The Blessing of Sesser


The children of Syroa come from all walks of life, from the high to the poor, from the lowest jester to the most powerful duke, with only one assured thing in common: they are empty. Be they hollow by nature or nurture, the children of Syroa want and want and want and want. Want to be more, want to be better, want a maiden in bed or a man to service her - and by Syroa's thousand faces, they will have everything they desire and more. Sesser manifests as a fiery, orange glow in the bearer's eyes that manifests whenever a blessing is invoked, and fades just as quickly as it appeared - the tiniest hint that something lies beneath the facade. In addition, Syroa's mark manifests as an intricate tattoo along the back in the form of demon wings. This tattoo is unique to each marked child of Syroa in size and detail with the same bat-like appearance across the board. This tattoo appears to get larger as the marked becomes closer to Syroa. In the final stages of their relationship, children are able to transform the tattoo into functional wings and hide them again as a tattoo.

Note: Individuals Blessed with Sesser cannot use their abilities on those who themselves possess the Sesser Blessing of the same level. However, those of a higher level may use it with some degree of success upon those who have a lower tier of the Blessing.Be sure to visit the Guide To Understanding, Rewarding, and Using the Marks.


Ability Name Ability Description
Transformer's Toolbox [Minor] The bearer is able to make superficial changes to his or her form. Facial skin, hair, eyes, nails, voice - through Syroa's blessing, the bearer becomes a minor shapeshifter, a faint echo of the winged goddess of transformation. Minor alterations are instant - the bearer could be a brunette with a pixie cut and brown eyes one moment, a long-haired, blue-eyed blonde the next. Minor alterations can be held effortlessly for trials at a time, while major alterations will start showing signs of reversion within a few breaks. While users of Makeover can attempt to mimic another, at this level the resemblance will always be a little off.
Ever Alluring I The bearer has an enhanced constitution, staying strong and healthy in conditions where others would wilt and fall ill. Scars never remain, disease rarely seems to visibly touch the bearer, and he/she recovers from injuries much faster than the average member of their race. The bearer seems to age more slowly, though the effect is superficial rather than biological. In addition, everyone encountered is subconsciously attracted to the bearer, even those of incompatible sexual orientation. Those of alternate tastes may not feel compelled to flirt or pursue the marked, but the spark of incomprehensible arousal, however slight, is there all the same.
Grifter's skills I Add an extra three skill points to any of the following skills: Acting, Intimidation, Seduction, or Persuasion.
Thespian While some other gods would demand their followers master their emotions, Syroa favors a more elusive approach to the solution of the human heart.With this blessing, the bearer is able to adopt and discard feelings and emotions as he or she sees fit, turning the human heart from a liability into one of its greatest, most controlled assets. This ability is even somewhat effective against Empathy, although experts and masters can overtax a Sesser just as fast as they discard. At the end of the trial, however, the bearer has to feel again; everything 'real' comes rushing back in their sleep as a jumbled mess. Syroa's chosen don't have nightmares; they simply face the ugly reality of their mindscape in their dreams.
Wrathling Forge The spirits of rage live where there is spilt blood and broken bones. The marked call them Wrathlings, small orange-red miasmas with gibbering mouths and formless spines. Alone, these spirits are but the scavengers of fury, wafting through battlefields and taverns, in abusive homes and alleyways. However, Syroa's marked have learned how to make use of these creatures for their own gain. When a Sesser motivates violence from fury, either self perpetuated or as the result of their manipulations, they attract these relatively common spirits. While most cannot perceive Wrathlings, a Sesser can uniquely mark their shape. When found, a single Wrathling can be taken and bound to a weapon in the Sesser's possession. This weapon will hit with more force, pierce deeper, and slash wider than any other ordinary weapon of its class. Weapons with bound Wrathlings tend to manifest unique reddish stains and wear out much faster than ordinary. Fury gives no regard for the damage done to it, caution abandoned for raw, furious power. A Wrathling can never be taken from a weapon. When the weapon breaks, and it most often will wear itself out within the first few bouts it is used, the Wrathling dissipates with the shattering. For whatever reason, magical items cannot have Wrathlings bound to them.
Demon's Kiss There is lust for an object or person, and there are those that lust for an object or a person. This power allows the marked of Syroa to feed off the lust that is generated by a person for a person. Generally, they feed off lust during sexual encounters when the other party deeply desires the body of the marked. This power can help the body heal and appear younger. Marks of fatigue and battle wounds begin to fade away and youth begins to return to the marked. This lasts for mere bits, providing that the lust had been strong with the party they had shared passion with. It is not uncommon for this power to be combined with Covet to generate lust within a person and then feed off that created lust. Created lust is less potent than lust that had been created by a person on their own.
Scapegoat Fury is the domain of the Transformed Immortal. She knows the ins and outs of its weaknesses and strengths. Logic does not always follow one into the twists and turns of fury. This ability makes use of that. Against an enraged foe, the marked can shift the object of that fury from them to any other within distance of sight to the enraged. A useless ability if there is no one else, this can be a potently destructive ability among a crowd. Some of Syroa's marked have deliberately goaded others into rage, only to shift the object of their fury to another and watch as anger consumed those around them. Without furious intent, this ability has much less potent an effect. With even the hint of anger, it can be misplaced to another; however, one who wishes to visit harm on the marked due to religious conviction, sorrow, or any other emotion outside of rage cannot be swayed.
Ire's Talons The bearer is able to transform their hands and legs into huge, flesh-rending talons reminiscent of their patron's own. They are large enough to fully grip a man's head and sharp enough to cut through bone.. Syroa allows a little versatility with this transformation and the claws of any two Sesser are rarely the exact same. What sets these apart from ordinary morphed talons is that they devour fury. Each time the claws drink blood or damage an individual, it devours their furious will to survive, to fight, to struggle. While it cannot completely make one apathetic to an attack - as fear is a motivator as well - it can change the tide of battle and leave an attacker reticent or fearful after too many strikes of the sharp talons. The more rage and fury the claws devour, the stronger they become. These talons are even capable of stopping steel if they have devoured rage during the course of the battle.
Origin's Mark Syroa's is the realm of transformation. Despite many opportunities of other races to take on different forms, Syroa and her marked are the innate experts of such transformations and can see through them. While not effective on illusions, Syroa's chosen can sense if an object or being they come across has an original form that has been transformed. The Yludih, Becomers, Mer, or any other race with the ability to shift their body into different shapes, to transform, fall under this purview. At favored, this ability simply informs the Sesser that an individual is not wearing their original form. They can 'sense' the transformation on another. At Exalted, this ability grows more powerful, showing the Sesser the original form of the transformed in their minds eye. Only an Immortal or one of their champions could fool a Sesser with this power and many use it to spot members of their own kind among the sea of faces.


