The Blessing of Velduris


Those who possess the blessing of Velduris are generally somewhat quiet, reserved people more at home in the wild than in cities or towns. The Blessing itself manifests as a set of fangs on the bottom and top of the character's teeth. They also obtain the eyes of a wolf; the color dependent on the users preference. This is a symbol that the character is now apart of Karem's 'pack'.


Ability Name Ability Description
Pack Bond The Favored is granted an omega wolf familiar, a constant companion. The wolf is significantly more intelligent than regular wolves and is somewhat bigger. In addition, this spirit can communicate not only with it's companion, but with other wolves of its pack. Karem can, at any time, contact any of the wolves her blessing grants, but they can only contact her if she chooses to listen. If the wolf is too heavily drained or badly injured it will revert to a spirit form until it is either rested or healed. The wolf can also choose to revert to spirit form at will, though they generally only do so in crowded cities and such. The blessed can still communicate with their wolf in spirit form. The wolf can tell when someone else has been blessed by Karem, and will always be able to find others who bear Velduris.
Sense of Prey A skill that allows the blessed to tell where a prey animal may be found nearby, allowing the wielder to always be able to find food at need. They can also tell whether people around them have weak combat skills or are easily intimidated.
Velduris Skills I The blessing of Velduris enhances the bearer's survival, hunting, and animal skills, raising any one of the following skills by three points: Animal Husbandry, Animal Training, Fieldcraft, Ranged Combat, Thrown Combat, or Trap Making. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 100 point cap on skills.
Predatorial Instincts A skill that grants the favored the patience and calm needed to effectively hunt, as well as allowing one to tell when their prey, whether animal or human, has taken notice that they are being hunted.
Taste of Prey When the marked has tasted blood or flesh of their intended target, this forms an immediate and lasting bond. While only one 'prey' can be designated at basic marked, each level thereafter increases the amount of prey a marked can have. Once a prey has been chosen, the marked will always be able to find them. Over sea, desert, forest, or even through the air the marked can track down their prey to any corner of Idalos. This manifests as a smell or taste on the air that inevitably leads the marked in the direction of their chosen prey. In return this ability can be shared with the wolves in ones pack.
Sense of Survival The favored is able to tell what will help them survive in the wild, from what trees are safe to burn and what food is safe to eat and more. However, this effect does not work in more civilized land and it still falls upon the favored to be able to use what they find.
Regulate Temperature Being too hot or too cold can both be fatal, and this skill allows the bearer a way to prevent that. By concentrating, they can restore their body temperature to it's natural level, whatever may be affecting it on the outside. This can allow the favored to survive anything from a wildfire to an arctic blizzard, at least as far as heat and cold are concerned. However, the hotter or colder the favored is, the more they have to concentrate.
Lupine Senses This ability allows the bearer to share in their wolf companions senses for a time, no more than half a break. This lets them hear, see, and smell what their companion does in addition to what they themselves sense.
Alpha Even the basic marked of Karem has authority over all canines in Idalos. They can sense the marked has been chosen by the master of the Hunt. A marked can issue simple commands to any canine that the canine will follow as though it had been issued by an alpha. Canines sent to track the mark will turn away from the scent fearfully and will not visit their wrath. A marked can pass safely among a wolf pack who even may be gracious enough to share their kill. They are not, however, so easily persuaded by the wolf companions that accompany the blessed.

In addition, if the canine the Blessed is attempting to influence already has an "Alpha", such as if they are part of a pack or if they have a rider, master, or trainer, they will obey the orders of their "Alpha" over those of the Blessed. They will still defer to the Blessed and follow orders, but if the Blessed attempts to order them against their Alpha, or if the Alpha gives a contradicting order, the canine will follow their own Alpha. The Blessed can overcome this by defeating or driving off the canines existing Alpha.


