Staff List

Storyteller Team

A Storyteller's main focus is on what the name suggestions: the story. Storytellers are very important to the functionality of Standing Trials and the overall plotline driving the site. These moderators mostly handle city moderation and structure, building and updating lore, calendars, locations, approving jobs and wage requests, approving city development requests and sponsoring, planning, and completing moderated threads. They review threads, plan and lead global plotlines, participate in Immortal meetups with characters, and organize city events. Another responsibility of a Storyteller is to maintain player interest. Storytellers play one of the most critical roles as they are the energy that inspires players to write and remain with us.

Avatar Name Rank City Administrative or Development Specialist Area(s)
Aegis 2 Scalvoris Scalvoris - Yaralon
Banshee 1 Viden Viden
Ent 2 Desnind Desnind - Strosdyn
Ghoul 1 Scalvoris Scalvoris
Jade 3 (Team Lead) Sirothelle - Ne'haer Ne'haer - Rhakros - Sirothelle - Idalosian History - Immortals - Site Wide Development - The Big Cheese
Maltruism 4 (Team Lead) Athart - Etzos - Orm'del Sea Poisons, Herbs & Drugs - Misty Miasma - Creating The World Forum - Etzos - Athart - Orm'del Sea
Munchkin 2 Eternal Empire Eternal Empire
Oracle 1 Rharne Rharne
Pegasus 3 (Team Lead) Scalvoris - Ne'haer Scalvoris - Hildarith - Rynmere Nobility - Yaralon
Squirrel 2 Ivorian Ivorian - Ithecal
Whisper 3 Viden - Valaris Viden - Sirothelle - Slavery - Idalos Higher Education (Rynmere, Viden, Scalvoris, Ivorian) - Oscillus

Developer Team

Developers are tasked with creating, expanding and/or organizing information for world building purposes. These individuals are responsible for world development, building off of and creating meta-plots, developing history, skills, races, Immortals, blessings and curse, etc. Developers are the suppliers to Storyteller (and player) demand. They provide information for all characters to use within story and create goals for character advancements and achievements. Developers create the foundation for plot and work in tandem with Storytellers to ensure all the puzzle pieces mesh nicely. Development-oriented people normally focus on world building essentially with afterthoughts for city development.

Avatar Name Rank City Administrative or Development Specialist Area(s)
Basilisk 4 (Team Lead) Nashaki Dungeons (CTW) - Monsters (CTW) - Nashaki
Brother 1 N/A Flora & Fauna (CTW)
Chronicle 1 Ne'haer Ne'haer - Crafts & Materials (CTW)
Plague 4 (Team Lead) Hildarith - Rynmere Domain Magic - Blessings & Curses - Primers - Wisps - Hiladrith - Combat - Idalosian History (CTW)
Rumour 3 Rharne - Emea Rharne - Social Media Manager - Skill Development (CTW)

Advocate Team

Advocates ensure that the ship remains sailing. What this means is that the responsibilities of an Advocate align closely with community management and player & staff relations. They handle conflict mediation between staff and players, welcome new players to the site in the Welcome Wagon, review staff applications, and onboard new staff members. They review Character Sheets, manage the Q&A forum and facilitate the answering of questions coming into the forum, manage the Bugs and Suggestions Forum, make updates to the Player Guides forum, manage the player Suggestion Box and Staff Lounge suggestion thread, run advertising and social media efforts, and much more. Advocates are critical to the site as these individuals are often some of the first people a player comes across when joining. Due to the sensitive nature of the role, applications for Advocate positions will be reviewed much more closely than any other position.

Avatar Name Rank City Administrative or Development Specialist Area(s)
Anomaly 4 (Team Lead) Emea - I'rus - Niomyr Emea/I'rus - Otherworldly - Dreamwalking - Discord/Chat Manager - Social Media - Community Management
Tyrant 1 N/A Discord/Chat Moderator - Community Moderator
Zenith 2 N/A Blessings & Curses - Immortals

Prophet Handbook

If you're a staff member or if you'd like to learn more about each team's responsibilities, please be sure to review the Prophet Handbook.