False Alarm

Seated on the shores of Lake Lovalus, Rharne serves as the home of the Lighting Knights, the Thunder Priestesses, and the Merchant's guild. This beautiful trade city is filled with a happy and contented people who rarely need an excuse to party.

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False Alarm

Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:22 pm


Cylus 30 718

It was always difficult for her to judge what time it was in Cylus. Why it wasn’t colder was beyond her. If you asked her, without the warmth of the suns it would make sense that everything would just freeze to death. She wondered whether or not the moons gave off heat and if not how the temperature stayed livable during these cold times. “I wonder whether or not there is an immortal responsible for these phenomena,” she thought aloud as she stopped and turned to look at the same pub as the day before. It seemed quiet tonight, at least for this part of town.

That aside, the Loshova tended to pass by this one particular pub every morning and night when she went to and from her home. It was the only pub she knew by name and the only one that she was sure she never wanted to go into. What was the purpose of drinking anyways? It wouldn’t do her any good to go around drunk and she could only think of terrible things that could go wrong. Of course, this was before she joined the knights and learned that drinking was one of the most amazing things on the planet. For now though, she worried about getting into a fight and musing a max power rune to punch someone’s head off? “No thank you,” she muttered. “Now stop talking to yourself, you’re being suspicious.”

Hina was standing outside the pub because something had come with the season, and it wasn’t just cold weather. It was as if an ill omen had swept across Rharne and put everyone on their toes. Something was going on this season and she was going to find out what. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary at first, but an odd pattern caught her eye. There was always a man who seemed to be wealthy based on the clothes he wore. Every night for the past several days he went home with a prostitute but Hina had no idea where he had come from. She was new to the city too but this guy just felt like trouble. It all seemed a bit strange and worth of investigation. What’s the worst that could happen? She didn’t think there was a crime to investigate because the women all looked quite willing to go along with him, so she wouldn’t be reporting this to a Lightning Knight. Who would believe someone like her anyways? A mage foreigner with no reuptation.

It was the very same man that she had tailed the other day and ended up at a restaurant. She had used the rune of savoring at that restaurant to occupy herself and had royally embarrassed herself. Her body had gone on autopilot and had acted like a damn animal, slobering all over her food. She had licked her food, stuck her tongue out into the air to ‘taste’ like a snake, and had sneezed hard enough to launch spittle across the restaurant. She was supposed to be part avriel, not part dog! She had definitely learned her lesson about using that rune and wouldn’t be keen on doing it again unless she was definitely all alone. None of this would have been a problem if she had just known how to use dismissal to cancel out an unwanted rune…

The man suddenly walked out of the pub and nearly bumped into Hina who was lost in her memories. He was standing with a new lady and when he recognized Hina from the other night his jaw dropped. He tried to be polite and say hi, but Hina could tell that he remembered just how weird she had acted at the restaurant. She turned heel and darted around a corner so that she wouldn’t have to face someone from that night. She was going to have to pass on coming this way home for the time being.

Hina sulked around the neighborhood for about half an hour until something caught her ear. It sounded like a couple was arguing so Hina and her curiosity paused to listen. She plopped a rune of sound onto her cheek and focused in on the sounds they were making. Even putting a great deal of ether into the rune, she still couldn’t make out the words they were saying. Where were they exactly? Hina heard shuffling footsteps and the ring of a bell. She looked around and saw what could only be described as the signs of a struggle. She followed her instincts and focused in on the sound of the bell. It was growing feinter so she took off. She turned multiple corners and even when the surroundings picked up in noise, she was still able to hear the jingling sound. Eventually she found herself standing outside an inn.

“A room for the night,” a man said, putting a pile of coins onto a countertop and taking a key from the innkeeper. “Sure thing, you’re room 215,” the innkeeper replied. Then, the two headed one flight up and down the hallway. Hina pushed open the door and drew looks from everyone in sight. She shuffled too a seat and pretended to be there for some other purpose. She was doing a bad job of it. Thankfully the inn was quiet… until a bell started to ring. It was an odd sound, perhaps something that would be used in a symphony band.

The sound started out quiet so Hina didn’t pay it any attention. Then it grew louder and louder with each ding. It was a chef announcing that the food was ready but he apparently though it was necessary to smash his little chime as hard as he could to alert the whole damn neighborhood. It was an exaggeration, but Hina clamped her hands down on her ears and stifled a yell. Her ears were hurting more and more with each ding until her hands slid across her cheeks and her spark gobbled up the ether that was unused by the rune. Then suddenly, her hearing was back to normal.

“Are you okay miss,” the innkeeper asked quizzically. Hina didn’t know at first, but the dinging didn’t hurt her ears anymore so she guessed she was alright. She wasn’t even worried about the people she had followed here anymore. She was more focused on how her rune had gone away so quickly, as if she had sucked up the energy from the rune with no effort at all. She knew it must have been the spark’s doing, but she was unable to communicate with it with words. Now that she thought about it, the feeling was very similar to when she had learned to absorb ether from unactivated runes. She drew a rune on her arm which drew attention from even the focused chef. A mage performing magic? These people had right to worry. Then Hina slapped her hand onto the rune and ordered her spark to eat up it up. It did.

“Well isn’t this just perfect,” she asked sarcastically. There were so many times where she wished she could have canceled a rune and she had only learned about it after what, nearly a year of using Hone magic? It was bullshit that even her teacher didn’t know about this simple trick. She was going to have to give a lesson of her own next time she met up with him.

“Excuse me,” the innkeeper said as he spotted Hina, “Please no magic here. If you use it again I will ask you to leave.”

“Oh, I’m looking for someone,” Hina said, “it shouldn’t be long now. I won’t use any magic I promise.” She had to make her way to room 215 and see if there was any trouble. The innkeeper narrowed his eyes but let her go about her business. He had an ear out for any more of her disruptions.

Hina climbed the stairs and when she got to the second floor she slowed to a crawl. The floor was wooden and creaked with every step Hina made. She had to slow to a snail’s pace and do her best to keep quiet, though it was hard to do when you barely fit down the narrow hallway with your wings taking up so much room.

“I guess there was nothing to be worried about after all,” Hina said with a frown. She approached the room and heard nothing but regular conversations when she pressed her ear against the door. Her worst fear was that someone was in trouble. Either she had followed the wrong couple or there really wasn’t anything to worry about. But then again why was she worried in the first place? A domestic spout was none of her business anyways especially when fistfights were a perfectly acceptable form of settling disputes. Maybe she was just secretly longing to find something wrong so badly that it was affecting her thought process. Hina bid the innkeeper good night to make sure he knew she was leaving then went on about her evening.

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Re: False Alarm

Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:01 am

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Nice to finally see Hina not just flying off the handle for once.

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