Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Manipulation, Entrapment, Arachnids
Holy Names The Webmistress, The Manipulator, Lady of the Spiders, Maiden of the Web, The Great Arachnid
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Unknown
Faction Supports Herself
Mark Lethroda
Notable Creations TBD
Creator Cierel
Immediate Family None
Allies Labrae, Kielik
Enemies Faldrun, Raskalarn, Audrae, Ilaren, Ethelynda, and Lisirra
Scribe Basilisk


Not even the other Immortals know much about Sintra, as the webspinner was reclusive, secretive, and manipulative from the moment she was inflicted upon the world by Cierel, who is believed to be the only one who truly knew Sintra to any degree. Because of this secrecy, none know where she was when the Original Eight fell to their own desire to create, or what she was doing when humanity was discovered. But all know of the lingering fear that has pervaded Idalos since she first began to wrap the mortals of Idalos up in her webs, for only the greatest and most terrible of the Immortals, Faldrun, Audrae, and Lisirra, are more feared by mortals.

Despite this fear, there is still little known of her actions, only their effects. It is only once the dust settles and her aim is achieved that people sense the hand of the Webspinner in these actions. The death of a single mortal, the survival of another, the signing of an agreement, the loss or securing of a treasure. In these small ways the Webspinner completes her plans to control the lives of mortals who will come to influence the future of Idalos.

In all her plans there only two who can claim to know the full extent of her schemes, her daughter Labrae and the renegade son of Vri, Kielik. Labrae was born through the bargained aid of Syroa. None know the identity of her father, as Sintra killed the man after Labrae's birth, and bathed infant mortalborn in his blood to cleanse her of the weaknesses of mortality. Kielik joined her soon after his mother died, seeking an outlet for his madness.

Despite her secretive nature, Sintra has on occasion clashed with the other Immortals. An attempt to insert spies into Sirothelle's upper echelon led to a battle with Faldrun, an attempt to poison the minds of the Naerikk against Audrae led to a clash between them, an attempted poisoning of an infant Valtharn lead to Raskalarn exterminating Sintra's forces in the Eternal Empire, and an attempt to murder head the of the Order of Lighting lead to a clash with Ilaren. Her most consistent opponents are her own sister, Lisirra, who is never fooled by her schemes, and Ethelynda, for the honest nature of the Ithecal makes it difficult for Sintra to penetrate their island Kingdom of Yithiral.


From the waist up, Sintra appears as a bleached white human with blood red eyes and midnight black hair, at first glance most closely resembling Ethelynda. But, in another similarity to The Noble Serpent, Sintra's human features end at her waist. In place of human legs, Sintra has the body and legs of a massive spider with the pincers and tail of a scorpion.

Memories of the Past

Sintra remembers Cierel. This is all she has ever said of her creator, for even after Cierel's death does Sintra keep her secrets.


None know the location or current activities of the Webspinner, only that they are varied, long running, and deeply hidden amongst the machinations of the other Immortals.