difficult to Wake
Malcolm: Expressive
Teaching: Ask Questions
Teaching: Make it Fun

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RP Medals




Items and Possessions

4 times pale cotton shirts.
4 times underwear
4 x woollen socks
Breaches linen
Breaches – brown leather
Breaches – wool
Dark green leather jerkin
Fair quality blue taffeta dress
Fair quality green dress -'borrowed' and never returned to the Baroness of Krome
Green wool gown
Burgundy velvet gown
Blue cloak of Burhan: provided by the Skyriders
Grey wool gloves
Blue wool scarf
Gambeson (Dark Brown Leather)
Fur doublet

An ornate bracelet with made with clay and wood beads

Green linen gown
Blue linen gown
Pink linen gown
Stockings x 3
Knitted woollen hat - Gift from Faith
Yellow blanket - embroidered

One Set of Toiletries: Soap, A comb or brush, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste,

One waterskin
Two sets of eating utensils
Large bag
Small flask
Half a bottle of brandy
Tent (Two Person)
Animal Feed Container
Large Bucket x 2
Small Bucket x 2
Large Water Container

Sewing Kit: Snips (Simple Scissors)
Set of Copper Needles (5)
Set of Steel Needles (3)
Fabric Scraps (10)
Embroidery Thread (2 Spools) Black/Gold
Spool of Thread (Any Colour)

First Aid Kit:
Set Bandages for casts (3)
Set Tourniquet set
Set Wooden splint braces (6)
Set Cloth bandage strips (bundle of 15)
Set Bandage Hooks (12)
Set Jar of sealing jelly
Set Folding Burner/brazier assembly
Set Boiling Pot
Set Vial of Burner Fuel (lamp oil)
Set Cauterizing iron (5 tip sizes)
Set Needle set (curved and straight)
Set 50' Spool of thread
Set Precision Tweezers
Set Precision Scissors
Set Large Vial of Antiseptic Alcohol
Set Sponges
Set Sling

Skyrider Equipment:
Cleaning equipment: Sand, wirewool, oil, whetstone
Leather Armor
Scale Mail Armor
Leather Gauntlets
Leather Greaves
Chain Fauld – Reaches down the hips.
Chain Coif
Long Bow
Arrows (40) x 3Good Quality Longsword

Animal Care:
Plain Falconers Kit:
Aba - A cloth wrap that immobilizes a bird to calm her or hold her for examination.
Anklets -The leather straps which go around the bird's leg. Several things attach to them.
Bewit - A small leather strip which ties light hardware to the bird's leg.
Braces - Straps on the hood which quickly open and close it.
Brail - A leather thong used to restrain one wing on a bird.
Cadge - largely open frame w/leash loops for carrying several birds at once.
Chaps - Leg protectors for a bird, primarily used when hunting prey that bites.
Creance - A long line or cord of 10 - 50 yds., attached to the bird while training.
Spooler - Spring-loaded winder to "give" when bird reaches end of creance length.
Gauntlet - The classic falconer's glove.
Mangalah -Option to the gauntlet - just a thick, wide cuff, not a full glove.
Hawk Box -Fully enclosed or small windowed carrying case for bird.
Hood - The "head cap" which blocks outside stimuli from exciting the bird.
Jess - Leather strips which go through the anklets so the falconer can hold the bird or attach the leash.
Jess Extender -Same idea as a fishing leader, but for quick attachments to jesses.
Leash - Line for long-term stationary perching.
Swivel - Metal clip that allows connected jesses or leashes to spin free without tangling.
Tail Guard - Sheath of lightweight material to slide over and protect tail feathers.
Message Tube -for small strips of paper with brief messages.

Lead Rope x 3
Halter x 3
Dandy Brush
Curry Comb
Hoof Pick
Body Brush
Main & Tail Comb
Large Horse Blanket x 2

Horse Saddle
Leather Bridle
Leather Reins

Volareon Harness

Clay Sculpture of her face
1 letter from Caelan Burhan
A letter from Elyna’s commander
A copy of Malcolm’s will
A letter from Malcolm to Vaughn

Prized Possessions

Ring – A gold ring set with a dark natural pearl from the coast of Rynmere. Repurposed from Malcolm’s four hundred arc old necklace and small, coin-like medallion.

