Fast Facts
Status Incapacitated
Domains Ice, the Moon, Knowledge, Longing
Holy Names The Lost One, The Sacred Heart, The Martyr, The Moonbearer
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Oscillus
Faction Neutral
Mark TBD
Notable Creations Ellune
Creator Fei
Immediate Family None
Allies Yvithia, Xiur, Ziell
Enemies Audrae, Faldrun
Scribe Dementia, Whisper


One of the youngest of the Immortals, Treid was created not many years before the Great Shattering. With Fei’s close relationship to Faldrun and Chrien, Treid never really had the chance to get to know his creator. Not that he felt like he was missing out; Fei found close companionship in his brother, Xiur, who had a similar personality and calmness to them. It was through this bond with his sibling that the young, naïve Immortal learnt kindness and patience.

In his meditative wanderings with Xiur, his brother introduced him to the older Immortal of Intelligence, Yvithia, and a battle of wits and intelligence, that lasted years, eventually blossomed into an unshakable bond between the two. It was a relationship borne out of respect for the minds of the other; they had each met their match… Yvithia stimulated Treid in a way that no one else could, and impassioned him more than any other.

The time after the Great Shattering was a challenging time for Treid: his companion dealt with the event better than most, but she had been shocked, and she withdrew from his company. As two of the first to discover the existence of humans, Treid was surprised by the hatred that Yvithia had for the mortals, her attitude shifting away from her previously obsessional desire to learn. For a time, the two, previously inseparable, Immortals found themselves divided.

It was among these days as a lone observer of the humans where he met the Immortal Audrae. To say that she deceived him would be an understatement, for in the beginning he never knew of her intentions toward the mortals they now shared their world with. The pair traveled together for a time, exploring the continent. Treid knew that he could trust an Immortal of Secrets with his own demons, so in Audrae he confided, pouring his heart out to her, in particular is woes related to his counterpart: the Immortal of Intelligence.

But Audrae could not hide her motivations forever, and he was reminded once again of the pain that he had felt when Yvithia slipped away from him… both had dismissed his company in favour of focusing their hatred of mortals. The only difference was that he could see the negative effects of the actions of the Immortal of Fear and Deception, and he could see her strategy. Demoralised by the loss of another friend, he sought righteous punishment on the Immortal, and used ice to thaw her land until a part broke away. This land he claimed as his own, reshaping it as he went and naming it Oscillus. Audrae’s deception opened up old wounds, but years of separation from his soulmate weighed on the Immortal’s mind.

Treid did not seek his beloved Yvithia out, apprehensive about what he might find. It was Xiur, however, who finally convinced him to travel to the Northern Region to visit his other half. The half-created city of Viden was what he found, and Yvithia, excited to share her theories with the only one who appreciated her mind, showed him her experiments and research into what had caused the Great Shattering.

It was too much for the compassionate Immortal, however, and Treid was horrified by the butchering that his beloved had brought down on the defenceless humans. Yvithia's hatred had morphed into something else: psychopathic obsession. The two fought, though a rare fire ignited between the otherwise rational Immortals. There was no conclusion, no compromise to their argument, and a repulsed Treid in his anger severed all ties with his only chance at perfection.

Walking away from Viden, it was pure chance that Treid stumbled across the forgotten corpses left over from Yvithia’s experiments, frozen to the ground under layers of snow just north of the Bay of Synnefa. Again, a spasm of anguish gripped the pacifistic Immortal, and his revival of those he found saw the beginnings of the Ellune, who followed him home. He cared for them, loved them, and treated them as his own children. There was nothing that he wouldn't do for his people, and in return there was nothing that they wouldn't do for him.

Seventy arcs after the Great Shattering, the Ellune were well on their way to a second generation, and the Immortal was feeling something close to peace for the first time in a while. Peace unfortunately couldn't last for long, for Treid could not stand idly by, knowing of Audrae’s secret, and he returned to the mainland with the sole intention of warning others. He did not receive that chance, however, as the Immortal of Fear neutralised him before reaching another soul.


With centuries having passed since the loss of Treid, his appearance has but passed into legend.

Memories of the Past

Treid’s Memories, or what hey would be, had he consciousness, would be of companionship… and of betrayal. In his final years apart from Yvithia, he regretted that his so-called unconditional love for the other contained so many conditions. Given even another year, he might have made peace with what was happening in Viden, thus reconciling with Yvithia. This, perhaps, is the only reason that the Ellune feel comfortable working with Yvithia.

Before Treid could warn anyone of Audrae's deceit, a clawed hand was plunged into his back and his heart, quickly missing from his chest. Audrae stood over his body, a wicked smile on her lips. Taking his heart, she placed it within a thick, locked, solid iron chest. With a wave of her hand, Audrae tasked a group of Naer to return to her with a pig's heart. Once obtained, she placed the heart within another locked, iron chest and journeyed to the continent of Oscillus to return Tried's body to his people. She then returned the chests, both identical and cursed. Audrae told them in a strong, wicked voice that they may return their Creator to his former glory if, and only if, they retrieved his heart from the correct chest, buried in the deepest, darkest shadows of their land. However, if they were to fail, his heart would be forever lost to the shadows and he would remain an immobile body of ice forever. For a moment, she vanished in a whirl of shadow, only to return empty handed.


Currently, Treid's body rests in a central chamber in Treidhart, guarded always by four highly competent Ellune. His heart, on the other hand, is miles below the surface of Oscillus, buried in one of two boxes, the other containing a pig’s heart. A team of Ellune dig a little bit deeper into the ice every day, working towards the place they know his heart will be, while a great many others remain permanently in Viden, working tirelessly with Yvithia in the hopes of one day reuniting it with his body.