Ability Name Ability Descripiton
Fury's Wake When some people are enraged, they become capable of surpassing their ordinary feats of strength. Typically this is the result of emotion overriding the natural inhibitor a mortal has against injuring themselves with their own power. For Syroa, however, fury IS strength. When her Adored have reason to be furious, their physical strength and durability tend to rise steeply. While an ordinary mortal might be able to lift a bit more than normal and shrug off some blows, an Adored finds that the more wrathful they become, the more their skin becomes like armor and their limits are forgotten. Regrettably, like many of Syroa's blessings there is a catch. Most who give in to anger do not have sound judgement. Rather than spare her Adored this lapse, Syroa encourages it and the chaos it brings. As the Adored can become ever more furious, their judgement can grow ever more distorted. Easily capable of doubling an ordinary mortal's physical capabilities, the marked must keep a tight grip on their temper. If they pass the point of reason they will become destruction incarnate, crushing all in their path until exhaustion wears them out in a few breaks. Some especially gifted marked have used this ability to remain in a state of constant annoyance, flaring up when necessary to give them an edge in combat.
Grifter's skills II Add an extra six skill points to any of the following skills: Acting, Intimidation, Seduction, or Persuasion.
Transformer's Toolbox [Moderate] With the amount of practice a marked has put into this school, they are now capable of transforming their face entirely. They can alter beauty marks, body skin color, and general facial structure. In addition they are capable of transforming their body, within their species confines. Gender, height, and weight can be altered by moderate degrees. It does not take much time and many marked use it as a means of hiding themselves within a crowd, stalking prey, and providing the exact desires that someone may want in their significant other. When hunted, it is a skill that allows them to be easily lost by their hunters. They can turn a corner and almost instantaneously look like someone else. A intelligent marked will often wear layers of clothing so they can shed cloaks and appear entirely different than what they had appeared as before. These changes cannot be held indefinitely and tend to be easy to keep for at least a trial (Depending on the complexity and amount of changes) but mount in difficulty from there. An Adored with high endurance could perhaps hold such changes for much longer than intended.
Covet Most consider Lust to be an expression of carnal desire only, leaving the realms of material wealth to Greed and excess to Gluttony. Those marked of Syroa know the truth however, that lust is simply the strong covetous desire to possess. In its own way, it is a hunger. It is not a hunger of excess nor is it a desire to horde. True Lust is the desire to own the soul of an object, to experience possession fully and completely, uncontested. Covet is an ability that capitalizes on this truth. For a single trial, the victim of this power will be possessed by incredible urges to seek and acquire whatever one thing the Sesser is aware they want. Some use this power after a seduction, promising time between the sheets if their victim would only do their bidding for the day. Some use this power to cause chaos, inflaming the jealous business associate whose partner has a higher share of the business to kill and take possession of the enterprise. To use this power the Sesser must be aware that their victim desires something and then 'suggest' they simply take it to activate the ability. Those with expert or mastery of discipline can resist with great difficulty. A Sesser cannot create a desire, it must already exist to be subject to this power. If the priest never had a desire to covet the position of their superior, this power cannot be used to suddenly make them want it. Curiously, this ability burns out that desire within the person by the end of the trial. If they coveted an item or position, it loses its luster if not acquired during that time frame. A woman or man once irresistible in charm appears dull and unattractive afterward. A Sesser may choose to seduce service with this ability, but if they do not allow their victim to indulge before the trial is over they will lose all power to motivate such slavish loyalty again.
Demon's Embrace Effectively a more powerful version of Demon's Kiss. Feeding of lust and sexual need allows them to almost completely heal recent wounds. The scars of long faded wounds will be hidden for trials. Since the marked is incapable of turning lust into true youth yet, they are only hiding their age for several trials. If they feed enough, the power can potentially make them more youthful for a whole season. To maintain this youth, feedings need to happen every couple of days and almost always have the marked directly involved in the event of lust. The victim is often left drained of lust and will not be able to build up enough lust for the marked to feed off of. This is not permanent, but several victims are needed to maintain Demon's Embrace for long periods of time. It is not uncommon for a marked to have a harem and cycle through them throughout the season.