Longsword - well balanced this was a gift from her Father when he realized her determination to become a rider or Knight would long outlast a girlhood fantasy. Bound in brown leather and whipped with copper thread she spends considerable care and attention in the upkeep of her favoured weapon.
Pets and Mounts

Ember: A tall bay mare


Socks: A shire X - gelding.


Hawk: Unnamed. Wing broken 114th Ashan.



Puppy: Vara

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RP Medals





Large Bag -4sn 99gn 6sn
Spare set of clothes-30gn 69gn 6sn
A fair quality dress of wool (blue) -13gn 2sn 56gn 4sn
Cleaning equipment -20gn 36gn 4sn
Bribe of city guard -5gn 31gn 4sn
Breakfast -6cn 31gn 3sn 4cn
Horse Rental -8gn 23gn 3sn 4cn
A dark shirt -5gn 18gn 3sn 4cn
Loan +150gn 168gn 3sn 4cn
Horse purchase (Ember) -100gn 68gn 3sn 4cn
Brandy x4 -8gn 60gn 3sn 4cn
Accommodation -1 gn 59gn 3 sn 4cn
Fun at the fair -6 sn 4cn 58gn 7sn
Untrained Hawk - 30 gn 28gn 7sn
Bribe- Tristan - 3 sn 28gn 4sn
Dried Fruits - 2 sn 28gn 2sn
Ashan pay+ 345gn 6sn 3cn373gn 8sn 3cn
Saving Malcolm-100gn273gn 8sn 3cn
Flask-5gn268gn 8sn 3cn
Brandy-20gn248gn 8sn 3cn
Sewing Kit -4gn 244gn 3sn 4cn
Bandit coin +3gn 247gn 3sn 4cn
Ashan Loan repaid -175gn 72gn 3sn 4cn
Ymiden Wages +1202 gn 4sn 1274gn 7sn 4cn
Malcolm's payment +70gn 1344gn 7sn 4cn
Barn 8m x 12m small window -1175gn 169gn 7sn 4cn
Saun Wages +827gn 2sn996gn 9sn 4cn
Hayloft -550gn 446gn 9sn 4cn
Rope Ladder 8ft -8gn 438gn 9sn 4cn
Single Bed -25gn 413gn 9sn 4cn
Single Bed -25gn 388gn 9sn 4cn
Single Bed -60gn 328gn 9sn 4cn
Chicken food x 3 -3gn 325gn 9sn 4cn
Hawk food -1gn 324gn 9sn 4cn
Horse food x 3 -6gn 318gn 9sn
60ft square room with small window and fireplace142gn 6sn176 gn
Silver necklace and pendant -14gn 162gn 6sn 4cn
Velvet Gown - Burgundy -63gn 99gn 6sn 4cn
Wool Gown - Green -18gn 81gn 6sn 4cn
Yard of green cotton -18sn 79gn 8sn 4cn
Money for Faith -50gn 29gn 8sn 4cn
Three yards yellow wool -6gn 23gn 8sn 4cn
Vhalar Wages +2988gn 4sn 3012gn 2sn 4cn
