The Blessing of Xypha


The Blessing of Xypha isn't difficult to miss on an individual who has been rewarded by Yvithia, such that it appears as a silvery, scar-like impression on the skin around the right eye, which only grows as one is blessed more and more by the Immortal of Communication and Intelligence. Any first-generation eídisi (those created by Yvithia) is automatically blessed thrice (a small compensation for suffering three deaths). Most often the mark is found on Yvithia's creation, though it has been found on nigh all races, save the mer and naerikk. All marks, no matter what the colour of the bearer's skin, will appear as a metallic blue impression: a pale blue for a newly blessed, fading to navy for her Champion. Individuals blessed with Xypha will find that many of their manipulative abilities will not work as well on others who have also been blessed at equal levels, though telepathic links are markedly stronger.


Ability Name Ability Description
Telepathic Communication (Minor) As the Immortal of Communication, Yvithia is synonymous with spoken and written language. But those who truly wish to follow the Immortal find themselves with the ability to communicate with others with nothing more than their minds. With this ability, the Favored Xypha can send communications willingly with those within their range of vision, so long as the person's eyes can be seen. This ability can be used indefinitely as long as the two parties remain within visual range of each other. However, at this level, the Xypha cannot receive the thoughts back, only send his or her own.
Intuitive Linguist With this ability, the Xypha can choose any one EASY language and rank up to Fluent for free. This language may be denoted with an [XY] in the list, and may exceed the language cap imposed by the character's Linguistics skill.
The Intellectuals' Skills I Add an extra three skill points to one of the following skills: Linguistics, Mathematics, Meditation, Research, Teaching. These points may allow the skill to exceed the 100 cap.
Identify By observing or hearing a gestured or verbal language, the Favored Xypha instinctively knows the name of the language and the region where it is most commonly used. Additionally, this allows the Xypha to know the place from which the speaker hails as well. Often used for determining intent, this ability does not allow the Xypha to understand the language, if they do not already know it.
Perfect Copy Communication and Language are important domains to Yvithia, and with this ability the Favored Xypha can accurately copy any document he or she has ever read, whether they remember the exact details or not. This also transcends language barriers, so that they may write what the document said, even if they have no real knowledge of the language. They cannot understand what they've written, but instead regurgitate the information verbatim.
Emotional Palette By using this ability, the Xypha takes on metaphorical coloured lenses. As they look over others in their immediate vicinity, the person takes on a shade of colour depending on their strongest emotion. For happiness, this is a yellow nimbus around them, anger is red vein-like streaks on their skin. Sadness is blue swirling clouds over their skin, envy is green ivy-like vines twirling the person's extremities. Those with this ability and Empathy are able to more easily identify the emotion, and often leads to easier manipulation of the emotions through Empathy.
The Telesthetic Boon Once per trial, for two breaks, the Xypha can hear streams of conscious thought around him or her. The greater the number of individuals around him or her, the harder it is to make sense of the jumble of thoughts. Without training, this is overwhelming and can cause the Xypha to black out, should they be around too many people. But with training and understanding of the ability, the Xypha gains the powerful tools necessary to hear and anticipate the coming actions of those around them.
The Mental Library With this ability, all Xypha are linked mentally and are able to share any information they've ever read from a book or scroll. This ability allows them to transmit the information over the link, and effectively share research and information with any and all Xypha tuned in. Though this ability does not give the Xypha the skills required to utilize the knowledge, it does impart to them the ability to understand a subject thoroughly. This ability is limited to a link between those Xypha who have met each other, with no transitory exchange allowed. The Xypha who initially added an item to the Mental Library has to have met the Xypha trying to use his or her information.
Borrowed Knowledge With this ability, the Favored Xypha can borrow knowledge of skills they already know for a temporary amount of time. By accessing this knowledge, the Xypha can perform feats they would not normally be able to, but they don't retain the knowledge when the ability ends. This applies only to skills the Xypha already knows, and lasts only one break at this level.