Leash the Beast The most terrifying aspect of Sesser, the Sessfiend, is a potent force of destruction indeed. So great is its fury and malice that even the adored do not have protection from its ravages. If one is lucky enough to ascend to the level of adored, however, Syroa grants a measure of protection. This ability is only useful in the presence of Sessfiends or other beasts completely consumed in rage. So long as logic does not touch their minds and only overwhelming fury fills their bones and body, a Sesser can direct the savagery of such things away from themselves and onto others. While these are only suggestions, a beast in the throes of fury, Sessfiend or otherwise, will not consider the Sesser a target worth attacking or pursuing. This ability has been used to save the life of a meddling Sesser many a time and in the presence of Sessfiends it is a necessary safeguard for survival, and a potent tool to turn the maddened savagery of the Sessfiend against those the Sesser desires hurt, maimed, and killed.
On Wings of Fury This ability specifically deals with the marked's 'tattoo'. The marked may not have realized the importance of this artistic design until the first transformation. The first transformation is extremely painful as the wings must burst forth in a bloody mess of bone, thin webbing, and dark talons. The pain lessens with each use as the marked becomes used to the transformation. These are fully functional wings that can be called upon as needed by the marked, but are not nearly as strong as the armored wings described later. It takes approximately 6 bits for the transformation to be strong enough to support the marked's weight for flight. The wings remain for as long as the marked requires them, but once they transform their wings back into the tattoo, they are required to have a 6 day recovery period. A tail is formed from the end of their spine so that it can be used during flight. This tail is heavily spiked in unique ways and can also be used as a weapon. It takes some time to get used to flying, but eventually the marked can fly as well as the Avriel, with practice. In an event stimulated by extreme fury, these wings can act as armor as the webbing is much thicker and the talons are much sharper. This state lasts for 6 breaks at maximum, as it is far more strenuous on the user. It tends to fade once the extreme fury ebbs away. Sessers have also been known to be able to transfer this ability to other creatures to create flying mounts. OOC Note: This opens the flying skill to non-winged characters. The ability is directly related to the flying skill.
What's my Line? Syroa has an appreciation for the stage. It is said that she is particularly generous to actors and often secretly attends performances in disguise. This ability is the essence of improvisation. The moment a guard asks your business or identification, a shopkeep asks what you're doing trying to sneak into his back room, or a stunned lover asks how you don't remember the favorite color of the one you're impersonating, your illusion is but moments away from being shattered. In these moments, an answer is all that divides you from a successful diversion and immediate exposure. This power compensates for that. While it is not effectively mind reading, it does snatch the surface thoughts from another and wraps them into your own. Sessers with this ability will find themselves saying what the interrogator would most want to hear to ease their suspicions. While this cannot be used to reveal a secret code or something that is directly obscured, it does tend to allow Sessers to maintain immensely convincing credibility to the roles or disguises they choose to adapt. The ability is fickle in that it only selects what someone expects you to say. If they suspect you of being an imposter and that you'll say something to reveal it, you may end up saying the exact words none the wiser. It is an ability to use before such suspicion has time to take root and can be the defining power between being caught and escaping a dangerous situation.
Swords to Sticks It is not merely mortal transformation that Syroa dabbles within, but any realm of substitution and metamorphosis. This ability tends to be immensely useful to the Sesser, especially in a combative capacity or even just in cruel spirit. This power of transformation effects objects which can be temporarily altered into a new shape of equal or lesser value than the original. One could make pebbles look like coins painted to be currency, but a shrewd merchant might be able to tell the difference. This ability was not granted based on its capacity for thievery, but instead to wreak havoc with personal possessions. Transformations can last up to a Trial with at least one additional if it is the only transformation currently being concentrated on. Swords can be turned wooden or paper, armor to chocolate and all manner of other combinations. This ability requires the Sesser to make contact with the object and simply will the transformation. Any damage to the object remains entirely superficial as it will return to its former state when this power wears off. Despite it not being meant for theft, some Sessers with a strong knowledge of geology will transform jewelry while inspecting it and then bargain for a more affordable price. One must know the substance they are turning the other substance into. At least four such transformations can be maintained for four-five breaks with fewer maintained longer.


