Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Reincarnation, Passion, Sanctuary
Holy Names -
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Uthaldria
Faction Supports Mortals
Mark A'belah
Notable Creations Lotharro
Creator Brelt'ek
Immediate Family None
Allies Ymiden, Ashan, Moseke, Ilaren, Zanik
Enemies Faldrun, Mastes, Kata, Lisirra, Audrae
Scribe Incubus


Thetros is one of the oldest Immortals known to Idalos as his compassion for both his followers and the race, Lotharro, he looks after provide protection, home, and comfort to the Immortal when the need arises. He is the embodiment of passion and sanctuary, finding ways to appreciate all things while still having a moral standing to protect those that are truly supporting the world or at least, are attempting to. For this, the Immortal sometimes intervenes when he should not, gaining him Immortal enemies that his followers resist.

Like Ilaren, he often manifests traits unfitting of his age, such as boisterous behavior and brash humor. However, he is one of the most beloved among Mortals in that he can always be expected to provide a place of guidance, harmony and compassion. One of the most unique things about Thetros is his ability to remain supportive regardless of one's commitment or doctrine; to provide guidance and support for anyone regardless of their affiliations and beliefs. He will provide support and respect for a good, kind man as much as he will provide support to a serial murderer who is looking to redeem their ways.

This is, as he often says, due to a commitment towards mortality in all of its variations. If one is to support intelligent life in Idalos, they must support all variations and renditions of it— the good and the bad. He cares not for race, belief, creed, morality, mage or non mage. The journey is the joy in life, and the things you perform on your path are no one's business but your own.

Of course, this means that Thetros himself - despite his psychological outlook - often falls to an in-group, out-group mentality. His followers can be anything; thieves, murderers, Kings. However, to provide sanctuary and protect them as they go about their journey means to punish others for endangering them, even perhaps from retribution and justice. He has often been criticized for his excessive defense of cruel and loathed individuals, though he rationalizes that his actions are not supporting of evil but rather the rehabilitation of loathsome individuals.

He is selective of who he marks and when he does decide, he does so fully believing that they will forge a lifelong friendship or relationship. Thetros is one of the most likely Immortals to engage in a romantic relationship with his followers, and has often had many love interests within his flock at a singular time. His passion is immense and must always be shared; his love for his followers grows and so does his desire to protect them and guide them in their journey.

It is due to his love of mortals that Thetros tries to avoid dealing with his Immortal brethren, feeling a certain mundaneness in his kind. As such, his history with his own kind is very limited.

Cycle of Reincarnation

Unlike other Immortals, Thetros is known to possess a great weakness, and also a great strength. Every two centuries, the Immortal goes into a deep slumber, lasting from the season of Vhalar to Ashan. Even he is not exempt from the process of reincarnation, which in his case, acts as a great renewal. Near the end of every cycle, the Immortal begins to contemplate, reflect, and remember the times of old. He grows wise, but callous, and jaded towards the world around him. More than anything, he grows fearful, pained by his vulnerability.

It was at the end of a previous cycle, in Arc 317, where Thetros created the Lotharro, fearful of the pervasive effect that the Immortal's War had on the Fields of Gauthrel. They were spawned originally as his protectors, providing the motivation for their strength, endurance, passion and protective instinct. Since then, the Lotharen have served as his defenders, and the Fields of Gauthrel their training grounds, protecting him from the wrath of enemy Immortals or ambitious men.

When Thetros awakens from his cycle of reincarnation, he is wholly changed. His passion intensifies, and it is often said that around him, so does the passion of others. The beginning of Thetros' new cycle is a time of celebration in Uthaldria that lasts for a whole arc, during which exists a time of great peace, compassion and celebration of life among all those surrounding the newly awoken Immortal.

During his slumber, Thetros is capable of acknowledging the calls of his followers, and still provides his marked the power to utilize their abilities. All Devotion points, etc, are recorded as normal.


Thetros appears as a young man in his late twenties. He can often be found wearing simple clothes such as form-fitting doublets and trousers, often basic colors like white or black. He is exceptionally tall, standing at nearly 7', with a very muscular form. He is said to appear as if "lost in thought", save for when found with his followers or his Lotharro creations, in which case he will appear as jovial and playful to many. In terms of where he makes his appearances, he can be found where there is great suffering or great joy - this is due to him seeking to understand the mortal mind, finding it to be the greatest complexity in the known universe, a thing capable of changing the world around it.

Memories of the Past

When first created, Thetros shared a curiosity of the world that was reflected in his creator, Brel'tek. Like his other creations, Brel'tek cherished time spent between him and Thetros as the two would often times spend breaks discussing the many topics of life, the world, and the great beyond. Thetros never quite had an attachment the way he did with his creator, and so, when the Great Shattering occurred, the Immortal was lost in his grief and sought comfort in the lonely, quite hills of the Fields of Guathrel. Time gave way to the appearance of Mortals and with it, a tension so palpable between the Immortals, Thetros could feel it in ideal conversations with his brethren.

When the war brought out, Thetros remained secluded to the fields with a new found love for the sanctuary they offered from the world. As fractures became more apparent, as well as twisted, mutated beasts, the poison from such things and the war at hand began to shift and change the lands. Attempting his best to keep the Fields from becoming obliterated by the war, Thetros gave his all to protect them and the creatures and humans residing in them. Over time, as the world came back from the brick of death, the Lotharro— his prized and beloved creation and the city of Uthaldria were established.


Presently, Thetros is residing in Uthaldria, under protection of the Lotharro.