The Blessing of Sojourn

Cassion’s marks are perhaps some of the rarest. This is not because the Immortal has no regard for mortals and their accomplishments, but simply because he prefers to mark those he has shared time with on the road. Although Cassion and his Twelve Eagles can range all over Idalos, there are only thirteen places the Immortal can be at any given time. He denies himself the mobility of his siblings, preferring to live and travel as a mortal. Those who come into Cassion’s company are fortunate and often in for a perilous adventure. Provided they live and acquitted themselves with courage, cunning, and strength of character, Cassion will mark them in the way he does all his chosen. For Cassion, the mark is represented as a scar along the body, in a visible location (Most often the forearm) where Cassion cut his own skin and bonded blood with his chosen. The wound closes instantly, leaving a vivid, worn scar that bypasses any attempt to hide or heal it from then on.

The second and third level of the mark are actually noted by objects, Souvenirs from the adventures a Soujourner has. Without these items, the Sojourner has no ability to utilize any activated ability from the mark, but does have the ability to dedicate new Souvenirs at the end of a new Adventure. The mark of the Champion is noted by the creation of a new White Eagle, a permanent aspect of Cassion to travel and explore the world. The Champion enjoys the scars of talons, silver-white, on their arm or shoulder where the bird emerged.


Ability Name Ability Description
Blood Son The first ability in Sojourn comes with the blood that is shared of Cassion. The marked is forever changed, transformed a small measure divine by the Immortal’s own blood and commitment. The blooded of Cassion find they are no longer satiated by stagnancy. To be a chosen of Cassion is to have your home always on the horizon. Staying longer than a single Arc in any one city will impart a thorough sense of lethargy and sap the health of the Sojourner until they have finally moved on. They must be away from the location longer than they stayed in order to build a tolerance once more. The Blooded of Cassion are vibrant people flowing with life. Each is gifted with enormous appetites and the ability to subsist on substandard food. So long as it is edible, they can thrive upon it. Each one heals half again as fast as another member of their race and can often push the limits of the endurance that a member of their species might have. By virtue of their divine nature, Sojourners can always recognize each other on sight and any object or person touched by Cassion.
Journey's Meal A Sojourner must prepare many meals on the road between adventures. Most often, they are accompanied by others. This ability can only be used once a trial but allows any meal prepared for a Sojourner to satiate both themselves and their companions, no matter how little there was to prepare in the first place. In order to work, the Sojourner must do their best to make the meal as appetizing and filling as they have the material to provide. This Meal can feed the Sojourner and up to three other companions (including animals). Those who eat the meal will find the taste vastly improved, so long as the Sojourner explains either the origin or the process of making such food available as they are enjoying it.
Traveler's Skills I Add an extra three skill points to one of the following skills: Discipline, Fieldcraft, Sailing, Storytelling, Cooking, or Navigation. These points can exceed the 100 point limit.
Cassion Compass When first marked, every Sojourner receives a small gold compass. This compass does not point the way North as most compasses might, but instead will point the direction to a place of the Sojourner’s choosing. In order to apply, they must have visited this place before in a manner that allowed them to experience the journey there. Teleportation will not count as a justifiable way to input a destination. The Sojourner can impart this compass to others for use to navigate to the location of their choosing and once they have reached the destination, the compass will be instantly transported back to the Sojourner’s person. This compass cannot be lost in any way. If destroyed or stolen, it will take five trials to return, whole, to the possession of the marked.
Road-Kissed Cassion’s chosen cannot help but choose the life of the road. It calls to them, commands them march along it. But this is no curse, as the road cares for the chosen who tend and travel it. Those with this ability often have a much easier journey than those who do not. Inclement weather, obstacles, dangers, these all still exist on the road but tend to be much less disastrous to the marked if they were not expecting to encounter them. Travel time for the marked is reduced by 25% as they naturally know the fastest paths and shortcuts to reach their destination. This ability does not apply to ‘discovering’ hidden ways into restricted areas, but simply allows the marked to naturally take the quickest un-obscured path between any two points they are traveling towards.
