Fast Facts

Status Alive
Domain Savagery, Torture, Murder
Location Unknown
Position Supports Immortals
Parent Raskalarn
Allies Faldrun, Yvithia
Enemies Raskalarn, Karem, Ethelynda, Ethelm
Scribe Basilisk


Born shortly after Raskalarn took over the Raskithecal, Valtharn's father was a general who had been in service to Raskalarn since before the Immortal of Conquest took over Ethelynda's forsaken creation. During her childhood, she had little contact with either of her parents, and only after she got old enough to join the military did she receive much attention from her father, though she was still largely ignored by her mother. As time went by, Valtharn's savage conduct on the battlefield and her constant attempts to get the soldiers of Raskalarns army to serve her as they would her mother, despite her repeatedly using them in suicide attacks, led to her imprisonment by her father.

Unable to stand the indignity of being imprisoned despite her birth, Valtharn took her first chance to escape, murdering her guards and cutting down any member of the army that tried to stand in her way. Eventually, her father joined the fight to stop her and the two fought. During the battle, Valtharn's father landed a solid blow over her face, leaving her badly bleeding, but unfortunately it was not enough to stop the bloodthirsty Mortalborn and Valtharn beheaded her father, laughing gleefully as his body fell to the ground at her feet. Unfortunately for her, this was the act that finally got her mothers attention, and Raskalarn personally took the field against her daughter. While Valtharn was skilled, she was no match for the enraged Immortal of Conquest and she was quickly defeated. Despite her rage, Raskalarn was unable to order her daughter, who she did love, to be executed and instead banished her.

After being banished from her mother's territory, Valtharn wandered for a time, slaughtering as she pleased, but a festering hatred of her mother grew in her, and with it a desperate hunger for revenge. Before long, Valtharn stumbled across another Immortal, one of Faldrun's supporters, and threw her lot in with the Immortal of Turmoil, hoping that in service to him, she would have the opportunity to see slay her mother.

Daughter of the Immortal Raskalarn, Valtharn had surprisingly little contact with her mother, which people generally suspect is what led to her becoming even more violent and brutal than her mother, as many believe it was initially an attempt to get Raskalarn's attention. Whatever the reason, a brief glance at Valtharn's brief history as a commander in her mothers service will quickly show that she is a complete sociopath, taking a sadistic glee in the suffering of other beings and caring absolutely nothing for anyone other than herself, even her own allies.


Valtharn has black hair and amber eyes with a similar facial structure to that of her mother and is typically seen wearing black plate armor with a red leather tabard worn under the armor and carrying a long sword. A true sociopath, Valtharn is incapable of genuine compassion or love, and any kindness or mercy from her is entirely manipulative in nature. Arrogant and cruel, Valtharn delights in the suffering, pain, and humiliation of others and will commit the most atrocious acts to the most innocent of people for no reason other than her own amusement. Despite this, Valtharn is an able military commander and oddly charismatic, a leftover from her time serving as one of Raskalarn's commanders.

At first glance, Valtharn seems friendly and easygoing, largely due to her habit of breaking out into fits of giggling or laughing at any given moment. This is an effect of her insanity however, and she is most prone to these fits when engaged in combat, though she maintains enough control of herself that this doesn't provide much of an advantage to her opponents.

Memories of the Past

Valtharn remembers Raskalarn as distant, cold, and commanding, more an empress and a commander than a mother or even a teacher.


Valtharn currently travels Idalos, scheming against those who oppose Faldrun's rule.