Ability Name Ability Description
Fangs of the Guardian Syroa's domain allows her a certain control over the spirits of Rage and Lust. While the infamous Wrathlings are but a minor example of the spirits that fall under her purview, Greater Anak of Rage and Lust become available to the Exalted upon reaching this level of favor. Depending on the personality of the Exalted, either a Rage or Lust spirit will come into their permanent service. The Exalted is expected to create instances of either so that the spirit may feed and in return it will serve as a dangerous guardian to those who would threaten the marked. A Lust spirit tends to have the form of a lizard-like creature, long, lithe, sinuous, and strangely beautiful. Long claws and fangs to rend flesh and a certain snake-like quickness make the manifested spirit a difficult foe to overcome. When it is not manifested, it announces itself as a thick, heady aroma around the Exalted that invite thoughts of passion and lust from those who scent it. This spirit is capable of finding lust in an area and bringing the marked to it, which tends to fall in line nicely with their other abilities. A Lust spirit can also manifest as a garment of unmatched allure upon the exalted which imparts an aura of importance and desire that works wonderfully in tandem with their powers of seduction.

A Rage spirit usually manifests as a dog-like beast of pulsating muscles and hateful, blazing eyes. It has remarkable strength and endurance when manifesting, but very little control over how many victims it tends to terrorize. Umanifested it exists as a certain heat around the exalted that feels dangerous, even if the subconscious cannot fully explain. Like the Lust spirit, it can find manifestations of rage and doggedly will throw itself at any enemy it is released upon. Like the Lust spirit, the Rage spirit can also manifest as armor upon the Exalted which acts to strengthen their rage based abilities. If either of these spirits are wounded they retreat to their unmanifested state and wait to heal. If they are killed, it will be an entire Cycle before a new spirit will come and bond itself to the Exalted.

Beast Within The Sessfiend is the iconic monster of Syroa's whimsy. Transformation and rage are their domains and their power is terrifying. Most have no control when they take the form of a Sessfiend and rampage the entire evening of their transformation. For an exalted of Syroa, the transformation can be called upon once a cycle with a modicum of control. The taste and hunger for blood is impossible to escape in this shape, but those who use this ability can meld their waking mind with that of the beast inside and direct its actions. It's never complete control, but an exalted has the remarkable capability to direct the beast from objective to objective and retain the memories of their rampage upon waking. This power can be invoked, like the curse, but once or twice a Cycle. Once is easy for meld and control, twice pushes the boundary of that control. Most Sessers will only take this shape once a Cycle to avoid losing themselves to the thing within.
Grifter's skills III Add an extra nine skill points to any of the following skills: Acting, Intimidation, Seduction, or Persuasion. Add an extra two knowledge pertaining to the relevant skill. These skill points can exceed the 100 cap.
Tainted Love Lust and infatuation is often confused for love. While Syroa cannot measure to the purity of Vri's domain, few mortals are so scrupulous as to be able to tell the difference. Tainted Love is named in mockery of her older brother's domain and Syroa takes great pleasure in the fact her realm offers a destructive and often common reflection of the love Vri seeks to emulate. Tainted Love is a directed sort of curse and is sealed with a kiss. The exalted may create a false connection within the mind of his or her intended. The victim will find that a strong and nearly irresistible attraction will grow within them toward the exalted. Most do not fight this power and those that do struggle against the chains of emotional and physical need. The exalted dominates their daydreams and tantalizes their nights. Only one such bond can be active at any time, although the exalted is certainly welcome to pursue relationships not created with this power. The victim will act with jealousy, possessiveness, and the more the exalted plays into the 'lie' of their relationship the stronger this power will be.

