The Blessing of Tarouz

Those blessed with Tarouz will find themselves inside the Birdgod's purview, granted abilities revolving around birds and their element, the wind. They are covetous and vain, and will often become the center of attention, whether they intended to or not. Those who gain the blessing of Tarouz gain markings along the backs of their arms resembling feathers that sway in a breeze.


Ability Name Ability Description
Feathered Friend Immediately granted when blessed by Delroth, Feathered Friend takes the form of a bird companion that is tied mentally and emotionally to the Tarouz. At this level, the bird may be of any species of a Medium size, which is roughly 9-16 inches tall. The bird need not eat or sleep, but will often to mimic other birds to avoid suspicion.

At this level, the Tarouz can communicate with the bird familiar through flashes of mental and emotional signals, which each interprets flawlessly. The bird can be used to scout, to offer a distraction in combat, or at this level, is mostly used for companionship.

Wings of Steel By using this ability, the Tarouz can grow organic steel feathers all along his or her arms, allowing them both a weapon and armor at a moment's notice. The feathers are as durable as steel, and offer resistance to piercing and bludgeoning damage. They are also razor sharp, though at this level, they must be wielded as melee weapons, as they can't be thrown from the Tarouz. The biggest drawback is that the feathers each weigh a moderate amount, slowing the Tarouz considerably unless well practiced with the ability.
The Charismatics Toolbox The Tarouz may add 3 skill points to any of the following skills: Appraisal, Cosmetology, Falconry, Flying, Persuasion or Seduction. These points may be used to surpass the 100 skill points of the skill chosen.
Clothed in Finery The Tarouz gains the ability to enhance the look and feel of any of his or her clothing, making them appear to be of a much higher quality than they actually are. The illusion is far less effective under close scrutiny, and once discovered, the ability ceases to work until the Tarouz changes clothing, or they don't interact with the same people for 1 trial.
The Covetous Covenant At will, a Tarouz may mark an object that he or she greatly desires. Once marked, the Tarouz will know the basic whereabouts and condition of the object, regardless of distance between the two. This link lasts until the Tarouz comes into possession of the item, and will cause the Tarouz to become more and more obsessed with its acquisition until he or she does so. Once the Tarouz comes to own the object, he or she becomes extremely blissful and their basic needs (eating, sleeping or drinking) are fulfilled.
Mirror Mirror Once per season, a Tarouz may designate two mirrors to act as a two-way communication device. The mirrors become linked, and when a codeword is spoken in front of it, the mirror shows whatever is on the other side of the second mirror. This can be used a way to guard one's belongings, or send a message to a friend. At Favored, this effect is only as large as a city. At Adored, it can be regional. At Exalted, the mirrors may travel to any corners of the world they wish.
A Feather's Weight Once per trial, the Tarouz has the ability to reduce the weight of any item to that of a single feather. This ability only lasts ten bits per level of Tarouz, at the end of which the item returns to its original weight. Often used to carry larger amounts of gold to hide, A Feather's Weight is one of the most coveted abilities of the Favored Tarouz.
Secrets in the Wind Only viable when both parties are outside, Secrets in the Wind allows a Tarouz to whisper into the wind and have that whisper carried to someone the Tarouz desires. Helpful in relaying commands or changing plans, this ability is the available as many times per trial as the Tarouz wishes. At Favored, it affects half a city. At Adored it can affect a whole city. At Exalted it can reach between cities in the same region, as long as both recipients are outside.
Birdtongue This ability allows a Tarouz to communicate with any species of bird, regardless of the Tarouz' familiarity of the species. Birdtongue lets the Tarouz convey basic information, while receiving the same. At Favored, the bird is compelled to obey any orders, but may resist. At Adored, the bird will only resist if the action would endanger itself or its young. At Exalted, the bird will obey, no matter what.