Safe Camp When one takes camp in the wilderness, they take risk. Dangers lurk when the traveler is in stasis and many expeditions have ended with ambush in the dark of night. Safe Camp is an ability Cassion allows his followers during such a time to avoid some of the worst of what untamed Idalos has to offer. Any camp can be deemed, ‘safe’, but only a single camp for a trial. The Sojourner marks the edges of the camp with drops of his own blood, naturally warding away predators and creatures who might prowl through the night. Marking an entrance, a Sojourner opens a door to a comfortable extra-dimensional space with a warm roaring fire in the hearth that will burn all eve if willed to. This room often changes depending on the area the Sojourner is in, naturally blending with local customs of comfort and style. No object from this room can be taken from the inside as it exists only as a respite for the weary. This ability is only available if the Sojourner takes the time to set up camp, and cannot be used instantly in a combat situation to avoid harm or escape to an extra-dimensional space. This space, while comfortable and roomy enough for a traveler, a few companions, and even their mount, holds no food or other comforts save those that they might need to enjoy a restful evening. A side effect of the ability is that it naturally draws non-aggressive travelers to the location, a beacon for any and all who walk the road to their own ends, but do not seek the end of others they may meet. A Sojourner is not permitted to refused entrance or rest to any who come, even if that means they must sleep on the hard floor outside. Any outsiders seeking to enter the extra-dimensional space for a hostile or aggressive purpose will find themselves in the material space taken up by the camp, not allowed into the space created by the Sojourner. Should the entrance to the space be discovered and destroyed, the Sojourner and all interred companions are transported back to the material space occupied by the Camp.
Souvenir A Souvenir is a piece of travel, a memory attributed to an object of importance. Cassion travels with many, tangled in his hair. A souvenir can be almost any item, but it must have great importance to a particularly impactful event or accomplishment that the marked has achieved. Dedicated in such a way, it gains a supernatural power that can be used by any who possess it at the time. Only one Souvenir can be utilized at first mark, but an additional souvenir can be collected and dedicated at each level of mark thereafter. Should a souvenir be destroyed or stolen, the marked will need to dedicate another to a different memory, or track down the thief responsible. The power of the Souvenir tends to be variable, depending on the nature of the object and what memory it is associated with. When achieving this ability, you may submit a suggestion to the PSF. Be sure to explain the object’s importance as well. These abilities function like minor magical effects, but ones that can be quite useful. Boots that stride upon calm water, dedicated from an adventure set in the shoals and shallows of a reef, or perhaps a blade that always burns hot with the heat of a desert sun. Other possible examples might be a bone bead that renders you untrackable to a particular beast of scent, or a shell by which you can draw a fresh breath every two breaks, rather than needing to breathe the air around you. A Souvenir must have a story attached that explains the effect it provides. At this level, the effects can be quite useful, but are often not astounding.
ScarTale An Adventurer can tell a story by every scar they have. Each one is earned. A Sojourner can invoke a scar’s story by displaying it proudly and explaining the circumstances by which they received it. Doing so grants them an innate resistance to being injured by the same means. Against an adversary, a Sojourner may find that their skin is resilient and tough to the blades of this particular foe, netting only shallow wounds as the opponent must redouble efforts to hurt them in such a way again. Often the invocation of this ability is conditional on when the situation arises. There must be at least one witness to the story as it is told and the scar must be clearly visible. No small nicks or minor injuries will apply. A ScarTale is the story of a deep mark earned by the adventurer. The story itself resents being replaced and will shield the user against a similar injury occurring. While not a perfect defense, it can be remarkably strong. A Sojourner cannot lie about how they received their injury, but even dishonorable or embarrassing stories have their place if the wound is prominent enough. Once invoked, the protection can last for the better part of a break. These bonuses do not stack. If you were wounded twice by an adversary, you are not double impervious to them, only one story per cause of damage can be invoked at once.
Rumour Mill Names hold power. In the language of stories, names are an encoded secret language that pass through tale to tale, even if that name is not openly spoken. Upon achieving this ability, a Sojourner may know deeds and stories of those they meet, even without hearing about it themselves. Upon hearing the name of another, the Sojourner may choose to ask the player or the storyteller for the three to five most prominent things that individual is known for. So long as the deed is associated with them and has been spoken about between more than three people, the Sojourner instantly becomes aware of the story, the general details, and the magnitude of its impact (how far it might have spread by word of mouth). This allows a Sojourner to know when someone gives them a false name, as no such trigger occurs, and also allows them a measure of knowledge about the people they associate with. The name does not have to be given willingly, but it must be spoken by the owner’s own voice or written in their own script for this ability to work.