Ability Name Ability Description
Telepathic Link The first ability an Adored of Yvithia learns, this allows the Xypha to establish a telepathic link with any one person. The link remains as long as the Xypha desires, though they must consciously end it when they wish to. This allows the Xypha and their chosen recipient to speak back and forth telepathically. Verbal nuances such as sarcasm or tone are indistinguishable at this level, but they may relay whatever information they want.
Intuitive Polyglot The Xypha may take, at this level, any Medium difficulty language and rank up to Fluent for free. This cannot be exchanged for two Easy, or any type of combination. This language may be denoted with an [XY] in the list, and may exceed the language cap imposed by the character's Linguistics skill.
The Intellectual's Skills II Add an extra six skill points to one of the following skills: Linguistics, Mathematics, Meditation, Research, Teaching. These points may allow the skill to exceed the 100 cap.
Perfect Recitation This ability allows the Xypha to repeat, perfectly, any phrase they've heard in another language, as long as they DO NOT know the language. They do not understand its meaning, nor are they able to alter it in any way, such as to replace a name. Instead, they repeat the words exactly as they have heard them.
Translator Upon receiving this ability, the Adored is gifted a small blue stone with the same silvery markings as their mark. As long as this stone is making contact with their skin, it translates any language spoken directly to the Xypha into his or her dominant language. This does not work if they are not the recipient of the language, and also does not translate slang terms, curses or colloquialisms. The stone can be gifted to others, but will return to the Xypha after one trial, regardless of distance between the two.
Emotional Synthesia By tapping into this power, the Xypha can relate emotions to specific stimuli. For example, when the Xypha witnesses sadness, they will very clearly see the cause of that sadness. When witnessing anger, they will see in their mind very clearly the reason for the anger. This skill allows them to clearly assess the emotion and its stimuli, so that the Xypha may appropriately respond to the situation.
The Telesthetic's Mastery Building upon the previous ability, this ability allows the Xypha to quickly and meticulously categorize the streams of thought so that he or she may know exactly where each is coming from. Additionally, the Xypha can sense any emotion that is attached to the thought, such as jealousy or anger. This information is stored in the Xypha's mind for as long as they allow it to be, able to be quickly recalled when needed.
Orator Because Yvithia is the Immortal of Language and Communication, those marked twice by her are incredible orators. When addressing a crowd, the Xypha commands attention, and never misses a syllable. His words fall perfectly, his tone and inflection impeccable. The words travel directly to each listener, as if he or she is the only one being spoken to, and will reach them even in the loudest of dins. He cannot be shaken during this time, and those who are enraptured by his speech are bolstered by it, even more so if they were already inclined towards the Xypha's position.
Groupthink The ultimate ability that an Adored of Xypha can perform, Groupthink allows all participants in a project share their expertise over a carefully controlled mental link. This allows each and every member of the project the ability to communicate their knowledge of their specific trades. A construction worker will be able to perfectly understand the mathematics behind a project, a archaeologist will understand the languages involved in a dig site, etc. This does not improve the skill level of those sharing, only allowing them to understand the concepts being presented without prior knowledge of the subject. This only works if the Xypha is part of the project and willingly initiates the ability, and ends when the project is completed.


