Fast Facts

Status Alive
Domain Rattlers, Shields, Strategy
Location Yithiral, Ivorian Empire
Position Pro-Mortals, Ivorian Empire
Notable Creation The Ivorian Empire
Parent Ethelynda
Allies Ethelynda, Ethelm, Rhonwen, Ralaith
Enemies Raskalarn, Valtharn, Yvithia
Scribe Basilisk


Born in 602, Vericus is the son of one of the Legatius Senatia who helped to get the Ivorian Pact written and signed by all four major cities on the island. Even from a young age, Vericus was, in personality, a sharp contrast to his siblings, and even his mother. While they were generally calm, cool, and collected, Vericus was passionate, excitable, and energetic. His talents also lay in other areas, for while Vericus was a warrior of no small skill, his greatest talents were his mind and his rhetoric.

While Rhonwen had chosen to be part of the Inquiritum in her younger days before she became part of the Erudite, Vericus chose the government, where his talents shined. Even more than Ethelm or Rhonwen, Vericus could sway the moods of the people, both the regular citizens and those of notable rank. His passion and energy would sweep up the people in a torrent of excitement, even at a young age, and he rose rapidly to the rank of Quastor Senatia.

However, while everyone expected Vericus to attain the rank of Legatius Senatia in time, it happened both sooner and in a more dramatic fashion than any could have anticipated. In 635, the Ivorian Pact had been going strong for thirty-four years and there was talk about strengthening it in some manner. Vericus, who was in attendance both as a prince of Yithiral and as a Censor, chose that moment to speak, launching into an impassioned speech that the people of the island deserved more than to be rule by four disjointed cities, that they deserved a strong, singular government, overseen by a single, mighty ruler: Ethelynda.

The leaders of the other cities were used to the calmer voices of the other senators and the rest of the royal families, and like the people in Yithiral, were inflamed by Vericus’s passion and energy, and in with rousing applause, they agreed to proposal, transforming the Ivorian Pact into the Ivorian Empire.

Vericus was promoted to Consul for this great deed, and he personally oversaw the guiding of the other three major cities of the empire as they adopted the ways of Yithiral, helping to ease them into the customs and laws of what was now the capital of the Empire.

Though the unification of the empire is long complete, Vericus remains as one of the foremost statesmen and warriors of the empire, helping to make sure that the city remains on the right path, and making sure that rest of the senate acts for the good of the people rather than their own interests.


Vericus can be best described as a man who puts every bit of his being into everything he does, whether it be as minor as cooking a meal, or as major as helping to form an empire. His passion and energy are always just below the surface, ready to ignite to burn at a fever pitch at need. However, his energy can make it difficult to keep up with him, and he has a tendency to grow impatient at delays, to the point that one occasion he ordered a change made the construction of Yithiral city forges before the document detailing the changes was even finished, earning him a great deal of ire from his elder brother.


Vericus is a Thiussum Ithecal with the same dark scales as his sister, believed to be inherited from his mother. Thanks to his nature as a Thiussum, he is strong and agile man, as capable in a fight as he is in the chambers of law. He uses a mace and heater shield in combat and is one of those few Thiussum to be able to use his tail in combat.


Currently, Vericus stays in Yithiral and works at his role as a Consul of the Ivorian Empire.