Ability Name Ability Description
Dust-Eater Often, famine can sweep the land. Food will fall away, herds will travel to distant pastures, and even the insects will dry up and perish. In times of starvation it is the fate of most to die. But to the god of Hunger, no such thing will slay his chosen. Dust Eater is an ability that allows a Sojourner to subsist on material that would normally give no nutritious value. Dirt, small stones, bones, and discarded clothing can all be consumed by the Sojourner without ill effect. They will draw sustenance from these materials without any internal difficulties processing. Perhaps most unfortunate, however, is that Cassion imparts no balm for this. All things consumed taste like the material they are, making these starvation meals ruinous to consume, almost torturous, if necessary. The item must be deliberately recognized as one to be consumed using this ability, allowing a Sojourner to eat deadly poison with no effect, but only if they deliberately meant to eat the deadly poison in the first place.
Memorabilia A Memorabilia is an evolution of the Souvenir. So important is the Memorabilia that it becomes vital to the mark itself. To lose ones Memorabilia is to lose access to the activated abilities of this mark tier. While new Memorabilia can be dedicated, it is often difficult to find something that holds the same kind of emotional resonance and importance on the fly. Memorabilia is similar to a Souvenir in that its power is variable. Although while a Souvenir is fairly minor in effect, a Memorablia has a moderate effect. The Souvenir achieved in the first mark can be upgraded into Memorabilia, either gaining a new minor ability or losing its minor in exchange for a moderate, but the story must be sufficiently impactful to apply. A Sojourner who leads a boring or uninteresting life will find they have few things by which to dedicate into these items. Cassion craves risk and adventure and one who follows such example will have no trouble finding suitable things. Moderate abilities might be classified as a necklace of gathered pearls that imparts the ability to breathe beneath the waves, or a burned stave that renders the user immune to smoke inhalation or even with extreme resistance to being burned. These items tell a story and their ability manifests by way of that story. Supernaturally enhanced, the objects are unnaturally resilient, but still able to be borrowed, used by another, and even stolen. If stolen, a Memorabilia does not impart this mark’s abilities on the thief, but they do have possession of the magical item in question.
Traveler's Skills II Add an extra six skill points to one of the following skills: Discipline, Fieldcraft, Sailing, Storytelling Cooking, or Navigation. These points can exceed the 100 point limit
Feast A universal tongue is one of hunger. All living beings consume to survive and most take great gusto in consuming the delicious. Cassion, a god of Hunger, knows well this link between all and imparts an ability on his chosen to encourage that link, grow it, and exploit it. When a Sojourner prepares a feast (5 or more participants), they can choose to impart this ability. While enough food must be prepared, realistically, for everyone to eat to their fill, the meal will be remarkably delicious. Regardless of the cook’s skill, the food speaks for itself. Much like the previous ability involving meals, the user of this power must describe the food’s origin or their preparation of it, allowing the story to take shape and augment what they have prepared. While dining, any who partake in the feast will be unable to directly lie to the Sojourner. While they can avoid answering questions, they are compelled to remain honest unless a power is used at a higher tier of mark. Moreso, all who eat at the Sojourner’s table will instantly feel that the host is one who can be trusted, that all at the table can be trusted, and be drawn to speak their deepest and most forbidden secrets. While this does not force them to, they do feel compelled to be honest, open, and vulnerable in front of everyone at the table. The Cassion Feast imparts a desire for comradeship, closeness, friendship, and understanding. So long as all participants are engaging in the meal, everyone will understand the words of the others as though spoken in their own native tongue. A Cassion Feast can only be prepared twice per cycle.
Flesh Son The Blood pounding in the Sojourner’s veins grows strength at this level. Once again they change. Any natural infirmity they were born with or damaging imperfection is wiped away in a single evening of agonizing transformation. So long as the Sojourner bares the first mark of Cassion, this infirmity will never return. Their appetites become voracious and they are drawn increasingly more to dangerous circumstances and adventures. A Sojourner’s natural strength and endurance are always half again as good as it should be for those of their skill level and species and they find their skin more resilient to being cut and their bones less prone to breaking. A Sojourner at this state can naturally feel manifestations of ether, like static electricity, and while it may not pinpoint a may allow them to know a mage is casting in the area. They say that the appetites of a Sojourner are boundless, and many Sojourners become hedonists for a time, lost to the sensation of more. A Sojourner with this ability can eat without end, but will only benefit from a full meal, never more. This can sometimes be a curse as a Sojourner will devour all their supplies a few days into the journey and must scrounge for more along the way.
