Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Strength, Seduction, Music
Holy Names -
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Travelling the Western Region
Faction Neutral
Mark Elithem
Notable Creations ...
Creator Anox
Immediate Family Qaerris[1] (Son), Syroa (Lover)
Allies Aeva, Ilaren, U'frek
Enemies Lisirra
Scribe Jade


Zanik was created by Anox, the Original Being who was the embodiment of all things inhumane. As a means of entertainment, Zanik was created with the purpose of seduction and strength, aspects that Anox planned to later use against his brethren for very dark and cruel things... A sick and twisted game played out over time, one that Zanik struggled with due to his creator's forceful and violent will. The faces of his victims haunted his mind while Anox looked on in sadistic satisfaction, exercising his power over his creation so that Zanik would continue to do horrible things to the other copies. Playing as a puppet in Anox's palm, Zanik became just as hated and despised as his creator but unlike most Immortals, he was just a puppet to be disposed of once Anox had his laughs.

The Great Shattering was a time of freedom for Zanik. While most of his brothers and sisters wallowed in grief, he celebrated quite obviously. His joy could not be contained. Finally free from his maker's will, Zanik could now build his own personality, be responsible for his own actions, and finally start to become someone his brethren would want to be around. However, not all things were forgiven or forgotten after the Great Shattering. Many of the other Immortals still detested him and thought of him as a spitting image of Anox with the personality to match. It wasn't until humans inhabited Idalos did things look up for Zanik. The humans were fascinating creatures. Zanik spent most of his time observing them, absorbed in their on-goings before he took a chance to meet them face to face. Since then, Zanik has almost completely settled himself into the human world.

As centuries came and went, some of his brethren slowly began to change their opinion of him. Zanik started to receive quite a few visits from the other Immortals, which perplexed him till he found out his brother, Faldrun, had declared his rule over the others. Now that the war has broken out, Zanik could care less who lives and dies, though he will protect humans who need to be protected.


Zanik appears as a broad-shouldered individual, one that is very tall and dominating. His personality is quite the opposite of his outward look as he is normally pleasantly humorous, collected, and friendly. Adorning raven hair that reaches to his shoulder blades, Zanik doesn't try to keep up with appearances and normally sports something of a scruffy five o'clock shadow. Needless to say, he can be quite enchanting to most women, no matter if he looks put together or not.

Memories of the Past

Needless to say, Zanik did not care for Anox. Shattering into pieces was the best thing Anox did for Zanik. And since then, he rarely thinks about his father. When conversation does arise about the memory of the Original Eight, Zanik is very quiet, if not introverted and after long, would most likely leave the area to avoid talking about his creator or the horrible things he had done because of the monstrous being.


Zanik is currently traveling throughout the western region of Idalos.