The Blessing of Vinyza

The blessing of Vinyza is not commonly granted to warriors, as it is generally functions as a counter to hostility. The domains of Dawn and Summer suggest the source of energy, and the mood of warmth and relaxation; and those of Rebirth and Forgiveness indicate the ideals of cleansing and purging of negativity and affliction. Ymiden is no fool however, and is well aware that his followers may encounter enemies in their travels that will give them no choice. He does not believe that the cause of peace and forgiveness assumes an obligation to die needlessly. How can his warmth and forgiveness be extended to all corners of the globe if his champions must let themselves die at the whims of brutes? So some of his blessings have the ability to be applied strategically, or even aggressively; while others have defensive or escape capabilities. The mark itself appears much as the dawn, with a pattern of sun's rays brightening the color of the hair. If the hair is already a light shade, the mark will actually darken a reverse pattern, to result in the same effect. At higher levels of devotion a halo becomes perceptible, bringing an even more representative look of dawn wherever the Blessed individual goes. Knowing the need for caution, Ymiden's mark does not shine to outline the Blessed individual at night.


Ability Name Ability Description
Early to Rise Add an extra three skill points to one of the following skills: Agriculture, Cartography, Meditation, Psychology or Swimming. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 100 point cap on skills.
Painted Sunrise The Blessed can enhance the color of anything with the colors of the sunrise. This can be used to conceal someone or something by making it the same sunburst color scheme as everything around it. This change will last as long as noon of the same trial.
Ray of Sunlight The Blessed one can, from any logical point on his body, emit a ray of sunlight. This can be used like a torch in a dark place, a flare for searchers, a dazzling blinder against an attacker, a flash signal to send messages over considerable distance, or any other creative use. This ray can be maintained for ten bits (minutes) for each ability the Blessed has in this Mark (so, 30 bits at first, etc)
Eye of the Beholder Once a week, the Blessed one can make one target truly put themselves in their adversary's shoes, allowing them to see things from their perspective. Regular skills like Persuasion and Negotiation are far more effective in conjunction with this ability. Negative based coercion, like Intimidation or Bribery however, can completely undo these benefits. Many an altercation or long-standing feud has been resolved through the use of this one power.
Dawn Sweeper Many magic effects are based upon a "once-per-trial" basis. The Blessed one can fold the time envelope of a spell to immediately cause it to reach the end of its duration. This is as if the rebirth of dawn, of a new trial, swept away the effects of one harmful domain magic spell on either himself or another willing target. This boon is nigh unstoppable at dawn. Otherwise, the Blessed one must have more points in Meditation or Discipline than the mage has in Meditation or Resistance (their choice). This does not grant the caster a "refund" of ether to reuse, nor any additional buffer against overstepping. The Blessed One can use this ability once per trial for each tier of the mark.
Warming/Cooling Trend The Blessed can impart an actual rise or drop in local temperature, to bring relief and encourage good moods. This can be up to a 15-degree effect in a single building; a 10-degree effect over a city block, or a 5-degree effect over a small village. At "Adored", raise the effect by an additional 5 degrees, and make the new 5-degree area be the size of a large town. At "Exalted", add another 5-degrees, and have the new 5-degree area be the size of an entire city. This effect will remain for an entire trial, but can not be generated again for another three.
Bright Eyes The Blessed is able to look into any level of natural brightness with no debilitating effect. This means no attempt to dazzle him with natural light will work. He is able to enjoy this resistance for ten bits (minutes) per trial for each ability he has in this mark. Magically created dazzling effects may work against him however.
Shimmering Blank The Blessed can generate the mirage-like shimmer that makes distant details or features unseen. But he can use it to make things much closer go unnoticed, by having the light rays that would expose them be caught up in an updraft of light refraction. This ability can affect an area of volume equal to one hundred (100) cubic foot for every tier of this blessing the Blessed one possesses. Technically, this effect will last as long as the sun is in the sky, but is less likely to be noticed during the hottest part of the trial.
Focus of Forgiveness The Blessed can apply an aura of compassion to a target he feels is genuinely remorseful over some deed he has committed. If this person surrenders to authorities, this aura will inspire compassion in those that are to judge him. This aura will last until either judgement takes place, or for one full cycle. This can only be cast once per season. At "Adored, it can be cast twice per season. At "Exalted", it can be cast three times.