The Tale Told Stories are way to pass on the remarkable adventures of the past. When a Sojourner tell a story and invokes this ability, they may do much more than an ordinary storyteller might, they can pull their viewer into the illusion almost completely. This ability only works on those who are actively listening to the Sojourner and only persists while they tell their tale. As the Sojourner speaks, he can draw the audience perception into his or her own minds eye to illustrate the nature of what is being told. The audience can feel as the protagonist felt, taste what the Sojourner knows to describe, and see the wondrous things the Sojourner describes. This operates much like a waking dream and can be quite jarring to most if they are not expecting it. Should any of the audience be threatened or sufficiently distracted during the tale, the ability ends for them. Some Sojournres use this ability to impart details and faces of enemies and allies to others, able to weave such details into their words and put them into the minds of those listening. A Sojourner cannot create what they have not experienced. If they have never tasted braised whale, they cannot conjure that taste, only the closest equivalent from their own mind.
Staunch Ally Most travels involve others. Whether they are friends, acquaintances, or companions, it is hard to tell a story without witnesses to have seen it. Staunch Ally is an ability granted the Sojourner to mark on any single person or beast. So long as the Sojourner lives, so too will the companion. They will share a lifespan with the Sojourner and their very soul. When the companion is injured, a Sojourner may draw that injury into themselves, or divide its severity to order to ensure both parties survive. It is the choice of the Sojourner to dismiss this mark or not, but it cannot be dismissed after damage has been taken. The Sojourner must choose whether to take damage upon themselves or allow that damage to slay their companion. Should a companion perish while with this mark, the Sojourner is sworn to vengeance. They will not be able to use this mark again till whomever was responsible has been paid in kind. Should what felled the companion be accidental or the companion’s own fault, the Sojourner is compelled to complete that companion’s most important desire (that does not clash with the Sojourner’s alignment) before this ability can again be used. Till that deed is done, the essence of that companion will haunt the Sojourner, a companion of words and whispers, admonishments that grow louder the longer the Sojourner takes to accomplish the companion’s goals. The Companion may choose when the Sojourner has completed them sufficiently, releasing them from their presence and passing fully to the domain of Famula and Vri. No matter the distance, those marked by this ability can communicate mentally and through their emotions.
The Story Within Each soul has a story within them. Even those who live the most mundane life strive and desire for something beyond them, something more. The Story Within is an ability that allows the Sojourner to identify the 'plot' or the 'stakes' of any new individual they meet. In order to use this ability, the Sojourner must share something with the individual in question. Whether a drink, food, or a service, they must in some way force the individual to be indebted to them, even in a small manner, so that his ability can manifest. Within their own mind, the Sojourner will hear that individual's voice reveal a short summary of their most ardent desire, their grandest wish, and what they're prepared to do in order to get it. This is not a subtle ability, as the individual actually thinks those thoughts unbidden as they are transmitted to the Sojourner. Perhaps most powerful, is that the Sojourner then may decide to 'amend' that story to slip themselves within the narrative. As friend or foe, the Sojourner is now connected to those goals and ideas and damned to follow through with them to at least part of their conclusion. Should the Sojourner choose not to add themselves to that narrative, that goal, they are forbidden from interfering with that particular story. Cassion is a god of tales told and adventures had. Sometimes, these adventures are fatal and the Sojourner must decide if they are comfortable attaching themselves to the desires of another individual. If so, fate tends to shift around the Sojourner and the individual in order to allow the continuation of such a quest, to whatever end it may come to. Good or ill is impossible to decide, only the Sojourner may choose whether the share the journey, metaphysically tie themselves to it, or to stand aside and let it continue for good or ill.
The Last Adventure It is all too common that most perish before their story should have ended. Slain by an enemy's blade, brought low by infection, lost in a storm. Countless unexpected obstacles raise up to silence a narrative before it has naturally concluded. This ability is one that the Sojourner most often imparts to another individual instead of themselves. When death might sweep down and take the individual from this life, the Sojourner may invoke this ability to stay Death's hand that day and spare the life of the target. However, this thwarting of fate is conditional and it relies on that individual to finish the task they were performing before death thought to interrupt it. This cannot be used on someone who has already passed, but rather someone who is currently dying. When performed, the individual will not be slain by whatever wound or condition they are currently undergoing, so long as they continue to work towards the goal they had originally set out for. While death cannot be mitigated again in this fashion, at least once, someone can be temporarily saved. It is only after the task they were originally set for is completed that Death will find them again in the same manner they would have perished the first time, and no power divine or otherwise can prevent it from being carried out. Sojourners often use this ability on traveling companions, those who fall short of their goal but have the will and desire to push forward in spite of Death. This ability may only be used once a Cycle and must be surrounding a task which is accomplishable, and not vague.


