The Blessing of Yithnai


While mainly seen on the Plague Bearers, Lisirra is the sort to grant her Blessing to many who help her, even without telling them she plans to do it, as a way to keep an eye on her toys. Manifesting as a slight glow to the bearers eyes, Lisirra's Blessing is one of the more subtle marks…at the beginning.

OOC Note: For many of the permanent changes in this mark, losing favor does not revert one back to the person or creature they were before. Instead, it becomes harder to hide ones true nature as their body betrays them. Constant pain, insect instincts, and an inability to disguise powers related to the mark become the weight of Lisirra’s displeasure with her marked. Lisirra delights in spreading fear and suffering. She’s willing to lose a disloyal servant by terrifying the people around him or her into action.


Ability Name Ability Description
Egg The first ability of any Yithanai is one they never completely understand. The Egg is Lisirra’s way of planting a bit of her sadistic creativity within those she chooses to mark. The egg is the potential to change. Similar to a Spark, it is far more consciously designed. As a Yithanai grows with Lisirra’s favor, so do they lose their humanity and become a creature of the Plaguedaughter. In addition, planting the egg allows Lisirra a little more control over her marked than most other Immortals. She can twist it inside them, causing unimaginable pain, use it to transmit messages even when she isn’t around, and can locate her marked even in areas devoted to keeping the eyes of the Immortals from sight. She implants the egg within her marked’s souls and there are few, if any, ways of removing it. The abilities that come with the ‘Egg’ seem beneficial. A Marked will never again sleep unless desired. Instead they take on a form of low activity called ‘torpor’. It allows them to rest and recuperate while simultaneously remaining somewhat alert. Although very few actions can be taken while one is in torpor, a marked will be aware of their surroundings and be able to leap from Torpor when danger arises. Small, mundane, and slow tasks can be completed in torpor if it is not particularly draining. Finally, the marked will become more resistant to hunger and cold, allowing them to last nearly twice as long as other members of their race when deprived of resources. However, without energy their body will begin to slow, even if their organs and mind stay active. The egg transmits sadistic suggestions at Lisirra’s behest, quiet enough to be considered subconscious urging. This urging continues throughout all stages of marked development.
Carrier This ability allows a user to carry one or two diseases within their body safely. The carrier acts as a transmitter and can choose to infect others in the common way their carried sickness would be transmitted. At this basic level, only minor to moderately dangerous diseases or sicknesses can be carried and transmitted, and only those diseases that the marked could realistically contract. A Carrier can choose to remove a disease from another’s system and take it upon themselves to carry, but only two can be carried at any time. A Carrier cannot willingly discard a sickness they are carrying through any other means than infecting someone else.
Plaguedaughters Skills I Add an extra three skill points to one of the following skills: Poisons, Resistance, or Medicine. These points can exceed the 100 point limit
Immunity This ability exempts a user from all diseases, infections, and parasites, even those crated magically. In addition, any venom belonging to a creature in the insect kingdom will also be useless against her agents.
Cocoon Often in the insect kingdom, a cocoon or chrysalis is used to protect the insect while it transforms. In the scope of Yithanai, a cocoon is used as a healing chamber for the injured. Visually a disturbing ability, the Yithanai spins a cocoon from white, silky strands spit from their mouth. Usually they’ll find a private place to spin and creating the cocoon takes the better part of a break. When completed, the user settles into a deep torpor within, healing twice as fast as they might outside. At Adored, this ability becomes capable of regenerating lost limbs and at exalted, it can be spun over another with the same effects if desired. When the user is completely healed and emerge from the cocoon, the strands of the cocoon itself are often strong enough to use as rope. Those attempting to destroy the cocoon with weapons will find it tough and thick, difficult to pierce or breach in any way…although remarkably vulnerable to fire. If the cocoon is threatened, the Yithanai can emerge early.
Compound Eyes Not actually a physical change, the Yithanai can temporarily transform their eyes into the compound equivalent of an insect’s. This allows the Yithanai to perceive with alarming superiority to others and subtly increases their own reflex speed. While this ability cannot be hidden from others, it does allow the Yithanai to truly observe all nuances of a scene or situation before reacting. Those who master this ability also find that their sight in darkness improves. While not true darksight, a Yithanai rarely needs help navigating during the night when this ability is active.
Diagnosis With a touch, the user can determine the name, severity, effects, and transmission method of a sickness or poison currently effecting one person. Curiously, this ability can also tell the general health of an individual and the state of their internal consistency. While this ability could be used to incredible effect as a medical practitioner, it is more meant to identify weakness in another to determine who to infect with her vectors. Lisirra likes to leave the choice up to her marked on how best to utilize the power, however. Those who displease her can quickly find the weight of her displeasure unbearable.
Favored By Insects With this ability, a user will never be bitten, stung, or attacked by insects encountered. Bugs generally see the user as a friend and will not grow aggressive unless compelled to do so. Even insects compelled to attack will often fall short of lethal dosages or be literally unable to continue an attack even if commanded. Deep in their insect hearts, they know Lisirra’s displeasure at attacking her tools.
Rotting Touch A deadly skill if used on a target that can't resist, Rotting Touch allows the user to rot anything they touch as long as they can keep their hands on their victims. Even if the target escapes, they will find that the parts of their body that have begun to decay will not heal naturally and are resistant to conventional medicines. Rotting touch can be used on living targets as well as objects, but tends to be most effective on objects susceptible to decay.


