Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Winter, Peace, Prophecies
Holy Names The Lord of Winter
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Traveling the Northern Region
Faction Neutral
Mark Ezere
Notable Creations Zi'da
Creator Ati'el
Immediate Family Doran [1] (Son), Briar [2] (Daughter)
Allies Ymiden, Edasha
Enemies Faldrun|, Ralaith, Audrae
Scribe Jade


Ziell was another Season Bringer created by Ati'el to usher in the Winter season. Thereafter Vhalar, Ziell bestows upon the lands Zi'da, named so after Daia, an Immortal who was able to capture his heart before her unfortunate demise at the hands of a human. Before this event, however, Ziell had formed a pact with four others.

This pact between the season bringers was made many arcs ago, during the time of the Original Beings. The pact allowed all four, Ashan, Ymiden, Vhalar, and Ziell, to bring about the seasons in due time so that balance could be maintained in the world. However, after the shattering of the Original Eight, the pact crumbled as the cold grip of grief crippled nearly all of them. Ymiden was the first to rise among the other Immortals, his forgiving nature helping to curb the bitterness of loss. He restlessly worked to make the seasons function while the others came to their senses. Vhalar was the second, then Ashan. Ziell was the last to rise, though his personality and mind set had changed. Nevertheless, the pact was restored for a time, allowing the world of Idalos to move about as it normally would.

During this time, Ziell sought out Daia, attempting to win over her love and affection however, always failing to do so. She was always happy to see him and was more of a friend to him than any he had come across, but her affections were elsewhere with someone whom he only assumed was Ralaith. His peaceful nature prevented Ziell from harboring bitterness toward the Immortal, however, upon her death did he wish for all others to honour her memory. Instead of retaliation, Ziell celebrated Daia's memory by naming the season after her. Thus, the humans called it: Zi'da.

It wasn't until the war broke out among the other Immortals did this pact face failure once more. The four were divided between the decision to remain neutral, aid the mortals, or help their brethren. Ymiden and Vhalar thought it was only right to defend humans against the insanity of the others, however, Ashan and Ziell felt it necessary to stay away from such chaos, while Ziell felt a twinge of bitterness toward the humans for the death of Daia.

Regardless, the pact held but barely. Due to their different stances on the war, the four do not agree on much these days. When they meet, they meet only for the season change and usually do not discuss much.


Ziell is very rugged looking and could pass as a regular human in Idalos. His clothes are nothing valuable, if laughable. He stands as a short 5'8 with long, curly brown hair that touches the middle of his back. Mostly intact, Ziell rarely runs into fights due to his rather introverted yet obvious living tending a shop in the northern region. He could care less who he interacted with, be it Mortal or Immortal, so long as peace is maintained. However, he has no problem showing off his assets within his shop, choosing to walk around with his shirt open or no shirt at all while the belt of his breaches hangs dangerously loose. Needless to say, he hides in plain sight.

Memories of the Past

Like his brother Vhalar, Ziell never had any interaction with Ati'el. He was more content to stay by himself, exploring the world rather than be confronted with Ati'el's overbearing, controlling nature. She had her moment, Ziell could see, where she could be very much the friend that his brethren needed. Those times were few and far between, though he does miss his creator from time to time.


Ziell has taken roots in a city maintaining a shop. It's his favorite pastime above watching the seasons change. He doesn't make it obvious that he's an Immortal and blends in quite nicely with the city folk. Ziell has yet to be suspected or attacked in the 15 Arcs that he's lived there. Hopefully, peace can be maintained.