Ability Name Ability Description
Lore Relic The Lore Relic is an exalted object and the symbol of the Exalted. Much like the other objects before it, this must be dedicated from an event or adventure the Sojourner has survived, worthy enough to bind a lasting tale into the object. This object usually has the equivalent of a major power or two moderate, perhaps even four minor should that be the desired effect. These powers must be approved through the PSF and be thematic to the adventure or the story around the object itself. This object, like the others, can be lost or stolen but unlike the others, the Sojourner has an innate connection to it and will eventually cross its path again (should they not dedicate another object) within a Cycle of losing it. This does not mean they will come to possess it then, but every Cycle they will be inexorably drawn to an event or circumstance in which that object will present itself again. It is said that the Lore Relic of a Sojourner earns an honored spot in Cassion's heart. The god himself listens to the story of dedication that the Sojourner first tells when achieving the third tier of the mark.
Traveler's Skills III Add an extra nine skill points between any of the following skills: Discipline, Fieldcraft, Sailing, Storytelling, Cooking, or Navigation. These points can exceed the 100 point limit
Fight Another Day Although Cassion is loathe to admit it, there are circumstances where retreat is the best option. Although the god enjoys testing his durability and limitations, the same cannot always be said of his servants. This ability can be invoked but once a Cycle and allows the Marked to escape from any situation in which death or severe damage is an absolute certainty. Unlike teleportation or protective shields, this ability relies on the roil of narrative to serve as its vehicle. Elements in the environment or for the actors within the environment change to either allow the Sojourner to improve their situation or make whatever course of action less desirable to enact. Usually, when used against an enemy, this ability favors the enemy. If the torturer was set on an excruciating regimen to extract information, finishing by simply killing the captive, a messenger would arrive to reveal that the information was retrieved in another way, making such things unecessary. Perhaps in that moment the Sojourner would realize that the rope tying down their left arm was frayed and that the jagged edge of the splintered rack they had not noticed before was in just the right angle to begin working on that fray. The beast descending on the Sojourner from above, looking for a quick meal, would suddenly be aware of an even tastier meal within easy distance. Fight another Day is a chaotic ability in that it changes the framework of the situation to take the pressure of immediate death or mutilation off of the Sojourner...but it is not careful on where that new focus might fall. Many a Sojourner using this ability has found that it has made the situation immeasurably worse, even if they are now in a place better able to survive it.
Saga Servants In the thick and the thin, the Sojourner seeks allies. Adventure is nothing without friends at ones side. Saga Servants are those granted to the Sojourner for their adventure when needed, spun into being by word or song and powered by memory. A Sojourner may, once a Trial, summon up to two NPC's to assist them. Depending on the severity of what is being asked, they can last for the entire trial (Helping to sail a ship, mechanical tasks) to a few breaks (Planning an elaborate heist, battling on a mountaintop). In order to summon a Saga Servant, the Sojourner must tell the story of this servant into being. The Servant is most often someone the Sojourner has met and adventured with before, but they can also be fictional characters. As the Sojourner tells their tale, the air ripples and the servant takes form. A full story must be told for each servant, after which they appear and act approximately as described. A Saga Servant knows no more than the the Sojourner and cannot be more skilled than the Sojourner. The Sojourner chooses two or three skills when creating a Saga Servant they want them to excel in. The story told about them must illuminate these qualities. A Sojourner can ascribe to a Saga Servant the same skill tier as they have in any skill they possess save magic or magic based abilities. They will be at the bare minimum to qualify them for the tier. They appear with whatever simple equipment the Sojourner needs them to have, or describes them as having, although none of this is permanent. Should the Saga Servant be injured, they do not bleed. Instead, the story the Sojourner told will leak out of their wounds. Should the entire story be told before the injury is attended to, the Saga Servant ceases to be.