Ability Name Ability Description
Larvae The egg within the marked hatches, transforming the marked permanently. As the larvae form of Lisirra’s children, a number of aspects change about the individual. This transformation changes their race to Yithanai, regardless of what they were before. While their racial abilities will remain, they take on an insect theme. Many Yithanai differ, dependent on their origins, but many of these differences won’t make themselves known until later stages of development. As a Larvae form, the Yithanai becomes capable of passive regeneration. Their internal composition changes, their blood becoming a sticky yellowish or greenish. What may have been a fatal blow to them as they were, piercing the heart or lungs becomes dangerous, but not sure death. Redundant systems in place to pick up if the main organs are damaged. The Larvae is more focused on survival and so most of its abilities support that theme. The Yithanai’s skin becomes tougher, making it somewhat more difficult to pierce. Although unable to stop the blow of a fully swung sword, the strength of their skin makes it difficult to do serious injury with a sharpened edge. Finally, a Yithanai can hold its breath for up to two breaks before needing to breathe again. However, if using this ability their bodies slow to compensate for the lack of air. This change is permanent and cannot be undone by losing devotion points. But it is noted that Lisirra has ways of punishing her creatures if they step out of line and often delights in doing it personally, ripping away more humanity the more they resist her will. With all physical changes to the Yithanai, Lisirra enforces her will upon them and necessity for devotion by making it more difficult to hide their nature. If their devotion level falls to a certain point, their inhuman nature rises more readily to the surface. Lisirra has no shortage of tools and losing the occasional marked who defy her does little to bother.
Improved Carrier At this level, two more diseases can be carried by the user. These diseases can be moderately to viciously dangerous. However, the user must encounter and ‘contract’ these diseases on their own. Many carriers spend their life following rumors of virulent plagues all around Idalos seeking the perfect contagion to carry with them across the land. At this stage, diseases that ordinarily would not be effective on the Idalosian races can also be contracted. Crop Blights and animal sicknesses are viable options to the Yithanai. In addition, when releasing the disease, the Yithanai may choose to either purge themselves of the carried sickness or simply vector it into another and retain the sickness for another infection later. Curiously, either as a mark of rare respect from Lisirra or some other reason, those who survive a disease given to them by a Yithanai become completely immune to that disease if they survive it, even if reinfection was ordinarily possible.
Plaguedaughters Skills II Add an extra six skill points to one of the following skills: Poisons, Resistance, or Medicine. These points can exceed the 100 cap
Lord of the Swarm Evolving beyond simple deference, Lord of the Swarm is an ability used to control insect life within a 30 foot radius around the marked. At this stage, the marked begins to carry insects on their person. Hidden away in their clothes, pack, and belongings, these creatures are usually fairly self-sufficient and boil out of their hiding places when the marked is in danger. This ability allows the marked to issue commands and control the insects. Only a stronger Yithanai can usurp this control. Depending on the geographical location of the Yithanai, their swarm will change with the indigenous species. All manner of poisonous or dangerous insects can make up a swarm, content to coexist with each other in the Yithanai’s presence. Some Lisirra marked would claim the insects can feel the honor of being chosen for something greater, but none can produce any evidence to that effect.
Anti-Toxin At this level of mark, Lisirra blesses her followers with an immunity to created poisons and the venom of larger and more varied creatures. Only the most deadly poisons and venoms can overcome this resistance, although once a marked reaches Exalted, the immunity applies to all venoms and poisons that can be encountered.
Spy Worm A user of this ability produces a parasite in their own body that can be transmitted by touch or ingestion. Once an individual is infected, the life-cycle of the parasite will continue to propagate itself until removed from the victim’s system. Although a stubborn variety of parasite, traditional medicinal methods can be used to exterminate the spy-worm once discovered. The Spy-worm allows the infector to hear and see what the victim hears and sees when in heavy meditation. At this level, only one individual at a time can be infected. Each new infection will lead to the death of the parasite in the formerly infected.
Eyes of the Swarm An ability that allows the user to completely supplant the consciousness of an insect with the users own mind and will, with the mind of the user being sent back to their own body when the insect dies. This allows the user to listen in on conversations and snoop about virtually undetected. If this ability is used on a swarm, the user can bounce to any perspective of an insect in the swarm, even commanding them to attack. At this level, the Yithanai is almost encouraged to carry insects on their person. The marked becomes aware of the senses their insects grant them within 50 yards of the marked. A Yithanai so marked is difficult to take unawares and often has an early warning in place when they slumber. When using this ability, a Yithanai’s eyes become compound, greatly increasing their perceptive abilities but are unable to hide this change from others.
Antennae Another physical change, the new Yithanai develops a set of antennae just beneath the skin. These antennae can be called upon at any point but are nearly impossible to hide when active. When active, the antennae can sense movement, body heat, and a remarkably complex sense of smell within 15 yards of the Yithanai. When the antennae are inactive and hidden beneath the skin, they only impart a muted sense of these abilities within a five foot radius of the Yithanai. Some Yithanai find that after this change they are far more drawn to unique smells most cannot perceive, and will often be overpowered by particularly rank or offensive odors regardless of the antennae being active or not.
Living Hive A skill as disturbing as it is effective, Living Hive allows the user to grow and breed insects within their body to be released at opportune moments. The applications of this skill are remarkably varied, from releasing ants to be used as espionage, mosquito to transmit diseases, or wasps as a defensive measure. Given the unique biological differences of a Yithanai, the insects find all the nutrition they need to continue their existence within the Yithanai. A marked must be careful not to allow too many insects to take home within them, or risk the insects devouring all the nutrients used for their own continued existence. A Yithanai using this ability often eats much more often to feed both themselves and their servants. Insects bred within a Yithanai’s body are often larger than their ordinary counterparts and grow much faster in the ideal internal environment.