It is said that those who are truly in love cannot be bound by this power and should the marked not play into the fiction of the relationship they established, the power will fade and eventually shatter. Likewise, if the marked forces the victim to act completely outside of their natures it can often be shock enough to crumble the bond. Much like earlier abilities, to exploit lust is to lose it. When this spell is broken, the exalted may never again use this ability on the person that was targeted. They may, however, prematurely end this ability which causes the false lust and adulation to fade. Only those victims who the exalted deliberately freed from this spell can still fall victim to being targeted again.

Transformer's Toybox [Major] The Exalted of Syroa experiences a final enlightenment in ability upon reaching the Exalted level. A true sorcerer of shapes, the exalted can shift their bodies into most anything they can imagine that is humanoid in nature, including any native Idalosian race. The exalted has complete control on what they look like. Curiously, these transformations can only extend to the mortal sentient races of Idalos. Animals and beasts are not the purview of this ability as it seems more a costume of form than a complete transformation of being. Depending on the complexities of the transformation, a form can be maintained for up to seven breaks or half a trial.
Prop Among thespians, there are dissenting opinions on the most important roles one can take. The role of an inspiring king or general, the role of an Immortal, or wiseman, some might even suggest the jester as the most challenging and rewarding role. What many fail to grasp, as they entrust the roles to objects, is that the scenery and props are essential roles in the scope of a staged fiction. Syroa, as an appreciator of both subtlety, theater, and espionage, developed a way for one of her exalted players to take the role of these unsung heroes of the stage. This ability allows a transformation not of living material, but of unliving. An exalted of Syroa can lay flat against the surface of a wall and become like the wall. They can pose and take the appearance of an exquisitely crafted statue or climb into a tree to take the part of a branch or bough of leaves and fronds. In order to maintain this power, the actor must remain perfectly still. By moving, the transformation is broken as the role is shattered. But while the actor remains still, they are the prop they pretend to be. A stone statue would chip and splinter, only to visit similar wounds onto the Exalted when they dropped the role. A Sesser is fully aware of their surroundings while in this form. One story goes of an exalted of Syroa, an assassin, who allowed themselves to be presented to a bandit king as a golden statue. Long after the bandit king had slumbered, while the statue loomed in his grand hall, the assassin shed the role and took the bandit's head. This ability can be maintained until the actor needs to eat or drink, but they will have no need of sleep while in an unliving form. This ability is dispelled when the actor moves, breathes, or once again takes on the functions of life.
Demon's Climax Youth has become a major desire for those that are blessed with Sesser. It is a form of physical immortality that they covet and have now become exceptionally skilled at channeling the lust and desire of others into maintaining their strength and youth although their soul continues to age. The Sesser has become so skilled that they no longer require a harem to satiate their hunger. They have one or two followers or slaves that offer themselves routinely. Feedings are not required as often to maintain their beauty and health. They are capable of removing scars and healing in a rapid manner (bits to breaks depending on severity of the injury). They have even been known at healing severe issues such as loss of limbs.
The Grand Performance Syroa is endlessly pleased by trying to fool those who put their trust in others. With her domain of Transformation and Acting, this power takes on a transcendent effect in her champion. Requiring the Ancient Tongue to activate, a Champion of Syroa can put on an act so perfect, only the Immortals themselves would be able to see through it. For up to half a trial, the Champion can take on the appearance and mannerisms of an entirely different person. However, the truly insidious part of this ability is that it forces those who view this disguise to see it as the real thing. Should the Champion act out of character for whom they portray, those who observe will find themselves deeply unsettled by this change of personality but for the duration of the ability, never assume that the visage is a guise, an act. Wars can be started with this ability, lovers betrayed. The most powerful part of the ability is removing reasonable suspicion from an onlooker. After the ability has ended, the onus is on the mimicked to present unquestioning proof of the sabotage to break the illusion this power cast. Historically, Syroa even tried this among the Immortals, but was found out. As such, only another Immortal could see through this ruse.
Cursed Bite Syroa delights in the chaos she brings to the mortal world. Although she does not share the domain of Chaos, she likes to consider herself a connoisseur of its art. Known for her general disdain for mortals, Syroa's last champion ability is remarkably telling to her designs. Her Champion becomes capable of inflicting Syroa's curse. Once a Cycle, the Champion can visit the curse of Sessfiend on another individual. This curse is identical to the first level curse bestowed by Syroa with a few notable differences. First, the cursed of a champion can free themselves if they kill the Champion before their second transformation. Second, the Champion may deign an exit clause upon cursing the individual. Some Champions have used the threat of Sessfiend to motivate loyal men to turn on their superiors or to secure aid out of an unwilling ally. The terms are set upon the curse and cannot be altered. One who is cursed and satisfies the terms of the curse to free themselves is remarkably free of being cursed again to become a Sessfiend. Finally, a Sessfiend cursed by a Champion will follow a Champion's direction while in their monstrous shape. One cannot change the savagery or fury by which the Sessfiend completes its tasks, but they can be controlled by who created them.