Open Bank Account -1000gn 2012gn 2sn 4cn
Zi'da 2016 Holiday Event Seasonal Crap-50gn 1962gn 2sn 4cn
Zi'da Wages +3162gn 5124gn 2sn 4cn
Zi'da Tax -442gn 6sn 8cn 4681gn 5sn 6cn
Tent (Two Person) -30gn 4651gn 5sn 6cn
Wool Gloves-4gn 4sn 4647gn 1sn 6cn
Scarf -1gn 4646gn 1sn 6cn
Shirt x 2 -2gn 4644gn 1sn 6cn
Gambeson (Dark Brown Leather)-8gn 4636gn 1sn 6cn
Wool socks x 2 -4gn 4sn 4631gn 7sn 6cn
Breeches (Brown) -1gn 4630gn 7sn 6cn
Fur Doublet-12gn 4618gn 7sn 6cn
Bedroll -5gn 4613gn 7sn 6cn
Chicken food x 3-3gn 4610gn 7sn 6cn
Hawk food -1gn 4609gn 7sn 6cn
Horse food x 3 -6gn 4606gn 7sn 6cn
Puppy food -2gn 4604gn 7sn 6cn
Leather Armor -10gn 4594gn 7sn 6cn
Leather Gauntlets -5gn 4589gn 7sn 6cn
Leather Greaves -5gn 4584gn 7sn 6cn
Chain Fauld -10gn 4574gn 7sn 6cn
Chain Coif -10gn 4564gn 7sn 6cn
Scale Mail -15gn 4549gn 7sn 6cn
Long bow -15gn 4534gn 7sn 6cnn
Arrows (40) x 3 -3gn 4531gn 7sn 6cn
Lead Rope (x3) -6gn 4525gn 7sn 6cn
Halter x 3 -18gn 4507gn 7sn 6cn
Leather Reins -8gn 4499gn 7sn 6cn
Volareon Harness -30gn 4469gn 7sn 6cn
Dandy Brush -4gn 4465gn 7sn 6cn
Curry Comb -2gn 4463gn 7sn 6cn
Hoof Pick -6gn 4457gn 7sn 6cn
Horse Saddle -25gn 4432gn 7sn 6cn
Leather Bridle -15gn 4417gn 7sn 6cn
Large Horse Blanket x 2-40gn 4377gn 7sn 6cn
Body Brush -5gn 4372gn 7sn 6cn
Main & Tail Comb -1gn 4371gn 7sn 6cn
Animal Feed Container -30gn 4341gn 7sn 6cn
Large Bucket x 2 -10gn 4331gn 7sn 6cn
Small Bucket x 2 -6gn 4325gn 7sn 6cn
Large Water Container -20gn 4305gn 7sn 6cn
First Aid Kit -22gn 4283gn 7sn 6cn
Plain Falconer's Kit -35gn 4248gn 7sn 6cn
Acre of Land -800gn 3448gn 7sn 6cn
Payment to bank -2000gn 1448gn 7sn 6cn
Half-payment of house - Ashan 717 -1200gn 248gn 7sn 6cn
NPC: Elsie/Zi'da -10gn 238 7sn 6cn
NPC: Elsie/Cylus 717 -10gn 228 7sn 6cn
NPC: Elsie/Ashan 717 -10gn 218 7sn 6cn
NPC: Yoreth/Ashan717 -10gn 208 7sn 6cn
Cylus Wages +1140gn 1348gn 7sn 6cn
Cylus Tax -159gn 6sn 1188gn 9sn 6cn
Bonus +10,000 11188gn 9sn 6cn
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RP Medals






