Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Clouds, Dusk, Stars, Hope
Holy Names -
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Northern Region
Faction Supports Mortals
Mark Nalos
Notable Creations -
Creator Fei
Immediate Family None
Allies U'frek, Ethelynda, Zanik, Treid
Enemies Audrae, Chrien, Delroth, Syroa
Scribe Whisper


One of the more tempered of Fei's creations, Xiur often found himself aligned to U'frek more than any of his other siblings. His nature allowed him to set aside any feelings of jealousy, as the others had for Fei's favourite creation. For the same reason, Xiur was one of the few who did not shun Zanik, the manipulated creation of Anox, even going as far as to help Zanik to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Great Shattering, as with all surviving Immortals, was a dark time for Xiur, yet he fared better than most, with the ability to process the events, he accepted the loss of the seven Original Immortals faster and easier than most other survivors. Like his brother, Xiur also tried to help others through their pain, until war broke out, at which point his efforts were diverted to attempting to assuage the emotions of those on both sides of the brewing war. It was only after the attack on Treid that Xiur removed himself from the situation, retreating from Immortal society, save for a few.

The Immortal of natural, gentle natures, Xiur is best described as benign, and it was a trait that carried him through the Great Shattering, unchanged, for the most part. Seeking solitude in colder climates, where his light shines the brightest, his passive efforts are coveted by all mortal dwellers, who know that the benevolent Immortal seeks to reward those most worthy, and pure of heart. Said rewards are very rarely material trinkets - their manifestations are best described as blessings of good fortune and luck.


There are many way in which Xiur does not take after his creator, Fei. Dark of skin, Xiur is in direct contrast to the Original Immortal, who is pale, and slight. Tall, with broad shoulders, Xiur is undoubtedly formidable in appearance. To those who see him, but do not know him, he could appear threatening to many, and his clothing only accentuates this, garbed in leathers, as if constantly prepared for battle.

Memories of the Past

Xiur's memories can only be described as peaceful. Despite appearances, the Immortal can best be described as a gentle soul, one with a generous heart, willing to support those he deems worthy. Before the Great Shattering, he had no particular mistrust towards any of his contemporaries, nor did they harbour any ill will towards him. Being a mostly solitary individual, he maintained bonds of acquaintanceship with most, but rarely engaged in anything requiring more commitment. The closest he got was offering support to those he deemed worthy of it.


Officially, Xiur remains neutral in the war between the Immortals. However he has private leanings towards the existence of mortal dwellers on Idalos, and is gentle with the people he comes into contact with. He calls no place home, roaming most often throughout Northern Idalos and protecting those who brave some of the harshest climates, such as the citizens of Viden. It is also not uncommon to find him near Valaris, ready to reward the hopeful adventurer. He never actively seeks out the company of other Immortals, yet will not turn away from any he meets, save perhaps Audrae.