Order of Adunih: Dust Quarter Clinic

Seated on the shores of Lake Lovalus, Rharne serves as the home of the Lighting Knights, the Thunder Priestesses, and the Merchant's guild. This beautiful trade city is filled with a happy and contented people who rarely need an excuse to party.

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Order of Adunih: Dust Quarter Clinic

Order of the Adunih:
Dust Quarter Clinic
Open at the end of 718, this clinic is a small satellite clinic of the main Order of the Adunih in Rharne. As the Dust Quarter had the greatest need, this clinic was built as a collaborative effort between the Order and Isonomia. It is small, in comparison to the main Order outpost here, but it is well stocked and very efficiently run. People may come here, day or night, and be treated for urgent and life threatening illnesses. Should they need longer term medical care then they will stay here as long as needs be until a place becomes available for them in the main Order outpost.

This clinic is always clean and is overseen by Faith Augustin, who has her office here and spends the majority of her working time here. As with the Order of the Adunih up and down Idalos, treatment at this clinic holds no set cost. No one is ever turned away. However, people are asked to give time, resources, or money should they be able to in payment.

As one enters the clinic, there is an open reception, from which branch off a number of rooms. Treatment and diagnosis rooms here, the back of the clinic is where the two large wards are; there are no private rooms here, but everything is clean and everyone is warm and well cared for. The food's not bad, either.


Anyone may get medical treatment here.
The expectation is that the treatment will be repaid in some way; though often not monetary because of the nature of the place.

Location Character List

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Race: Human
DoB: 7th Ashan 674
Title: None
Skills: Medicine: 55, Surgery 50, Caregiving: 50, Intimidation: 45

Shanea is a friendly enough woman, although she can be a little too intense for most people's taste. She is determined to learn as much as she can and has something of a tendency to blurt out questions without really thinking things through, then she gets a little embarrassed. Her earnest nature and unblinking gaze means she is somewhat unnerving, but to the sick and injured, she has an excellent bedside manner.


Race: Human
DoB: 20th Cylus 690
Title: None
Skills: Medicine: 30, Surgery: 20, Caregiving: 40, Gardening: 60, Alchemy: 40

A quiet and reflective individual, Verity is more often seen in the small herb garden than anywhere else. She has a love for gardening and a very genuine talent for it. In terms of the main work of the Order, she is a competent healer although her natural shyness does tend to be something of a problem. However, she keeps calm in an emergency and is an excellent medical assistant.
Credit: Faith
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