Ability Name Ability Description
Loyalty of the Pack The adored is granted a second omega wolf familiar and a single beta wolf that will take charge of the small pack when the adored is otherwise occupied. The beta wolf is stronger, faster, bigger, and has keener senses. The bond to the pack grows stronger and lesser wolf familiars and wild lone wolves will answer the beta wolfs call in battle.
Soft Tread The tread of the adored grows near to silent, allowing them to move all but silently through virtually any terrain, allowing them to go undetected by those they hunt.
Velduris Skills II The blessing of Velduris enhances the bearer's survival, hunting, and animal skills, raising any two of the following skills by three points: Animal Husbandry, Animal Training, Fieldcraft, Ranged Combat, Thrown Combat, or Trap Making. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 100 point cap on skills.
Enhanced Senses A skill that enhances the hearing, sight, and smell of the adored to the level of a typical wolf, though not quite to the level of their familiar. The adored gains sharper teeth and can eat raw meat without fear of being poisoned.
Form of the Wolf The marked can seamlessly transition between human and spirit wolf form with only a break of concentration. There is no limit on how long the marked can remain in this form and some choose to remain this way for trials and even cycles at a time, hunting and building the pack relationship with their spirit wolves. The Marked is limited in this form insofar as they cannot dissipate themselves as the true spirit wolves, but do find their sense abilities heightened. They always take the form of a much larger, stronger wolf.
Tough Skin This skill works on two levels, a passive and active level. The passive form increases the durability and resistance of the adoreds flesh, making it harder for environmental hazards like thorns, sandstorms, or extreme heat or cold to have a serious effect on the adored. The active version grants the bearer a temporary wolf pelt that enhances the effects of Tough Skin even more.
Scent of the Alpha Whether men believe it or not, many ascribe to similar hierarchies as wolves. An adored can smell a leader on the skin of a slaver or the armor of a knight and track that scent to whomever truly has the allegiance of those beneath him. Alternatively, the Adored can sense when one is a leader in their own right or an omega with no allegiances at all.
Tracking Shot The bearer can infuse their will, at a cost to their energy into their ranged weapon, whether it be an arrow or crossbow bolt, or thrown weapon, allowing it to track the target they fire at, even around corners and other obstacles.
Pack Mirage At a drain to wolf familiar, it can create a mirage of an entire wolf pack. The illusions aren't real, but the familiar can trade places with the illusions to lend an air of unpredictability to its attacks and making it even harder to deal with.


Ability Name Ability Description
Mastery of the Pack The exalted is granted a third omega wolf, a second beta wolf, and finally, an alpha wolf. The alpha is the leader of the pack when the blessed is incapable of taking command, and is the largest and most fearsome of the wolves, standing the size of a horse and being stronger, faster, and possessing keener senses. Lesser wolf familiars and whole packs of real wolves will answer the call of this alpha wolf, for only Karem and her personal familiar are greater than these exalted familiars in the world of wolves.
Natural Camouflage The exalted naturally blends into the terrain, becoming hard to spot unless one has keen senses and is skilled at locating that which is not easily spotted. This blending into the terrain masks both the physical and olfactory senses of the blessed.
Velduris Skills III The blessing of Velduris enhances the bearer's survival, hunting, and animal skills, raising any three of the following skills by three points: Animal Husbandry, Animal Training, Fieldcraft, Ranged Combat, Thrown Combat, or Trap Making. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 100 point cap on skills.
Weathered A marked of Karem has an innate mastery of survival techniques. Thrown into the worst of what Idalos can visit upon them, the marked can somehow thrive in the most dangerous conditions. This ability is an encompassing change, giving the marked the ability to control their body temperature, find restful sleep wherever they lay, and most remarkably, to resist succumbing to both thirst and hunger for twice as long as any other of their species.
Werewolf Werewolf draws upon the champions connection to the wolves of Idalos to transform them into something similar, their form a mix between that of their mortal self and a wolf. This form lasts for up to a break and enhances the strength, speed, and senses of the champion even further, as well as giving them razor sharp claws and fangs. The form cannot be taken again for a full trial.
Enhanced Capability The exalteds strength, speed, and reaction times are increased to beyond that which is normally attainable by mortals, though effective use of these enhanced abilities requires practice so as not to tire oneself out or accidentally damage something or someone they'd rather not. The blessed grows visibly leaner and stronger, and their eyes match those of their first familiar.
Spirit Shot Those who have reached this level are never unarmed, for they can generate arrows, bolts, and thrown weapons at will. However, these weapons dissipate after use and cannot be lit aflame, poisoned, or given other such alterations, so one wishing to use such effects are advised to keep a supply of physical arrows, bolts, or thrown weapons on hand.
The Wild Hunt A skill limited to Karem's Champions as it requires the ancient language to use, The Wild Hunt pulls both the champion and their enemies into a spectral, golden forest filled with animals both predator and prey, ruled over by the great golden hind. This realm is a part of Karem's personal realm, isolated Predators in this forest do not seek the flesh of the prey animals, but rather that of the intruders to this forest, the enemies of Karem's Champion. Only the champion can cancel The Wild Hunt, anyone else who wishes to leave this forest must either slay the champion or the golden hind.
Part of the Pack A skill limited to Karem's Champions as it requires the ancient language to use, Part of the Pack grants up to twenty individuals the benefits of being part of Karem's pack. Their strength and speed will increase, their bodies becoming more resilient to damage but perhaps the most important change is that their minds will be linked to the pack. Each member of the pack has perfect awareness of what the other is doing. In terms of battle strength the link of this ability makes a Champion's pack the most well organized and reactive unit in all Idalos. This ability can only be maintained for a few breaks before ending, but it can decisively turn the tide of a battle if used correctly. There is no level of cooperation stronger than that of the seasoned pack working in tandem and Karem's ability temporarily allows others to feel the power of that.