Ability Name Ability Description
Nest Considered by some to be Delroth's greatest blessing, Nest allows a Tarouz to designate a home or building as his or her 'nest' once per arc. By doing so, the Tarouz grants the abode the ability to remain hidden, even against practiced eyes, of any who should seek to rob or harm the Tarouz. Addtionally, the Tarouz will always be aware of his or her Nest, and may be able to recollect with certainty every object held within. As a final benefit, the Tarouz will always rest fully and peacefully in his or her nest, cutting their time needed to sleep in half.
Feathergrace The Tarouz' avian familiar may, once every 9 trials, grant the Tarouz a single feather from it's coat. The feather may then be imbued by the Tarouz to improve the charisma of the one wearing it, drawing the eyes of those around them without any true explanation as to why. The Feathergrace draws the targets' interest and attention, forcing them to focus on the Tarouz. This effect may only last two trials, after which the feather must be incinerated lest it confer a curse that causes the opposite effects to happen to the wearer.
The Charismatics Toolbox II The Tarouz may add 6 skill points to any of the following skills: Appraisal, Cosmetology, Falconry, Flying, Persuasion or Seduction. These points may be used to surpass the 100 skill points of the skill chosen.
The Cloak of Wind Once every trial, a Tarouz may summon around him or herself a strong wind, capable of pushing large objects with its power. The wind surrounds the Tarouz, offering protection against projectiles and increased movement speed as the wind carries the Tarouz. This lasts for one break per level of Tarouz, and may be used even inside, where no air movement is present. The Tarouz may command the wind to break or cease as he or she sees fit, so as to not damage their own property or allies.
Hawkeye At will, the Tarouz may increase his or her vision to that of a hawk's, allowing them to see vast distances with ease. The Tarouz must have a clear view of the target, as the ability cannot circumnavigate any people or structures. The end result is one of a slightly-fisheyed area, where the Tarouz may view in clear detail the surroundings. The use of this ability leaves the Tarouz feeling dizzy and restricts their depth perception for ten bits per use.
The Windmasters Boon When outside, the Tarouz may instruct a breeze to blow at his or her behest. This wind grants the Tarouz and all allies within 250' faster movement speed and the decreased weight of their equipment and belongings. This effect lasts as long as the Tarouz remains outside and commands the wind to blow, and will wear off as soon as willed or the Tarouz enters an abode.
Stalwart Against The Storm The Tarouz with this ability has gained immunity from the wind. This effect allows the Tarouz to stand strong against even the strongest winds, and though it will not diminish other storm effects such as rain or lightning, the winds will split and break before the Tarouz. At Adored, the Tarouz may resist an Air Defier up to the Expert Level, whereas at Exalted, he or she can resist Master, and at Champion, Legendary.
Eye of the Flock A Tarouz, in meditation, may piggyback their senses to any bird within sight. While they may not have the ability to command all birds, they can gain immense vantage. This ability can be used on as many birds as the Tarouz sees when utilizing this ability and can subtly direct their path through the sky. Many Tarouz have used this to ride the senses of entire migrating flocks to scout miles ahead of them. This ability can be maintained as long as the Tarouz likes, but eventually they will need to return to their senses to eat, drink, and take care of themselves.
Flawless Visage The Adored of Delroth's image can never be marred, not by any physical or magical means outside of a mage's Revelation. All physical wounds will heal smoothly, and no burn or bite may leave its mark.


Ability Name Ability Description
Inimitable Visage A useful skill for the Tarouz, Inimitable Visage prevents the Tarouz' image from being borrowed or stolen by any means, magical or otherwise.
The Roc of Delroth The final stage of Feathered Friend, the Roc of Delroth allows the Feathered Friend familiar to grow in size to that of a Monstrous bird, bringing with it the strength and resiliency of a bird that size. The bird becomes large enough to ride upon comfortably, and can be controlled via mental impulses. Additionally, the Roc gains the ability to use the Wings of Steel power, as well as throw the weapons created by Wings of Steel. This ability can be used at will, but will reduce the Roc's speed and maneuverability while in flight.
The Charismatics Toolbox III The Tarouz may add 9 skill points to any of the following skills: Appraisal, Cosmetology, Falconry, Flying, Persuasion or Seduction. These points may be used to surpass the 100 skill points of the skill chosen.
Covet Blessing With this ability, the Tarouz is able to borrow the powers of any Non-Permanent mark ability of the same tier or lower. This requires physical contact, and grants the Tarouz all the knowledge the target has regarding the use of the ability. The effect lasts three breaks, and can only be used once a trial.
The Lap of Luxury With this skill, the Tarouz can magically enhance his or her belongings to make them of a finer quality. They are able to make their clothes into the finest fabrics, able to refine their food and drinks into some of the most delectable and desired on Idalos. This skill can be used at will, and will always make the Tarouz appear to be living in the lap of luxury.
Grandeur For a Tarouz, their vanity is near an ascendant state. This ability is an aura that the Tarouz naturally has. It prevents that vanity from being tarnished. In public settings, none can raise a voice against the Tarouz in accusation or in any way that might bring them embarrassment. Even if the Tarouz commits some breach of social etiquette, the words will choke in the throats of all gathered, unable to say them till the Tarouz has left. In addition, the Tarouz has a basic protection of superiority. Non-directed crimes will never befall them. A mugger will always seek another victim, a thief will always pass them by without reaching for their pockets. All who see the Tarouz sense they are beyond reproach when in a public setting, or beyond a random crime. This does not protect a Tarouz from violence or crime directed at them intentionally, however.
Will of the Flight A Tarouz with this ability is able to temporarily hijack the senses of one of their bird companions as their spirit takes control of the bird's body. The bird's consciousness remains and the Tarouz's body enters a state of deep slumber. Should the body be disturbed or the bird killed during this exchange, the Tarouz returns to their body with a splitting migraine. This ability can also be used to take gestalt control over any amount of birds the Tarouz sees when using this ability. No sentient bird can be effected this way and the danger is that the more birds the Tarouz takes control over, the more divided their consciousness and the longer it will take them to put their thoughts back together when the ability ends.

