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Almund is a thriving township with a dark side. With houses made from the wooden bodies of decommissioned ships, there are many opportunities here, coupled with many dangers.

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Greenleaf Garrison (Land Troop Command Post)

Tue Feb 13, 2018 8:00 pm

Greenleaf Garrison
[Land Troop Command Post]
Located in Almund, the Greanleaf Garrison serves as the command post for the Land Troops. The Garrison seems more like a collection of builds rather than a single large structure. The architecture is humble, focusing on function more than style. Buildings are made mostly of wood with simple clay shingles or thatched roofs.

The main building is a large lodge draped in ivy and surrounded by local alpine trees of pine and cedar which veil the building in green shadows. The lodge contains several small offices for high ranking personnel along with the office of the current Land Deputy: Lorstran Philt. There is a sizable meeting room for the planning of assignments and operations along with a small set of barracks for soldiers in need of a quick rest. The barracks include a simple cot along with a wash basin for bathing.

Everyone within the lodge moves about with efficiency and speed. Activity is constant, with messengers constantly relaying correspondences and squads of soldiers moving to and fro, it’s no wonder that this place is the nerve center for the Land Troops.

Arrayed behind the lodge is an elevated walkway that leads to a simple open air watchtower that is always manned by a guard or two. The walkway and tower can be accessed via strategically placed ladders. Past the walkway lies a stable with a stone exterior and thatched roof that is used for mounts that may need to spend the night away from the care of the Menagerie. Beyond the stable is an expansive training yard filled with several sand lined training pits and racks of practice weapons. The Garrison possesses the largest training yard when compared to the other command posts to support the training needs of the more numerous Land Troops.
The Greenleaf Garrison is located on the outer edge of Almund, lying between the city and the harsh wilderness.


Name: Curtis Fletcher

Race: Human

Age: 65th of Ashran, Arc 693 (Age 25)

Title: Administrator

Skills: Discipline: 30, Unarmed Combat(Brawling): 15 , Endurance: 35

Other Information: Curtis is a warmhearted and friendly individual. Loyal to a fault, this Land Troop administrator will do nearly anything to serve his homeland. In a demonstration of his loyalty a couple arcs ago after joining the Land Troops, Curtis was breaking up a street brawl when his left leg was badly injured, and since he has walked with a limp. To ensure he could continue to serve with the Elements he was assigned to this command post to his current position. Curtis sees to the day to day running of the garrison; passing on messages, setting up training sessions for troops and keeping the lodge itself in good working order.

Player Notes

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Anyone is more than welcome to visit this location
There are many secrets to be discovered here!
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Credits to: Sephira Blackwood
Submitted for Development: 2/1/2018
Posted; 13th Feb 2018
Developed by: Sephira Blackwood
word count: 521
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