These Saga Servants must be at the marked size or smaller and must be capable of the skills they are assigned. Should they be injured and running out of story, the marked may tell more story about them to supplement what is being lost. Should an enemy be familiar with this ability and have a storytelling skill equal or greater than the marked, they may interject opposing narratives into the Saga Servant once injured, thus changing their loyalties or even what they're good at. If the narrative of a Saga Servant is hijacked, a Sojourner has no ability to end the mark until it reaches the end of its duration. Some Sojourners have remarked on how real the Saga Servants seem and a few even whisper that if told well enough, they even seem terrified about their own mortality. A Saga Servant can be maintained indefinitely so long as they are not performing immensely dangerous or complicated tasks by simply continuing their story from trial to trial (Although this counts as a use of the ability and against the Saga Servant limit)

Any Land, Any Time The journies of a Sojourner take them throughout Idalos. To the god of Travel, this is well and just. However, there are some places that ordinary folk struggle to access. Extreme environmental conditions, racial requirements, and other such factors can often inhibit the ability of one to truly take in all of Idalos. For Cassion, this is unacceptable. The Marked with this ability naturally adapts to the environment they must traverse through. Should they be in the blistering snow, they will grow thick hair or cold resistant skin to accommodate. Should they need to swim to the bottom of the sea, fins will grow from their arms and legs, their fingers webbed, and gills will appear. In the treacherous mountains they may adapt gecko-like fingers to hold to stone or other small adaptions to assist them. A Sojourner is at home in any environment where their journey must take them. This, however, also applies to social situations. A Sojourner, if not concentrating or choosing to block this ability, will naturally shift features to blend with the world around them. Walking among the Ellune, they might be considered one and traveling through the territory of Ithecal, they'll appear to be Ithecal. While this does not grant them the innate abilities of those species, it allows a Sojourner to blend with the populace of an area in order to avoid any trouble to their travel that might arise due to their species or origin. Even their speech will take the cadenced tone of accent from where they are, regardless of the language they use. Some Sojourners have found, surprised, that entering into a building limited only to men that females will approximately take the shape of males for their journey or business in the location. These effects are not immediate and shift gradually as the Sojourner travels, often without them even noticing. It can be easily dismissed by simply willing oneself to appear as themselves. This disguise is both visual and aromatic, allowing natural effective but non-specific disguises geared only to ease any social difficulty that might hamper a Sojourner's travel in that particular place. If no such bias would arise in the area, this ability makes no attempt to hide the Sojourner as they really are.

If no known being could survive in the conditions the Sojourner must travel through, then they cannot adapt to simply survive it. No being travels through molten lava...these are for adaptions in certain hazardous environments, not extreme ones.