  • This Is The Truth (Minor)
    • The character must be looking directly at the individual when using this ability. Concentrating on the truth of the words, the Character forms their own truth by trying to manipulate the individual into doing what they say and ending it with, "This is the truth." If the character is successful in convincing the individual of their "truth", the individual will respond back by saying, "This is the truth." At this level, it is hard for the character to convince anyone of their "truths". It is recommended that characters start with small forms of manipulation such as, "You will unlock the door, this is the truth."
  • Hear No Evil
    • This ability allows the character to decypher what is the truth and what are lies when communicating with other individuals. Regardless of language, the character will be able to tell lie from truth no matter what. This is a kind of sense that the mark grants the character.


This Is The Truth: Smuggling weapons
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RP Medals




Thread Tracker
Dream Tracker
80th Ymiden 716: Distance Dream with Mal +15

2nd Saun 716: Dreams and Queens and Dances - Dream with Faith

Sa'un 716: Memories and Nightmares Kura - Dream Thread

15th Saun 716: Look with your heart Dream with Faith/Mal +15

17th Saun 716: Refuge Dream with Vakh +15

20th Saun 716: If only I could give you more Invaded dream with Faith/Mal +15

22nd Saun 716: Embrace Dream with Mal +15

35th Saun 716: Past is Past Dream with Mal +15

35th Saun 716: Future is Nigh - Dream part two! +15

21st Zi'da 716: In Your dreams Malcolm

Past Threads

Vhalar 706: Hope and Plans (Alistair)

10th Cylus 706: I'll just have one... Hunter

2nd Cylus 707: Learning to walk -Observation: 1, Running: 1, Endurance: 2, Unarmed Combat: 3, Tactics: 1 (Solo - Unarmed combat)

5th Vhalar 710: Hangman - Shield Combat (Buckler Shield) - 2,Blades,(Longsword) - 2,Tactics - 2, Endurance - 2, Rhetoric - 1, Detection - 1, Strength - 1 (Meeting Yoreth)

22nd Cylus 711: Mid-winter wasters Lorena

32 Ymiden 712: The pull of the Waves- Fethryn +14

115 Ashan 716: A night to remember

25 Zi'da 713: I must go down to the sea's again +1 Seduction, +1 Detection (Yoreth sails)

80 Zi'da 715: Age old cure - Shield Combat: 3, Observation: 2, Melee Combat: 2, Endurance: 2, Tactics: 2, Socialization: 2 (Meeting Franz)

80 Zi'da 715: Mess - Investigation +2, Intelligence +2, Deception +1 (More Franz)


1st Ashan 716: Sticks and Stones - Socialization: 3, Observation: 3 (Meeting Malcolm)

3rd Ashan 716: The Living among the Dead - Socialization: 3, Observation: 2, Unarmed Combat: 1, Intimidation: 1, Rhetoric: 1 (Meeting Quincy)

6th Ashan 716: Two Birds - Observation: 4, Planning: 1, Tactics: 1, Socialisation: 4, Persuasion: 1, Rhetoric: 2, Investigation: 2, Espionage: 3, Appraisal: 2 (Adventures with Levinia)

7th Ashan 716: These Hands - Observation: 3, Sewing: 4, Endurance: 1, Writing: 1 (Sewing)

13th Ashan 716: It was we, the people - Observation: 3, Socialisation: 3, Stealth: 2, Intimidation: 1, Endurance: 1, Unarmed Combat: 1, Leadership: 1, Medicine: 1 (Meeting Sabine at Seasonal Tournament)

21st Ashan 716: Chasing a Headline! -Nir'Wei - +14

41st Ashan 716: Seeking Motive -Persuasion 2, Acting 1, Observation 2, Investigation 2, Socialization 3 (Investigating a murder: Malcolm, Levinia, Qaerris)

43rd Ashan 716: Choices - Observation: 3, Socialisation: 5, Endurance: 2, Rhetoric: 2, Disguise: 1, Flirting: 2, Logic: 1 (Meeting Qaerris off duty)

44th Ashan 716: There is no 'fire' here -Ranged Combat 3, Observation 2, Investigation 3, Socialization 3, Melee Combat 3, Shield Combat 2, Tactics 2 (Training grounds: Discussions with Malcolm)

47th Ashan 716: We are the Knights that say Ni! -Observation 3, Mount 4, Socialization 2, Melee Combat 3 (Outside the city - Accompanying Malcolm and his command on a mission)

52nd Ashan 716: Our own hero's - 3 Unarmed Combat, 1 Socialization, 4 Endurance, 1 Melee Combat, 1 Rhetoric -Sore ribs for three trials (Malcolm rescues Elyna from some shady customers)

52nd Ashan 716: Rest, Relax - Endurance 1, Observation 3, Rhetoric 2, Storytelling 2, Socialisation 1 (Qaerris offers comfort)

56th Ashan 716: Leaving Scars - 1 Socialization, Rhetoric 1 (Elyna visits Malcolm after he was injured)