Ability Name Ability Description
Pupae At Exalted, the Yithanai goes through another transformation of self, further developing into the creature Lisirra desires. The Pupae is often the final stage of development for most Yithanai as only a chosen few ever impress Lisirra enough to grant them the final form. As a Pupae, a Yithanai’s passive regeneration improves as does their natural armor. Just beneath their skin are plates of segmented chitin that make piercing and slashing weapons nearly useless unless wielded with great force. Brute force weapons can become a little more effective, as chitin will take some time to heal…even if the flesh is quick to mend. A Yithanai in pupae form gain a single weapon from the insect kingdom that also hides within their skin. This tends to be left to player choice or Lisirra’s direction. Sometimes a deadly syringe-proboscis hides within the Yithanai’s mouth, ready to pierce and rupture at a moment’s notice. Some may grow barbs along their arms and legs, allowing for easy climbing across sheer surfaces and a nasty hand to hand weapon. Others develop stingers or hidden fangs. Some have even been known to hide tails with barbs or extra arms. Only two ‘weapons’ are allowed the Pupae. The range of their abilities extends another 5 yards and both their reaction speed and natural strength see some noticeable improvement. For anyone piercing or cutting the skin of a Yithanai Pupae, their inhuman nature readily reveals itself, calling for the Yithanai to react and conduct itself with caution. Additionally, a Yithanai becomes much more susceptible to cold and heat. Those Yithanai who displease Lisirra will find their insectoid nature will no longer be concealed from ordinary people, and a few Exalted who have had a ‘change of heart’ have quickly found the ease at which people will turn on an insectoid monster revealed in their midst.
Plaguedaughters Skills III Add an extra nine skill points between any of the following skills: Poisons, Resistance, or Medicine. This can go over the 100 point cap
Aura of Decay When activated, this aura calls upon the innate domain from Lisirra to ruin the integrity of anything nearby. Under this miasma, diseases proliferate, old wounds burst open, anything subject to decay or rust begins to be destroyed at an alarmingly quick rate. Unfortunately, this applies to anything the Yithanai holds as well. Yithanai have used this ability to escape containment by rusting the bars, disarmed their foes, and even destroyed homes if subjected to the aura long enough. The aura is only active in a Yithanai’s range of influence and cannot be paired with any other Yithanai ability. The amount of power and concentration for this power requires the Yithanai focus only on maintaining this ability while it is active.
Personal Poison This ability, granted only to an exalted of the Immortal, transforms ones blood into a deadly poison. On its own, the blood will induce high fevers, disorientation, and eventually organ damage and madness due to the rising temperature of the blood…but mixed into other poisons it enhances the effects. A low toxicity poison could be made deadly by utilizing ones blood as part of the mixture. The user can never be poisoned by their own blood, but without a toxin resistance, they can be poisoned if their own blood is used to enhance an existing poison against them.
Anti-Toxin No poison or venom at any severity or dosage can injure, hamper, or kill one with his ability. Even magically altered venoms and poisons hold no danger to the Yithanai.
Body of Many This ability, allows one to transform into a swarm of insects. The magic takes all belongings and clothing items worn by the user with the swarm, everything transforming into a black wave of insects. These can be any kind of small insect the user is familiar with and in this form, each insect acts as part of the ‘hive mind’ of the user. More advanced uses of this ability include a partial transformation of an arm or fingers into insects, under the control of the user for all sorts of different tasks. If the insects making up the swarm are destroyed, so too will the user be destroyed. But if even a small portion of the insects remain, they become capable of subsuming lesser insects to remake the swarm before regaining shape again. The swarm can be made of any insect the user has come in contact with and does not need to be of a single kind. Any combination or insects can exist within the swarm. Using this ability as a full body transformation must recharge after use. Seven trials must pass between the use of the swarm form after returning to one’s full shape. However, minor uses of Body of Many do not require a recharge.