Ability Name Ability Description
Morning Watch Add an extra six skill points to any two of the following skills (max of 3 points per skill): Agriculture, Cartography, Meditation, Psychology or Swimming. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 100 point cap on skills.
Updraft The Blessed can generate a strong updraft to lift an object. He can lift one hundred (100) pounds of weight per tier of this blessing this way. This can be a single heavy object, or the cumulative weight of several small items. This can be used to lift the Blessed one himself, or at least as an aid to climbing by neutralizing a great deal of weight. It can also be quickly activated to significantly soften the impact of a fall. Once the full equivalent of weight has been lifted in this way, the Blessed one can not use this until the next trial.
Sun Spots The Blessed can strip the light from a target, so that visibility is impossible. This can be done to either a live, mobile target for up to ten seconds (trills) per ability in this mark. The target may resist this, lessening the effect by one second per point of their Resistance skill. The Blessed may also apply this to an area of five square feet, and for five bits, per ability in this blessing. This can be done once per trial. At "Exalted", it can be done three times per trial.
Atonement The Blessed can instill, into a single belligerent target, the desire to right a single great wrong. If it is a wrong that cannot be undone, the target will be overwhelmingly compelled to surrender to those authorities that would rule on his wrongdoing. This can be attempted once per season, and can only be resisted when the target's combination of their points in Discipline, added to their Resistance points, exceed the Blessed's combined Psychology and Discipline points. If the target does not resist this power, the Blessed MUST also apply "Focus of Forgiveness" at the first opportunity.
Cleansing Dawn Where "Dawn Sweeper" allows the Blessed to take away one existing harmful spell effect from a willing target; this allows him to block this hostile cast at its inception, and can affect unwilling targets as well. This means that the Blessed can also stop an enemy from casting enhancing spells on himself. Again, this ability is greatly enhanced at dawn. Otherwise, if contested, the Blessed must have more combined Discipline and Meditation points than the opponent has skill levels plus either Meditation or Resistance. Like "Dawn Sweeper", this does not extend any refund of domain resources, or buffer against overstepping, to the target. The Blessed One can use this ability once for every five abilities in this mark he possesses.
Flight Stream Whatever means are being employed for flight, whether natural or magical, this boon enhances it, making the very air currents themselves lift and hurry the target along his way. This can double the target's speed, although the individual flying is still subject to the normal limits of endurance etc. In the alternative, the target can simply fly three times as far as usual at his normal speed.
Rays of Revelation The Blessed one casts revealing rays of dawning truth upon one or more targets, showing them up for what they truly are. The number of times he can reveal a target's true nature this way depends on the targets' Domain, Disguise, Resistance or Deception skill, whichever is greater. The Blessed one essentially accumulates 10 points for each ability in this blessing he has and he "spends" these points to overcome this obstacle. His expenditure accumulates with each target.
Forgive or Forget The Blessed one imposes the scales of one target's anger upon himself. If the target chooses the path of forgiveness and compassion, he unknowingly gains a boon which allows him to neutralize one harmful magic spell cast against him. The power of spell that can be neutralized is equal to what the Blessed is able to negate. If the target instead clings to his grudge, he himself forgets whatever hostile skill he would have employed in anger, whether a weapon skill or a magic domain, the next three times he targets that person. In accordance with the same spirit of forgiveness, this weight can not be imposed by the Blessed one on any person more than once. At Exalted, this works the next five times the subject targets that person.
Lazy Summer Trial The Blessed one imposes a lethargic malaise upon anyone with angry, hostile intent; filling them with the desire to just kick back and relax for the rest of the trial. Armor becomes an unpleasant burden, if not an actual fear of heat prostration. Those affected may even decide to go for a swim to "cool off", regardless of the actual water temperature. Those with no anger or fear will not be affected by this lethargic mood. This can affect all targets in an area equal to 300 square yards per ability in this blessing. This can only be done once every three trials.