60th Ashan 716: Re- Learning the Rules - Etiquette +4, Disguise +1, Rhetoric +2 (Zvezdana)

63rd Ashan 716: That's an Order - 2 Rhetoric, 1 Socialization, 1 Etiquette (Malcolm wonders why Elyna hasn't accompanied the Knights and convinces her to return)

64th Ashan 716: Honoring the Andaris - INCOMPLETE

67th Ashan 716: We Were Wild -Mount: Horse - 4, Rhetoric - 2, Detection - 2, Logistics - 1, Endurance - 1, Tactics -1, Philosophy - 1 (Elyna accompanies the crew on a mission to Krome -Malcolm)

69th Ashan 716: Danger, run from danger - Observation: 5, Endurance: 3, Etiquette: 2, Mount: 2, Socialization: 1, Wilderness Survival: 1, Planning: 1, Rhetoric: 1, Animal Husbandry: 1, Medicine: 1 (The group is attacked, tensions are high - Malcolm)

71st Ashan 716: Choices, not mistakes - Seduction: 3, Intimidation: 2, Acting: 1, Socialization: 1, Rhetoric: 1, Observation: 1 (Elyna takes an opportunity - Malcolm)

77th Ashan 716: Sweet Betrayal -Observation: 2, Investigation: 1, Rhetoric: 1 (Things are complicated back in the city -Malcolm)

78th Ashan 716: Works of Art Cosmetology: 1, Detection: 1, Etiquette: 3, Rhetoric: 1, Sewing: 2, Teaching: 1 (Tristan - Caelan has commissioned a sculpture)

80th Ashan 716: Mission Implausible Peake and Sabine (INCOMPLETE)

85th Ashan 716: Shhh - Socialization: 2, Research: 1, Investigation: 1, Storytelling: 1 (Malcolm discovers Elyna in the library)

86th Ashan 716: Dinner and... - Socialization: 2, Storytelling: 2, Seduction: 1, Running: 1, Observation: 1, Medicine: 1 (An attempted date turns disaster - Mal)

88th Ashan 716: The past coming for a bite - Franz +8
101st Ashan 716: Draw me a map -
Injury: Left arm, knife scratch, 5 trials till the stitches are removed and all is good
Injury: Poison, lingering weakness, 7 trials. Mount +2, Etiquette +1, Cartography +1, Psychology +1, Detection +1, Unarmed : Brawling +1, Interrogation +1, Meditation +1 (Elyna unwillingly accompanies the Knights on another mission. She is poisoned - Malcolm)

105th Ashan 716: No rest for the wicked -Endurance +1, Seduction +1, Psychology +1 (Recovery from poison - Malcolm)

106th Ashan 716: Put your arms around somebody else -
Seduction +2, Stealth +1, Deception +1 (Continued recovery - Mal)

106th Ashan 716: In Silence - Sewing +2, Business Management +1, Deception +1, Detection +1, Tactics +1, Persuasion +1,Rhetoric +2 (More lounging around - Malcolm)

112 Ashan 716: Masterpiece - Stealth +1, Detection +1, Investigation +1, Etiquette +2 (Tristan: The sculpture is finished!)

113 Ashan 716: A day in the sun - Intelligence +1, Ranged: Throwing Daggers +1, Negotiation +1, Politics +1, Seduction +1 (Elyna lures Malcolm to the fair for a well earned day of fun)

114 Ashan 716: Let the darkness keep our secrets - Seduction +2, Investigation +1, Politics +1, Intelligence +1, Psychology +1 (At Ye Olde Inn - the past just wont let go)

114 Ashan 716: Each new day Detection - 1, Persuasion - 1, Intimidation - 1, Animal Training - 1, Deception - 1, Torture - 1 (Malcolm ends the affair)

114 Ashan 716: The big ship sails Etiquette +3, Medicine +2, Tactics +1, Animal Husbandry +2 (Beatrice & Vakh: Sailing to Burhan)

114 Ashan 716: Stars over the ocean - Animal Husbandry +1, Etiquette +1, Investogation +1, Rhetoric +1 (Elyna find a friend in Vakhanor)

