Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Death, Sadness, Remembrance, Love
Holy Names The Lord of Ends, The Sorrowed, The Hand of Silence, Lord of the Heart
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Unknown
Faction Neutral
Mark Bellinos
Notable Creations -
Creator Brelt'ek
Immediate Family None
Allies Famula, Jesine, Pier and Pre
Enemies Lisirra, Sintra, Syroa
Scribe Jade


The great shattering was a bitter time for this Immortal, though, due to his nature, he was able to handle it better than the rest of his siblings. Even though he did handle it better, Vri was quietly distraught about the sudden and unexplained event. This is what gave him reason to wander off in Idalos and discover, along with his sisters Pier & Pre, the existence of man. Vri has a very unusual way of showing his interests in something. He spent much time in the shadows, looking out as mankind developed and grew. Vri was so fascinated and distracted by the humans, he didn't realize the time that moved so slowly for him was quickly going by for them. It was something he found odd that these new creatures, who looked so much like the Immortals and their creators, aged and died the same way that the animals that had walked Idalos for generations before them did.

This realization didn't curb his interest in a particular woman he had watched over for most of her childhood. She was a breath of fresh air, something that pulled at his heart strings and pushed him from the shadows. It was the first day he had appeared before any mortal being. The woman's name was Anaza, though most referred to her as Ana, and she was just coming of age in the village she resided in. Of course, Vri knew of this, and desperately attempted to court her and win her favor. Thankfully, the Immortal wasn't the only one who felt the connection between the two. Soon, friendship bloomed into gentle love until, from that love, came Jesine. But while Jesine aged normally until adulthood, it quickly became apparent that she had inherited her fathers immortality. In time, despite the eternal youth of her family, Anaza was aged, weak, and dying. It was Pier & Pre who bestowed judgment on Anaza that her time had come and, quite painfully, Vri allowed death to take her. It was a blur for him when the war started, something Vri didn't realize until humans attempted to kill him. Now, he spends his time either with Pier and Pre or simply by himself, reminiscing.

Vri is not on any side. He is neutral in the war among Immortals. Vri is committed to his duty to govern over death with Pier and Pre, not having any interest in fighting battles against his brothers and sisters.


Appearing as a very tall, physically dominating individual, Vri stands at 6'3" with pale skin, long, black hair, and entrancing yellow eyes. He dons simple clothes, wearing only a loose cotton tunic, cotton pants, and sandals-- an outfit that easily blends within the mortal world.

Memories of the Past

Vri's memories of Brelt'ek are very clear, fond memories, full of many lessons. Vri was not always as steady and level headed as he is today. When first created, he had a very difficult time understanding himself and the things around him. Death was nonexistent in the world of Immortals and Original Beings, outside the animals that roamed Idalos, therefore, he didn't understand his purpose nor how to do it. Looking back on it now, Vri has suspicions his creator knew what would become of the world, in some way, which is why Vri was tasked as Death Giver, though, he can only wonder. His suspicions will never be confirmed, but he does miss Brelt'ek. In secret, Vri honors his creator at least once an Arc.


In today's world, Vri travels with Pier and Pre, working along side the two to maintain the balance of life and death. Currently, he is traveling in the Western Region.