Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Summer, Dawn, Rebirth, Forgiveness
Holy Names -
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Southern Region
Faction Supports Mortals
Mark Vinyza
Notable Creations The Season Ymiden
Creator Luesco
Immediate Family None
Allies Aeva, Moseke, Vhalar, Ziell
Enemies None
Scribe Nymph


Most people would be shocked upon hearing Ymiden's history. Created as the only son to Luesco, Ymiden was born with scorn in his heart. He was never favored above any of his sisters. They were beautiful, brave, and spirited. They were given domains that were worthwhile while, in his opinion, he was given the scraps. Who would worship an Immortal for forgiveness, dawn, summer, or rebirth? Those that believed in peace, eternal light, and everlasting light were misguided. He did not want followers that believed in this illusion.

Daia took special interest in her younger brother. Although Ymiden insisted he did not want her pity, he secretly reslished in the attention. Outwardly, he kept up the facade of hate towards his sisters. Inwardly, he was beginning to understand the power of his domains. With the discovery of Idalos, he found further purpose. Alongside the other season bringers, they brought order to Idalos.

His cold shell hardened once more when Daia found someone else to be her friend. He believed it to be Railath or Ziell, but never found proof. His one and only companion had left him for another. Fueled once more by scorn, Ymiden found himself at the Immortal Forge. There he crafted his revenge. Some believed he worked out his frustration on the anvil. Others spread rumors that he had finished the creation of a sinister weapon. Whatever actually occurred in the Immortal Forge, no one knows. Shortly after he left the Forge, Daia was murdered by a mortal, by a weapon suspected to be a 'god killer'. Ymiden, consumed by grief, pulled away from his remaining siblings and fellow season bringers. He hid himself away in the distant forests of the south, where few lived and he anticipated that he could live out the rest of his days in secrecy.

Amongst the quiet forest dawns, Ymiden realized there was more to life than hatred and posession. How long had he truly been alone, he could not be sure. In his wanderings, he met a fellow Immortal: Moseke, Mother of the Sev'ryn and protector of the south. She was his savior, the one that encouraged him to seek out his own amnesty from his main prosecutor: himself. The climb from the depths of sorrow was hard, but he was finally capable of walking away from his grief and inner demons.

He has vowed to protect Moseke and her people, to forgive those that desire his guidance, and to live as Daia had taught him to. Although it took many arcs for him to realize the importance of his domains, traveling the path himself has made him more sure of the power that they hold. Those that are capable of standing in the light, strong enough to withhold judgement and forgive someone their sins, and can be reborn anew are forever welcome by his side. Where he once demanded disciples, Ymiden holds his audience with those he considered kin.


Ymiden does his very best to minimize the looks he gets from women by limiting his appearances before mortals. In the humidity of the south, he prefers to walk around shirtless with khaki, torn cargo shorts. He is a beast with broad, chiseled shoulders and a flat, cut abdomen. Although one would expect him to be relatively built all around, Ymiden has a 'V' body type. His legs are not twigs, but they are not bulging appendages of muscle like his arms and chest. He is very sensitive when it comes to comments of them and finds solace in standing in the tall forage of the forest. His eyes are the color of the late dawn sky, a crystal clear blue that penetrates into the souls of the guilty. His jaw is firm and square, decorated by a thin line of stubble. Although capable of growing a thick beard alongside the brawniest of men, Ymiden prefers to keep it clipped due to Moseke's preference. To complete the package, his voice is deep with a hint of warmth behind it whenever he chooses to speak.

Memories of the Past

Ymiden does not particularly remember his father very much, having been the outcast in the family. When it comes to specific events of the past, Ymiden is tight lipped about them. Alongside Aeva, he protects the location of the Immortal Forge. Some speculate he had more involvement in Daia's death than he leads on, but no one has been able to pry further information from him. Even Moseke knows very little prior to his rebirth.


Most every season, Ymiden can be found in the forests around Desnind and Magani. He travels alongside Moseke, only deviating to visit other cities during Ymiden. He will spend a few trials in each city during Ymiden to visit his kin, paying special attention to those marked by him.