Ability Name Ability Description
Sunrise Tribute Add an extra nine skill points to any three of the following skills (max of 3 points per skill): Agriculture, Cartography, Meditation, Psychology or Swimming. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 100 point cap on skills.
Eye in the Sky The Blessed is aligned with the sun's position to be able to see anywhere upon which the sun is currently shining. The Blessed is able to "zoom in" on any spot the sunlight hits. Thus does not mean he can look into buildings, unless the sunlight is shining directly through a window or doorway or some similar opening. Still, he is limited to what can be seen from that spot alone. Also, if clouds cover the ground, the Blessed is NOT able to "zoom" through them. The further the gaze roams from 'high noon" dead center of the sunlight, the darker the vision becomes. The Blessed can not use any kind of dark vision spell or artifact to supercede this limitation. This sight can be enjoyed once per trial for 1 bit per 10 devotion points. No other blessing can be used at the same time.
Spell Bane Sunburst Similar to "Dawn Sweeper" and "Cleansing Dawn", this is the Area-of-Effect version. A bright flash of sunlight "resets" the spell enevelope of all magic within a radius of feet equal to the Blessed's devotion points. At dawn, this ability can NOT be opposed. Otherwise, only superior devotion, domain level, and pertinent skill level allow resistance. As before, there is no refund of any benefits to those whose magic is dispelled. The Blessed One can use this ability once per trial for every one hundred fifty devotion points he possesses.
Empowered Sunrise With the arrival of dawn, the Blessed can infuse one thing with the energy of the encroaching sun. This can be used to permanently heal a person of serious wounds, reduce fatal wounds to serious, or grant a temporary boon of superhuman level to one physical or mental attribute. In the alternative, this can be used to permanently repair a broken item, or to bestow a temporary enhancement to it.
Drought The Blessed can impose the unforgiving blight of a drought upon an area, in square miles, equal to his devotion points. This is not necessarily accompanied by additional heat, but even irrigation systems or carted water supplies simply bead up and evaporate without sinking into the soil. This condition will last as long as the Blessed uses no other blessing. Only another marked individual, carrying the mark of an appropriately opposed Immortal domain can counter this inflicted effort, and only with equal or higher devotion.
Grudge Burner When the Blessed makes an genuine effort to dissuade a target from clinging to a truly unjustified grudge, but is met with only stubborn refusal, he can burden the target with the weight of his hypocrisy. The target is slowed and feels heavier trial after trial for a number of trials equal to the Blessed's devotion points. Increased anger increases this feeling, while forgiveness relieves it, bringing motivation to the target to dismiss his grudge altogether. No direct harm comes from this burden, and the Blessed also suffers the inability to use any other blessings during this term. It is hoped that this reciprocal sacrifice will help convince the target that he truly considers the issue to be unjustified. After the full measure of time, the burden is dismissed, on the basis that the target has "earned" the right to his wretchedness.
Dawn Rider The Blessed can "ride" the first line of dawn's light as it advances across the surface of Idalos. He becomes one with the energy of a new trial, and can travel with the sunlight for as many bits, or miles, as he has devotion points. He can choose which basis he wants, depending on terrain, whichever grants greater distance. Devotion points also determine the number of extra pounds of material he can bring with him. It is important for the Blessed to be aware that this movement will only ever provide travel in a westerly direction, with directional tangents to the north or south; and that such swift movement may cause him to miss features he may have intended to watch for.
High Pressure Ridge This ability is given only to those appointed Champions of Ymiden, for this ability requires the ancient tongue to use. This is similar to the "Drought" ability but is far more versatile. The Blessed is able to generate a classic high pressure ridge to keep any current weather pattern in place, or to keep one away from an area. This can keep a heat wave in place, or a much-needed rain. It can likewise keep rain in place until it brings flooding, or keep a monsoon deluging one location instead of traveling onits normal path. Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Electric storms, Blizzards, or even beautiful summer days can be maintained as long as the Blessed one uses no other abilities. Again, only the intervention of a champion of an inherently opposed Immortal can oppose this weather control.
Curse Burner This ability is given only to those appointed Champions of Ymiden, for this ability requires the ancient tongue to use. This ultimate form of rebirth allows the Blessed to suppress the effects of a single curse for a number of trials equal to his devotion points. These do not have to be consecutive trials, so curses with effects that are not constantly active may be negated for even longer periods of time. Also, the Blessed is never adversely affected by collateral effects of such curses. This does not cure the curse, but allows respite from it, as well as time to seek a solution elsewhere. This boon can only be granted once to any one person, and only one at a time may benefit. However, several cursed targets can be blessed at once, as long as only one is ever benefiting at any given time.

The Curse of Vinyza

As the Immortal of Forgiveness, it is anathema to Ymiden to curse any individual, however offensive he may find them. At worse, he may go to the effort to intervene and deny them benefits from other sources.