If taking control of many birds, a great number need to die at once to wrest the Tarouz free.

The Heart's Desire Upon attaining this ability, the Champion of Delroth is granted any one request by the Immortal of Greed. The wish can be nearly anything, and Delroth will do his absolute best to fulfill the request. This can be anything materialistic, but cannot extend outside of his purview to bring back the dead, influence true love, etc. By completing major acts of devotion to Delroth, the Champion may gain additional wishes at the Immortal's behest.

OOC NOTE: This ability is intentionally open ended. Upon acquiring this ability, please post the idea for the wish in the PSF for discussion and approval. Once agreed upon, a moderated thread will be provided where Delroth personally grants the wish.

Windborne Once per season, the Champion of Delroth can merge with the wind around him, and be carried to any outside destination that he has in mind. The range of this ability stretches to the region that the Tarouz is in, but other than that, carries no restrictions. Additionally, the Tarouz has the option to create violent whirlwinds with his wind-like form, but can suffer severe damage and exhaustion if the tornadoes are dispersed. With enough force, the Tarouz can be killed by dissipating his whirlwinds while he is in this form.

The Curse of Tarouz

Delroth's displeasure is often seen as black feather, inverted and tattooed upon the victim's neck. At first, it is full and dark, but as the curse progresses in severity, the feather becomes more frayed and threadbare. At Condemned, it has a few wisps, but instead looks like a talon.

Those who earn Delroth's ire are often those whose happiness with their station allows them to remain stagnant. They are poor and happy, or maybe even moderately wealthy and happy, and don't care to improve. These are the humble, the content, the plain. This is not tolerated by the Immortal of Vanity and Greed.


The Hated of Delroth finds himself unable to claim ownership over his belongings. The things they own tend to disappear, as if they were to grow their own legs and walk off. Instead, though, there is a much simpler and more sinister answer. Those around him come to believe that anything the Hated owns is their own. While this does not mean they will outright steal it, they are more relaxed about the items, and may take them as easily as they would something in their own home.


Those who anger The Vain enough to become his Despised find themselves unable to view themselves in any mirror on Idalos. A single glance at a mirror will trap the being inside the mirror, where they remain until the mirror is shattered. The Despised has no need to eat or drink in the mirror, and may disappear from the surface if he or she closes his or her eyes. They cannot communicate with those outside the mirror directly.

While within the mirror, the world appears as it does outside but reversed. There are no people, no souls with which to communicate, and the Despised has to devise a way to be let out from their prison or fall slowly into the madness of solitude and loneliness. For some, this may take a season or two, others arcs... But it is certain that to remain within the mirrored realm is to succumb eventually.


Those who reach this level of Delroth's ire become the most antagonized on Idalos. They cannot step foot outside their homes, for any avian creatures in miles will flock to them and attack, pecking and slashing with talons to their hearts content. The Condemned typically has to barricade himself in an abode, and has to block the doors and windows to keep the winged creatures from swooping in and killing them in their sleep.