The Curse of Sesser


Form of the Beast (Sessfiend)

Syroa's curse is especially unique among the Immortals as it focuses both on punishing a mortal and on punishing everyone around them. Syroa's mark manifests as a wound she has inflicted with claws, bite, or tail that scar especially vivid on the marked's body. Immediately, the marked will experience a minor and permanent change for as long as they are marked. Their body will thicken, grow stronger and faster. The marked will gain a faint taste for human flesh and blood, constantly tantalizing them. At the first mark, however, this taste can usually be resisted. In addition, the marked will find it harder to resist temptations of flesh and fury, finding themselves short tempered and drawn to the comforts of another. Most terrifying, however, is what only the marked can feel. Beneath their skin, a furious monster awakens and churns within their flesh and bones. The marked can feel it at all times, gnawing and scratching for release. Twice a Cycle the marked will transform at night into an immense, savage beast. Only those who truly know the marked would be able to spot anything of familiarity in the transformation. Claws, fangs, bulging muscles, sometimes wings. The shape taken is a reflection of the beast awakened within the cursed, a bestial inversion of their weaknesses and strengths. A cursed has no control over this transformation and immediately sets out for mortal flesh and blood. Its hunger is insatiable and fury only increases its power. The beast will ravage for the entirety of the evening, miraculously regenerating at astonishing speed and acting with both primal and sentient intelligence in how it hunts and kills. Just a break before dawn, amid maddening agony, the cursed will resume their true form, exhausted. Blessedly, the memories from this time are feverish and unclear. Some have taken their life before the curse takes hold of them, unwilling to turn on friend and family. The Beast seems to know who the cursed cares about and makes a habit of stalking, terrifying, and finally slaughtering them.

Syroa does not seem to have a curse beyond the Sessfiend. Those who continue to displease her may find their transformations more frequent or, even crueller, a seeming cure to the transformations just long enough that the victim begins forming connections before the change forces them to destroy them one after another.

Out of Character Note: Since the Sessfiend is an incredibly powerful curse, there are some rules to playing a cursed PC. If there are any questions, please contact Nymph, Plague, or a Team Lead.

No one will play the Sessfiend other than the player unless the player gives permission to the moderator to do so. The player is obligated to work directly with the moderator during events that involve the Sessfiend for plot purposes.

The Sessfiend player cannot bring the Sessfiend out during times that could potentially involve personal gain - ending a fight with another PC/NPC, etc. The Prophet of the city the player is currently in will determine the day the Sessfiend transformation occurs. The Sessfiend player will not be awarded Knowledges as their PC is not aware of what is going on when the Sessfiend is in control; however, since they are taking the time to write, they will still be allowed skill points to use towards basic skills (non-magic skills).

An OOC note needs to be added to state that there is a possibility for personal PC harm. Personal PC damage is not required, but a high risk has to be placed when threading with the Sessfiend. Those that wish to significantly alter and/or kill their PC/NPC off have the option with the Sessfiend. PC death requires prior consent from the player of that specific PC.

Mirrored weapons cease the Sessfiend's healing and burns it. Also, a Sessfiend cannot stand to see its own reflection.