Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Fall, Festivals, Guardian of Oaths, Art
Holy Names Lord of Oaths, The Patron, Harvest King
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Travelling in the Easter Region
Faction Supports Mortals
Mark Vaelus
Notable Creations The Season Vhalar
Creator Ati'el
Immediate Family None
Allies Ymiden, Zanik, Ziell
Enemies Audrae, Delroth, Lisirra
Scribe Jade


Vhalar, created by Ati'el, is an Immortal appointed as Season Bringer. Vhalar's main purpose is ushering in the fall season once an Arc which he does after Saun, a rather chaotic and brutal season brought on by Faldrun.

A pact between the season bringers was made many arcs ago, during the time of the Original Beings. The pact allowed all four, Ashan, Ymiden, Vhalar, and Ziell, to bring about the seasons in due time so that balance could be maintained in the world. However, after the shattering of the Original Eight, the pact crumbled as the cold grip of grief crippled nearly all of them. Ymiden was the first to rise among the other Immortals, his forgiving nature helping to curb the bitterness of loss. He restlessly worked to make the seasons function while the others came to their senses. Vhalar was the second, then Ashan. Ziell was the last to rise, though his personality and mind set had changed. Nevertheless, the pact was restored for a time, allowing the world of Idalos to move about as it normally would.

It wasn't until the war broke out among the other Immortals did this pact face failure once more. The four were divided between the decision to remain neutral, aid the mortals, or help their brethren. Ymiden and Vhalar thought it was only right to defend humans against the insanity of the others, however, Ashan and Ziell felt it necessary to stay away from such chaos, while Ziell felt bitter toward the humans for the death of Daia.

Regardless, the pact held but barely. Due to their different stances on the war, the four do not agree on much these days. When they meet, they meet only for the season change and usually do not discuss much.


Standing at a dominating 6'5, Vhalar is very bulky and able to carry much weight upon his shoulders. Though his domain is Fall, he rather enjoys the climate of Summer and the way nature blooms with life. His hair is a messy mop of blonde, curling boyishly atop his head and just at the base of his neck. There are scars on his arms, torso, and back from the numerous fights he's encountered with mortals. Though he has walked away from all of them, defending himself has not only scarred him but disfigured his body. Some areas of his body are missing chunks of muscle while he walks with a barely noticeable limp. Nevertheless, Vhalar appears as a very tall, intimidating individual no human would want to mess with.

Memories of the Past

Vhalar held a level of respect for his creator though her personality made it hard for him to do so. He always saw her abrasiveness as a front for a larger lesson that she wanted all of her children to know. Vhalar was perceptive of Ati'el, knowing that she was clued into something that was much larger than himself, that he could not understand. He was curious of her, and in some ways, he knew that she was different than what she led on to be. However, Vhalar never had much interaction with her, and when they did, Ati'el was partly insightful while mostly demanding.


Traveling in the Eastern Region, Vhalar is currently on his way to Nashaki, though his feet take him to where he thinks he needs to go.