Hypochondria An insidious ability, a user can inflict victims with the throes of a disease without them actually suffering from it. Although one cannot kill another with this ability, they can visit any number of symptoms from diseases they are familiar with instantly on a victim within close range of them. This effect lasts only as long as the user is in near proximity to the victim. The ability is truly fearsome because it bypasses the body’s defenses instantly and plagues a victim with the throes of a plague’s worst symptoms. Nothing can cure these symptoms as it is only the removal of the user from a near location to the victim that will bring relief.
Control Worm An advancement of the spy worm parasite, this variety is hardier and more resistant to medicines and treatments. In addition, the user can speak to the infected through their link to the worm. Instructions and voices will manifest in the infected’s mind. Although the Control worm does not allow direct control, it is an insidious and manipulative thing. Weakening the body’s immune system, the worm slowly breaks down a victim’s resolve to resist the desires of the user. They feel what the user wants them to feel, hears what the user wants them to hear. The user can implant suggestions, images, emotions, and even desires that the victim must fight with a bastion of their own willpower. Up to two victims can be infected simultaneously with this species of worm, three for Lisirra’s champion. To link to the parasite, the user must utilize deep meditation.
Final Metamorphosis Few ever reach this level of development under Lisirra and those that do become a true creature of hers in form. Their human skin is but a thin guise concealing their true nature. A Yithanai chooses four additional insect advantages to design their new form. So long as they conceal it under their skin, most of the power an Adult has must be mitigated. Given the extreme nature of this transformation, a mage cannot reach legendary and be an exalted of Yithanai. The transformation is, in a way, like a spark awakening. So a Legendary mage cannot be a true Exalted of Lisirra and an Exalted of Lisirra cannot traditionally become a Legendary mage. A Yithanai has the option to gain wings at this level in addition to the other insect investments. A Yithanai’s strength and speed greatly improve, but the nature of their segmented chitin bodies can make maneuvering difficult. Their new chitin body is greatly resistant to blades and other forces, but tends to find weakness in extreme elements and enclosed spaces. A Yithanai Champion can take on their true form whenever they desire by tearing out of their human skin. However, they will need at least seven trials to regrow their human skin afterward. Most Yithanai save this for only the most dire confrontations.
Plague Crafting This ability is only granted to Lisirra's Champions, as it requires the Ancient Language to use. Lisirra's signature ability, Plague Crafting allows the user to craft a disease or toxin from the ground up. A remarkably difficult skill to use, as it requires a thorough understanding of the species you wish your target to affect as well as the affects you wish your disease or plague to have.

The Curse of Yithnai

Lisirra's Curse manifests differently depending on the symptoms their cursed with. Lisirra rarely applies her curse without intent to benefit from it in ways other than revenge.


The cursed victim suffers under the rigors of Lisirra's ire. When this curse is awarded, the storyteller awarding it will choose 3-5 minor to moderate symptoms. So long as this curse is active, the player will suffer under these symptoms. This sickness is non communicable. There is no sickness to cure, no parasite to kill, no treatment...they permanently feel the illness within them until the curse is removed. Insects swarm around them, biting and stinging where they can.


The Cursed victim has managed to earn yet another mark of curse from Lisirra. Their own personal sickness magnifies, gaining at least one or two severe symptoms with at least one or two additional minor to moderate symptoms. They are now a personal carrier of their own personal sickness. Highly contagious, they spread the illness they're cursed with wherever they go. Insects warm around them, biting and stinging where they can.


No one currently lives with a curse of this magnitude. When marked a third time, the sickness becomes deadly and explodes into a highly virulent plague. In that way, Lisirra's greatest enemies become her greatest allies in the spreading of a terrifying sickness across Idalos.