Glutton for Punishment When the Sojourner consumes, all watch in awe. The amount of food the Sojourner can put away is enormous. With this ability, the Sojourner's hunger takes on an even more important aspect. When consuming food fit for an ordinary mortal to subsist on, the Sojourner can choose to glut themselves in order to heal wounds and stave off life threatening conditions. A Sojourner must eat past the point of satiation for this ability to activate and the food must be fit to be consumed by ordinary people with no ill effect. This ability cannot be stacked with Dust Eater. For minor wounds, at least twice the Sojourner's ordinary limits must be consumed to heal. For moderate wounds, the Sojourner must eat his own body weight in food and for extreme or heavy wounds, twice or even thrice the Sojourner's body weight must be consumed in order for the power of the ability to work. A Sojourner cannot eat everything in a moment, but truly glut themselves a feast of immense proportion. Should they be poisoned, the effects of such things can be held off by constantly consuming new food items. Only by gluttony can the Sojourner save themselves from the agony of death. A Sojourner will gain no new weight from such consumption as it appears the food simply vanishes down their endless gullet. This ability may be used twice per Cycle and is often quite disturbing to watch.
Wayfair Companion The life of a Sojourner is not meant to be a lonely one. At this stage, Cassion grants the marked a Spirit of Travel to share the journey. These spirits are usually quite intelligent, much older Anak than the usual ones encountered. They build relationships with the marked. The Spirit is capable of taking form and manifesting as a simple mount of choice. It can take the shape of any common mount appropriate for the environment. Much like Any Land, Any Time, it will usually take on the form most adapted and expected for the particular place the Sojourner is in. When unmanifested it hovers about the Sojourner like a wreathe, smelling of road dust, sea spray, mountain air, or pine forests depending on the location the Sojourner currently is. Should the spirit be slain, another will be sent within an Arc, although only two such mounts are ever awarded. The Companion is a close one, often standing guard over the Sojourner as they slumber. The unique ability of this spirit is a kind of kiss, a mark it can impart on the trusted companions that the Sojourner meets along the way. When in danger, the mark of the kiss will vanish from the skin of the companion, summoning the Spirit in mount form to carry them to safety. Only three such individuals may be marked in such a way and the spirit will return to the Sojourner once the task has been completed, unless instructed otherwise by the Exalted.
Remove from the Story To a Sojourner, all events are tied to a narrative. Nothing in life is truly random when tied by the arcing threads of an ongoing story. This belief manifests throughout the mark and within the Sojourner as they grow under Cassion's example. When an Exalted of Cassion is caught in the midst of an adventure, often they are faced with antagonists and allies...not all of which they particularly want to face. Remove from the Story is an ability that allows the Sojourner to 'edit' the tapestry of their tale to remove a certain actor or element from the narrative. The interpretations of this ability are best worked out with a Prophet, but it allows a Sojourner to remove dreaded antagonists, allies in terrible danger, and even cataclysmic disasters threatening to overtake them. Usually the removed element will depart naturally as fate twists them out of the tale, but if that isn't possible they are magically transported or nullified. This ability may only be used once a 'story', which is defined as the current adventure the Sojourner is on. A Sojourner often considers their lives to be a series of adventures and this is partly because if they viewed their life as one complete story, this ability would work only once.

It should be noted, however, that narrative abhors a vacuum. Although the Sojourner can remove an element, the narrative quickly corrects itself. If a powerful antagonist is removed, a new one will take its place...or an old one will cycle into the adventure. If the tidal wave about to sink the boat is vanished, a raging fire erupts upon the dock they're trying to make port. Removing from the Story is more a substitution, but what was removed cannot be compelled back into the same narrative without the permission of the marked or someone else with stakes in the ongoing adventure. No menial series of tasks can be considered an adventure, however, or a story. When using this ability, it is best to check with a Prophet on what the scope of your adventure is, and what will replace the element lost. Note that this ability cannot be used to replace oneself in the story.

White Eagle Currently there are 12 White Eagles. Each White Eagle is an aspect of Cassion that roams the wide world of Idalos from end to end. From any of these eagles, Cassion may manifest himself, allowing him to pass from place to place, but of all the gods...Cassion is the most limited. If his Eagle is not in attendance, than he will not be. Each White Eagle is named for a different Champion. The eleventh, Asai, is the name of the Champion of Cassion, whose form he now inhabits. The Twelfth is named Annalise, for the current champion of Cassion. When Cassion chooses a champion, a White Eagle is born from their flesh to wing screeching out into the sky. The more of them there are, the more Cassion may appear within the world. A White Eagle will remain even if the Champion is killed before becoming Cassion. For the Champion, the Eagle leaves behind a single feather that the Champion may use to summon the divine eagle back again. These eagles have personalities similar to those who they were born from and often watch and follow up on the goals and ambitions that the Champion had. When summoning the White Eagle, it will appear beside or above them in all its imposing size. Cassion's White eagles may ordinarily take the forms of normal birds of prey, but they may choose at any time to reveal themselves as they are. Their divine form is immense, a bird larger than a warship with wide, peerless wings, and a cruel beak. Resilient, powerful, fast, and vicious, the White Eagle is a difficult beast to slay as its feathers are as unyielding as steel and its claws sharp enough to neatly slice stone and iron. The White Eagle can only be summoned once a Cycle and the Sojourner are reticent to use them, as their death will also mean the loss of Champion status. While an Eagle will outlive the Champion, the Champion cannot outlive the Eagle. Although Cassion could choose to make the former Champion his Champion again, there has been precedent to suggest other Exalted can prove themselves enough to take that vacant place.
Heir Apparent With this final Champion ability, the bond that was made to Cassion at the first overtakes the Sojourner's body. Only one Champion may ever be active for Cassion. This Champion is named the Heir to Cassion, becoming the next Cassion should his current iteration be slain or destroyed in Idalos. Upon reaching this level, the Heir Apparent becomes a Mortalborn with a single Travel related domain and ability. They must unlock their additional domains, all of which are aspects of Cassion's own domains. As the Mortalborn of Cassion, his true heir, they are made stronger, more durable, and healthier than they would have been otherwise. Save for those illnesses boosted by magic or divine power, an Heir Apparent never grows ill. Wanderlust takes their soul and they are doomed (or blessed) to travel the world evermore. No matter where another marked of Cassion is, the Heir may track them down and even communicate to them from almost any distance. However, the Heir is bound by ancient compact and Cassion's own will, unable to raise a hand against any of his divine brethren. An Heir may never take up arms against another Immortal, no matter how evil and in return is usually ignored or at least offered deference by the other Immortals, who recognize that face may one day be worn by their brother. Gender is irrelevant as Cassion has been either and the Champion may no longer be marked by any deity. Indeed, some deities may recant their marks, knowing that the Champion's heart and soul will one day BE Cassion. Should the Champion be killed, Cassion may choose to bring him or her back, but only by bargaining with Vri. Should they be allowed to pass on, Cassion will have to pick another Champion. With this ability, the PC Champion becomes an NPC when he or she ascends to Immortal status.