119 Ashan 716: Do they think of me at home? - Animal Husbandry +1, Leadership +1, Etiquette +1, Politics +1 (Solo - back in Burhan)

119 Ashan 716: The rain -Animal Husbandry +1, Stealth +1, Ranged: Throwing Daggers +1, Dancing +1, Seduction +1, Climbing +1, Etiquette +1 (Elyna makes some mistakes, and meets an Immortal!)
Thread Tracker

1st Ymiden 716: Into the Vanwilds - Persuasion +2, Field Craft +1, Medicine +1, Navigation +1 (Elyna leads Vakhanor and Bjorn into the Van Wilds - disaster follows)

5th Ymiden 716: Driftwood - Storytelling +1, Persuasion +2, Rhetoric +2, Detection +1 (Elyna must return to Andraris.)

12th Ymiden 716: In Time - Work thread +10

13th Ymiden 716: Fade Away - +2 Detection, +1 Intimidation, +2 Intelligence, +1 Investigation

13th Ymiden 716: Crash (Levinia)

14th Ymiden 716: The long dark - Persuasion + 2, Intimidation + 2, Medicine + 3, Surgery + 1 +HOLY MOTHER OF MARKS

15th Ymiden 716: Home on the Hill Detection +1, Animal Husbandry +1, Trap Making +1 (The house that Malcolm built)

20th Ymiden 716: Healing +3 Mount, +1 Animal Husbandry, +2 Ranged Combat (Bow) (Malcolm: Elyna's revalation.)

21st Ymiden 716: GoodbyeAnimal Husbandry +1, Cooking +1, Persuasion +1, Rhetoric +1 (Malcolm: Goodbye to the past. Goodbye to family)

21st Ymiden 716: Mixed Messages Animal Husbandry +2, Gardening +1, Ranged Combat: Longbow +1, Cooking +1, Sewing +1, Cosmetology +1, Seduction +3 (Maaaaal: Finding peace)

22nd Ymiden 716: Clarity+2 Rhetoric, +4 Seduction, +1 Persuasion, +1 Mount, +1 Strength (Mal: Propsals)

22nd Ymiden 716: What must be said -Logistics - 2, Seduction - 2, Tactics - 1, Philosophy - 1 (Mal)

22nd Ymiden 716: The day that wouldn't end Stealth 2, Cooking 1, Animal Husbandry 1, Surgery 1, Detection 3, Meditation 1, Ranged combat 2, Blades 1, Endurance 2, Acrobatics 2, Mount 1, Mathematics 1(Mal)

24th Ymiden 716: Can't get the staff - (Sabine - current thread)

24th Ymiden 716: Talk is cheap- (Vera - current thread)

25th Ymiden 716:Grant me a future Endurance +2, Etiquette +2, Poisons +1, Psychology +1, Smithing +1 (Vakhanor)

28th Ymiden 716: At your service Raf & Mal +15

29th Ymiden 716: Falling Dusk - Sewing +1, Surgery +1, Endurance +1, Animal Husbandry +2, Seduction +2, Rhetoric +1 Mal

30th Ymiden 716: We look good in the dark - Mal - +14

30th Ymiden 716: Let me not... Mal, Sabine, Vakh, Tristan, Levinia

32nd Ymiden 716: Mistakes Mal +15

35th Ymiden 716: what a way to make a living Work thread +10

36th Ymiden 716: Flight Mal +15
A bruise on your right shoulder that will take 10-14 trials to fully heal
A cut on your back, running from shoulder to hip, which will take between 20-25 trials to fully heal without scarring

38th Ymiden 716: Packing Mal +15

40th Ymiden 716: Sweet Love Mal departs +15

42nd Ymiden 716: Hey, Soul Sister Vakh +15

43rd Ymiden 716: Do we whisper, or do we shout? -Peake +15

43rd Ymiden 716: If only you knew the truth Lazuli & Vakh +15

44th Ymiden 716: No trouble is noble - (Lazuli placeholder)

44th Ymiden 716: Two nobles and a tosspot (Lazuli and Vakh - Placeholder)

48th Ymiden 716: Eternal Vows Zvez's Wedding to Veljorn

48th Ymiden 716: Engagement Back in Burhan +10
Neck trauma and pain until properly rested. Until then, slight weakness in the arms due to trauma at the top of the spine.