Ability Name Ability Description
Telepathic Array Considered the true telepathic skill, Telepathic Array allows the Exalted Xypha to link any number of people into a telepathic conversation, unbridled and unhindered by anything but distance. As long as those linked are within eyeshot of each other, they can send and receive telepathic communications. Should the Xypha leave the area or cancel the ability, all telepathic communication ceases.
Exceptional Linguist By taking this ability, the Exalted Xypha will be able to choose any TWO languages from the language list, and level up to Fluent in them for free. These may be denoted with [XY] in your language list, and may exceed your character's Language cap.
The Intellectual's Skills III Add an extra nine skill points to one of the following skills: Linguistics, Mathematics, Meditation, Research, Teaching. These points may allow the skill to exceed the 100 cap.
Implant The Exalted Xypha understands the connection between thoughts and emotion, and has the ability to see the emotions those around him are feeling, as well as the causes for those emotions. With this ability, the Xypha can implant a thought into the target's head, allowing it to naturally grow in the target's mind. This will occur to the target as if they had begun to think the thought themselves, and their emotional response will follow their natural response to such a thought. If a pacifist suddenly begins to think about violently assaulting someone, they may be horrified by their own thought, and their response will be tailored to fit that. Targets with Master Meditation may resist the emotional response, but the thought is still implanted. Once implanted, the thought is free to grow naturally in the targets brain, unencumbered by the Xypha's influence.
Two Bodies, One Mind The aura here allows for the ability to develop a mental link with any person of close relation (either through blood or through previous psionic exposure), which remains as a connection to that individual long after the link itself is broken. It is weak when not in use, but is easily rejuvenated with little effort on the Xyph's end, and it allows the two linked people to intuitively know about the safety of the other. Additionally, the two can close their eyes and see the other and their surroundings, and are able to communicate emotions and feelings, as well as thoughts and words. The link, once made, is difficult to sever, and can only be made once. This ability is unaffected by distance, and the link allows the two to remain connected for as long as the Xypha allows. Only one such link can be made per season, to avoid switching randomly. Many Xypha see this Link as an intimate choice, and do not make it lightly.
Cognito Infinitum As an Exalted of Yvithia, the Xypha gains the ability to transport themselves to Yvithia's Domain, where they may peruse her library of knowledge. One time only, they may request from the Librarian a text on any specific topic they already know. This text grants them a one-time bonus of 5 Knowledges about this topic. This must be roleplayed in a thread, and the Xypha can choose the five Knowledges awarded.
Lingua Franca With this ability, those around the Exalted Xypha in a 50' span can all communicate with each other, regardless of language barriers. By each speaking in their native language, the words are automatically translated to the dominant language of those listening. This allows a room full of people who speak different languages to communicate flawlessly without the need for the Xypha to act as a translator.
Omnilingual The Champion of Yvithia is the second most knowledgeable linguist on Idalos. This ability, granted to the Champion upon becoming so, allows the Xypha to speak, understand, read and write fluently in any language on Idalos. There is no language barrier for them, and when encountering a language for the first time, a Champion Xypha will instinctively know the linguistic nuances of the language.
Telepathic Possession The individual can utilize their power of telepathy to influence the body of another with whom he or she already has a link, and use that being's body as his or her own, for a maximum of three days in any five day period. Though they have control of the person's body, the person's mind remains in tact, meaning they can witness and experience whatever the Xypha is doing. Grandmaster Meditators and other Xypha are granted resistance to this ability, though they cannot withstand a constant barrage and will eventually succumb, should the Champion of Yvithia wish them to. During this time period, the body of the Xypha remains in a catatonic state and is vulnerable to attack and desecration. The Xypha can feel changes happening to their body, however, and may be able to pull back before permanent damage is caused.

The Curse of Xypha


The appearance of the Curse of Xypha is not known by most, as it is so rarely given. With only one curse, the outcome is so short-lived that those with the curse are rarely seen. For those who have seen the curse, the jagged scar-like markings are present around the individual's right eye, but crimson in shade.


The Hated of Yvithia find it impossible to keep their innermost thoughts in their heads. They constantly mumble their thoughts and intentions as they enter their heads. They do not necessarily know they are muttering these rambling thoughts, and it often leads to their plots and plans being foiled.


Those unlucky enough to be Cursed twice by Yvithia find that they are no longer able to communicate their thoughts effectively. When they try to speak, their words are jumbled together and the Despised often flickers in and out of multiple languages while they speak, unconsciously. They may not even know the languages they speak, but instead continue to think they are speaking their dominant language. They are unaware when their words become jumbled, as it happens at random.


Yvithia, self-respecting sociopath that she is, would not risk the empire that she has spent generations building for the sake of punishing a few disobedient followers. Given the nature of her interests, she prides nothing more than intellect, and that is where her gifts lie. For her to curse an individual, she would have to submit her haven to the volatile unpredictability that would follow cursing those who displease her. Instead, she will have them exiled, or imprisoned in the Facility for Retrospective Analysis. At worst, she will Condemn them, by causing them fast-acting and complete degeneration of their cognitive facilities. The cursed will die within a season, but not before suffering complete social and professional humiliation and losing control of all bodily and muscular functions.