The Curse of Sojourn

Cassion is just as like to apply his curse as his blessing. Often, his curse at the first mark is not what he would consider a punishment but ‘motivation’ to pursue goals and higher purpose in the wider world. As such, evolutions of his curse are often considered further incentives. His curse comes in the form of a wound that will not completely heal, a blow that Cassion delivered personally.


The Hated of Cassion earn his ire, often, through no fault of their own. Seeking safety, security, and longevity, those that most often earn Cassion’s first mark are they who avoid conflict and danger at every turn. These are the rich, the sick, the unfortunate who do not believe they can weather such dangers. These are cowards he encounters along his journey. The Hated of Cassion will find that danger will often find them, but rarely be directed. Those marked in such ways often find themselves nearby in the market when a battle breaks out between a thief and the guards, or accidentally stumbles in on conspirators whispering their disasterous plans. The Hated may find themselves out at sea for fishing and unexpectedly sail straight into a nautical battle between pirates, or see someone go overboard in a heavy storm at a distance. The Hated are simply drawn to the circumstances of story. They are encouraged to engage with it, capture it, make it their own. Some of the greatest of Cassion’s Sojourners began with the first curse and often ask to maintain it, even after earning his favor. For some, being pulled by invisible strings of destiny to be involved in great adventure is no curse at all...but for those he usually marks, it is a terrifying new reality.


The Despised of Cassion are usually those who were given multiple opportunities for greatness and shied away. These are cowards resilient in their ways and scurrying to avoid every new opportunity presented. While it is rarely Cassion who finds them again, a Sojourner of the second mark could injure such an individual and incur the second level of the curse. What was once indirect will become direct. What truly happens is that a new identity is awoken within the Despised, one that craves danger, intrigue, and adventure beyond anything that the actual original would have desired. This clash then forms a battle of wills, often with the marked losing time, even days, as their alternate persona (with all their same skills) deliberately involves them in the activities they were fleeing from. The switches are random but the two personalities will never meet, in the dreaming or otherwise. The only way to escape this curse is to take the reigns. The personality will not force or manifest itself if the main ego has taken on responsibility for new adventure, quest, and life for themselves.


It is said that Cassion does not Condemn. Although there are whispers of a curse that damns one to adventure in worlds beyond Idalos forevermore, Cassion is more likely to consider the individual a complete failure to their species and themselves, offering to end that sorrow in single combat. Should the Condemned, at any time during the fight, take it upon themselves to find their courage and try to overcome him (not based on fear or desperation), Cassion will end the duel with a permanent injury, the beginning of their own scar, and a quest for them to complete to earn his favor, after which they will have the choice to never encounter him again. Should the Condemned continue to try and find their way out of conflict and avoid the circumstance, Cassion will slay them himself. Although he has great disdain for these kinds of people, he has always taken their body back to their homeland for burial, a last respect.