63rd Ymiden 716: All these things (Events in Burhan Placeholder)

80th Ymiden 716: Distance Dream with Mal +15
Thread Tracker

2nd Saun 716: Dreams and Queens and Dances - Dream with Faith +14

Sa'un 716: Memories and Nightmares Kura - Dream Thread

15th Saun 716: Call of Destiny Solo +10
Bruises around your neck that last for 7-10 trials
Bruises around your wrists that last for 7-10 trials
A lasting scar in your outer thigh that takes the shape of the Qe’Dreki symbol

15th Saun 716: Look with your heart Dream with Faith/Mal +15

16th Saun 716: Return Solo +10
Injury: The injury in Elyna's leg continues and will take 10 trials to heal if she rests it. She will get a scar from this, though if it keeps opening, it will be a very jagged one.
She also has a range of bruises which will take a further 6 trials to heal.

17th Saun 716: Refuge Dream with Vakh +15

20th Saun 716: If only I could give you more Invaded dream with Faith/Mal +15

22nd Saun 716: Embrace Dream with Mal +15

23rd Saun 716: Homekroming Democracy Alistair and Faith +14

24th Saun 716: What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger - Faith +14

25th Saun 716: In Saun, Everyone Suffers - Faith, Ali & Duncan +15

25th Saun 716: What remains, when the battle is won? - Faith +15

26th Saun 716: Negotiations between Parties Moderated thread +18

26th Saun: 716: The Return Flight Tristan & Faith +15

30th Saun 716: In Venora!

35th Saun 716: Past is Past Dream with Mal +15

35th Saun 716: Future is Nigh - Dream part two! +15

38th Saun 716: New Dreams -Work thread +10

39th Saun 716: Consequence -Solo +10

40th Saun 716: Dust -Work thread +10
Thread Tracker

10th Vhalar 716: Getting a Grip - Hywell

11th Vhalar 716: A Royal Summons Moderated Thread - Cassander & Aeon +13

12th Vhalar 716: A new arrival - idea?

13th Vhalar 716: Give Me Shelter Doran +15

14th Vhalar 716: The Humble Son Moderated Thread +9

34th Vhalar 716: It never rains - Malcolm! +15

35th Vhalar 716: You Had my Heart - Mal +15

40th Vhalar 716: A friend? Indeed - Lovely Faith +15

60th Vhalar 716: A light in the darkness - Open thread

60th Vhalar 716: A star at night Quio, Faith & Tristan

60th Vhalar 716: Turning the Tables - Yana

60th Vhalar 716: Nothing so dangerous as the truth - Mal +15

62nd Vhalar 716: When We Burn - Malcolm +15

64th Vhalar 716: A very particular set of skills - More Mal. +15

67th Vhalar 716: For those who seek it - Dream thread/ Mal +15

67th Vhalar 716: Ask and it will be given - Mal extra +15

84th Vhalar 716: Is there fire? Vakh

84th Vhalar 716: Winding down - Mal +15

85th Vhalar 716: Introductions - Malcolm, Faith & Elsie +15

87th Vhalar 716: Slipping - Malcolm, Faith & Elsie +15

88th Vhalar 716: Another Dream - Malcolm & Elsie

97th Vhalar 716: A Royal Tragedy -OMG everyone!

