Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Transformation, Lust, Acting, Fury
Holy Names The Tempestuous, Queen of Masks, The Great Fury, Lust Bringer, Lady Lust
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Rhakros
Faction Supports Immortals
Mark Sesser
Notable Creations TBD
Creator Brelt'ek
Immediate Family None
Allies Lisirra, Zanik, Faldrun
Enemies Moseke, Ralaith
Scribe Jade


The copies that spawned from their creators sometimes took on aspects of the master's personality that were very unlikely. This was the case with Syroa when she was born at the hands of Brelt'ek, one of the most level headed and wise of all the Original Beings. In contrast to her other siblings, Syroa was spontaneous, vicious, and thoughtless of her actions. She had nearly mastered the art of manipulation just before the shattering of her creator, who deemed her a mistake on his part. What most of her siblings didn't realize was that there was a deep, empty cavern that laid buried within Syroa, something that she expertly concealed from them. After the Great Shattering, she mourned quietly, not only for her creator, but for herself as well. Lost to the darkness of disappointment and silent sorrow, Syroa's behavior worsened.

She was the dark whispers that visited Zanik, guiding him to temptation and leaving him confused and restless. Syroa takes pleasure in the games that she plays, shifting into the appearances of her brethren just so she can feel closer to her family, to have the feeling of friendship. This same desperation guided her to Lisirra one day. While in Moseke's form, Syroa attempted to strike a rift between the two, but was quite obviously found out. Needless to say, the friendship between Syroa and Lisirra began at a very rocky start. It wasn't until much later, when the Immortal of Transformation chanced upon Lisirra, did their friendship begin. Now the two have bonded like sisters, and are almost always together, encouraging each other with twisted, disturbing ideas.


Syroa appears as many things, since there is no limit to who or what she can shift into. Her most common appearance is that of a charcoal-skin colored, bird and humanoid figure. Her hair is long, but instead of strands, her hair looks like very soft, fluid feathers. Her hands and feet appear more like a bird's, with talons to match. When she doesn't want to attract attention within human society, Syroa appears as a Qi'ora. However, her body structure is leaner, looking less fragile than a Qi'ora should. Her eyes also take on a fiery, orange color.

Memories of the Past

Deemed as a mistake, Syroa disowned her maker and her brothers and sisters. The time spent with her maker was often regrettable and ended in hurt feelings and rage. No matter how she tried, she couldn't change who she was, and though Brelt'ek understood this, he could not see her as anything more than what she had become. He would never provoke her aggression but instead, he would turn away, disappointment an obvious emotion in his eyes. After the Great Shattering, her siblings' disappointment in her grew to a strong disliking and bitterness towards Syroa. For this, she rarely has good relations with anyone.

Out of all the Immortals, Zanik was the one that caught her eye. Some charm about him compelled her to want him and the two have been tangled in a passionate yet chaotic relationship for some time now.


Syroa has placed her roots in Rhakros along with Lisirra. She assists the Immortal of Pestilence when needed, before leaving to torment her own subjects, whomever they are. Her activities are currently unknown.