Staff Application Form

Greetings! Thank you for taking an interest in helping the staff better run the game and assist players with any questions, threads, and plot development. We are a staff that takes pride in our teamwork and we look forward to mentoring and promoting those who are able to deal with the stress of moderating a forum. With that being said, there are prerequisites that must be met by a player before they may be considered for a staff position:

You must be on the forum for no less than 2 seasons (4 months).
You must show that you are consistently active on the forum.
You must show a willingness to learn and be proactive.
You must be sixteen years of age or older. In order to apply for a position on the Advocate Team, you must be eighteen years of age or older and have served a minimum of three months in another staff position.
You must receive 2 written recommendations from current staff members which must be posted on the Prophet Support Forum prior to the application. The recommendations must not be from the same individual.

If you feel that these prerequisites have been met, here is the application you must submit to the Prophet Support Forum:

Initial Questions
1. Name: (Real life first name.)
2. Age: (Real life age. Your information will be kept strictly private.)
3. All Characters You Control: (List all PCs, past and present ones.)
4. Start Date: (When did you first join us?)
5. Staff Position: (What staff position (Storyteller or Developer) are you applying for? If you want to become an Advocate at a later point, include this here. If you wish to be a city moderator, list that here along with any preferences for location.)
6. Recommendations: (List the name of the 2 staff members who recommended you.)

Standard Questions
1. First off, why do you want to be a part of the staff? The answer can be simple or detailed, we're just curious.

2. What experience do you have as a moderator on a role-playing forum? Please list the names of those forums. If you have none, please say so.

3. Why did you choose the above-mentioned staff position and city (if applicable), and what might we see you doing with it in the future?

4. Have you submitted any development pieces to the Creating The World forum or individual cities? If so, please provide links to your submissions. Have you produced any lore or development pieces for other role-playing sites? If so, please provide links.

5. Have you had any negative incidents regarding you and the staff related to inappropriate behaviour, rule breaking, or other issues that conflict with the Standing Trials TOU? If so, explain the situation(s), what you did wrong, and how you went about trying to fix the issue.

Personal Questions
1. Do you have anything going on in your life right now that could pull you away from moderation for a substantial amount of time? We're not looking for an explanation or detailed response. If you have school, say that you're in school. If you have a full time job, list that.

2. What do you consider your strengths when it comes to Standing Trials? What about your weaknesses? This question is meant to help us help you by pairing you with the right moderators and forums.

3. Do you have any issues with certain players or moderators that we should know about? This question will remain private between you and the Prophet looking over your application.

Developer Questions - For Developer Applicants Only
1. Which aspect of Development appeals to you most, and why?

(answer two of the following:)
2. You have spent the last three weeks working on an incredibly challenging development piece. Just before it is time to release it, someone brings to your attention a pre-existing but small piece of lore that unravels all of your work. What do you do?

3. Two players come to you in a dispute over a point of lore that will greatly affect a thread they are doing together. They both cite previous rulings in defense of their interpretation. Checking back, you see they both had understandable precedent for their different takes, but they are different enough that only one can be right. How would you resolve this?

4. You have agreed to work with a Storyteller to develop an Immortal's mark, but about halfway through you realize you have drastically different ideas of how the Immortal acts and their attitude. Tensions are beginning to rise and a number of factors such as different time zones and poor communication cause issues between the two of you. Describe how you would go about handling the situation.

Storyteller Questions - For Storyteller Applicants Only
1. Which aspect of Storytelling appeals to you most, and why?

(answer two of the following:)
2. When looking over graded threads, you notice that a particular player was rewarded the maximum amount of points and knowledge while another player received a very small grade. After examining the roleplay, you see that the player who received less of a grade had better post quality and content than the player who received more points. When investigating, you find that the grader and the player with a better grade are close friends. How would you handle this situation?

3. It comes to your attention that a player has made a post in direct contradiction with the lore of the city (e.g. they are an unacceptable race) or they have committed a crime (e.g. they have murdered a senior ranking politician). How do you deal with it? What if the thread was finished and you came across the issue when grading it?

4. You are running a moderated thread when you notice a player has begun to metagame, taking into account OOC information that their character could not know. You hadn't caught it in time and several players have responded, taking into account that metagame information being brought IC. How do you handle it?

5. In your city there is a faction of villains. A PC joins with the aim of turning them all into "good guys" and starts a series of threads where they do so. How do you deal with this?