97th Vhalar 716: Interlude Rafael

97th Vhalar 716: Cups doth overflow Malcolm & Elsie +15

97th Vhalar 716: Breaking Point With Vri +15
Cut across heart line on palm - 5 trials to heal

97th Vhalar 716: He was my North, my South, my East and West - Malcolm +15

98th Vhalar 716: The rules of love - Malcolm +15

98th Vhalar 716: Void Malcolm, Elsie, Avari & Godric +15

108th Vhalar 716: A toast between friends - Malcolm +15

109th Vhalar 716: Wishes on a star - Malcolm

120th Vhalar 716: Questions for the sky - Doran

122nd Vhalar 716: Rest Easy - Mal

122nd Vhalar 716: A change in circumstance Malcolm, Faith & Elsie +14

122nd Vhalar 716: The day is gone Malcolm & Faith +15

123 Vhalar 716: In Pieces Malcolm

123 Vhalar 716: Retribution - Solo
Thread Tracker

16th Zi'da 716: Welcome to Welles - Malcolm, Atashi, Kylar, Faith and....?

16th Zi'da 716: What killed the cat? - Sinith

16th Zi'da 716: Clarity - Sinith, Faith, Atashi, Padraig, Kylar

16th Zi'da 716: A tapatea for four Faith, Malcolm, Padraig

16th Zi'da 716: Lingering Malcolm

17th Zi'da 716: Protecting the world Kylar

17th Zi'da 716: Treading lightly - Faith

17th Zi'da 716: Washing up - Faith

21st Zi'da 716: View of the world - Malcolm

21st Zi'da 716: In your shadow Malcolm & Sinith

21st Zi'da 716: In Your dreams Malcolm

22nd Zi'da 716: Firelight Malcolm

23rd Zi'da 716: Burning winter snow Everyone

35th Zi'da 716: Winning the War Malcolm

65th Zi'da 716: A Little Light
Thread Tracker
Cylus 717

2nd Cylus 717:Shadows -Thread with Mal. Birthday?

8th Cylus 717: Promoting Potential Moderated Thread +15

9th Cylus 717: Sewing Solo

Cylus - Open PH: Burning the Past

24th Cylus 717: The Long Night

36th Cylus 717: Tea
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RP Medals




Thread Tracker
Ashan 717

2nd Ashan 717: A fresh face Alexa

4th Ashan 717: School for Everyone Doran

10th Ashan: 717: Changes Lei

13th Ashan: I need you now Vakh & Mal +15

13th Ashan: Funhouse Vakh +15

16th Ashan: Come in from the cold - Malcolm +15

18th Ashan: Angels run when a bad man goes to war - Vakh +15 Split lip, 2 Trials to heal

21st Ashan: Don't you dare Vakh +15

22nd Ashan: When day breaks Vakh +12

25th Ashan: Lover, where do you live? Solo - +10

27th Ashan: Lost Vakh +15

28th Ashan: Shelter Vakh

53rd Ashan: Run to the shore Malcolm Pending

54th Ashan: In Your Arms Malcolm - Pending

55th Ashan: Our House Mal Pending

56th Ashan: To Buy A Fat Hen Malcolm Pending

57th Ashan: King of Hearts Malcolm Pending

57th Ashan: I'm coming home Malcolm, Violet, Vakhanor... +15

57th Ashan: Embers to Ashes Malcolm Pending

58th Ashan: Irony Malcolm & Vakhanor

58th Ashan: Running Circles Lei & Vaughn

58th Ashan: Your last words to me Mal Pending

59th Ashan: Privilege Lei & Eri

62nd Ashan: Stalling Vaughn +15

67th Ashan: Be Still Malcolm Pending

88th Ashan: I'm totally not dead, Surprise! - Lorena

90th Ashan: Delivery Malcolm, Rei

92nd Ashan: Greetings Malcolm - 15

98th Ashan: Family Matters Vaughn & Malcolm

100th Ashan: Dinner for Three Rei and Malcolm

107th Ashan: Summons Malcolm

Ashan 717: For mischief - for plots plots plots

Ashan 717: Mischief II - for plots plots plots

112th Ashan: Travels by ship Vakh and Violet?

117th Ashan: It Calls Me Vollen
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Thread Tracker
Ymiden 717

9th Ymiden 717: Down came the rain - Malcolm
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